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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 23, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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to haunt them with juventus. renaldo has recently been in the spotlight for other reasons, accused of rape, which he denies. but here, the focus was on football, and the portuguese soon made his mark, setting up paulo dybala to give the italian champions an early lead. from provider, ronaldo almost turned scorer, only to meet his match in david de gea, the spaniard saving united just before half—time, and then again shortly after the break... ronaldo! keep the struggling hosts in contention. finally, united awoke and it was their own marquee name paul pogba who came within inches of showing why united paid a then world record fee to sign him from juve two years ago. that, however, was as good as it would get forjose mourinho‘s men, another setback in a troubled season, a night forjuventus and ronaldo to savour. united have enjoyed so many glorious
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european games at old trafford over the years and this was not one of them but they are still in a tron position to qualify from the champions league group. manchester city in contrast enjoyed a far better evening winning 3—2 at shaktar donetsk in the ukraine saw at least one half of the city is happy tonight. thank you. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two. here on bbc one, time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. your main headlines this evening. it was all about ronaldo pre—match, but paolo dybala was the matchwinner asjuventus beat manchester united. a better night, though, for the blue half of manchester, as city ease to a 3—0 win
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at shakhtar donetsk. england's series with sri lanka ends with a whimper, as they suffer their biggest ever one—day defeat. good evening. we have just had the third set of matches in the champions league as we reach the halfway point of this season's group stage. pep guardiola actually played down the chances of his manchester city side going into their game against shaktar donetsk in ukraine. a convincing 3—0 win that leaves them top of their group suggests they are well equipped to go far. austin halewood reports. while the eyes of the footballing
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world were locked on old trafford, manchester city had their own business to take care of. 1700 miles from home in ukraine, this is for the champions league, and beaten here last season city at a point to prove. from minute one, they were all over shock tar. passing without. .. finally, the all over shock tar. passing without... finally, the deadlock was broken post at davids over the man to break through. relief. —— david silva the man. four minutes later, they were in a gang. city simply too good. so comfortable, they could ta ke good. so comfortable, they could take off the returning kevin de bruyne. but his replacement was not bad either. bernardo silva onto the pitch and a minute later, into the net. before the game, pep guardiola said his team are not ready to win the champions league also but after such a dominant display against the nets, his players may not agree. austin halewood on the bbc news.
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well, manchester united didn't get the result or the performance they would have hoped for as they were beaten 1—0 byjuventus in group h. they stay second after valencia were held by young boys. 0ur correspondent david 0rnstein is at old trafford. david, i guess disappointment for those manchester united fans that we re those manchester united fans that were hoping for more. not the performance they wanted. they get to see their old man at least. that's right. this stadium, this club is so accustomed european glory. ronaldo is back know i was a highlight for money. jose mourinho up against his former portuguese. made for an interesting preamble. not quite the match, though. cristiano ronaldo... a very straightforward goal. united
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very flat. the atmosphere was as well. shortly after half—time, ronaldo was involved again, drawing a fantastic save from ava de gea. it argued him sojust a fantastic save from ava de gea. it argued him so just before a fantastic save from ava de gea. it argued him sojust before half—time with a free kick. he did so just after as well. finally, with a free kick. he did so just afteras well. finally, united with a free kick. he did so just after as well. finally, united sort of arose from the slump and all pogba hit the post, almost right united level there. it was not to be. in the end to the event are co mforta ble be. in the end to the event are comfortable and perhaps could have had more as well. it's a night that united will reflect on, the disappointing results in what has been a troubled season. they will look to book up again this week and that they are still in a strong position in this champions league group. a night forjuventus and especially ronaldo to remember. david 0rnstein at old trafford. thanks forjoining us. there was not just there was notjust european football this evening. in the championship, dean smith suffered his first defeat in charge of aston villa. they were beaten 2—1 at norwich. jordan rhodes scored
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twice for the home side afterjames chester had given villa a first half lead. norwich are up to fourth, two points off the top following back—to—back wins. meanwhile, the leaders middlesbrough were held to a draw by lowly rotherham, who picked up their first away point of the season. second—placed sheffield united failed to capitalise as stoke held them to a 1—1 draw. all the evening's football league results are available on the bbc sport website and app. hearts have gone 6 points clear at the top of the scottish premiership after winning 3—0 at bottom side dundee. two early goals from oliver bozanic and steven naismith put hearts in charge. steven maclean added a third 46 seconds after the break to move craig levein's side further clear of celtic and kilmarnock. england captain eoin morgan says his side will learn from their record one—day defeat to sri lanka and make sure they don't allow their series win to " paper over the cracks. " england recorded a 3—1 series victory but slumped to a massive 219—run defeat in the final
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one dayer in colombo, which has led to morgan questioning his side's attitude. joe lynskey reports. sri lanka have toiled with the bat and with the weather in this series, but this dead rubber saw them finally end the downpour. the home side got to 137 before losing their first wicket. and england's breakthrough brought in more big hitters. the home side got to their biggest 0di score in two years, and even for this england team chasing, is isn't easy. they saw three wickets for in the first two overs. joss buttler was captain for the day and lasted just two balls. joe root went... england were 28—4 and only 67
