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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 24, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: ronaldo returns to old trafford as hisjuventus beat manchester united 1—0 in the champions league. we'll head live to boston as the red sox get set to host the la dodgers in game one of major league baseball's world series. and defending champion caroline wozniacki gets her first win at the wta finals in singapore, beating petra kvitova. hello, and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news that cristiano ronaldo‘s return to old trafford ended in victory for hisjuventus team over manchester united. the 33—year—old spent six years with united, winning the champions league, before moving to real madrid, which saw him win it a furtherfour times. the 1—0 victory in this game courtesy of paolo dybala's first half goal means the italians are five points clear at the top of group h. our sports correspondent david ornstein was there for us. this stadium, this club has become
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so this stadium, this club has become so accustomed to glorious european nights, this was not one of them. but cristiano ronaldo is back and that was the highlight for many. jose maria olaza bal that was the highlight for many. jose maria olazabal portuguese and it made for investing preamble, not quite the match. cristiano ronaldo was involved early on, setting up dybala to open the scoring for juventus with a relatively straightforward goal. it added very flat, the atmosphere was as well. shortly after half—time, bonobos evolved again, drawing a fantastic save from that de gea. you are done so save from that de gea. you are done so just before half—time of the free kick, he did sojust so just before half—time of the free kick, he did so just after as well. finally, united awoke from their slump and paul pogba, their own star name, hit the post almost drawing united level there. it was not to be for united, in the end who were co mforta ble for united, in the end who were comfortable and perhaps could have
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had more as well. so it is a night that you know to reflect on, another disappointing result and what has been a troubled season. they were co mforta ble been a troubled season. they were comfortable and perhaps could have had more as well. so it is a night that you know to reflect on, another disappointing result and what has been a troubled season. then look to pick up again this weekend but they are still in a strong position in this champions league group. but not forjuventus and especially kristin a ronaldo to remember. there arejp for there are jp for seven years, you know? six, seven years in a row. two champions league finals in the last four or five years. i am not happy with —— there are not be what they have. they want more. they want more, they had dybala, they want more, they had dybala, they want more, they had dybala, they want more, they want rinaldo. ronaldo's former club real madrid ended their dire run of form which saw them lose four of their last five in all competitions before this 2—1victory over viktoria plzen. a first half goal from karim benzema was added to by marcelo in the second half, and despite a late consolation for the czech side, it means the holders who've won the last three champions league titles are top of group g,
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level on points with roma. and it eases the pressure on managerjulen lopetegui. lam i am confident. i am happy with the culture and happy also with the last three or four years, we had time for not everything went well, we lost matches. and this team showed that we stand up always and i think we are a good group. with a coach and he is doing a greatjob in my opinion and i am happy with him and confident that we will turn around the situation. elsewhere, bayern munich ran out 2—0 winners over aek athens, leaving them second in group e behind ajax, who also won at home to benfica. while in group f, lyon dropped points against hoffenheim in germany meaning manchester city go top after a 3—0 win away to shakhtar donetsk. we are in good position and now we control our destiny in terms of the
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result. and i am pleased most of the way we play. the result is ok, it is excellent because we showed in second half what they can do, they push a lot. they always talented players. but we put it away. it is so players. but we put it away. it is so important. and now we will enjoy tonight and the next days this victory. iranian side persepolis are through to the asian champions league final after a 2—1 aggregate win over al sadd of qatar. they'll play either suewon bluewings or kashima antlers in the final, looking to become the first team from iran to win this title. and having taken a 1—0 lead into the match from the opening leg, they saw the tie level when baghdad bounedjah scored an important away goal in the 17th minute. but the hosts were back in front just after half—time when siamak nemati scored. and despite al sadd's persistence in trying to grab what would've been a second winning away goal, they couldn't find it. major league baseball's world series
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is under way with game one of a possible seven at fenway park between the boston red sox sox and los angeles dodgers. our reporter chris mitchell is there for us and we've a game we do have a game. and my goodness me, we have a lot been beforehand. they gave us a slight delay. in the last half an hour, we have had fireworks out there on the field of play. we are in the top of the second, boston's lead to — one. i would say already, we have had everything. we have had stolen bases, a home run and we have had the boston fans in a real loud voice, and then we have had them silenced for a moment because the dodgers have just got a home silenced for a moment because the dodgers havejust got a home run silenced for a moment because the dodgers have just got a home run to get themselves back into it. but they started terribly in the boston pitcher chris sale started
