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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  November 2, 2018 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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the us outside legal ports of entry. his claim that the action is needed to protect the nation's borders comes as thousands of central americans continue to make their way towards the united states. two former goldman sachs bankers and a fugitive malaysian financier have been charged in the us over the 1mdb corruption scandal that helped bring down malaysia's former government. and this story is trending on this is google‘s hq in california where staff walked out, joining other protests around the world. employees in various cities left their desks to show their anger at the tech giant's treatment of women and ethnic minorities. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: the millionaire brexit supporter, arron banks, is being investigated for suspected criminal offences during the eu referendum in 2016. he denies the charges.
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now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. a breeze and scheme, according to the states. two companies from china and taiwan in charge of allegations of conspiring to steal tech egrets. the candle involving 1mdb results in charges laid against three in the united states. —— scandal. hello and welcome to asia business report. i am crucial mothers won it. the us justice department has judge duke of unease from china and taiwan. they said that they conspired to steal
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trade secrets from american chip maker micron technology. it is the latest move by the drug administration against china in what appears to be a protracted trade war. washington has consistently said that china uses unfair trade practices, including stealing intellectual property and making it harderfor us intellectual property and making it harder for us companies that want to sell their goods in china. beijing, of course, says that is not true. samir hussein has more from new york. the us government says that the companies were looking to get information about the research and development of products relating to memory storage devices from the semiconductor company micron technology. they are american‘s largest chip making company. this is the fourth case like this that has been brought by the usjustice department since september. it is really pa rt department since september. it is really part of a broader crackdown against laois chinese espionage on american companies by the trump administration as it takes a more
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aggressive stance against china. both china and america have said that they are not registered for any cyber attacks to steal corporate secrets from one another. but the us justice funds as the chinese and holding up their end of that agreement. none of the companies that have been charged have yet released the statement. samir hussein they're speaking from new york. us prosecutors have charged two people over the alleged theft of billions of dollars from the lesion sovereign wealth fund imdb. they seek a full partner for goldman sachsin seek a full partner for goldman sachs in asia has pleaded guilty. another ballment goldman sachs bankers expected to be extradited to the us from malaysia. the wall streetjournal reporter the us from malaysia. the wall street journal reporter and co—author of the book billion—dollar wail, tom wright comes as the mastermind of the operation denies the charges and remains at large in china. it is unlikely because he is apparently, according to the lesion
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government and china, which is getting covered, giving shelter. there is no extradition treaty between china and the united states. what is happening now is the malaysian government wanted to come from china to face charges. it has been charged and sent to you with this huge financial scam. we believe that the us government is focusing on golden‘s role in this. gob and help fund that he allegedly stole a from to raise billions of dollars in global markets. the indictments became an overnight are saying, alleging that these two bankers, including a german goldman banker, and another, they work of his bruises on the matter. tom wright from the wall streetjournal. just to say that beijing has consistently disobeyed knowing the whereabouts of the missing man. suffer the tech shane gould from around the world have been taking part in a series of walkouts in protest at the company's treatment of its women. the protests
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we re treatment of its women. the protests were sparked by recent revelations that —— one former executive received a $1 million pay—out, despite living over allegations of sexual assault. this he says he says it is one of his. google staff asking for is a rocky changes to how social allegations are headed by the company. this is what some of the matter said. to support women and to protest the way that these companies had a sexual harassment cases.|j think social response that is important in this time for tech companies. one person has experienced it, it is important for me to show our solidarity and to show our solidarity and that we don't agree that it shouldn't happen. let accused executives or boy with bundles of cash is standard and should be. google employees sharing there are. now our regular business update on india. at this
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time the us has removed duty—free concessions on imports of that list 50 indian products, mostly from handloom and agricultural sectors. reflect their customers and trade related issues with new delhi. sameer hashmi is our idiot business reporter. hejoins us sameer hashmi is our idiot business reporter. he joins us from sameer hashmi is our idiot business reporter. hejoins us from mumbai. can you just talk us through which products are on the list, and why this is significant, why has this habit now? well, they announced a few months ago that there were so providing these cuts under the dubious programme, the geminis preference system programme, where over 1000 indian product to benefit over 1000 indian product to benefit over the last few decades. the list of items talked about range from mangoes to the goods, through to textile products. about 50 product had been removed from the list. indian officials have maintained it would have a significant impact, because when you look at the trade
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between india and the us, is that $5 billion, about 5 million exports from india out of which they said that it would affect to the tune of may be 70 million to 80 million. what is interesting is that india had announced that it would impose retaliatory tariffs on us goods they come to india. there are about 30 goods on that list. they were supposed to come into effect in the first week of november, but india has decided to defer the imposition until next month. this is the third time india has deferred imposing those tariffs. it will be interesting to see whether india does go ahead and impose those tariffs. indian officials are now hoping the deal is do not remove your products from the gps less, because they feel they are ready a few products on that list and if they impose more, it will become difficult to indian small and medium—sized businesses. difficult to indian small and medium-sized businesses. samir, o'neill medium-sized businesses. samir, 0'neill we watch in a close as it
