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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 8, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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boris johnson faces growing criticism of his comments about muslim women who wear the burqa. the duke of cambridge and the prime minister have attended commemorations in northern france to mark the centenary of the battle of amiens — the beginning of the end of world war one. the value of sterling has fallen below $1.29 for the first time in nearly a year because of concerns about brexit. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll get more reaction to the row over borisjohnson‘s article about muslim women and the veil, as another senior conservatives calls his comments ‘gratuitously offensive'. 100 years on, we'll be remembering the battle of amiens, as commemorations are held to mark the campaign which helped bring about the end of the first world war.
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and why celebrities on instagram are ruining the lives of ugly dogs who are looking for a home. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm azi farni. coming up, we're going to be live at the european championships. iam here i am here in glasgow where adam peaty yet again roared to gold in the european championships. and i am at the olympic stadium in berlin. a host of british athletes are hoping to qualify forfinals. and with less than 2a hours until the transfer window closes, we'll look at the deals that might go through, as paul scholes says his old club won't win the league. manchester united seem to be not too
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sure what is going on. you don't really know the team, the players, you don't know how they will perform from one week to the next. hello there. thanks forjoining us. adam peaty has claimed his third gold medal of the european championships in glasgow with victory in the men's 50m breaststroke. meanwhile grace reid and ross haslam took silver in the mixed synchronised 3m springboard. natalie pirks reports from glasgow. what can you say about adam peaty that hasn't already been said? he is a man who seems to thrive when the spotlight is on him and as the world and european champion in the 50 metre breaststroke, the spotlight
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was on him. he, as usual, roared to gold in serena fashion. nobody seemed to be able to touch him. don't forget, he has already broken the record in the 100 metre brushstroke. but this was the event where he was unexpectedly beaten to gold beating that four—year unbeaten record that he had been carrying for so record that he had been carrying for so long. this wasn't a world record. he already has ten of those, don't forget, but it was a championship record. he is still not resting on his laurels though. this is what he has to say after the race. chill out, rest, geta massage, has to say after the race. chill out, rest, get a massage, absorb it but not too much. i am going to enjoy all of this after i have finished but i have still got a job to do tomorrow. my emotions have to come down to neutral. gold, it is good. world champion and olympic champion and european champion
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a lwa ys champion and european champion always seems to be one step ahead of her. today she was too strong for her. today she was too strong for her regain. she pulled her way back to claim the gold and unfortunately for siobhan, she finished a disappointing fourth. she said life goes on and we go again. a brilliant gold for her. over in edinburgh, it was a mixed day in the diving pool. a brilliant silver in the synchronised pair on the three metre springboard for grace reid and ross. it was only the second time they had competed together but a power dies —— a disappointing guys meant she finished fifth. two—time olympic
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silver medallist has switched sports. she will be going in the ten k open water swim but there is a strong field including the world champion and the olympic champion so she will have her work cut out for her. over in berlin, the city co—hosting the championships, great britain's tim duckworth was leading the decathlon after eight events. he's competing in the javelin now and has the 1500m coming up tonight. our sports reporter ade adedoyin joins us now from berlin, ade the javelin isn't duckworth‘s strongest event of the ten is it? no, the second day he is not supposed to be very strong. a lot of people expected him to fall away and finish around fourth. he is doing well at the moment, second place with one event to go. this decathlon was wide open after the world
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champion firewalls in the long jump yesterday. he had three fouls and was out of it. that has opened the door to have a new champion here. tim duckworth really well placed to get a medal. tim duckworth really well placed to geta medal. in tim duckworth really well placed to get a medal. in second place at the moment. what esle do we have to look forward to tonight? we are having the men's 400 metres semifinal. the fastest man in europe with 44.63. semifinal. the fastest man in europe with 44. 63. he semifinal. the fastest man in europe with 44.63. he looks magnificent. 350 metres, he pretty much stopped running, very relaxed. he crossed the line in 44.7 six. later on, we will see martin who is the defending champion from two years ago. he is not in the best form so he might struggle to get to the final. there is the 800 metres semi as well. and in the 200 metres, a former champion