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brilliantly. two strike—outs at the top of the first meant that the dodgers first inning was over before it began. within the boston red sox came out to my michy batshuayi base, he got home and then andrew been attending his team got home soon. and all of a sudden, from nowhere, the boston fans and the red sox were all song and 2—0 ahead. as it stands, top of the second, it is boston — two, los angeles one. it is already great and it has onlyjust started. we'll see you in another hour. on tuesday, caroline wozniacki beat petra kvitova over three sets in their second round—robin match in the white group at the wta finals in singapore. both players were beaten in the opening matches of the tournament, but it was defending champion wozniacki who started strongest, winning the opening set before kvitova leveled it. former wimbledon champion kvitova can only qualify for the knock—out stages if she wins her final match against karolina pliskova and other results go her way. in the same group, elina svitolina secured her second consecutive
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victory, beating karolina pliskova in three sets. svitolina took the first 6—3 before losing the second, but she then took the final set for the win and she now plays caroline wozniacki in her final match on thursday. on the atp tour, top seed roger federer showed he was a little ring rusty in his first match at the swiss indoor event in basel on tuesday, but still managed to beat filip krajinovic in three sets to reach the last 16. playing in front of his home fans, federer stuggled to find his usual precision, racking up 38 unforced errors, but still managed to hit some dazzling winners in a match which lasted just over two hours. and the 37—year—old will next play germany's jan—lenna rd struff in the next round. onto cricket, and sri lanka won the fifth and final one day international of their rain affected series by 219 runs on tuesday. it was their heaviest ever defeat in this format as the decision
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to call the game off came with england on 132—9 chasing a victory target of 367, with the hosts claiming the win on the duckworth—lewis stern method. watching the action unfold wasjoe lynskey. sri lanka have toiled with the bat and with the weather in the series, but this dead rubber saw them finally end the downpour. the home side got to 137 before losing their first wicket, and england's breakthrough brought in more big hitters. 80 got the home side to their biggest odi score in two years, and even for this england team, chasing 366 is not easy. their hurry to get going saw three wickets fall in the first two overs. jos buttler was captain for the day. he lasted two balls. whenjoe root went, england were 28—4 and only 67 added from ben stokes made their innings look respectable. the deficit in runs made it england's heaviest defeat in one—day cricket, a result no one saw coming, confirmed in more familiarfashion.
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this series in the monsoon season ending with the covers on. for england, when the rain clears, they'll have to paper over the cracks. joe lynskey, bbc news. it gives to all the players, as i say, especially, the guy a really good start and they are the ones who set the tone. and after that, they batted really well. and also when it comes to bowling, we were brilliant. soi comes to bowling, we were brilliant. so i mean, this is all in all i really good performance and i am sure our boys and continue this going forward. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's update you on baseball, at end of the second inning and now 2—1 to boston. but from me and the rest
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of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there, good morning. this mild weather is not going to last forever, but yesterday we had temperatures of 18 degrees and along the coast here in scarborough, beautiful sunshine from one of our weather watches. gusty winds mind you, but by the end of the week, the wind direction changes to northerly that it will really draw much colder air by friday. at the moment, we are south of these here, so we are in the milder air, this milder air with high—pressure shaping our weather. we have got a northwesterly wind and a fair bit of cloud and it means the best of the sunshine sheltered eastern parts of scotland
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and eastern england and southern england and south wales. much more cloud towards northwest and a bit more rain gathering in the northwest of scotland. not as windy on wednesday, it may feel a bit warmer. temperatures again up to 16, maybe 17 degrees. as we head into evening and the overnight, we will see the highlands. away from here, most places will still be the same. you will see some cloud coming from the south and temperatures of five or six degrees. moving into thursday and more cloud across the uk, sun a bit more limited. the wind started to pick up a little bit ahead of the rain that is developing more widely in the northwest of scotland later on in the day. but ahead of that, those temperatures will be a little bit lower, like 12—14 degrees. the really cold air comes behind that rain, which is on that cold front there. it does what it says on the tin, you get colder air coming as we draw down the winds from the north all the way from the arctic. so as we move into friday,
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we soon see rain clearing in the southeast and then looking at 15 wind—chill here and mostly showers in the western side of the uk. further east of the showers arriving along the coastal areas later on. look at those temperatures significantly lower and they will not be rising anytime soon. so have high—pressure around but as we move into the weekend, it is sitting to the west of us we are drawing down this really cold northerly wind. again, more wintry showers across of scotland. fewer showers in the western coast of england and wales and indeed actually across northern ireland. most coming in off the north sea into the eastern side of england and scotland another cold night, seven, eight, maybe not at the very best. looking ahead, we get more of wind an normatively wintry sunday into monday. most of what weather will be in the east but some sunshine around at least for the coming few days looking pretty cold.
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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the bbc reveals evidence of a vast new network of internment camps in china. it's thought as many as a million muslims are being held inside without trial. if this really is all about education then why the effort to stop us getting close? the moment the saudi crown prince, widely suspected of ordering the killing ofjamal khashoggi, meets the murdered journalist's son. president trump gives his strongest condemnation yet. it was carried out poorly and the cover—up was one of the worst in the history of cover—ups. at least 20 people are hurt as an escalator malfunctions at a rome metro station.
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