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a man is arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashes outside the houses of parliament, injuring several people. the suspect is in his late 20s. police say he had no weapons and there was no—one else in the car with him. the ford fiesta car hit cyclists and pedestrians, before crashing into a security barrier protecting the palace of westminster. given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident. i will be reporting live from the scene. police say they are questioning the terror suspect at a police station in south london. so far though, he is refusing to answer their questions about who he is and what his motives were. also on the programme this lunchtime. a motorway bridge has partially collapsed in the italian city of genoa with dozens feared dead. the government says it fears an immense tragedy. england cricketer ben stokes is found not guilty of affray
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at bristol crown court. social housing tenants are promised more powers by ministers. campaigners say what's needed is more housing. more retail misery. the diy chain homebase is to close 42 stores, putting 1,500 jobs at risk. and coming up on bbc news. defeat for andy murray in the opening round of the cincinnati open as he targets improvments on his road to recovery. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. a man's being held on suspicion of terror offences after a car collided with cyclists in westminster. the vehicle ploughed into a security barrier near old palace yard in front of the houses of parliament.
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several people were taken to hospital and the area is still cordoned off. the man in custody is in his late twenties, and police said he is not to cooperating with them. theresa may has praised the rapid response of the emergency services and said her thoughts were with the people who'd been hurt. the government's emergency cobra committee is to meet this afternoon. ben brown is in westminster. we are at the police cordoned, and it happened just down the road. the whole area of westminster is still in lockdown. all the roads around the palace of westminster and parliament square still sealed off to traffic and pedestrians. of the people injured, only one is still in hospital, we are being told, and that person does not have serious injuries so there is an overwhelming feeling of relief this lunchtime that what appears to have been another terror attack in london was not worse. this report from richard
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lister. sirens wailing across westminster as police converge on the car within seconds. immediately after the crash, a moment of confusion as the car sits smoking at the barriers outside the house of lords. police start pushing people back. armed officers, weapons drawn, swarm over to the car. at this stage, they don't know if this is an accident or an attack. the driver is pulled out. he is filmed standing quietly at the scene in handcuffs. police confirmed later he has been arrested on suspicion of terror offences. a bbc camera caught the progress of the silver ford fiesta making its way slowly around parliament square. but then the driver darts back onto the wrong side of the road, ploughing through several cyclists waiting for the lights to change. he appears to
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accelerate and then pulls into the parliamentary access lane, crashing into the barriers. he was driving at at least 50 mph. the guy seemed very focused, he was not panicked or anything. but this is what he left in his wake. on the ground, one cyclist lies seriously injured and is treated by paramedics. two people we re is treated by paramedics. two people were taken to hospital. a man retrieves the car's license plate and another sits on the pavement in and another sits on the pavement in a state of shock. this man was with them when the car struck. my initial reaction was to run after him because i thought he was an errant car driver, and then as the police said clearly area it became more apparent that it was more serious. with the area cleared, police began their investigation. sniffer dogs we re their investigation. sniffer dogs were brought in to check the car for explosives. police say no weapons we re explosives. police say no weapons were found, but they are treating this as a terror attack. given that this as a terror attack. given that this appears to be a deliberate act,
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the method, and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led from office rs investigation is being led from officers from the counterterror command. there is no intelligence at this time of further danger to london as all the rest of the uk connected to the incident. as one of the busiest parts of london remained on lockdown, the prime minister praised the courage of the emergency responders. the government, like eve ryo ne responders. the government, like everyone else, is waiting for a clearer picture to emerge of what happened here. our thoughts are with eve ryo ne happened here. our thoughts are with everyone who has been involved with this morning's incident. and i want to thank the emergency services for their response. this is being led by their response. this is being led by the police, the counterterrorism police are leading the investigation for the metropolitan police. but they are keeping open—minded around this incident. the police have still not formally identified the arrested man, thought to be in his 20s. they
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have said he is not cooperating with their investigation. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford is at new scotland ya rd daniel sandford is at new scotland yard this afternoon. what is your sense? does it look like this was a lone wolf operating by himself or pa rt lone wolf operating by himself or part of a wider conspiracy? it's very early to say. there is a sense here it was a slightly low—level attack, although of course an attack on one of the most iconic sites in the country, and to a degree, an u nsuccessful the country, and to a degree, an unsuccessful attack back to give the man was trying to kill anybody he did not see —— succeed in doing that and it is just the female cyclist injured in hospital but not in a life—threatening condition. police are trying to work out exactly who the man is. he's not cooperating at the man is. he's not cooperating at the moment, they say. i understand there is a belief that he is from there is a belief that he is from the birmingham area and a lot of effort has been put into that. we have a suspect possibly from birmingham, in his late 20s, not
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cooperating with police and detectives are wanting to work out from his computers and smartphone and home address if there are any signs of planning the attack, and critically, whether there is any sign of him cooperating with others and therefore he is part of some wider group. but certainly at this stage we seem to have an u nsuccessful stage we seem to have an unsuccessful terrorist attack on westminster with the only suspect in custody. daniel, thank you very much. there is a meeting of the cobra emergency committee shortly at 2pm this afternoon. there has also been a lot of praise for the police with the speed and bravery with which they intervened and made the arrest this morning. security around the palace of westminster was intensified last year and there are now calls for perhaps it to be further tightened and even pedestrianise in the whole area so vehicles cannot get anywhere near the palace of westminster. our security correspondent frank gardner is here.
