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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 20, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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now it's time to look at the stories that are making the headlines in the media across the world. we begin with one of greece's financial papers. it asks what wounds are still left open in the country's economy after the eu bailout ended. and that's a contrast to coverage in germany's handelsblatt. it has the country's finance minister celebrating what he calls greece's salvation. to the independent now. it covers concern among carmakers over brexit. ford saying it could move uk production as its profits plummet. another carmaker in the headlines.
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tesla's boss elon musk‘s plan to combat short selllers may have backfired. the times of india now with those devastating floods and worries that worsening weather in the next 10 years could kill 16,000 people. and finally, i news and the minister of finance emphasizes success of the aid. we have been asking for your ideas on how to overcome the ideas about food wastage. nkem and i have been looking
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through the papers this morning. he was hoping to go home! this is an interesting angle, looking at some of the open wounds and multitude of challenges that greece continues to face. if you look at the figures, we have 3.7 million workers to 2.7 million pensioners. people who are retired, people not working. you have the fall of unemployment which has happened but that is now slowing down. and people who have left the country as well. there are scars from the financial crisis. we have been talking about it for the past ten years. from the us to the rest of the world. it feels like we are coming to the end of that the scars
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are still very open for the people of greece. and a challenging road ahead because like some economies, they have not bounced back as well. the greek finance minister, yanis varoufakis, i remember him walking with his leather jacket varoufakis, i remember him walking with his leatherjacket but he has been speaking about the fact that greece should be getting ready to ditch the euro as it emerges from eight years of austerity dictated by brussels. he calls it fiscal water boarding. what yanis varoufakis has all this said meant that greece could not chart its path because it was tied to the euro. you cannot devalue if you are in the euro. he
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is saying the greek government should be preparing to ditch the euro a news the currency they had previously. his issue was also the strict conditions attached to the bailout money on the part of the international monetary fund and the central bank and the likes of angela merkel and others. which is way when you contrast that with the german party, 0laf scholz, they see what happened in greece as a success. there is a huge contrast in terms of how it is the trade. germany saying we saved greece and the euro by extension. an interesting take on that story and we have more on that
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on our website. let's move on to something not necessarily... it is sort of linked to a degree because of course brexit, the uk choice to leave the european union, has lots of ramifications and afford, the car manufacturer, saying they have lost a lot of money in european operations in the last year and we believe it is because of brexit. £60 million loss and one of the bosses, chief executor of the uk arm, says that out of that a70 would be related to brexit because the pound found immediately after the vote and it is still falling. it is a weaker than the euro at the moment. 90p to the euro or thereabouts. he says no deal brexit would be catastrophic
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for the uk deal brexit would be catastrophic forthe uk car deal brexit would be catastrophic for the uk car manufacturers. the key phrase is frictionless trade and being able to stand back and forth across the borders. it is all the bits and bobs to make the car in the uk, these components coming out and forth and if the currency is all over the place it causes mayhem. the head of mclaren also said we need a deal. this is something that is picking up steam. the 29th of march looming, the day the uk will leave with all without a deal on companies and businesses are speaking very loudly about this. it is all about timing as well. these stories are emerging in the press and coming from the head of ford, the date before dominic raab, the brexit
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secretary, has back to russells. i was on holiday last week in the us but i saw this story on the wall streetjournal, elon but i saw this story on the wall street journal, elon musk but i saw this story on the wall streetjournal, elon musk thinking of taking tesla back into private hands. it reminded me of richard branson many hands. it reminded me of richard bra nson many years hands. it reminded me of richard branson many years ago taking virgin back into private hands because he found dealing with shareholders and investment banks... not the pressure but he found he could do what he wa nted but he found he could do what he wanted with his company. elon musk is going through a similar pain journey. elon musk is a very prickly character. telling reporters they asking stupid questions... investors asking stupid questions... investors asking stupid questions. he was thinking of taking tesla private. he has rowed back on that but there have been so many short sellers, a
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quarter of shares... not that long ago but it was a full time period. they have apparently made money from it. it almost seems that his comments have not quite worked but backfired. it will be interesting to see what happens with tesla because it is an interesting and well watch brand. the product is good but the issueis brand. the product is good but the issue is profitability. the times of india on the front page, the floods in big way in kerala but the massive repairand in big way in kerala but the massive repair and rehabilitation task is enormous. but i want to move on to the shocking story about fruit and veg not making it to the shops and we're getting lots of thoughts from viewers about how to solve this problem. i am still amazed we are
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doing this, throwing away wonky vegetables. the fact that we did not like carrot that are not straight. vegetables. the fact that we did not like carrot that are not straightlj myself like carrot that are not straight.” myself like a wonky old machine, i have to confess. —— eggplant. myself like a wonky old machine, i have to confess. —— eggplantm myself like a wonky old machine, i have to confess. -- eggplant. it is astonishing... it is appalling. they blame the european union and also supermarkets and who impose extra standards but the rather certain supermarkets and companies are saying we cannot keep doing this. also lots of organic companies saying we will send you all the wonky vegetables and fruit that tastes wonderful. it has been great having you on the briefing. and thank you as well, stay with us on the bbc as we keep you up—to—date. hello there.