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added from ben stokes made their innings look respectable. the deficit in runs needed england's heaviest defeat in one—day cricket, a result no one saw coming and found in more familiar fashion. the series in the monsoon season ending with the covers on, for england, when the rain clears, they will have to paper over the cracks. joe lynskey, bbc news. here's a quick look at some of the day's other stories. and a new structure in rugby union could reduce the physical demands on those at the top of the sport in england. the next three seasons will be longer, include in—season breaks and limit players to a maximum of 35 matches, as players are protected ahead of the world cup in 2019 and the british and irish lions tour of south africa two years later. after beating conor mcgregor, khabib nurmagomedov wants to emulate the irishman and take on floyd mayweather in the boxing ring. the unbeaten ufc fighter believes a fight in moscow between the pair would "set a world record for the sale of paid broadcasts". and england netball have been given what's been described as a lifeline after their current sponsors doubled their investment in the sport. they are the commonwealth champions but there were major concerns over funding their players full—time
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with a home world cup coming up next year. they've secured a new three—year deal that will pay for the national team's full—time contracts beyond 2019. baseball's world series begins tonight with the boston red sox at home in game 1 against the la dodgers. fenway park will also host game 2 of what's known as the fall classic before the next three, if that many are needed, in la. and if it's still not decided, games 6 and 7 are back in boston. we can head there now and join chris mitchell. we've got the best seats in the house here for bbc sport. temporarily, i'm afraid. we will not be here for the game. but i tell you who will be here for the game. the boston red sox. this is where they sit. this is the dugout where they will be to watch game one. the likes of mookie betts. he's one of the big stars. it's all very exciting
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because this is a world series between two teams that have never met ina between two teams that have never met in a modern—day world series before. the first time they did was 102 years ago and have not met since. if you can imagine manchester united and arsenal having never met in an fa cup final, it's a bit like that. there is great excitement around this world series because it isa around this world series because it is a first and it is also a world series between two of the top franchises in mobile sports. in two of the best right now in baseball. the boston red sox come into this as the best regular—season team and the dodgers coming to this having not w011 dodgers coming to this having not won a world series for 30 years but in the ascendancy. they got better and better through the regular season and better through the regular season and of course, they had the address for her so in the last yea r‘s world address for her so in the last year's world series where they came up year's world series where they came upjust short year's world series where they came up just short and a seven—game thriller. look at this! the covers are on a seven—game thriller. look at this! the covers are had some torrential rain and it is wet under here. there was some doubt whether
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the game would start on time. if you come down here, we've been..., one here. you can see, the fans are beginning to come in. they're beginning to come in. they're beginning to come in. they're beginning to take their seats to what is going to be a thrilling series between the dodgers and the red sox. get me to the ball game! chris mitchell in boston. thanks for joining us. all the reaction to tonight's champions league games on the bbc app and website. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. goodbye. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me, laura hughes, political correspondent at the financial times and the former fleet street editor, eve pollard. welcome to you both. let's bring you up—to—date with the front pages, those that are ready in. the metro carries a picture of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman shaking hands with a son of the murdered journalist jamal khashoggi, as more reports emerge about how mr khashoggi met his death. the same picture makes the front page of the financial times. but the paper also reports that the uk is planning to charter ships to bring in food and medicines, in the event of a no—deal brexit. 50 mps have taken freebie trips offered to them by the saudi regime, to the value of over £300,000. that's according to tamara's daily mirror. the i leads on a push to change to the law on food allergies which,
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it says, will save lives, following the death of 15—year—old natasha ednan—laperouse, who died after eating a pret a manger baguette. a story we've covered today features on the front page of the daily mail. there's been a surge in high street takeaways, which is fuelling the nation's obesity crisis. and the telegraph says it has been gagged from publishing details about a leading businessman who it says is facing allegations of sexual harassment and racial abuse. a pretty varied bunch of the papers. laura, let's start with your paper. plans to ring an emergency supply in the event of a neo geo brexit. -- no—deal brexit. it sounds mad, but it's true. talk of chartering ships to bring in vital supplies to different ports because of fears the normal route between calais and dover will become congested, that the french would impose various customs control and that would reduce enormous capacity that we have right 12—25%. i think david
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lidington said which it would be operating at a rate of 12—25% compared general. which is honestly quite dramatic. the government looking at alternate ways of getting into to this country if there is a no deal. we are going to be told to dig for britain soon, aren't we i'm digging now! what absolute chaos. this is like a little ship coming back from dunkirk. your nation needs you! it's as medicines, food and car parks. i am there waiting for my antibiotics and they give me a set of brakes. nobody ever understood this was going to happen. i honestly think this is the most disastrous thing that we can be doing. i don't love the eu. i voted
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to remain only because i thought, don't the first, let's perhaps try and get the eater of revolve itself internally. —— and get the eater of revolve itself internally. — — get and get the eater of revolve itself internally. —— get the eu to resolve itself internally. it's a disaster. this is kind of sensible planning, it's prudent to do this, just in case it all goes wrong. it's a bit late! we've been messing around these things for two years. supposing you've got a child that really needs a special medicine. first of all, what's wrong with planes? not allowed? what's wrong with euro star? what's wrong with the post? it's all... it's been done asa the post? it's all... it's been done as a sort of nightmare to frighten calais as well as dover. will we get little secret things going off to folks? it'sjust little secret things going off to folks? it's just madness. little secret things going off to folks? it'sjust madness. and in


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