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from 2014 will be in action. plenty to look forward to. thank you very much. let's reflect now on what was an incredible moment for british athletics in berlin. last night, dina asher—smith won the 100 metres at the european championships with a new british record and joint—fastest time in the world and just minutes later zharnel hughes won the men's event with a championship record, in a british one—two ahead of reece prescod. both gold medallists have been speaking tojeanette kwachi. european gold medallist. the morning after the night before, how much have you slept? not too much. it was for rem and i thought it is just not going to happen tonight. i got a little bit of sleep, mainly because
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iam little bit of sleep, mainly because i am focusing on performing well for the 200 metres on friday. i can't believe it. i can't believe i ran that kind of time. simy to be able to fulfil the potential that i showed when i was younger, for my coach and me, it is gratifying. i am happy! 10.85! commentator: britain rules in the sprints. last night was one of those moments i had dreamt about. to come back from my highs and lows at the beginning of the season to end up with the european championship title, it is one of those moments i wanted to achieve. it was electrifying last night. i wanted to give my very best. i rememberseeing so many wanted to give my very best. i remember seeing so many british supporters and i wanted to go out and get my very best for those guys.
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and it is great for british sprinting. it is. when you look at the way the boys are moving and you say there are two years to tokyo, and we have to scrap the place is, does that make you think we have to go for it? i am not thinking about it right now. i am taking everything in stages. world champions next year. obviously, the focus for young athletes is 2020 but focusing next year on the world champs. i don't know what my coach will have me doing by then. but for now focusing on the world championships. you are really accessible on social media, the book and send you messages and tweet. even stormzy! you have got so many
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talented athletes, some haven't even competing in the year raised yet. it feels good and it feels good to know that other people are watching. i am biased, but athletics is the best sport. the gun goes and eight people going for it. and if it is hurdles, someone going for it. and if it is hurdles, someone might fall over. maybe the relay bats on will fly somewhere. it is so entertaining! we're just days away from the start of the new premier league season and former manchester united midfielder paul scholes says he doesn't think his old club can fight for the title this year. united kick off the 2018/19 season against leicester at old trafford on friday night. they finished a mammoth 19 points behind title winners manchester city last season and scholes says united can't compete
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with the reigning champions. i just don't see united getting closer to city. city have a great manager and great players. a way of playing that they all know about. and manchester united seem to be not too sure what is going on. you don't know the team, the players and you don't know how they are going to perform from one week to the next. so i hope i'm wrong but i don't see them changing for the leadership this year. the premier league transfer window closes at 5pm tomorrow and there are some big deals expected to go through in the next 22 hours or so. the most expensive deal could be done at chelsea as they look to buy and sell their number one. with me to go through the potential transfers is our football reporter simon stone. simon, the big one here is at
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chelsea. that is right, courtois walked out of chelsea. he will go to real madrid. in orderfor walked out of chelsea. he will go to real madrid. in order for that deal to go through they needed it to go through. kepa has paid his get out clause of 80 million euros so that will allow him to come to stamford bridge for a medical and then chelsea will reimburse kepa the money and chelsea will have a new goalkeeper. a significant move from that man, kepa. there is a third man involved in the courtois deal isn't there — mateo kovacic? that is right. he is that real madrid as part of a deal that will see courtois go to... he will come
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for... on loan. let's talk manchester united. paul pogba is back after winning the world cup with france but there's lots of talk that he might want out? there is a lot of talk and i think thatis there is a lot of talk and i think that is what will end up here. there area that is what will end up here. there are a few clubs, barcelona, juventus, interested but in order for manchester united to release pogba, they have only got until 5pm tomorrow to get a replacement in. that is highly unlikely so it is equally unlikely that popper will leave manchester united. let's talk potential ins at united, they're still after a centre back? lots of talk about harry maguire. that's right. england centre half. manchester united were keen on him. he would be at the top of the list. no-bid