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frank, in light of all the attacks that happened in the uk last year, how serious as this one been taken? you saw from the reaction there it was a prompt and robust reaction by the police. in that sense, they'd haveit the police. in that sense, they'd have it very seriously. armed police reacted immediately, you saw them jumping over barriers. if you drive past the palace of westminster, you will see, if you know what to look for, armed police vehicles which are basically mobile armouries which can react quickly. this stems back to the mumbai attack of 2008 where planners got together and realised ofa similar planners got together and realised of a similar attack took place in london the police simply weren't ready for it, at the time. so they gunned the police and allowed any one time in central london the idea that an armed police response vehicle can react within eight minutes and be on the scene. in this case it was very early. at the
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moment they still don't know exactly what the motivation of this man was. it could be that he is disturbed. most importantly, what he directed by anybody else? we don't know that yet. frank, thanks. england cricketer ben stokes, 27, has been found not guilty of affray by a jury at bristol crown court. the durham all—rounder was arrested after he was involved in a brawl hours after england played the west indies in a one—day international in the city in september last year. our sports editor dan roan has the story. he is one of world cricket's biggest stars with both bat and ball, ben stokes is arguably england's most important and high—profile player. but 11 months ago, the all—rounder‘s career and reputation was plunged into uncertainty after he was arrested following a late—night brawl. stokes found himself forced to swap cricket field for courtroom, accompanied throughout his trial each day by his wife and agent. the 27—year—old, along with two other men, ryan hale and ryan ali, all deny the charge of affray.
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the three had been involved in this late—night brawl outside the city's mbargo nightclub in the early hours of september 25th last year. the court was taken through the events leading up to the incident as some of england's players visited the venue after winning a one day international. cctv footage showed stokes and team—mate alex hales try to re—enter the club. the court heard from doorman, andrew cunningham, who said stokes had been abusive to him and then mocked two gay men, throwing a cigarette butt at one of them. the defence insisted it had just been playful banter. mobile phone footage of the fight that followed was played in court. the jury heard both ali and hale had bottles on them initially. ali appearing to threaten hales with his. an off—duty community police officer who saw the violence described stokes as the main aggressor. he knocked both hale and ali unconscious, the latter left with significant injuries, including a fractured eye socket. these are the two gay men seen chatting to stokes outside
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the nightclub earlier that evening. neither were called as witnesses in the trial. i didn't get involved. i was more on the sideline, but yes, it turned into a massive brawl and obviously i got a bit scared, so i kind of walked out. you didn't witness the entire fight till the end? i witnessed most of it. when the guy was on the floor, that is when i kind of thought it was too much for me. with the prosecution case is over, the judge directed the jury to to acquit hale. and the defence began. the court hearing from stokes for the first time. he said he had stepped in when the two gay men had been subject to homophobic comments, something he suggested to police back when he was arrested. that is all i have been told at the moment. that is why i have arrested you on suspicion of assault. ali denied that, however, insisting they had just had banter between him, hale, and the two gay men. stokes may have since returned to cricket, but in the wake of the incident,
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he was suspended meaning that he missed the ashes series to australia last winter. here at lord's, the ecb will now conduct its own internal enquiry into a saga that has been damaging for both the player and those who run the game. obviously, when you are trying to attract new people, families, kids, even women to cricket, you want to show it as a sport which respects people generally and attracts good people, good people who are respectful of each other and have good behaviour, so it wasn't a particularly good episode. today's not guilty verdict will come as a huge relief to stokes and to england, but having been cleared by the courts, he must now wait to see if cricket's governing body takes any action. dan roan, bbc news. andy moore is in bristol. please bring us up to date. you can see the media behind me were waiting for ben stokes to leave court as the verdict came in just half an
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for ben stokes to leave court as the verdict came injust half an hour ago after thejury had verdict came injust half an hour ago after the jury had been out for around two and a half hours. as it was delivered, ben stokes closed his eyes, looked down, then. his wife, claire, who has been with him the whole time began to cry at that stage. his co—defendant also found not guilty, ryan ali and he left court a few moments ago and said he was relieved it was over but he had no further comment. andy, many thanks. a motorway bridge has partially collapsed in the italian city of genoa with dozens feared dead. the government says it fears an immense tragedy. the section of road that collapsed was over a river, and an area of the city. matt cole reports. the fear of those watching can clearly be heard as they watched the bridge structure crumbled. police have spoken of a violent cloudburst of rain at the time of the collapse.