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unfolds across the indian economy. sameer hashmi there from mumbai. staying with donald trump, he is reminded voters of the campaign trail that the usjobs market reminded voters of the campaign trail that the us jobs market is still pretty tight. an employment is ata still pretty tight. an employment is at a record low. we should see that again this friday when the latest figures released. it is a real headache for retail companies as they try to attract february workers for the upcoming holiday season. jim 0lson ascended national harringay one of the biggest change that is what she found out. ladies and gentlemen, especially by those who signed in, you don't at to sit there and wait. if you need to use the ba rca rockets to and wait. if you need to use the barca rockets to drink a mobile means go ahead and get it. usually at kasey petty‘s sales draw a crowd. that the people in every different reason. they want a job. adelaide crows back —— adelaide? reason. they want a job. adelaide crows back -- adelaide? with a tight labour market, this year the regular
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has gone to extreme measures, moving their hiring the week earlier to be competitors. we have in the event today to have a big jump on holiday hiring, getting the best of the best earlier as people looking to apply across retailers. so we get the best applicants much earlier. this gp penny needs to high 110 workers as holiday season. lock them in after a five—minutejob interview, successful candidates are offered a job on the spot. the jobseekers you are diverse. but they have a pervasive sense of optimism. the bailout in the economy is better than last year. bikies in the economy is doing great, but so has the money in the stock market that i'm living. i feel there the money in the stock market that i'm living. i feelthere is a better chance on a day like today. and they are to be optimistic. unemployment
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is ata 50 are to be optimistic. unemployment is at a 50 year low here in the us. that was retail so jcpenney and abide. it is competitive out there. there are morejobs abide. it is competitive out there. there are more jobs available in jobseekers. so it is a challenge for a wrong. as you know, retail, you know, is very active around the holiday season. 30% of their sales are driven retail period. so is to them to hire going to the holiday season. that has left is in desperate behaviour. 0ther season. that has left is in desperate behaviour. other companies like dubious have subs to emphasise that these temporary jobs like dubious have subs to emphasise that these temporaryjobs don't necessarily need to end once the holiday decorations go away. you may start as a holiday seasonal employee, but the sky ‘s the limit. i admitted that i started as a holiday seasonal employee. 0ur ceo
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also started as a holiday seasonal employee. the shipper retailers, when it comes to holiday hiring, it is not too early to start filling the christmas cheer. some of that chia affecting asian markets. let's ta ke chia affecting asian markets. let's take a quick look. the nikkeijapan up take a quick look. the nikkeijapan up halfa take a quick look. the nikkeijapan up half a percent. the hang seng also about 2%. that is after a higher close in the us overnight. thank you for watching asia business report. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour: the us has mobilised thousands of troops, as president trump continues his crackdown on immigration ahead of the midterm elections. two former goldman sachs bankers and a fugitive malaysian financier have been charged in the us in connection with the long—running scandal at malaysia's state development fund, 1mdb. the sports minister tracey crouch has resigned
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after the government delayed the introduction of restrictions on high—stakes betting machines until next 0ctober. a new 2 pound limit — instead of the current 100 pound limit — was supposed to begin next april. vicki young reports. harmless fun and entertainment or an addictive game that causes misery and despair? 0n fixed—odds betting terminals, gamblers can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds. they exist in thousands of bookies across the country. through compulsive gambling, tony franklin lost everything he had on these machines. every day £5 million is being extracted from the poorest and most vulnerable in society. these people then cannot afford to feed their family, they cannot pay the rent or the mortgage, they are going home in a terrible mood state, perhaps taking it out on the children and the partner. people are killing themselves, as many as two a day over gambling harm. this delay is completely unacceptable. hello. hello, hello. tracey crouch was passionate about changing that, saying she wanted to protect people from social, mental and financial problems associated with gambling. only by reducing the maximum stake from £100 to £2 will we substantially impact on harm to the player and wider communities. but, on monday, as part
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of the budget, it emerged that the new policy would be introduced in october next year — not april, as many had expected. in her resignation letter to the prime minister, ms crouch said... "from the time of the announcement to reduce stakes and its implementation, over £1.6 billion will be lost on these machines. two people will tragically take their lives every day due to gambling related problems." there are considerations to be made about the livelihoods of those who work in betting shops, and it's perfectly proper for the government to consider those, too. if we did what the betting companies wanted, this change would not be made at all. tonight, many of tracey crouch‘s colleagues, political opponents and even the archbishop of canterbury were praising her for sticking to her principles. the resignation of one minister isn't a huge blow to theresa may, but the fact that tracey crouch resigned because she felt her
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government wasn't doing enough to help vulnerable people is not a message that the prime minister wants to hear, and it doesn't end there. there is likely to be a vote on this issue in the coming weeks, and the government cannot be confident of victory. vicki young, bbc news, westminster. is always, much more at all stories on our website. mike issue at two o'clock. but now it is time for sport today. season. hello, i'm chetan pathak and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme... united in grief. leicester's premier league winning manager returns to pay his respects to the club's owner, whilst the current boss says they'll
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play to honour the man. we will play mel for him, for his family. —— now. and into the quarter finals of the paris masters. novak djokovic targets his fifth title in the french capital. breaking records again. simone biles makes history at the world championships in doha. hi there, thanks forjoiningg us. the leicester city manager claude puel has called this one of the hardest weeks in the club's history, following the death of owner vichai sree vadhanaprabha and four others in a helicopter crash outside the club's stadium last weekend. he says it's the players‘ decision to go ahead with their match at cardiff city on saturday — the first since the accident. on thursday, leicester's former premier league winning manager also


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