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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 1, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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yeah. it's amazing! we're still getting, who are you, what's going on? so it's like that but we're happy that we came with something truly south african and authentic and people fell in love with it. in their own studio, que and goldmax are in control of their sound. having already gone gold and platinum, it's the reason why they haven't signed to a major record label and they say they don't want to be exploited. ownership is a very cheap thing in south africa because a lot of people don't own a lot of things that they do for themselves, so we want to own everything that we do. they want to perform in ibiza, where the world's top djs play, and follow in the footsteps of famous south african artists black coffee and euphonik. euphonik has been in the music industry for more than 20 years working independently, but even he admits it has its limitations. it's definitely difficult, it's not the easiest thing in the world and the thing about the music business is that
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you can be a musician that really loves music but ultimately at the end of the day this thing is a business. if you're an artist in south africa, you don't really need a major but if you've got global ambitions, then you definitely do. for many south african artists, keeping their sound true to its roots is hugely important but to make the biggest impact with their music, it means they may inevitably have to give up some control. nomia iqbal, bbc news. that's it from us. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are... welcome to bbc london news. i'm victoria hollins. he's described it as
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"like a life sentence". a father whose son, michaeljonas, was stabbed to death in a park after being chased by a group on bikes — has made a fresh appeal to help find the killers a year after his death. he said he believes people know what happened to his 17—year—old son hello and welcome to sportsday. the hardest week in the club's history. claudio ranieri pays his respects as claude puel says the dream will live on. we know we're playing hard for his family. hearts and hibs will ban any supporters found responsible for the incidents that marred last night's derby. and twickenham awaits as eddiejones rings the changes ahead of the first autumn test. good evening. claude puel the leicester manager said his players decided their match with cardiff this weekend will go ahead. claudio ranieri the former manager paid his respects
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to vichai srivaddhanaprabha by laying a wreath at the stadium where he died. david ornstein reports. this is a football club, a whole city in mourning, the sense of grief and loss is really very palpable, but even stronger perhaps is the feeling of gratitude and togetherness that this tragic event has brought. today, for the first time, we've heard a member of leicester city's hierarchy, claude puel speaking on behalf of the players and staff. i am devastated, like other people, but i have a responsibility also to move together, to look forward and... and to try to bring my support, and also to look forward, and it's difficult, of course, it's difficult. five days have passed since that terrible accident,
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and the tributes continue to grow and it is quite extraordinary in scale. among those well—wishers today were the firefighters who were on duty, and also leicester city's title—winning manager, claudio ranieri, laying a wreath alongside the family, paying his tribute. the focus of claude puel and the team must switch to saturday's match against cardiff city, which they have decided will go ahead. i asked claude puel what state of mind is players will be in when the match gets under way. my message, i think, the game, er it's not important. the result isn't important. our desire, ouraction and... our power to give the best on the pitch, to honour ourchairman, ithink, is the most important thing. after, i don't know,
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we will see the result that's the second thing. leicester have decided to travel to the cardiff match by road instead of air, out of respect and sensitivity. before kick—off there will be a minute's silence with everybody on the pitch wearing black armbands. the funeral begins in bangkok on saturday, and it's our understanding that leicester will make plans for some or all of their players and many staff to travel over to pay their own respects for a man who will live long in the memory of so many here at leicester city and beyond. the holders manchester city are through to the last eight of the league cup after a comfortable 2—0 win at home to fulham.
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spanish u2i player brahim diaz scored either side of half—time on a rare start for city. they were his first senior goals for the club. the one negative point kevin du bruyne, onjust his second start since returning from a knee injury, was substituted after a tangle with a fulham defender. he only returned a fortnight ago after two months out. pep guardiola's side will travel to either leicester or southampton in the quarter—finals. meanwhile, england's toni duggan scored twice as barcelona knocked glasgow city out of the women's champions league. the scottish champions were already 5—0 down from the first leg. duggan‘s brace and another from alexia putellas gave the spanish side an 8—0 aggregate win. the incidents that marred last night's edinburgh derby have been condemned by both clubs. hibs manager neil lennon was struck by a coin while hearts goalkeeper zdenek zlamal was hit in the face byafan. both assistant referees were also targetted which led to five arrests. chris mclaughlin has the latest.