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all this week our weather will be coming in from the atlantic, so once again it will be rather changeable. sunday did see some welcome sunshine eventually, across a good part of the midlands towards the south—east of england, and, in the warm and muggy air, it soon felt pretty warm out there as well. the main rain—bearing clouds, that's remaining for the time being, towards the north and north—west of the uk. but south of that it is going to be difficult to gauge how much sunshine there will be today, because the air is moistening up, there's more low cloud coming in, a lot of dry weather around stil, and there may be some sunshine at times. you can see the extent of the cloud. the best of the breaks probably across more central and eastern parts of england. a bit of drizzle around some of these western hills and coasts. more substantial breaks though across central and northern parts of scotland, where the air is a little bit cooler and fresher. still a decent day here and, even with the cloud further south, after a warm night, it is going to be a warm day again, temperatures maybe up to 25 degrees. a little bit of sunshine to end the day here and there and any breaks of cloud tending to fill in more, i think, as the night goes on again, except across northern most parts of scotland, where those
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temperatures perhap 9 or 10 degrees, but otherwise maybe 17 is a minimum temperature across southern parts of england, again. moving into tuesday, things start to change a little. in the north—west, you can see clearly here, we have some rain coming in. that cloud that we saw earlier on, now beginning to advance into scotland and northern ireland. but away from here, more in the way of sunshine perhaps, and probably higher temperatures across englan and wales, even across south—east scotland as well. this weather front though is gonig to be a bit of a nuisance around the middle part of the week. it is moving its way southwards but rather slowly, rather erratically because the progress is being delayed by a little wave on that front. so it stalls things a bit. could get a bit of rain for while still, across northern ireland on wednesday, northern england perhaps into wales. we should see more sunshine coming in to scotland and northern ireland — cooler, fresher air here. towards southern parts of england and wales, midlands, south—east in particular, where we get some sunshine, it will feel very warm. that is the last of the humid air, mind you, because that weather front is going to push its way down towards the south—east. the other one following in the north is more of an intensification of the showers.
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not much rain on the first one, actually, but it is the boundary between the humid air that is getting pushed into the near continent, and cooler and fresh air that's coming down from the north—west. sunshine around on thursday. a few showers, mainly for scotland, but temperatures across the board will be a little bit lower. we'll keep that north—westerly airflow for friday as well, but we start to see some rain coming down into more northern parts of the uk. always going to be drier across southern areas of the uk, but by the end of the week it is not going to be as warm. good morning, welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: appalling violence, blood and vomit on the floor and open drug dealing. the government takes over birmingham prison after inspectors say it's in crisis. safely back on shore — the incredible rescue of a british woman who fell from a cruise ship. i was iwas in i was in the water to ten hours. these wonderful guys rescued me. i'm very lucky to be alive. greece takes back control of its own
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finances and exits its bailout, 8 years after the start of the country's debt crisis. it was a rocky trip to the seasside for manchester united. they lost on their travels at brighton for the second
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