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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 14, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: hurricane florence makes landfall on the east coast of the united states — with high winds and torrential rain. five million people are in the direct path of typhoon mangkhut, due to make landfall in the philippines. president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, agrees to plead guilty to two criminal charges — after being accused of conspiracy against the united states and conspiracy to obstructjustice. "distressing" and "vivid" footage of the moment pc keith palmer was stabbed outside parliament, during last year's westminster attack, has been shown at an inquest into the victims‘ deaths. prison staff in england and wales take part in widespread protests — over levels of "unprecedented violence" in jails. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday — but first a look at what else
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is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll bring you the very latest on hurricane florence — as the life—threatening storm starts to hit the us. on a lighter note — the makers of big brother and celebrity big brother announce both shows are being axed. and we'll have reaction to those stories and the rest of the tomorrow's main stories — in the paper review at10:30 and 11:30pm. our reviewers tonight are the independent‘s deputy political editor — rob merrick — and the author and broadcaster, natalie haynes. that's all ahead on bbc news. now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton. could britain have a third grand tour champion this year? simon yates extends his lead at the vuelta a espana.
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the premier league returns after the international break — but which man united player has been praising jose mourinho‘s management style? super 8's number is up — as rugby league clubs vote to scrap the system from next season. and the nba's highest paid player steph curry has words of support for serena williams there are issues that serena wanted to deal with than those conversations will keep going because of how she took the stand. hello and welcome to sportsday. well, what a year we've had for british cycling. first it was chris froome‘s extraordinary victory
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in the giro d'italia injune. then the drama of the tour de france as geraint thomas claimed the title in paris. and could we be about to see the third british winner of a grand tour in 2018? simon yates has extended his lead in the vuelta a espana after finishing second on stage 19. putting him on the verge of victory. asjoe lynskey reports. will hills signed in spain, the vuelta destination would come down to the neighbours. stage 19 right thing to andorra but the welcome is deceiving. the days last 20 kilometres would see them ride up 1,200 feet. he claimed to stretch out the entire field. everyone is in first year. but in red, simon yates faced the hills he is familiar with. he and his brother train and live here. he would make this a title
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decider played on home turf. hisjob to stop his rivals making up ground overall. but with ten: that is to 90, overall. but with ten: that is to go, he decided not to wait for them. he moved away from the pack and towards the stage leaders where the brave or foolish —— whether brave or foolish, the final miles with the site. he opened up a minute lead on the nearest challenger as he crossed the nearest challenger as he crossed the line in second. his courage confirmed. lead extended. tonight he will take the jersey home confirmed. lead extended. tonight he will take thejersey home with him injust. injust one more day, it might belong there. well, let's get more from joe now — this graph you can see is that klein that simon yates has now managed to negotiate. that put him in control at the top of the general classification standings. —— that climb. this huge hill to andorra at the end of the day's racing, 19 days riding to get to this point. just
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one more competitive day operating before the professional writing to madrid. we will look at that route ina madrid. we will look at that route in a moment. first let's see the advantage that yates now has at the top. spain's rider wasjust 25 seconds behind. yates has now extended that to over a minute, one minute and 38 seconds. that is a substantial enough sleep now to start to dream that tomorrow we may see him become the third different britain to win a grand tour. that would be some piece of history. this has never happened before that three different riders from one nation winning the three grand tour is in the same year. that would add to chris froome‘s win back injune and gareth thomas‘s historic tour de france victory. that was so celebrated in his hometown. we can see it being a battle between these 34 see it being a battle between these 3a sports personality of the year. thomas has recently extended his
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contract with team sky. the only timea contract with team sky. the only time a nation has ever got close to this kind of achievement was back in the 60s. this kind of achievement was back in the 605. 1964 this kind of achievement was back in the 60s. 1964 when now the only time a nation has got close to that achievement and held all three grand tour titles at the same time was back in 1964 when france injacque 0nctil and raymond pulldor managed to win all three. when france injacque 0nctil and raymond pulldor managed it really has been a rapid rise for british cycling since that first victory for bradley wiggins back in 2012. let's go to andorra then and get some reaction from the day's racing. patrickjust give us a sense of what yates has done today and how close he is now...? he has taken a massive step towards that title. it was a really bold display. i think it's caught a lot of people by surprise. normally when riders are in the situation where they are in the lead and so close to
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they are in the lead and so close to the end, they tend to go on the defensive. they sort of mark their nearest rival. and follow and follow and react. whereas what simon yates did today was go on the offensive. and from far out he attacked tank lodgers from the summit. that is a long way to go from. it shows how progressive a rider he is and how unafraid he is to really take the race on against... when he feels it in his legs as he feels the right moment to go, he go go for it. and i think it did catch us by surprise. no one would expect him to go from that far. you can see that they were hesitating behinds. in the end, to ta ke hesitating behinds. in the end, to take over a minute on his nearest rival was massive considering...
