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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 9, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. a court hears evidence from the england cricketer ben stokes, at his trial for affray — he says he stepped in after homophobic abuse was shouted at two men. boris johnson faces a possible investigation into breaches of the conservative party code of conduct following his comments about muslim women who wearface veils. a damning report says appalling sexual abuse took place for decades at two elite catholic boarding schools, on boys as young as seven. russia condemns new us sanctions imposed in response to the salisbury nerve agent attack — a spokeperson for vladimir putin calls them "absolutely illegal". and thousands of people lined the streets of cardiff to welcome home tour de france winner geraint thomas. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. hollywood hits back at proposed changes to the oscars — which includes the introduction of a new popular film category.
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we'll be discussing a study linking regular physical activity to improved mental well—being. and we'll review tomorrow's newspapers at 10:45pm and again at 11:30pm with the broadcasterjohn stapleton and the journalist baroness ba kewell. that's all ahead on bbc new. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello. i'm hugh woozencroft. welcome to sportsday. we'll be covering all the big stories including the end of the august transfer window in england with, amongst others, our very ownjo currie. here, chelsea have paid a new world
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record transfer fee for a goalkeeper. here in the studio we'll take a closer look at some of those deals happening today, and ask what they mean for the clubs. we will also be live with ade adedoyin as the athletics action continues at the european championships. katarina johnson—thompson led the heptathlete. jamelia and mitchell blake got in for 200 metre gold. and john watson is watching the homecoming of the latest british tour de france winner. yes, the crowds have just started to move away but they welcomed home their hero, the tour de france champion geraint thomas. hello, good evening. as you can tell, it will be a pretty
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busy sportsday. we'll also have news from the opening round of us pga championship, but we begin with the end of this summer's transfer window in english football. clubs here have voted to end the transfer period before the season starts and ahead of their european counterparts. so how will that affect things? our reporterjo currie is outside stamford bridge. it's been pretty busy there today, one big—name outgoing and a couple of new signings. yes, chelsea last night became the first club to pay £71 million for a goalkeeper, for spain's goalkeeper who is 23 years old, he has been brought in because another player has moved to defending champions real madrid.
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earlier today he arrived here and greeted journalists in spanish. he couldn't get his name printed on the shirt because the transfer happened so shirt because the transfer happened so quickly and he did most of the press c0 nfe re nce so quickly and he did most of the press conference in spanish and a nswered press conference in spanish and answered all the questions, that price tag is a lot for a 23—year—old but he said it doesn't add any pressure to him, he already asks a lot of himself. when asked if he was surprised that he is now the most expensive goalkeeper in the world he said no, a lot of confidence from a young man and part of the thibaut courtois deal is the goalkeeper mateo kovacic, he was arriving on a one—year deal. we will have more to
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come on deadline day, big signings at everton and loads of paperwork elsewhere. now, let's check on the action on day eight at the european championships in glasgow. the swimmers are back in the pool. and so are the divers — jack laugher won gold in the three metre springboard. collecting his second gold in the championships, after victory in the one metre event. it follows up the gold that he won in the same event, in the same pool, at the commonwealth games in glasgow four years ago. i couldn't really get ahead of them and they couldn't get ahead of me, neither of us were letting each other go. i wanted this, especially since 2016 finishing second to a russian, i wanted to come here and seeing myself in first place, i wa nted seeing myself in first place, i wanted to cry. but i still have to feel focused, but i feel amazing. adam peaty secured his fourth gold of the european championships alongside duncan scott, james guy and nicholas pyle in the men's 4x100
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metres medley relay. scott swam the anchor leg, clinching victory ahead of russia, in a new championship record time. the woman's relay team have just followed that up with bronze and that means britain have matched their best ever championships. ben proud followed up his 50 metres butterfly silver with his first ever european title. he can offically can call himself the fastest man in water in europe, winning gold in the 50 metres freestyle in 21.34 seconds. and more medal success for team gb in the men's 400 metre individual medley — max litchfield was in the hunt for gold in the closing stages, but he was edged out by david verrasto of hungary for first place. 19—year—old imogen clark showed why a strong finish can pay dividends as she snatched silver with a stretch—and—touch heist to the poolside wall in the women's 50 metres breast—stroke, just behind just behind former world record holder, yulia yefimova of russia.