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no—bid for him as yet. there are others that united are interested in. iwas others that united are interested in. i was told a dealfor the german player was dead but i am hearing that mourinho still thinks he can get that one over the line. still some work to do before 5pm tomorrow. we will see what will happen. it seems incredible but there is one side in the premier league that hasn't made a single signing yet and that's tottenham. and we still don't know what's happening with toby alderweireld? spurs have been heavily linked with one move — that's for aston villa's jack grealish. has there been any movement on that? aston villa dispute that he can leave. we are working to a deadline
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tomorrow. ok, let's run through a few other potential deals — swansea's sam clucas has been linked with a couple of premier league clubs? i think some glucose would like to go. burnley. they are interested in some glucose. i think if he goes anywhere, he will go to burnley. jordan ayew also at swansea, he's trying to force a way out? if he doesn't go, he is in a bit of trouble because he has gone on strike at swansea. crystal palace and full have been spending big along with wolves. they are two of the interesting clubs in here. along with wolves. they are two of the interesting clubs in herelj along with wolves. they are two of the interesting clubs in here. i am sure we will hear much more from you over the next 22.5 hours. staying
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with football... celtic are in champions league action tonight, as they host aek athens in the first leg of their third qualifying round tie in glasgow. brendan rodgers' men are looking to reach the group stage for the third year in a row. chris mclaughlin is at celtic park. it is game numberfive it is game number five of it is game numberfive of a potential eight for celtic in their quest to reach the group stages of the champions league for the third successive year under brendan rodgers. they have already seen off armenia and norway. this is a step up armenia and norway. this is a step up against the champions and the celtic boss knows it. we will have to be patient. the crowd will be important for us. they really support us and they have shown that patients as well at this level over these last couple of seasons. if we can geta these last couple of seasons. if we can get a win with a clean sheet, that will be a great result for
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risk. if we can win the game, we will be happy. the manager has also been speaking about his frustration at the lack of activity in the transport window this summer. —— tra nsfer transport window this summer. —— transfer window. they are favourites tonight, another noisy night awaits here in the east end of glasgow. coming up in the east end of glasgow. coming up cricket coming home. i will have all the latest at lord's. the jury in the trial of england cricketer ben stokes heard today that the all—rounder was the "main aggressor" in a fight outside a nightclub in bristol. stokes is one of three men accused of affray, following the incident last september — all three deny the charges. john kay was at bristol crown court. the first member of police staff on
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the scene that night was mark. he was off duty but he came across what he described as a scuffle here in the clifton area of bristol and he went to try to help out and into being. he describes the man in the green t—shirt, seemingly ben stokes, as the main aggressor. he said another man was trying to get away from the man in the green t—shirt but the man in the green t—shirt was the main aggressor. thejury has been shown a range of video angles, cctv and body cam footage taken from another officer who arrested ben stokes that night. when she told him there was a man nearby covered in blood and asked what was going on, he said he had been trying to help
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out because his two gay friends were being insulted and he was trying to help out onto their behalf. a statement read to the jury, ben stokes said that two men were giving nasty homophobic language to a gay couple on the streets of bristol and he stepped in to try to stop that. he said that these two men, he claimed, had bottles in their hand so he said he acted in self—defence. he said he was afraid. ben stokes who is 27 and the other two are all charged with affray. they denied that charge. they will be back here at bristol crown court tomorrow. the second test between england and india gets under way at lord's tomorrow. england are 1—0 up in the five match series after a thrilling win in the first test at edgbaston last week — but that's not stopped them from making changes, as patrick gearey reports. batsmen like policemen are getting
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younger, it seems. meet at the latest play for england, ollie pope, 20. england have seen enough in only 15 first—class matches for surrey to call him up and backed him at number four. that is a mark of confidence. really exciting concert. he has done really well for surrey and excited to see him go out and play exactly as he has done in the county championship. route and the selectors are shovelling a winning pack. the hero on that crucial morning, ben stokes is in court, so won't be bowling. 200 runs in the match from the indian captain but he doesn't believe he is carrying too many passengers. it is unfortunate that we have not been able to cross


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