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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 22, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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champagne on ice, just misses out on the fifth formula 1 title at the us grand prix. he does win his fifth title with victory injapan, and but celebrations in dislocated shoulder later afterward. in the milan derby, coming out on top thanks to will late shrike. so the wait goes on for lewis hamilton, and still next week and at least after he just missed out on clenching his fifth formula 1 title, he finished third in a thrilling race, but as far as that is the need to be, who was fourth, hamilton and mercedes let victory slip through their hands as he won
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his first grand prix in five years. joe wilson was watching. in austin, removed lewis hamilton, actually inside his silver mercedes, hamilton was overtaken as soon as the race began, during towards the red for robbery, and then watching him take the lead. and for robbery of this title was the colliding with daniel ricardo, ouch. adding backwards on that one. hamilton led for a while, gripping the we'll, and out again. one place ahead, he needed more. and the closing stages he was trying everything to get another place, to get past max. they twisted and they turned but hamilton couldn't quite do it. that is the tension after one loves. and then dance enjoyed timmy winning this grand prix third place,
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the championship should come next week. congratulation, he had a great start and managed all the way. i think on behalf of everyone, he did a greatjob as well. he was on a flight a greatjob as well. he was on a flight better tie at the end, that of the struggle, i thought we would enable it to we did it very well here, well enough to win and so it was a good race, he might have to wait a little bit longerforfive formula 1 he might have to wait a little bit longer for five formula 1 titles but spain has sealed his fifth moto gp title after victory injapan and as he celebrated at the home track, he
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ended up dislocating his shoulder after being called up a little too hard. —— hold. he was not what he put off by starting six on the grid. the championship rival, had the advantage of starting. but it was not long before the honda rider made his way to the front and a tense duel between them dominated the race. with only four laps to go, he made his move. the race wasn't over yet though as he was so attempted to regain the lead in the penultimate lap, the consequences proved costly. with the battle one, marques raced onto his fifth world title, savouring every second of this final lap. the drama didn't quite stop there. emotions of the occasion resulted in marquez dislocating his shoulder. the party started on the
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podium. i feel really good! shoulder. the party started on the podium. ifeel really good! because you know, i felt like, podium. ifeel really good! because you know, ifelt like, i imagined that it would be the year! but you know, the good thing or the difference is when you actually have it! he should feel good as well, victory japan means he it! he should feel good as well, victoryjapan means he is in very good company. two moto gp legends late in the, beating their city rivals by a goal, he had a broken deadlock at a time, an extended winning it to five matches down, keeps them third in the tape. keeps them third in the the winning it to five matches down, keeps them third in the the first hat trick of his career as he moved
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up hat trick of his career as he moved up to second week with a 4— nil win, scoring after 21 minutes thanks to a perfectly timed pass of course, the pair then combined and style as they moved within three points and this is the moment that the goalkeeper there he goes! to get the fourth. he scored twice in the last three minutes for dramatic win in the english premier league, quickly followed by a second, evidence is third when that exempted eight and that —— the penalty was saved by the keeper when the score was nil nil. and the dutch, three mail on sunday
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to stay third in the table, classy set them on their way to strike from just outside the penalty area after 17 minutes. nikolai got the second just before half—time and past the keeper, that was two and he started the second half strongly but the host came back to hit a third, hitting the net from a distance, seven points behind the. is dc united went in with the 31 win over, 3-1, united went in with the 31 win over, 3—1, thanks to a pass from costa, he got the second and rooney needed 3— nil and the penalty spot at the 74th minute, they are now and
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—— unbeaten. name the pga tour player of the year, you become the new world number one after the victory in the cj cup and south korea, which means that the 28—year—old will replace dustin johnson at the top of the world rankings on monday. the three—time major winner, the chance to get his name in craned on the cj cup and south korea was only half the story, he also had the chance to become the number one golfer in the world. but gary woodland was making it difficult, after this birdie on the 14th hole. a battle ensued, he moved back ahead by two shots after setting up a birdie on 13 on the keys. but koepka held his nerve, tipping in with 16 to go ahead by
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three shots at 19 under. so to the 18th, and this eagle, which gave koepka but title and the top of the rankings of the first time in his career. finishing four shots at his fellow american under 64. is a battle every day, you decide to keep working hard to improve. i enjoyed my time in the european tour and i finally get to go to the pga tour, something i dreamed of as a kid and ido something i dreamed of as a kid and i do not think this is going to sink in. impressive stuff from koepka, another went in the us, she won the and out inaugural tour, led to a temper tantrum that followed birdies which helped her to a final round,
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and overall score of 13—under par, after winning the last pga championship. and tennis was her defence of the finest titles starting with the fee after she was by the semifinals a year ago, she won 6—2, 6—4, on the way to victory she meanwhile britain's kyle edmond, to win its first ever title after victory over france's gael monfils in the british number one tie—break, winning 76 and what was only his second final. great when you get all the latest sports news at our we bsite/ the latest sports news at our
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website/ sport, plenty of coverage of what happened at the us grand prix. hello, we've had somewhat been the sunshine this weekend but by the end of the weak things are looking much older, more than a moment slightly northwesterly winds as we go to monday, area of high pressure is a prominent feature, but you notice this front is never too far away from the north of scotland and bring strong winds out, breaks of rain through monday and some of that is down to the northern highlands, but for much of scotland, northern ireland, england and wales is a fine start the week. sunshine, love it more cloud through the afternoon, these are average winched rings through monday, some strong gusts of the north west of scotland, 60 miles an hour, of the 70 miles
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an hour, a cool day ten or 11 celsius year and tactic day across the uk compared to the weekend with highs generally between 12 and 14 celsius. for most it stays dry for the evening and overnight, works its way southwards across northern and western scotland and strong winds extending down to northern england and northern ireland further south stop it stays dry but quite breezy, all of us combined means it will not be as cold between five and ten celsius. for more consistent rain for scotland, courtesy of this front that is still here, notice the squeezing the ice, still windy, particularly across scotland and northern ireland and on the northern england with stronger winds compared to the weekend and some persistent rain, between north and west of scotland, and close to the area down towards the borders here, some spells of sunshine, and northwest england and northern ireland, sunshine the furthest out,
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15 to 16 celsius, to the eastern side of scotland, 12 and 13 for the west. by the time he did wednesday, our front is all the way, so mainly dry, one or two showers but fairly moist wind flow and that's to generate a little bit more cloud midweek but for most it stays dry, some dry spells of sunshine, particularly across the eastern side, temperatures between 14 and 16 celsius, but that mild air doesn't last very long, it starts to pull away towards the weekend, disc plunge of arctic air, it is going to deal very much older on friday and then into the weekend, strong and cold northerly winds, we could see some snow on the hills plunge of arctic air, it is going to deal very much older on friday and then into the weekend, much colder on friday and then into the weekend, strong and cold northerly winds, we could see some snow on the hills of scotland and northern england. goodbye. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe.
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my name is duncan golestani. our top stories: australia's prime minister issues a national apology to thousands of survivors of child sex abuse. to the children we failed, we are sorry. to the parents whose trust was the tried and who have struggled to pick up the pieces, sorry. saudi arabia's foreign minister describes the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi as murder but insists his death was the result of a rogue operation. the individuals who did these were working outside the authority. thousands of central american migrants continue their march towards the us, after evading mexican attempts to stop them.
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