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viewed from a different angle, the size of the missing section is clear. down below, crumpled cars and lorries. witnesses say vehicles had tumbled from the falling roadway. firefighters say there have been fatalities, and in poor weather, work is ongoing to free people who are trapped. the viaduct was built in the 1960s but refurbished two yea rs in the 1960s but refurbished two years ago. much of the fallen section landed on rail tracks. there had been a queue of traffic on the morandi bridge when it collapsed. a local news agency claims the italian ambulance service suggest there could be dozens of dead. the italian transport minister has said the colla pse transport minister has said the collapse seems like an immense tragedy. james reynolds is in rome. a catastrophe unfolding, apparently. what is the latest about casualties? the interior ministry has confirmed
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at least 11 people have been killed, but very clearly, the authorities, the emergency workers on the scene are still trying to work out if anybody else may have been trapped. we arejust anybody else may have been trapped. we are just getting a sense of the scale of what has happened. some aerial pictures suggest that the collapsed section is in two areas, possibly about 100 metres long and there are immense amount of debris on railtrack and in an industrialised area, so all emergency in the region will go to the area and try to work out if anybody else was killed on the ground or if anybody was trapped in their cars. and then beyond that, questions are already being asked about why on earth a bridge in industrialised europe has collapsed. there will be many questions and a full investigation about that. the government is considering giving tenants in england more support to hold landlords to account, by speeding up the complaints procedure and publishing league tables. the measures are part of what ministers call "a landmark
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opportunity for major reform" on social housing. but campaign groups say what's needed is more homes for people on low incomes. frankie mccamley has more. in the wake of the grenfell tower today the government promised to gear its social housing policy towards making tenants lives better. today at a least a green paper on theissue, today at a least a green paper on the issue, among the ideas are measures to speed up the complaints process , measures to speed up the complaints process, a drive to help get rid of the stigma often attached to social housing and a scheme giving tenants the right to buy 1% of their home each year. this is the important next step, we want to consult on it further but it steps out these significant principles that are about delivering that step change in social housing. the government papers say is our priority is building the social homes we need. but it gives no details on how that will be done. which leads hundreds of thousands of people on social
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housing lists. freddie has been waiting for a house for more than 18 yea rs waiting for a house for more than 18 years because he cannot afford to rent or buy. i've got a very big family and its basic way to make sure my family is being supported. the situation is where we have lost money. i did not have that money to basically by my own place. this is one of the sites in england where you can see new social housing being built. we are around a mile and a half from manchester city centre where 500 new units are going up. 200 of those will be social housing. but campaigners say it's not enough, they want more concrete plans from they want more concrete plans from the government. this green paper was an opportunity for the government are right that wrong and set out an ambitious target to deliver the low—cost rented homes england needs. u nfortu nately low—cost rented homes england needs. unfortunately what we see in the
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green paper is a restatement of announcements which have already been made and not a single additional house will be built as a result of this green paper.l consultation will run until november but the questions remain. will this lead to new homes being built, and will the government to deliver on the promises it made in the wake of a fire that killed so many? homebase is expected to close 42 of its stores, putting around 1,500 jobs at risk. after a comprehensive review, the company said its current store portfolio mix was no longer viable. it's the latest in a series of store closures on the high street. our business correspondent emma simpson has more. homebase has already been closing stores. 16 in the last year and this one in west london is also going. today news of more to come. homebase now wants to get rid of another 42 underperforming shops. more stores closing. i mean, it is a shame. it really is.
