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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 5, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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he shouldn't have said, and acknolwedges his sharp tone during his testimony over sexual misconduct claims. bloomberg claims a big exclusive. it says china's managed to compromise apple and amazon's servers using tiny microchips hidden on circuit boards. the two companies deny the reports, which came after a year—long investigation by bloomberg businessweek. spies are on the front page of the metro, and pretty much every other newspaper here in the uk. ‘novichump‘ the headline as it covers the discovery of four russian operatives trying to hack the chemical weapons watchdog investigating the novichok attack in britain. let's look at the bbc news website. this story's on british mps saying fashion is harming the planet, discarded clothes are piling up in landfill sites, while fibres are polluting the water system and poisoning marine life. and finally, the business insider with what might end up being the most memorable
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story of the lot. it shows this new font, sans forgetica. well done if you read that! it has apparently been designed in conjuction with psychologists so that anything typed in the font is easier to remember. with me is the political commentator, henry bonsu. let's get some of your thoughts on. we're going to start with this extraordinary op—ed in the wall streetjournal by extraordinary op—ed in the wall street journal by brett extraordinary op—ed in the wall streetjournal by brett brett, who is the supreme court nominee. the most bizarre, and judicial, i would say, display of personality, shall we say —— unjudicial. say, display of personality, shall we say -- unjudicial. it was catastrophic, chaos, conduct unbecoming of a first grade teacher as opposed to someone wanting a place on the supreme court. out of
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control. none of these sagacity or composure you would expect in a judge at any level —— none of the. this is the highest court of the land as well! when you look at the op—edin land as well! when you look at the op—ed in the wall streetjournal, owned by rupert modoc, who supports donald trump mostly, he has told the american people who he is and what he believes. he's basically singing for this supper —— rupert murdoch. he was claiming about a conspiracy, left—wing democrat conspiracy, the cli nto ns left—wing democrat conspiracy, the clintons and he showed himself to the bid the opposite of what he said here, someone who is not partisan, neutral, an umpire —— to be the opposite. he admits he was a bit bitter. i would say he was history make. he says he hopes that everyone can understand that he was there in those hearings as a sun, husband and dad —— histrionic. no, you were there as a prospective supreme court judge and that's how you should have been seen. we should mention these
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are confirmation hearings, it's easy to imagine this was a courtroom drama but it wasn't. it was a confirmation situation where we've got senators asking questions. what do you think this op—ed is, an apology, a pr stunt, does it make any difference? i don't think it will. the vast majority of republican senators who were minded to vote for him will do so. virtually all the democrats will vote against him. there's a huge amount of pressure, over 2000 judges andrews has said this man is not fit to bea andrews has said this man is not fit to be a supreme courtjudge —— and jurists. he doesn't mention anywhere blasey ford the woman alleged to have been attacked 20 six years ago, that a glaring omission for anyone supporting thisjudge that a glaring omission for anyone supporting this judge —— that a glaring omission for anyone supporting thisjudge —— 36 that a glaring omission for anyone supporting this judge —— 36 years ago. and it means he will go through if the majority of senators, republican, vote him through? he is potentially going to judge the
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american people for many years, another generation or two. roe vs wade, the woman's right to have an abortion, the culture wars in america and he will be on the frontline and many are unhappy. weather it will make any difference... it looks as though unbelievably he's going to get through. let's look at another pretty unbelievable story, this exclusive scoop in bloomberg that was all over my twitter feed in the last 2a hours. bloomberg saying a year—long investigation by their reporters have uncovered evidence of an attack which gives beijing access to 30 large companies and many federal agencies, including the department for the pence, day centres, on on—board warships and access to cia drones —— department for defence —— on—board warships —— day centres.