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this stage was considered the more innocuous stage. it was mostly flat until the final climb which wasn't a very steep one. it was quite a steady one after the first steep couple of kilometres. but tomorrow isa couple of kilometres. but tomorrow is a brutal day. everyone was taken by surprise. i think people thought it was touch and go and going to be retired. now i think everyone is thinking simon yates will be wearing that red jersey. thank you for joining us. patrick fletcher there from cycling news. i will leave you with a look at tomorrow's stage to come. that could see simon yates ride into history. thank you. plenty of drama to come this weekend. this weekend, sees the return of the premier league after the international break... tomorrow liverpool will hope
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to extend their winning run as they travel to wembley to take on tottenham... maurizzio sari will also be hoping to maintain chelsea's perfect start when they face cardiff.. and manchester city go into their meeting with fulham off the back of three wins and a draw from their opening four top—flight games. in the late kick off it's manchester united against another side with an 100% % record — watford. united's star striker romelu lukaku has been talking about his managerjose mourinho's — telling football focus he admires his honesty. people know a side of him which is who he is — a winner. what i like about him is he doesn't fake his emotions. when he is mad, you know he is mad, and when he is happy, he is happy. my relationship with him is cool. when he is mad at me, i know he is.
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i try to do what he wants so he is happy again. you can watch that interview in full on football focus on bbc one at midday tomorrow. meanwhile, jurgen klopp has taken fire at former manchester united defender gary neville — after he suggested klopp‘s side could improve their premier league title prospects by worrying less about the champions league... we have to qualify for the champions league and i don't think that even gary neville would have sat in this position. it doesn't work like this. i don't want to be too critical because i don't know exactly how he said it but it is a bit sitting in an office and talking about football is completely different to doing the job. full fixture list in scotland too, where celtic striker leigh griffiths has signing a new four—year contract taking him to 2022. the scottish champions are playing st mirren this evening. current leaders hearts are at motherwell and may have their manager craig levein back in the dugout after his
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recent health problems. the long awaited showdown between two of the best pound for pound fighters of their generation will finally go ahead this weekend... gennady golovkin and canelo alvarez will settle their differences in a rematch in las vegas on saturday night — one year on from that controversial draw — with the unified world middleweight championship on the line once more. 0ur reporter ade adedoyin is in nevada for us. a lot has happened since the final bell sounded on these two last year... what's been said now? they were once friends but their relationship has deteriorated over the last year. over the first —— after the first fight, head accused alvarez of fighting in an un—mexican way because he would not stand and
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engage. alvarez then they'll the drug test. golovkin said he let his country and his sports down. this is a chance for redemption. he is a man ona a chance for redemption. he is a man on a mission. beating the seemingly unbeatable champion tonne and restore a reputation. he insists he is not a cheat as some critics suggest. it is then suggesting that in their own heads but i am preparing like everyone for the last you days, you're going to see the same muscles, same speed, same size. alvarez blames contaminated meat in mexico for his positive test. an explanation that doesn't sit well with the champion. does boxing have a doping problem? absolutely, that is my point. everyone understands, 0k,
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is my point. everyone understands, ok, if you were a real guide, a real fan, you won't clean sport. that contain masterminded one of the biggest doping scandals in sports history but says he is now an advocate for clean sport. he believes the lack of random, —— out of competition testing is hurting boxing. i do get is a huge problem. the use of performance enhancing drugs in boxing is rampant. i think the reasoning parties because of the ineptitude of the testing. the testing is down to the nevada commission. a rely on the sanctioning bodies. it all leads to a very confused situation. to do random testing you need to travel, you need expenses of the collector and then the transportation of the materials. it has the chain —— the chain of custody has to be intact. then the laboratory fees. it is
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costly. if you test a south african, you test in thailand, then in mexico, it is a world programme which gets, located. this matchup has been described as they fight for the ages. but will it prove to be a famous or infamous night for boxing? the two men will come face—to—face with the not at time at the weigh in. it will be interesting to see whether either man tries to score a psychological blow. they would not stand together at the press conference. the ill feeling between the two men. a chance for them to put some doubts in the other‘s mind but also a time to maintain their emotions. a huge fight for both and for boxing on saturday night. thank you. after months of deliberations and discussion between clubs... supers 8s is to be scrapped from rugby league. the decision was reached at an rfl extraordinary general meeting in manchester earlier where clubs voted in favour of the
