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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 18, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm lebo diskeo. our top stories. world leaders pay tribute as former un secretary—general kofi annan dies in switzerland, aged 80. leadership is not about the end. when you have macho leaders who believe they have to shine then it all has to be about them forgetting what is required is the welfare of society and the people they serve. it's been called a "hundred year flood" but more heavy rain is forecast in india's kerala state. a state funeral for many of the victims of italy's bridge collapse — as more bodies are found in the rubble. and footballing legend christiano ronaldo makes his debut forjuventus, after moving from real madrid. hello and welcome to world news today. there have been tributes
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from around the world for the former secretary—general of the united nations, kofi annan, for ten years, and won the nobel peace prize in 2001. the current secretary general described him today as a "guiding force for good". james robbins looks back at his life, and there are flashing images in his report. i, kofi annan. .. the softly spoken lifelong diplomat from ghana was sworn in to lead the united nations back in 1996. he was already a hugely respected figure, but this was an age of relative innocence — 9/11 was still five years away, the iraq war seven years in the future. congratulations, sir. kofi annan tried to prevent this — the invasion and toppling of saddam hussein by george bush and tony blair without the support of the un security council.
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kofi annan later called it illegal. i think, as secretary—general, i did everything i could, conscious of what the results would be, you know, and being powerless to stop it. i mean, i did work with quite a lot of heads of states in their capitals, on the phone and elsewhere, working with the inspectors, but the die was cast, and nothing could stop it. kofi annan had much greater success in his home continent, africa, building global consensus behind the un millennium development goals, a huge initiative to reduce poverty and disease and increase education and opportunity. that and kofi annan‘s work on aids was rewarded with the nobel peace prize in 2001. i think he took the world into the modern age, i think he was the first leader of the 21st century, and he tried to build an international community where countries would work together, cooperate freely, and tackle what he saw as the biggest problems
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— poverty, inequality, climate change and, of course, conflict. last april, celebrating his 80th birthday, kofi annan told the bbc his style was to be patient, quiet and determined — in the face of forceful, often far louder national leaders. leadership is not about the individual. when you have macho leaders who believe they have to shine, and it all has to be about them, forgetting that what is required is the welfare of society and the people they serve. tributes to kofi annan from every continent praise his humility, nobility and unshakeable commitment to work for peace in a more equal and sustainable world. well, kofi annan continued his work in international relations after finishing as head of the un. around a month ago he visited zimbabwe to talk to politicians ahead of the elections there.
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but one country where he had particular impact was kenya. from nairobi, the bbc‘s merchuma explains why. i don't think there's a country in the world that owes as much of a of gratitude the kofi annan as kenya. he was instrumental in negotiating a peace settlement between the retired president that brought peace to kenya after months of post—election violence, and he negotiated the formation of a grand coalition government, and many leaders have come up to just express their sadness. we spoke earlier to the prime minister of the coalition government and this is what he had to say. kofi annan is a great friend of kenya. as you all remember, when this country was on the precipice of tipping over, it was kofi annan who led the mission that intervened and
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helped the signing of a peace accord, which meant beef permission of a grand coalition government. what did kofi annan mean to africa? when we talk about kofi annan, his name is pretty synonymous with peace and democracy and that is what many canyons and africans would remember him first. when you look at social media and all the messages coming up, everyone expressing how proud the art of him and how much of the change he brought the kenya and africa. speaking to me earlierfrom nairobi. musalia mudavadi, a former vice president and former deputy prime minister of kenya, told me that dr annan was a tough negotiator. he was a diplomat but a no—nonsense
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individual. very far amount of very focused. when it was time to take a position on a very specific issue, he was very clear. he was not a pushover. i can imagine he absolutely was not. he also described himself as a stub an optimist. how did that show itself? yes, the stubbornness of the man, in a very positive sense, in the sense that he was able to sit for long hours until you're forced to come to terms with the reality. he never let anything slip through his fingers. i think he was an expert negotiator and he worked within the videos very
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well. he would live the wood leave everyone feeling positively beholden. the sheer volume of messages pouring in from all over the world is an indicator ofjust how popular kofi annan was. despite his prominence on the world stage, he maintained close friendships with the oldest of friends throughout his life. chief emeka anyaoku is a former secretary general of the commonwealth and knew kofi annan for more than 50 years. hejoins us on the phone now from lagos. chief emeka anyaku knew kofi annan for more than 50 years — he joins us now on the phone. could you tell us first of all how you became friends with kofi annan? can you hear me? i can hear you about the very faintly. thank you so much forjoining us. first of all,