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because where can we go here in walking distance to get some plants and things like this, there's nowhere. i am ambivalent about it in a way, but obviously there was a lot ofjobs and that kind of thing and it is very tricky for people. and we're losing lots and lots of the high—street shops. there is no doubt retailers are having a tough time, but here is the thing, homebase was a profitable business until it was bought two years ago by one of australia's biggest companies. they thought they could teach the brits a thing or two about diy, but they made a real hash of it. we have got carpet and we have even got rugs, whatever your budget is, bunnings has got all the flooring that you need. in australia, the bunnings diy chain is a big success, but its promise of low prices and no—frills stores didn't work and the losses quickly mounted. homebase was then sold for £1 in may to the turnaround company hilco.
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winning back customers will be tough. we have got a changing dynamic in the population where we are buying houses later and we are not spending money refurbishing and on diy. more of us are shopping online and there are more places to buy the things that homebase sell, so we are able to do that in supermarkets and variety discounters. its new owners said today's decision had not been taken lightly, but decisive action was needed to rebuild this well—known brand. this restructuring will need the approval of landlords, but it is yet another blow to our high streets and towns. emma simpson, bbc news. our top story this lunchtime. a man is arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashes outside the houses of parliament, injuring several people. a motorway bridge has partially collapsed in the italian city of genoa with dozens feared dead — the government says it
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fears an immense tragedy. coming up on bbc news: celtic must score if thy‘re to keep their champions league hopes alive in tonight's third qualifing round second leg against aek athens in greece. jack whitehall‘s casting in a new disney film has sparked an outcry, following reports he will play a character who's gay. the comedian wrote that he was "honoured" to be part ofjungle cruise, which is due out next year, and it was later reported that he would be playing a gay man. the news has led some people to ask why a gay actor wasn't cast for the role. lizo mzimba has more. world, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. welcome tojungle cruise! based on a theme park ride, jungle cruise starling dwayne "the rock" johnson and filmed on huge sets in hawaii, is set to be one of 2019's biggest movies. it comes from disney. the studio has been praised
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for the way it's dealt with issues like diversity in films like black panther. hi everybody, welcome to the set ofjungle cruise. but the movie, which also stars emily blunt, is facing controversy over how her character's brother has reportedly been cast. class, i've got good news and bad news, what do you want? the bad news. it's not really that jack whitehall, best known for his stand—up act and the tv comedy bad education, has been cast. it is that according to a newspaper report his character is a gay man, with many people saying they are upset that a gay actor wasn't picked for the role. it's great that disney has got a gay role like this in one of their big films. but there are so many gay actors who could have played the role that it seems a missed opportunity. lgbt people are underrepresented in the media and in films, so disney had an opportunity here to improve that representation by having a talented gay actor that can embrace the role and play something like this in the film. neitherjack whitehall nor disney have confirmed the character's
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sexuality, but unsurprisingly the issue is still being vigorously debated on social media. omar shariffjunior is an actor and campaigner on issues like gay representation, he said: "really, disney? your first significant gay role will be played by a straight white man perpetuating stereotypes? fail! this ship should sink." however stephen fry, who has also campaigned on issues affecting gay people, tweeted: "i share your shamejack whitehall — i played a straight man more than once. a father even. i should have been sent fortraining, correction and adjustment years ago". disney are no doubt already carefully assessing whetherjungle cruise still looks likely to sail to box office success, or whether they think it's already heading for difficult waters. lizo mzimba, bbc news. the rate of unemployment in the three months tojune of this year fell to its lowest level since februrary 1975. today's figures also show that pay rose on average by 2.7%,
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that's higher than the official rate of inflation. there was also a record fall in the number of eu nationals working in the uk. our economics correspondent andy verity reports. many of the uk's workers were not yet born when unemployment was last this low. at this leeds —based manufacturer workers are to be highly skilled to make and plastic products for use in everything from water treatment tanks to showers. economic theory says when there are not as many workers you have to pay more to attract and keep them. this firm fits that mould. pay rises have between 3—4% will stop firm fits that mould. pay rises have between 3-4% will stop everything gets more expensive, living. i remember my dad saying about seven yea rs remember my dad saying about seven years ago that the national minimum wage was in his words, ok. if you