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donald trump talks about intellectual copyright theft —— day centres. made by a company called supermicro computer. what i didn't know was 90% of the world's pcs are made in china. they are well-placed to do this. their brew well-placed, that's right. this year—long investigation, a p pa re ntly right. this year—long investigation, apparently hugely well sourced. it seems this alleged attack is giving beijing access to 30 large companies and all those federal agencies you mentioned. however, the likes of amazon and apple are vehemently denying this, saying there is no evidence for this but you might say they would say that because if true it's a huge compromising of the supply chain. of the global supply chain. what's interesting is bloomberg said the denials had been countered by testimony from six current and former national security officers as well as insiders at both
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apple and amazon, who have details of the investigation and its aftermath. they'll have to bring them out. donald trump could declassify this with the stroke of a pen or a tweet. if so it could be deeply embarrassing because it could bea deeply embarrassing because it could be a wholesale compromising of their day, of their intelligence and security. he doesn't exactly have much reason to do that, does he? of course not, but at the same time he's involved in a trade war, so he might want to present it as evidence. what do you make of this picture on the metro, on lots of the front pages today, is this gross incompetence by the russians ought to be captured on candid camera like this... is it a brazen display of arrogance by russia? -- russians
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thought to be captured on candid camera like this. we have these four quys camera like this. we have these four guys caught on candid camera with their identity cards, all their details, their day. there being mocked. vladimir putin doesn't seem to ca re mocked. vladimir putin doesn't seem to care what western journalists and other media think of him —— their data. they don't make spies like they used to. these guys were sitting outside the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons investigating novichok at the time trying to disrupt the wi—fi. they left a string of clues that led back to the gru hq in russia. very, very obvious clues. 0ne to the gru hq in russia. very, very obvious clues. one wonders whether it was deliberate. it could have been sloppy work. what would they have to gain by doing it deliberately? i can't imagine. let's talk about fashion, we are both fans. i can see you are. charity
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shop chic. you are one of these sustainable people that mps want to see more of. they say it's brilliant british fashion contributes £28 billion to the uk economy, but there's a big downside to fast fashion. we consume more new clothing per head than anywhere else in europe. 235 million items of clothing sent to landfill last year. we're talking about 700,000 tiny fibres released... i care passionately about this, in a single domestic wash, not in a spin of the drum but in an hour's spin of the drum. someone i met on a scientific expedition this year in the pacific, from the university of plymouth, she is looking at washing machines. she is looking at washing machines. she is perennially washing clothes and looking at the fibres and its extraordinary the number of fibres shed from polymer based clothes,
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polyester versus cotton and all of the polyester is going out into the ocean and getting into the food chain. this will resonate with people because we all buy clothes, most are into fashion, and when we hear about climate change we think what can i do? this is something mps are saying you can do, be more conscious, don't be one of those obsessed consumers who walks into a shop, buys something and keeps it for three months and then get something else. my concern is where going to recycle not in britain but sending these clothes to african markets and that will damage their local consumer base and their local manufacturing industry. we don't wa nt manufacturing industry. we don't want that. it shifts the problem elsewhere. we have run out of time, henry. the neato! thanks very much, henry. the neato! thanks very much, henry. stay with bbc news. lots more to come. —— finito. hello there. we're going to end the week on quite a stark temperature contrast across the country. many northern areas, scotland and northern ireland, much cooler and fresher on friday, whereas further south it really
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will be quite warm, particularly where we see the sunshine. and the reason for it, well, we've got these weather fronts straddling central portions of the country, and by the end of the night, that cooler air will make inroads across scotland and northern ireland, whereas further south, we move into that very mild air mass. so rural temperatures starting the day off at 11—14 degrees, whereas further north, low single figures, perhaps a touch of frost in one or two of the glens, with some mist and fog. and as we head to friday itself, that weather front barely moves. it stays static through central parts of the country, with brighter weather to the north and to the south. so we'll see outbreaks of rain throughout the day on friday throughout northern england, maybe the north midlands, into wales, scotland and northern ireland. bright, fairly breezy, but on the cool side. the south certainly will be dry, sunny and pretty warm. could see the odd shower around, maybe, across the western side of scotland. otherwise it's going to be mostly dry here, that cloud bringing outbreaks of rain to northern parts of england, into wales
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and the midlands southwards. a pretty glorious afternoon, in fact, with light winds, and that sunshine is going to feel more like summer than autumn. those temperatures topping out at around 22, maybe 23 degrees in the south—east. around the mid to upper teens celsius under that cloud, and for scotland and northern ireland, temperatures here ten to 12 degrees. so it will feel very different. now, as we head on into the start of the weekend, this weather front peps up, and in fact an area of low pressure develops. looks like it could bring quite a lot of rain to parts of england and wales, but some areas could have a washout of a day. maybe an inch or more of rain as we head into the afternoon. it becomes more confined, slowly, to the south and the east of england, whereas further north, actually a lovely start to the weekend, with lots of sunshine around, but again feeling quite cool here. but much cooler across the south and east compared to friday. now, hopefully that area of low pressure eventually moves away into the near continent. a ridge of high pressure builds in, to settle things down,
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but then we see another weather system pushing into the north—west corner of the country, so here it'll turn wet and windy through the day. could be a bit of a hang back of cloud across the far south—east. eventually it should clear away, and a better looking day sunday for england and wales. some good spells of sunshine. but it turns increasingly wetter across scotland, perhaps into the far north of england later in the day, and feeling a little bit warmer across—the—board, certainly, than on saturday. good morning. welcome to breakfast with charlie and naga. the headlines: i7% rise in crime recorded on britain's railways with figures showing an increase in violent and sexual offences on the network. us sports giant is concerned about rape allegations made against cristiano ronaldo. he strongly denies the claims. made against cristiano ronaldo. he strongly denies the claimslj made against cristiano ronaldo. he strongly denies the claims. i look at how fast fashion is harming the
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environment. england call up their first player born in this millennium. we are
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