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a football manager, a pound coin and a game out of control. it's unacceptable. people trying to do theirjobs. people were saying i was one of the crown up. “— people were saying i was one of the crown up. —— whiting the crowd up. i was just giving a bit back for all the abuse i'd got for 90 minutes, but neil lennon brings it all on himself, so he deserves getting coins thrown at himself or whatever. but it's a pound coin. earlier, at the other end, the hearts goalkeeper apparently struck by a hibs fan. neil got hit by some idiots throwing a coin. there is no place for that. i understand that tensions are high, on and off the field, but i don't like to see that. today, the women in charge of both clubs met and released thisjoint statement... not acceptable, but this sort of
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thing has visited tynecastle before. this was 2011, once again neil lennon when he was manager of celtic. i was standing next to neil lennon when he was attacked here. that really unsavoury incident, that. i don't know, nobody seems to protect the managers and coaches anybody can shout anything at them. this street is a few hundred yards from tynecastle park, and this graffiti looks fresh, and it's quite clearly sinister. he is a man who is also had death threats and been sent in the post. —— and sent bullets in the post. he came into glasgow as an irish catholic, played for northern ireland, captained northern ireland, played leicester, any hassle.
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he signed with celtic in 2000 and the mayhem begins, and he's been targeted because of where he is from. that is what it is, no doubt. it's a bold and, some will say, worrying claim. the cause will be debated and promises of punishment delivered. but for now fans of scotland's national game once again look on at scenes like these, head shaking in wonder. england face australia in the first of four autumn internationals this weekend, with england head coach eddiejones refusing to accept he's under pressure. he will attempt to prove his team have not gone backwards after six defeats in their last seven matches. 0wen farrell will start at fly half. chris jones reports from their training camp in portugal. when the sun finally came out on england in portugal, for much of the time they have had a warm weather training camp that hasn't been warm. either way, england boss eddiejones has been encouraged by how his players have trained. given the big names out injured,
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he's been forced to pick a forward pack that looks underpowered and inexperienced, especially compared to the springboks. at prop, alec hepburn makes a first start, while the back row is only ten caps between them. i deliberately picked this pack. we are missing 400 caps, so we had to replace that, but we have got gunners, wilson is a good hard—working player, curry and shields are hard graft is, murray is plain good rugby, george cruise is back, so i picked a tough pack. and a young one! for flanker brad shields, who was capped in the summer in south africa, it will be the first time he has been to twickenham, let alone played. i've driven past it. haven't been inside yet. apparently got to go and watch a football game but it's definitely exciting, and tomorrow we'll get a feel for where we are going to be.
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in the backs, 0wen farrell starts at fly half, ben te‘o centre... i don't think we should overhype his entry back into the england side. the kid has had a tough run. and he's doing the simple things. he's got himself nice and fit, and all we want him to do is the simple things. england have had a poor 2018, just three wins, and another defeat on saturday would turn up the heat onjones and his players, with the new zealand all blacks coming to town next week. yes, what a crucial run of matches that could be. 0lympic gymnastics champion simone biles has made history by becoming the first woman to win four all around titles at the world championships.
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despite mistakes on the vault, the beam and teh floor, her weakest routine the uneven bars proved hers strongest. her first gold in the event came back in 2013 and takes her tally to 12 world championship golds overall. she hadn't competed for a year coming into this event. which makes the success even more remarkable. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me — asa bennett, the brexit editor at the daily telegraph and jack blanchard, who's editor
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at the politico london playbook. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's begin with the financial times which leads with the national crime agency's investigation into arron banks and his campaign for alleged offences committed in the eu referendum — which he strenously denies. the guardian, which has reported extensively on allegations of malpractice among brexit campaigners, also leads with the same story. similarly, the metro's top story focuses on the allegations made against mr banks. in other news, there's the resignation of the sports minister, tracey crouch, which is the telegraph's lead. the daily mail has both of those stories on its front page, leading with the resignation of the sports minister. for the second day in a row, the i reports on universities the i reports on universities that are apparently on the brink of bankruptcy.
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the daily mirror splashes on the pilot who was arrested at heathrow airport before allegedly attempting to fly a plane while drunk. and the times‘s top story is a report claiming home office officials failed the former home secretary amber rudd. a mix of lead stories. but get the flavour of some. take us to the financial times. what do you have to say about arron banks and essentially the electoral commission a body that arron banks... because of how it is try to pour the finances and data as regards to his week that you campaign, they have been so concerned by what they found that they have brought get —— brought in and prefer the case to the national crime agency amid fears that there may have been several offences committed. this is over the prominence of the money that have gone, the loans gone into the campaign and whether there was
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perhaps an isle of man entity given that it perhaps an isle of man entity given thatitis perhaps an isle of man entity given that it is therefore consenting to have a body outside of the uk jurisdiction giving money into a referendum campaign and election time. of course and there particularly at a word that some of the money may not be traceable entirely as mr banks his line is that it was all his, it was all above board. and the thing that fascinates me is the reaction among brexit campaigners and that the remainers feel that this is quite a moment. they have in their mind the propaganda coup of having crime agency and leave. eu propaganda coup of having crime agency and in the same headline. their feeling that might serve to de—legitimize the referendum result answer to pulse of the narrative of maybe we should have a cleaner referendum and none of this stuff around it. but the court of public opinion at the


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