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are wage was in his words, ok. if you a re clever wage was in his words, ok. if you are clever with your money it will be all right. to me, i did not truly think so because everything just seems to be going up and up and up. and ijust think seems to be going up and up and up. and i just think that we as a company had to work on ensuring that it was a fair, a fair reward for what people did. playing inflation beating pay rises is working at this firm. staff who feel valued are prepared to stay even if they could get more money elsewhere. got offered more money last week to work with my mate, double what i get paid here, ijust said i was not interested. i would not go, it's not the money, it's the people. that is what makes it so good to work here. workers are being dealt a stronger hand to press for higher pay, the average pay rise was 2.7%, more than inflation and the number of unemployed is just 4. 0% inflation and the number of unemployed is just 4.0% of the available workforce. today's figures
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also show the number of eu workers is down by 86,000, the biggest fall in 21 years. employers can afford to pay inflation beating rises if the amount each worker produces is going up, also known as productivity. given today's figures also show that is improving, the puzzle are some is why pay is not rising faster. unions do not have the same funds the dead and in the private sector there is about 15% of people who have anyone to speak up for them. that drives a sentiment that people take what they are given and unless they can change employment they are stuck with the wages they have. fewer eu nationals may not help workers bargain up their pay, but many employers are worried they will not get the skilled workers they need to meet demand for goods which could get worse when they exit the eu, holding back economic growth. andy verity, bbc news. city regulators are urging people to "be on their guard" against pension fraud — after new figures showed victims lost a total of £23 million pounds in scams last year. the financial conduct authority and the pensions regulator say
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people are being tricked out of an average of £91,000 each — and it's thought the problem could be far wider, with just a minority of scams ever reported. kevin peachey has more. first, jennifer's trust was won, then her savings were lost, stolen by the fraudsters who were too good to be true. he knew everything. i asked questions and he had answers to everything. the scam had begun with a cold call at a time when her the promises of a cash sum with a regular return pushed jennifer and her husband into investing and losing well over £50,000. it was the last base all the money. life is just it was the last base all the money. life isjust going it was the last base all the money. life is just going to it was the last base all the money. life isjust going to be it was the last base all the money. life is just going to be very difficult from now on, try to think about what we are going to do when we get older because we have nothing to fall back on now. in cases like
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this fraudster ‘s call, text or e—mail out of the blue offering a free pension review, exploiting the greater access to pension pots sa bres greater access to pension pots sabres now have from the age of 55. they convince victims to transfer savings to high—rolling investments in hotels or green energy schemes but the fraudsters pocket the money. more than 250 cases were reported and investigated by police backed action fraud last year. losses totalled more than £23 million, that is an eye watering average loss of £91,000. but cases are massively underreported, the regulator says more than 100,000 people approaching retirement could have been victims ina year. retirement could have been victims in a year. just shy of 40 years pension. they took all of it. know the city regulator and the pensions regulator have unveiled a campaign featuring this tv advert urging people to watch out for the warning
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signs. prevention is better than cure, we want to give people handy tips to be aware of, particularly if they are being confronted by fraudsters. top of the list is looking on the sca website to check the pensions or investment firm is authorised but campaigners say the government, notjust the public, should act. the government is introducing a ban on pensions call colin, it will be in place by autumn 2018, the big question is the extent to which that's going to help people and protect people and watmore policymakers are going to do to ensure people are not conned out of retirement savings. ahead of the ban expect more calls but do not give the fraudsters your time money. the austrian capital, vienna, has beaten melbourne to be named the world's most liveable city. it's the first time a european city has topped the rankings of the annual survey, by the economist intelligence unit. manchester saw the biggest improvement of any european city,
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rising by 16 places to rank 35th. manchester's rise puts it ahead of london in the rankings by 13 places, the widest gap between the two cities since the survey began two decades ago. time for a look at the weather. here's darren bett. what we are seeing this week is a typical weather pattern of this time of year, no big area of high pressure keeping it dry, hot and sunny, instead a strongerjet stream closer to the uk, the weather coming in from the atlantic, over the next few days some bands of clyde will bring rain down from the north—west. today we've had some rain it's been affecting northern ireland and here in scotland as well the rain continuing to push its way east so we are seeing improvement in the weather across western scotland with most of the


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