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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  August 28, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story — after months of difficult negotiations, the united states and mexico have reached an agreement on a new trade deal. it's a major step in towards a new north america free trade agreement, or nafta. and it's been announced that canada will resume trade talks with the us on tuesday. the myanmar government has rejected a un—backed report which accused its military leaders of crimes against humanity and genocidal intent against rohingya muslims. the un investigators say those responsible should be prosecuted. and this story is trending on thousands of couples from around the world have exchanged, or reaffirmed, marriage vows at a mass wedding in south korea, organised by the unification church. the ceremony marks the sixth anniversary of the death of the church's founder and self—proclaimed messiah, sun myung—moon. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: police in the west midlands have named a man they are seeking in connection with the murder of a woman and her daughter. detectives say they are trying to trace janbaz tarin. now on bbc news, live to singapore
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for asia business report. of the us and mexico agreed to a sweeping trade deal to revise the key portions of the north american free trade agreement, but will canada fall in line? and in cambodia, local drivers are dealing with tough competition from rival model riding in from india. welcome to asia business report. president donald trump has struck a trade deal with mexico to revise key portions of the north american free trade agreement and should finalise it within days. this puts pressure on canada to return to the negotiation table, all walk away
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from the trilateral treaties. talks resume between them on tuesday. like mrtrump was in resume between them on tuesday. like mr trump was in —— mr trump's negotiations with china, there is a lot at stake for these negotiations, the discussions covering more than $1 billion in annual trade. the discussions covering more than $1 billion in annualtrade. canada's trade representative is flying to washington today, as you know, and canada coming given justin washington today, as you know, and canada coming givenjustin trudeau faces elections in the not too distant future are going to want to be part of this. is important to see this in terms of the us electoral cycle, he has returned up in october, it makes them look extremely effective to his constituency. he has brought the mexicans into line, got the deal, has put on pressure on congress to get on with it. there is a lot of ke rfuffle get on with it. there is a lot of kerfuffle about this but there is not much massive differences in this. the new agreement provides the
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agreement he renewed over six years, the parts of automobiles sold in the us are 72% made in nafta, rather than 67%. also that it stipulates minimum wage levels for a significant part of the continent. expectation is that some of the jobs will shift to the us and some of the outsourcing that occurs outside of north america will relocate back to north america will relocate back to north america, but probably not the us. toyota is investing $500 million it with you but to look into self driving cars. both sides are said to have lots to game from the deal. uber have been working on softer and technology for some time, but not with much success. we heard recently that the company was thinking between one and $2 million every single day on working on autonomous
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striving and from that they have very little to show when compared to its nearest rival, weimo. in fact, uber‘s self driving programme was responsible for a fatal accident involving a woman earlier this year. they greatly need some expertise to come on board and help them with safety a nd come on board and help them with safety and share the burden of that enormous cost. for toyota, a much more traditional car company, they will see this as a being able to get a big slice of a big industry in the future. because many people think that personal car ownership, the idea that individuals go out and buy their own car as many people do now, with white ink that is on the decline. in future, toyota likely looking to sell direct to big fleets of vehicles, uber would be a major comfort —— a major customer if that is the future we see happening with self driving technology. if you
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happen to be using uber in hong kong later this week, you may have to pay more. the company says hike will benefit drivers as they pocket those of affairs. the right hailing apple ‘s been operating in hong kong since 2014 but has a dwindling presence in this region. in 2016, it sold to a rival and earlier this year the san francisco —based company sold its business to grabbed, which picked up uber operations in south east asia, including markets in singapore can —— singapore, indonesia and thailand. burke hathaway is investing three out of 56 million behind digital payments firm paytm, it is india was met largest mobile lending platform and already has backing. earlier this year, warren buffett said that the financial
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payments industry is a huge deal around the world and many companies are welcome to reinvent the industry. myanmar, philippines and bangladesh arejust industry. myanmar, philippines and bangladesh are just three of the top ten countries around the world but most affected by frequent extreme weather events. with an additional 3- 40 weather events. with an additional 3— 40 million people expected to live in asia by 2025, the need for sustainable infrastructure has become critical. those are the latest findings from the asia infrastructure investment bank, the china led lender has extended an invitation into the private sector and government to explore sustainable building products. i asked the vice president if these investors were sceptical of the bank ties to the chinese government. we have 87 member countries, we don't follow the ideas of any one country, all of those lenders work together to establish policies which it established that we operate to high
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standards. we must fund projects that are economically sustainable. we have high environmental and social standards. there are countries like malaysia who are pulling out of the belt road initiatives altogether, it is the keeping other countries wary of being involved and the debt involved. how is the aiib trying to address that? it is for countries like malaysia to deal with their own bilateral nations. malaysia is an important number of the aiib and if we we re important number of the aiib and if we were financing projects there like any other country, one of the key test that we apply is that the school and financial sustainability of our projects. we have strict rules on those issues, like the world bank or the asian development bank and we have a very similar practice. to make sure that we understand what is the sustainability, how can a project be repaid before we embark on financing? that ensures that over
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the years, as we build up our project portfolio in many countries, that it project portfolio in many countries, thatitis project portfolio in many countries, that it is financially sustainable and we know the money that has come from our member countries will be repaid in the end. now, tuk tuk's have long been a feature of the cambodian capital's congested roads. they are locally produced, these once beloved by locals and tourists alike, but recently felt the pinch of condition as customers seek out more important rituals that is right hailing apps. nick looks at what is behind the demise of this transport and the rapid rise of a young contender. there is a new game in town. young, colourful, speedy and you see them just about everywhere in phnom penh. but all is not well on the capital's
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increasingly crowded streets, where ageing motor taxis, locally made tuk tuks and cars all battle for space. now there is the autorickshaw to content with, their popularity has crated discontent among tuk tuk owners, who see their income and lies under threat. translation: before the rickshaws are right, eve ryo ne before the rickshaws are right, everyone took tuk tuks, but they use lpg so they are cheaper. they also use an advert, so customers prefer them over us. many auto rickshaws are compatible with passapp, and has w011 are compatible with passapp, and has won over customers no longer content to haggle over the fair. translation: i changed from a tuk tuk to translation: i changed from a tuk tuktoa translation: i changed from a tuk tuk to a rickshaw because our customers can book me via the phone.