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really sorry to hear of your loss. just wondered if you could share with our viewers how you came to be friends with kofi annan? sorry, i cannot quite hear you clearly. how did you come to be friends with kofi annan? kofi annan and i have been friends since 1963. when he was in geneva working for the world health 0rganization, geneva working for the world health organization, and our friendship lasted over 50 yea rs. organization, and our friendship lasted over 50 years. what do you think it was that made it lasts so long? i believe that kofi annan ended up as un secretary—general 30 yea rs, ended up as un secretary—general 30 years, he was a great global statesman and peacemaker. his
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appointment as un secretary—general and his tenure from 1997—2006 brought huge pride to africa and he made many memorable and lasting global impact as un secretary—general. global impact as un secretary-general. and how will you remember him as a friend?” secretary-general. and how will you remember him as a friend? i will remember him as a friend? i will remember him as a friend with whom i collaborated in office when he was un secretary—general and i was commonwealth. and i was a great admirer of his achievements at the united nations, in particular, the millennium development goals and the resolution on responsibility to protect and his contribution to development of the african countries. i remember him for all that and also for his service to my
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own country nigeria. that and also for his service to my own country nigeriali that and also for his service to my own country nigeria. i know you are his first wedding and he was at your 80th, what are the moments you will remember the most with him?|i remember the most with him?” remember the most with him?” remember when he came to london for my 80th birthday, we reminisced over his wedding in 1965, when there was a little issue with the cake, that it needed a proper knife for cutting it, and we laughed over it, and kofi annan was a quiet diplomat, a first—class diplomat. annan was a quiet diplomat, a first-class diplomat. chief, we'd really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. thank you so much. ‘the worst flooding in a century'.
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that's how indian authorities are describing exceptional monsoon rains in the state of kerala, in the south of the country. with at least 320 people dead, a huge rescue and relief operation is underway. our correspondent, yogita limaye reports from kerala. localfishermen doing what they can to help. boats are needed more than ever before in this coastal state to rescue those who are stranded. more than a0 rivers crisscross kerala, and all of them are overflowing. this is the kadalundi. it's left homes and trees submerged. as the water started rising, people fled to safety. some have returned to see what they can salvage. we're nearly a kilometre from the river that flooded, but even so, water levels are this high. you can see the house behind me, and in fact i'm standing on a slope. if i were to go further, it would be even deeper.
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but at least people are able to reach up to this point. beyond, there are many parts that are simply inaccessible. those who've been rescued are spending their nights in places like these — schools converted into relief camps. there are about 200 families here. this woman spent two nights on her neighbour's rooftop before a boat reached her. she tells me they were afraid that the house would collapse. india's prime minister, narendra modi, surveyed the devastation from a helicopter. he's promised more manpower and equipment. and it's notjust floods that have wreaked havoc. heavy rain has also caused mudslips. in this house alone, nine people were killed. with bridges broken and roads caved in, some areas remain cut off. yogita limaye, bbc news, in kerala. thousands of people in the italian city of genoa have
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attended a state funeral for some of the victims of tuesday's motorway bridge disaster. the archbishop of genoa told mourners the tragedy, had created a deep gash in the heart of the city. some families reportedly stayed away, because they're with the government. the number of dead has now gone up to a1. from genoa, james reynolds reports. the campi corniglianese amateur football team came to this state funeral to mourn their youngest squad member, 22—year—old marius djerri. translation: we are very sad for him and his family. he was one of us. we are bitter and angry. these thoughts charged much of this ceremony. some families, angered by the collapse, decided to hold private burials instead. families, politicians and members of the public have come together here, but a single ceremony won't be enough to resolve the profound
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arguments over the collapse of the bridge. italy's interior minister, the populist matteo salvini, has promised that he'll find the names of those responsible for the disaster. "we will speak through our actions," he told us after the funeral. relief workers are now securing every part of the ruined bridge. the company which operated this structure has now expressed its deep sympathy for the victims. but it's stopped short of apologising for the collapse. the technical situation is so complex that it's up to the, i mean, justice to understand what happened and why and under which conditions. those investigations have now begun. it may take many months before italians are given the answers they demand.