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there were a couple of bronzes too for great britain in the pool. all the details on the bbc sport website and app. now, from glasgow to berlin, where the european athletics continues. can katarina johnson—thompson match the gold medal exploits of some of her team—mates as she goes in the heptathlon? ade adedoyin is in berlin. how has the start of it done for her? she performed well in the morning, she led the olympic and world champion by 51 points, attempted to win a third gold medal this year. did she will have her work cut out because she isn't even ranked in the top five in europe. she has taken part in action behind me in the shot put arena, very close to her lifetime best. holly bradshaw
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is attempting to win a medal now. the european champion will be the heavy favourite. adam jamelia and mitchell blake will go this evening, the only man who has gone under 19 seconds in that field but that highlights tonight, katarina johnson—thompson attempting to win her third gold medal of the year. you can follow that action on the website through the evening. now to return to football for a moment and let's catch up with some of the day's other deals on transfer deadline day with joe lynskey. hugh, thank you, our seniorfootball reporter ian dennis has joined us to take a closer look at some of the deals that have gone through today. we'll start though at old trafford, because manchester united fans went into today hoping to see significant signings today — but their manager this morning told them not to get their hopes up.
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the market closes today so it's time at least for me to stop thinking about the market because it will be closed, so i will have to focus on the players i have. ian, jose's been in a rotten mood for much of the summer for a number of reasons. but it seems he's missed out now on all of his three defensive targets — harry maguire, jerome boateng and diego godin. but it's not happened for him today. you could understand the frustration if he has given edward word list of targets and he was unable to deliver. i am targets and he was unable to deliver. iam not targets and he was unable to deliver. i am not sure how much
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godin wasa deliver. i am not sure how much godin was a genuine target if they we re godin was a genuine target if they were being used by his agent to get a better offer with real madrid, jerome boateng was being talked about as a loan but it didn't happen. manchester united signed alli and linda laughed for £6 million but are still looking for central defenders. what has that mood that we saw from jose mourinho set for the rest of the squad? mood that we saw from jose mourinho set for the rest of the squad7m you were a player, the manager has been linked with replacements, it can't give you a great deal of faith for players who were there that i'm sure once the season starts, jose mourinho has to focus on what he has to work with anti—already predicted a difficult season. a club where not
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much is happening today. a busier place has been everton. the big one they wanted was colombian defender yerry mina from barcelona — what's happening with him? everton announced the re—signings, he was one of them, prolific in the world cup in russia. theirfee wasjust over a 30 million euros for barcelona although barcelona have set a clause to buy him back if required. they have also brought in barnard, who can play on the left or right and barnard, who can play on the left or rightand in barnard, who can play on the left or right and in a number ten position, he is ona right and in a number ten position, he is on a four—year deal and then the other signing, barcelona put this on their social media can commit is andre gomez, portuguese
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midfielder on a season long loan and also everton put in a deal sheet for kurt zouma. it gives the club is an additional two hours to provide the documentation, get a deal and everton a re documentation, get a deal and everton are also trying to sign kurt zouma from chelsea. a busy day for them, we're going to take a look at a team who've had a busy transfer window. wolverhampton wanderers, this caps are busy period. a lot of these names mightn‘t be familiar but there is some real star quality here. we know about moutinho from his time with portugal, but den dunker has been one of the most sought—after players in europe for a while. it is initially a loan deal but a
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four—year deal is in place. he is versatile, a central midfielder, belgian international and he is a quality player. thank you, ian denis, and we will hear more from you on the transferred eight special on radio 5 live. first, some cricket news. england cricketer ben stokes says he was defending himself and others, during a fight outside a nightclub in bristol last year. the durham all—rounder is standing trial at bristol crown court accused of affray, he denies the charges and took to the stand for the first time today. jon kay reports from bristol crown court. sorry, do you mind just loosening that one on my wrist? handcuffed, in the back of a police car. this was the moment when ben stokes was arrested in september last year. it was shot by a body camera
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following the incident in the clifton area of bristol. just yards from the vehicle where the england cricketer was being detained, another man lay injured on the road. the reason you're being arrested, there is a guy over there covered in blood and i've been told you punched him. the footage was shown to the jury yesterday as part of the prosecution case. ben stokes was played video footage shot by a witness on the night of the incident. he said he stepped in to defend two gay men. he denied mimic him for making homophobic comments and insisted he was not drunk were enraged and acted in self—defence. he told the jury that
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injuries to his right hand which we re injuries to his right hand which were shown to the court were due to playing cricket and were not the result of what happened that night. the jury has also been shown this footage of injuries suffered by 28—year—old ryan ali. he is also charged with affray and denies the count. this afternoon, a third man, ryan hale, was cleared. the court was told the former soldier felt he was an innocent bystander, who had feared he was going to be killed. the judge said there was no case for him to answer and he was found not guilty of affray. i'm happy. that's all. just got to see what happens now with the rest of the case. i won't comment until then. after giving evidence for three hours, the england all—rounder left court with his wife this evening. ben stokes is due to return tomorrow for a fifth day, as this trial continues. so the transfer window closed just over 90 minutes ago.