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customers like to use the rickshaw because the cost pops up on their phones so there is no argument about price. thank you. well, the journey was certainly quick and hasslefree. asi was certainly quick and hasslefree. as i could follow along on my smartphone, but there is no doubt that these new auto rickshaws are a little cramped and viewed not quite as good as the traditional tuk tuk, which still has plenty of admirers. translation: we are happy using the cambodian tuktuk translation: we are happy using the cambodian tuk tuk because we can go anywhere in the b group. also the views are good, we can see everywhere. while the drivers of the old and you carryjust might see themselves as competitors, there is a potential solution that could see both sides coming together. we are in the middle. we understand the market, we understand about the driver, that is why we encouraged the driver for the traditional tuk
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tuk to try us. translation: i hope in the future more tuk tuk drivers willjoin the right hailing apps, they will find it easier to get customers, even if the charge is lower than before. there is little doubt that the autorickshaw is here to stay, the question now is can both sides coexist, or is the rickshaw firmly in the drivers seat? and with that we end this addition of asia business report. thanks for watching. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour: the myanmar government has rejected a un report that accused its military leaders of "genocidal intent" towards rohingya muslims. after a year of talks, the united states and mexico have reached agreement on a new trade deal. the new mexican president has said canada needs to be included too. police have named a man
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they want to question after a mother and her daughter were stabbed to death in the street in solihull, in the west midlands, in the early hours of monday morning. detectives want to trace janbaz tarin, the former partner of the daughter. from solihull, dan johnson sent this report. where is janbaz tarin? he's the 21—year—old believed to have stabbed to death his former girlfriend and her mother late last night. raneem oudeh was 22 years old. her mother, khaola saleem, was 49. their family says they are devastated by their loss. and this is where they died. a double murder investigation is now under way in this quiet suburban close. a peaceful sunday evening here was interrupted just after midnight when neighbours heard a man shouting in a foreign language, then there were screams. we heard some noises, but we thought it was animals, like a fox or something, because it is generally
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here that they come in the night, so we didn't come out, but after an hour, the police knocked the door and asked if we have seen anything. literally, i would never expect it from somewhere like this. like, i've lived here for over a year and a half now, lived in solihull for my whole life, never had anything like this happen so close to home. they'd been here for... guesswork now, six or eight years, something like that. they were quite a likeable family. they didn't trouble anybody, just got on with their lives, the same as we all do. the main focus of the crime scene investigation work is that patch of grass that is screened off there in front of the houses, but we have been told that the family actually lived here in this house. detectives are questioning people inside. we've been told there are other younger children. the family's car has also been examined. because west midlands police had previous contact with the family, the independent office for police conduct has been informed. detectives say they are working flat
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out to find janbaz tarin. they've warned people not to approach him and appealed directly, saying he should do the right thing and contact them. danjohnson, bbc news, solihull. mike is with you for all of the news in15 mike is with you for all of the news in 15 minutes time. now it's time for sport today. hello, i'm chetan pathak and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: an emotional night forjose mourinho as the pressure mounts after manchester united lose in the premier league again. a shock exit from the us open as world number one simon halep is beaten in the first round by estonia's kaia kanepi. —— simona halep.
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and india's neeraj chopra smashes the field to claim the men's javelin gold at the asian games. welcome to the programme. it was supposed to be the night manchester united bounced back but tottenham hotspur had other ideas as they recorded a rare victory at old trafford by 3—0 in the premier league. lucas moura was outstanding for spurs scoring twice after harry kane's opener to give the londoners only their third league win at old trafford in 27 attempts. it piles further pressure on united managerjose mourinho, who applauded those home supporters who'd stayed until the end. but two defeats in their first three games makes this the worst start to a season for united since the 92—93 campaign, and afterwards, mourinho walked out of his press conference after getting irritated with a reporter.


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