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james reynolds, bbc news, genoa. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: britain's new $4 billion aircraft carrier, hms queen elizabeth, sets sail for the east coast of america. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. former un secretary—general and nobel peace prize laureate kofi annan, has died. he was 80. mr annan was the first black african to hold the top diplomatic position, winning the peace prize for helping to revitalise the un. adam wild has all the sport. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. the italian league season is underway and cristiano ronaldo has made a winning start
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in his serie a debut forjuventus. but despite having the portuguese star, juve were struggling. they were 2—1 down to chievo. ronaldo thought he'd helped his side get a winner, but the video assistant referee ruled he'd handled the ball. eight winner eventually came in injury time. chelsea against arsenal always looked likely to be the game of the day in the premier league and that's exactly how it's turned out. 3—2 to chelsea, a win in maurizio sarri's first home game of the season. marcus alonso with the winner after it was 2—2 at half—time. very important, i think, because very important, ithink, because it is not very easy for us to gain points. three points today against arsenal is a very important target us, we did we well for t5
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for us, we did very well for 75 minutes, and there were maybe 15 minutes, and there were maybe 15 minutes horrible! the defeat is not good fellows but processing the 90 minutes and this tea m processing the 90 minutes and this team continues and today, the team reaction after 2—0, and also it is better for us, but we reaction after 2—0, and also it is betterfor us, but we had reaction after 2—0, and also it is better for us, but we had the chances to do more. elsewhere, tottenham's harry kane finally ended his run of having never scored in august as his side beat fulham 3—1 at wembley. that's two wins out of two for spurs. it is something obviously i know about and a lot of people like to talk about it first for me i have said before as a striker you go through spells and everything you touch turns to gold and sometimes it doesn't and it always seems to be
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august for me! it is nice to score today and on another day i probably could have had a hat tricks always i’ooiti could have had a hat tricks always room for improvement and that's the guy tried to do. cardiff newcastle was goal—less. there were home wins for everton and leicester. and a good win for bournemouth at west ham. cricket now and india captain virat kohli felljust short of another test century as india's batsmen built a decent first innings after being put in to bat on day one of the third test against england in nottingham. india will resume again on sunday morning on 307—6. captain kohli was eventually out for 97. adil rashid getting him caught by ben stokes at slip. stokes, who returned to the team after being cleared of affray earlier this week, toiled with england's bowlers. chris woakes, was the most successful, taking three wickets in the morning session. now, she was one of the star performers at the recent european athletics championships and dina asher—smith was back competing in the diamond league meeting in birmingham on saturday where she finished second in the 200 metres in what was a really strong field. it contained the 1—2—3 from last
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years world championships. after a strong start she came through to finish second behind shaunne miller—uibo, who is the olympic a00m champion. but after a superb few weeks, dina asher smith was clearly pleased with her performance. meanwhile, in the men's 100 metres final, it took a photo finish to seperate the winner, america's christain coleman, and britain's reece prescod who finished second. both clocked the same time of 9.94 seconds. that's all the sport for now. britain's new £3 billion aircraft carrier, hms queen elizabeth, has set sail from portsmouth this evening for the east coast of america —— where jets will land on her deck for the first time. two f—35 test planes are expected to carry out 500 landings and take—offs while it's at sea. steve humphrey reports.
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seek it has taken years of work and the billions of pounds but now the biggest warship britain has ever had is about to do the job she was designed first, providing a 11.5 acre floating flight deck for the new jets. the first fixed wing landing will certainly be an iconic moment and it will quickly become routine as we build up to embarking several squadrons of aircraft and will become an absolutely everyday activity but the first is always special. the high-tech aircraft are already flying on and off american ships but the first deck landing will be quite a moment. hugely symbolic for the country, very exciting, and of course eight years nearly to the day since i was in command and we took off the last harrier, so here we are getting one back. a fantastic opportunity and the superb future for a uk defence. after the harrier jets
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the superb future for a uk defence. after the harrierjets were retired early a lot of effort went into detaining the skills needed to operate jets at sea. two pilots, detaining the skills needed to operatejets at sea. two pilots, one navy and one chariots, and in the running to carry out the firstjet landing on hms queen elizabeth. somebody is going to be first? yes, certainly. it could be you. everybody should want to be the first to land on board the ship and asa first to land on board the ship and as a royal navy test pilot, i would love that person to be me. altogether, 1500 sailors, aircrew and marines are on board for the flying trials of the american coast. the aircraft carrier will be away for a round about 11 weeks while the trials are carried out. the idea is to have this ship and all of harrier aircraft ready for operational deployment by 2021. let's stay with that story. those who worked alongside kofi annan for years can't speak highly enough of him.