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chelsea the big spenders, premier league new boys wolves also busy. nothing today from manchester united, and nothing at all from spurs. the former premier league defender stephen warnock‘s here. it's been an interesting transfer window. who do you think out of the premier league sans has done the best business? i think liverpool will be happy, fulham fans will be delighted with the intent they have shown to stay in the league. my view is liverpool fans should be happiest but do you think is a former player, they should be challenging manchester city? i think with the new players, fans will feel that alison is that final piece of the jigsaw. huge impact, very co mforta ble
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jigsaw. huge impact, very comfortable player, looks at home already. the new goalkeeper, that could spur them over the line. very tough or carry us, the situation, i see that he might go on loan to a german team. this new transfer window, the majority of clubs wanted a change to have their squads ready to go. do you think that plays into the hands of european clubs and will we see more english players going abroad? that does, if they come for the likes of eden hazard will the figures the right? but it also gives england players the chance to go abroad and that's fantastic for our players to broaden their horizons. good for the players but may be difficult for the clubs, if you are a chelsea fan you are thinking good,
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we have kept home hold of eden hazard and william but if clubs start to lose players, do you think there will be a turnaround in terms of this transfer window being early? the only way it happens is if clubs stay strong and don't sell players, so stay strong and don't sell players, soi stay strong and don't sell players, so i dempsey it happening. thank you for joining so i dempsey it happening. thank you forjoining us, stephen warnock. let's turn our attention to cardiff where the tour de france champion geraint thomas has returned home to huge crowd in cardiff, to celebrate his triumph of ten days' ago. john watson is there for us. and john, a special day for geraint thomas? yes, hundreds have turned out here to welcome him home, he wasjoined by young riders from cycling teams across the country to ride from the
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welsh assembly through the city centre to cardiff castle. it is a city where his love of cycling was harnessed, he is a proud welshman, we saw that when he was draped in the welsh flag atop the podium winning the tour de france, and he was draped in it again as he stood on the stage behind me. a little relieved that people have turned out to see him. just to walk out now with this is bonkers, isn't it? thanks a lot that people have come, i was thanks a lot that people have come, iwasa thanks a lot that people have come, i was a bit worried it mightjust be my wife and my dog but the support has been insane, whether on the side of the road or on twitter orjust back home, all i can say is thanks. and john, this celebration, seeing these young riders, this is what
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tea m these young riders, this is what team sky needed after a difficult year. it's not been an easy two yea rs year. it's not been an easy two years following the revelations that bradley wiggins had used by therapeutic use exemption to take a drug before winning the race in 2012 and the accusations that team sky had used that permitted use of it for performance enhancement, something they deny, and there was the case involving chris froome where he was found to have double the permitted those in his system last year. it didn't reflect well on those involved and the principle of tea m those involved and the principle of team sky said this victory was just what the team needed. the question 110w what the team needed. the question now is does gerund taranis need team sky? —— geraint thomas, that the
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success of team sky cannot be sniffed at. either way, success of team sky cannot be sniffed at. eitherway, he success of team sky cannot be sniffed at. either way, he will be a rider in demand. get yourself off and enjoy the celebrations. play got underway in the 100th us pga championship at bellerive country club in missouri this afternoon. american justin thomas is defending the title he won at quail hollow last year. the last man to succesfully defend the us pga is one of his playing partners today — a certain tiger woods back in 2007. his other playing partner, northern ireland's rory mcilroy, had a disappointing start, he's currently level par. thomas made a very good start to his defence three birdies in his first six holes but has since dropped one back. he's four shots off the lead of fellow american rickie fowler. ok, let's have a quick look at some of the day's other sports stories. the first day of the second test between england and india at lords was abandonded because of rain. it is the first time a full day's
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play has been lost at lord's, since the opening day of the first test against pakistan in 2001. burnley travel to instanbul basaksehir in the europa league third qualifying round first leg. the game is burnley‘s first european match outside of britain since 1967, having beaten aberdeen in extra time last week. and british number onejohanna konta was leading two—time grand slam champion victoria azarenka 6—3 3—0 when her rogers cup second—round match was halted by rain in montreal. play resumes today for a spot to face world number five elina svitolina. let's go back to the bbc sport touch—screen for a final look at today's transfer deadline day deals, there were quite a few right at the wire, joe lynskey‘s there with our sports correspondent david ornstein. one club goes into this season now with new note new additions. to the