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reintroduction of a "one up, one down" system which will we back in place from next season. 0ur rugby league correspondent dave woods explained to me earlier, what this means. what we will have from next season isa12 what we will have from next season is a 12 team super league from which only one team can be relegated at the end of the season. instead of the end of the season. instead of the top eight is playing off for the grand final, it will be the top five. it is simpler than it first appears. it gives weight to finishing first and second. you have a much better chance of making the grand final. that makes the regular season more relevant. grand final. that makes the regular season more relevant. 0ne grand final. that makes the regular season more relevant. one of the complaints super league clubs have had is that because of the super rate they have not been able to sell season—ticket packages because they did not know until the last minute what they are super rate fixtures would be. it was difficult. now they have a plan fixture list when they start the season. everyone will know what is coming. this brings an end
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to months of deliberation over this. does it now draw a line in the sand? hopefully. it has been quite vitriolic at times between championship and league 1 and super league clubs. it was a 68% vote in favour which suggests quite a few have agreed to it. hopefully it does cp spreading out in the game. what happens next year is a 12 team super league again. but one up and one down so still be promotion possibilities for the championship side. but a little bit more structured than it was. also coming up in the programme... we'll be live at the world equestrian games in north carolina, asking if great britain can add to their bronze medal... and we'll look ahead to the conclusion of the world triathlon series where vicki holland is on the hunt for the title i have not felt that great in any race i have done yet i seem to keep
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crossing the finish line first. that's unbelievable. now formula one returns after a two week break, and it's been a busy old time for ferrari's kimi raikonnen. he's announced he's leaving the italian team at the end of the season, but given his start to race week in singapore, he's looking to go out in style. and jennie gow is there for us this weekend... welcome to singapore. it is round 15. just 30 points separate lewis hamilton at the top with sebastien battle. we' re hamilton at the top with sebastien battle. we're going to have a look back at today. the fastest man is making all the headlines. kimi reckoning in the ferrari. this is quite unusual. ferrari replaced him. he goes fastest in fp two. you could not have scripted this any worse if
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you work for rory. but the pace of the car was there. an intriguing day with some of the pace is shown by everyone. lewis looked quick for mercedes. sebastien did not get it doa mercedes. sebastien did not get it do a long run because he hit the wall. how costly or these mistakes? even though it is only friday, how much will they add up to? it is not ideal. he tried to play it down afterwards. he said we could see what everyone else was doing. but realistically nothing will replace track time for the drivers and getting a feel for the tyres and conditions. it will be a tiny thing, potentially. half a %, if that. but in sucha potentially. half a %, if that. but in such a tight battle you need everything to go right. when lewis made a mistake, but he doesn't seem to be making errors that cost massive track time. neither of them
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had the perfect day. but lewis seems to be making fewer mistakes. as the pressure ramps up, these sorts of things will start to hurt. he need everything to go smoothly. if he wa nts to everything to go smoothly. if he wants to win the title. lets see what happens. qualifying is all to play for in singapore and then the race on sunday. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories around today.... liverpool women manager neil redfearn has resigned afterjust three months in charge of the club. it follows two defeats in their last competitive matches under the 53—year—old, including a 5—0 defeat by arsenal on sunday. the world anti—doping agency is to discuss an updated recommendation to re—instate the russian anti—doping agency. the proposal will be discussed at a meeting next wwek after wada received a letter from the russian ministry of sport acknowledging the issues identified in the country. great britain have won their opening davis cup play—off rubber against uzbekistan after dan evans beat
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dennis istomin in five sets. britain are without both andy murray and kyle edmund and must win the best of five tie to be seeded in next year's new davis cup format. great britain's dressage riders are in action again today at the world equestrian games in tryon in north carolina. they're hoping to add individual success to the team bronze they won yesterday — katherine downes is there for us — they still found time to celebrate despite being back in the saddle today? they still managed to find time to celebrate despite the fact that they have to get back in the saddle. yes, speaking to the team after they picked up the medals, they said they might have one or two drinks to reflect on a job well done. in this sweltering heat and humidity in north carolina. they won silver in 2010, silver last time in normandy.