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they include his former political director at the un, carlos lopes, who knew him for three decades, and last saw him at a board meeting for the kofi annan foundation in may. carlosjoins us now from lisbon. thank you for taking the time to speak to us. firstly, you were friends with kofi annan for three decades. when did you last speak to him? i last spoke with them about a month ago, preparing for his mission to zimbabwe. he wanted to be part of the process to have peaceful elections with integrity. and you also have known him for a number of yea rs also have known him for a number of years but became friends with him in new york as your neighbour. tell us a bit about that. in fact, when i started working with the united nations, i was a young african looking for a mentor, looking for people that would actually give me advice about how to navigate a very
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complex un, and ijust happened to have as director of personnel a neighbour named kofi annan. i used to what with them to the building which is iconic and everybody recognises, and that is how our friendship started. it was always someone friendship started. it was always someone who would give advice and give a someone who would give advice and givea hand, someone who would give advice and give a hand, particularly caring about young africans. and what was he like as a mentor? kofi annan was a lwa ys he like as a mentor? kofi annan was always ahead in terms of understanding some of the complex issues and very often i used to ask him, how could he really predict so fast what would eventually happen? he would say, well, what i do is not really prediction, what i do is intuition. i have the intuition that it may go this way and sometimes it doesn't but often it does, because i
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just put in my cocktail of analysis and the different elements people normally don't want to see. kofi annan was perceptive and he wanted a lwa ys annan was perceptive and he wanted always to get through as a chance, thatis always to get through as a chance, that is why he was very trusted. that was the main recipe of the way he behaved. we are right out of time, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us about your colleague and friend and mentor, the former united nations secretary—general kofi annan. thank you so much watching on bbc world news today. this weekend brings predominantly cloudy skies for many and also a fairly humid fuel. that was
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certainly the case today for many, this photo sent in by a weather watcher in devon, and fairly dramatic skies and this photo sent in bya dramatic skies and this photo sent in by a weather watcher in leeds. through tonight and tomorrow the central swathes of the uk will outbreaks of rain courtesy of this area of low pressure working its way to the east. that contains the re m na nts of to the east. that contains the remnants of tropical storm ernesto and there could be heavy bursts in their particularly through tonight in parts of northern ireland and central scotland. through tonight outbreaks of rain working their way gradually eased, for that to the north clear spells with a few patches of mist but looking drier, the temperature falling away with clear skies to the single figures, but as we had further south, more of a humid feel with the temperature not falling quite so far, overnight lows around 13—17. tomorrow we start off with rain for the central swathes of the uk gradually working east through the day. and improving
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picture and to the north of that perhaps missing the rain, some sunny spells and one or two showers, derived for northern ireland and the south—east of england, a fair amount of code with the temperature at a maximum of 23 in the south—east. for the cricket, looking like an improving picture, outbreaks of rain and drizzle through the morning, a good deal of cloud around with the temperature of a maximum of around 22. through sunday into monday, we see the back of that area of low pressure, holding onto this weather front, just grazing the far north of scotland, so for monday, show the brea ks scotland, so for monday, show the breaks of rain particularly in the north and also in the west as well, a good deal of cloud around, some brea ks a good deal of cloud around, some breaks and sunny spells particularly the further south and east you go, the further south and east you go, the temperature in a maximum of 26 in the south—east saw a little warmer but elsewhere the temperature in the high teens, mid—20s. into tuesday, tuesday brings a good deal of dry weather, some bright
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intervals and the risk of one or two showers, later in the day summit brea ks showers, later in the day summit breaks of rain, the cold front introduces something fresh from the north through wednesday but staying warm in the south—east. this is bbc world news, the headlines: kofi annan, the former un secretary—general, has died at the age of 80. he won the nobel peace prize and served two terms as the world's chief diplomat between 1997 and 2006. hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes by flooding across india's kerala state. authorities are calling it the worst monsoon for a century — and more rains are forecast. a state funeral has taken place for some of those killed in italy's bridge collapse but some families stayed away in protest. meanwhile, three more bodies were found earlier, at the scene of the disaster after allegations emerge that a cadet was waterboarded at britain's prestigious royal military academy, the military school says it will deal robustly with anyone found to have fallen
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short of the highest standards of behaviour.
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