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tea m with new note new additions. to the team that finished last season. until you finish the game you cannot say it is the end of the game but it will be difficult to sign some players in four hours. david ornstein is with us this time for more on the deals going through. but that's extraordinary, no team has made zero signings in a transfer window but this is a tottenham hotspur side that came third last year and still has aspirations to win the premier league. it's in canada role, breaking records for the wrong reasons in this case but they have a settled team, they were 23 points behind manchester city and many tottenham fans say surely we can improve on the squad but they
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have an excellent first team so will be confident. jack grimmer lish was the key one that people thought totte n ha m the key one that people thought tottenham would sign but they didn't pull it off. —— jack querrey lish. they had to shift players out but with high premiums on players they could not do that and they have players on good contracts, many of whom will not have wanted to leave spurs. arsenal had many years of not spending a lot of money because they had moved into a new stadium, spurs are due to do that this season, can you see how things might go for this club? many teams have failed to be competitive once they move into a new stadium. arsenal did keep up there in the champions league for many years but that will be a challenge for tottenham. what we don't know, did the stadium impact
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on this transfer window? they are very happy with their players, is that the reason? who knows? let's look at pullen, a team with different aspirations who have spent a lot of money, including onjoe bryan, who's had an interesting 2a hours. many of you may have seen this, he was set to sign for aston villa yesterday, there were reports he had undergone a medical, some suggested he had posed for photos and then reports that he had got a call from fallen, made the trip to fulham and many states he would be fighting with ryan sorry for a role
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in the team, but they have announced that now. they fight signed five mainstream players, they haven't announced them yet but they are the first team in premier league history to have been promoted and spent more than £100 million in the summer after promotion. thank you, david. it's been a big day of transfers, the big one thibaut courtois. you can check out all the news on the bbc sport website, they will all be discussed on bbc radio five live from 7pm but from cars on sportsday, thank you forjoining us. goodbye. —— from us on sportsday. some of us enjoyed a bit of rain for
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the gardens today. although there is rain in the next few days it in the form of showers and not guaranteed. this is the cloud that brought the day's ring, still spilling its way across the east of england, out in the atlantic we have cloud and tropical air so at the moment we are in this cooler pool of weather so temperatures have dip by day and by night and it's more comfortable than it has for a while. this evening and through the night the winds ease away, they have been quite strong through the east of england but it all through the east of england but it a ll starts through the east of england but it all starts to ease an overnight showers dieback and it turns chilly inland, even in the south we are down to 10 or 11 and it will be closed to frost levels. we are
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looking out into the atlantic for this amalgamation of weather fronts heading into the weekend but until then we are heading into this westerly atla ntic then we are heading into this westerly atlantic slope. it will be quite heavy so this will bring some usable rain but it's not guaranteed. temperatures will do quite well between the showers, not as warm as it has been. between the showers there will be spilled some sunshine across northern ireland and they will ease in the west later as high pressure builds ahead of the weekend. friday evening it should be quite pleasant, plenty of sunshine and then friday night will be chilly again with temperatures in single figures quite widely, it looks like a pleasant start to saturday but we do have a troublemaker in the atla ntic to do have a troublemaker in the atlantic to bring us in some rank and the uncertainty of how far north
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and the uncertainty of how far north and west that rain will be, some areas in fact most will have areas of cloud, strong winds and showers, 01’ of cloud, strong winds and showers, or longer outbreaks of rain and it will be usable rain. temperatures still remain into the low 20s so pleasa nt still remain into the low 20s so pleasant if you see some sunshine. this is bbc news. the court hears evidence from then stokes about his trial for affray. i will explain to you why you have been arrested. a quy you why you have been arrested. a guy over there is covered in blood andi guy over there is covered in blood and i have been told you punched him. because he was abusing mighty macro friends, who were gay.l damning report says appalling sexual abuse on boys as young as seven took
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place at two elite catholic boarding schools. bryce johnson place at two elite catholic boarding schools. brycejohnson is facing a investigation into the conservative code of conduct following his comments about women who wear lace


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