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the bronze they won yesterday may look like a downgrade but you have to remember this is a team in transition. three of the four horses we saw yesterday have never been to a major championship. this was a new experience. including charlotte's new horse who performed brilliantly. she has some massive hoofprints to fill. replacing the all conquering hordes who retired. fill. replacing the all conquering hordes who retiredlj fill. replacing the all conquering hordes who retired. i really didn't know how she would perform, she has never flown before. that was her first experience of flying. it's incredibly hot here, i don't think i have ever experienced heat like this. to come in this arena with this. to come in this arena with this atmosphere and deal with everything, i can't ask for more. charlotte delighted as was the rest of the team. the third—place finish
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means they have qualified for the 2020 olympics in tokyo, which was the main aim for the team here. but the main aim for the team here. but thejob isn't done because the main aim for the team here. but the job isn't done because the result yesterday mean that all four of the british riders went into the individual competition which is just getting under way. the only british rider to have gone so far. he wasn't too pleased with his performance but we have three others to build it this afternoon. the medals will be handed out after the priest i want sunday. also today be eventing dressage is reaching its conclusion. 0rganisers tell us they are confident the event will not be affected by the hurricane which hits land about 350 miles from here. the winds are picking up. it is probably the only sports competition in the world were seeing a tractor is not unusual. enjoy that. england's netball team are playing their first match since winning gold
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at the commonwealth games tomorrow morning. they're taking on new zealand in the quad series— which also involves south africa and gold coast silver medallists australia. the roses are looking to maintain theirform going into next year's world cup which is being held in liverpool. this is quite exciting for us. it's about building momentum. although the commonwealth games feels like a shop window, we are always building towards a world cup in liverpool. it is overly important series for us. i'm under no illusion how tough it will be. steph curry is regarded as one of nbas best point guards.. the highest paid player in the league — and considered by many as an all—time great... well today, he's been shooting hoops in east london — so our sports editor dan roan went to meet him.
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i think on the court we all have reactions to things that happen. i have thrown mouthpieces before, i have thrown mouthpieces before, i have had outbursts or you might want to ta ke have had outbursts or you might want to take it back but the way she handled it out of the match with how eloquently she puts her sentiments around gender equality and her sports, created that conversation that we all can kind of access for ourselves. whether you agree with her, i think the way she didn't take away from the winner, that was for a moment to shine as a champion but there were issues that serena wanted to deal with. that conversation will keep going because of how she took a stand. triathlon and paratriathlon world titles are up for grabs this weekend on australia s gold coast. tomorrow, vicky holland will have the chance to become world champion and is one of four british women ranked in the top six. she will start tomorrow s race just 34 points behind katie zaferes of the united states...
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i have not felt that great in any race yet i seem to keep crossing the finish line first which is unbelievable! going into this final race, we have one more go at it. it will come down to who finishes first out of myself and katie. we will ta ke out of myself and katie. we will take home the title whichever of us finishes first. that is a strange feeling but quite an exciting one. i hope it proves to be an exciting race to watch. weil, i'm joined now by former triathlete and bbc commentator annie emmerson. we have to talk about vicki holland. she sounded up herself perfectly that it she sounded up herself perfectly thatitis she sounded up herself perfectly that it is almost a two horse race. is that fair to say? absolutely. what's interesting is what will go one with the rest of the podium, it could be another brit. if there was
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a clash —— crash we could have the clea n a clash —— crash we could have the clean sweep. anything can happen in triathlon. for women in the top six, or does that say about the powerhouse of triathletes in britain? it's amazing. when you get that kind of momentum and success, it breeds more success. although the athletes are fighting for those places. they will be looking ahead to tokyo in a couple of years. and the brownlie brothers, alistair and jonathan both competing this weekend. they won't be challenging for the title because —— which is quite unusual. they have not had a chance too too illness and injuries. but i think the british triathlon bands will be really happy to see them back racing because they do change the way of —— a race will pan out. great britain para triathlon tea m out. great britain para triathlon team dominated last year. one person will be hoping to get a title this
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year. lauren has been a busy girl. yes, she got silver last year. she will be back here and on strictly so that will be great to see. you would like to think focus will be on the gold medal rather than the pleasurable! i think she will make a quick transition! -- rather than on the glitter balls. and there's full coverage of this weekend's season ending triathlon from the gold coast across the bbc. that's all from sportsday. a mixed picture today. a few spells
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of rain but also a bit of sunshine. through into the evening, keeping a few showers across northern england, wales, south—west england and scotland. elsewhere showers easing away so it will become dry and largely clear. into single figures across parts of scotland. a chilly start saturday. further south. across parts of scotland. a chilly start saturday. furthersouth. cloud increases from the west with some rain into northern ireland later. a few showers for northern england. 21 degrees with spells of sunshine in the south—east. 0n degrees with spells of sunshine in the south—east. on sunday, the rain moving south across northern england into wales. sunshine either side of that. showers in the far north—west. we could see 23 degrees. wind is picking up as we look towards next week. particularly tuesday. also turning warmer as well. goodbye. this is bbc world news today. i'm tanya beckett. our top stories:
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hurricane florence is pounding the carolina coast with powerful winds and devastating rains. the emergency services are already struggling to reach those trapped is eight months where sabrina is due to fall in the next few days. more than a million people and hundreds have asked to be rescued. i do want to emphasise that this is only the beginning. this is a very slow mover and double track along north carolina and south carolina coastline in the next 36 hours. a super typhoon is
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