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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 4, 2018 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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the family of a christian woman at the centre of mass protests in pakistan has asked for asylum in britain. former cabinet secretary and head of the civil service sir jeremy heywood dies from cancer aged 56. players from leicester city football club fly to thailand to pay their respects to the club's owner, who died in a helicopter crash last weekend. the first man to swim around the coast of great britain has waded ashore in kent. before the papers, sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's hugh woozencroft. good morning. as you've been hearing, there were sombre scenes in cardiff yesterday as leicester city's players and fans paid tribute to their former chairman vichai srivaddhanaprabha and the four others who lost their lives
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in a helicopter crash last weekend. it was leicester's first match since the crash, winning thanks to this goal from demarai gray with the entire team celebrating together before running over to their travelling supporters on what was a very emotional afternoon. elsewhere, liverpool moved to the top of the premier league, at least until manchester city and chelsea play their games this afternoon, and newcastle united have finally won a league match this season. nick parrott has news on that and the rest of yesterday's action. the faces say it all. the biggest winners after arsenal's encounter with liverpool were manchester city. the gunners are enjoying a purple patch butjurgen klopp‘s men looked unfamiliar in their new away kit. their fearsome front line only found the net once but sadio mane's goal was wrongly ruled offside. instead, it fell to captain james milner to break the deadlock after an hour of half chances for both sides. last season, that might have led to a flurry of goals and liverpool could have had more, but arsenal have developed a habit
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of scoring late on, and alexandre lacazette showed they're improving under new manager unai emery. this point is not enough, it was a very good test and also at the moment, we are, in our way, continuing working and improving, and like today, i think we are more near than this performance like we want for continuing. a point at arsenal will always be a good result and they are in a really good moment so it's a difficult place to come in the moment but we got a point, we deserve a point and we could have gotten more but i'm fine for the moment. the day got worse for arsenal with rivals tottenham moving above them in fourth place. harry kane's first league goal for five weeks was the difference in a 3—2 win over wolves. at the other end of the table, newcastle finally claimed their first victory this season. ayoze perez's goal was enough to beat watford and lift rafa benitez‘s side out of the bottom three.
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to win the way that we did it, with everybody behind the team, working so hard, with three substitutions and the players coming from the bench, giving a great contribution so i think it was very positive for everyone. elsewhere, richarlison took his tally so far this season to six as he struck twice in everton‘s 3—1win over brighton. another brazilian, felipe anderson, did the same for west ham as they beat burnley 4—2. and marcus rushford came to manchester united's rescue with an injury—time winner at bournemouth. nick parrott, bbc news. rangers manager steven gerrard called for lifetime bans after his striker alfredo morelos was hit by a coin thrown from the crowd in their 2—0 win over st mirren in the scottish premiership. it comes just days after a coin struck the face of hibs boss neil lennon in the edinburgh derby. morelos hit rangers second goal in added time before being hit low by a coin thrown from the crowd...
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victory gave steven gerrard's side only their second away league win of the season. elsewhere, there was a convincing win for celtic, who close the gap on leaders hearts to a single point. victories also for hamilton, st johnstone and motherwell. there was a nail biter at twickenham as england held on for a 12 points to 11 win over south africa. in their first match of rugby union's autumn internationals. the springboks led until the final eight minutes. their first half try was the only one of the game, coming from winger sbu nkosi. the boot of owen farrell kept england close throughout but this penalty was the decisive one to give enland the lead for the first time in the match. the twickenham crowd breathed a sigh of relief after handre pollard's narrowly missed penalty in the closing minutes meant it's much—needed back to back wins for eddie jones' underpressure side. why has it got to be the most important game? for what it means... because you guys want to sack me? is that why? well, you are going to do it at some
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stage, you know that, you know that. if i stay long enough, you're going to get me sacked. so you'll be happy, one day you'll be happy here, boys. you'll come in and say, oh, fantastic, we've got another bloke we can terrorise. things were more comfortable for wales who beat scotland 21—10 in the first ever ‘doddie weir trophy‘ game held in cardiff. the match, organised as a tribute to the former scottish international who has motor neurone disease, ended in victory for the home side. as scotland's miserable run in cardiff continues. tries from george north and jonathan davies were complemented by 11 points from the boot of leigh halfpenny. and ireland had an even easier day against italy, a match that was played over in chicago... the scene of their famous win over new zealand two years go. jordan larmour sealed his hat trick with this stunning try as they won by 5a points to seven. england's rugby league side can complete a series victory over new zealand this afternoon
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when the teams meet in liverpool. england won the first of the three test series last week. james graham will captain the side at anfield, after injury to sean o'loughlin whilst the st helens forward luke thompson will make his first start for his country. that match live on bbc two, from 2 this afternoon. i think they played really well last week. they can be proud of the performance. sometimes when two teams come together like that, both teams play really well and it will be tight, and i'm expecting the same sort of level of performance from both teams this weekend. sometimes obviously it comes down to one moment in a game and hopefully we can be on the right end of it like we were last weekend. johnny bairstow has been ruled out of englands opening cricket test match against sri lanka which begins on tuesday. the wicket keeper hasn't recovered from an ankle injury earlier in the tour, but its not yet been announced who will take his place behind the stumps for the match in galle. the incredible star of gymnast
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simone biles continues to grow as she won the 14th world title of her career, with a massive score on the floor, in the last apparatus final at the world championships in doha. the floor gold was her sixth medal of the week and despite scoring lower than she had in her qualifying round, biles finished exactly one mark ahead of the silver medallist — her friend and team mate morgan hurd. world number one novak djokovic is through to the paris masters final after a tough three set victory over roger federer. the serb is a 4 time champion in paris and came through in a final set tie break.. in a match lasting over three hours.he'll meet karen khachanov in sunday's final after he beat austria's dominic thiem. that's all the sport for now. now on bbc news, here's the papers. hello and welcome to our sunday morning paper review.
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with me are the broadcaster shyama perera, and rosamund urwin, the financial services correspondent for the sunday times. thank you both for being with us. let's take a look at the front pages. the observer claims businessman aaron banks may have misled parliament over links between his pro—brexit campaign and his insurance business during the eu referendum. the mail on sunday leads with a complaint from downing street to the bbc about it's coverage of the budget on radio 4's today programme. the sunday telegraph says the health secretary is to call on employers to offer perks such as free fruit, bicycle loans and counselling to help improve the health of their staff. the sunday times leads with a story about the prime minister securing a brexit deal with brusells that would also win the backing of parliament. the daily star on sunday claims the army is facing a backlash after destroying more than 1,000 working dogs which the paper reports could have
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been found new homes. and the sunday express says a number of children were seriously hurt after a giant inflatable slide collapsed at a firework display in surrey, we now now that seven of the children have been discharged from hospital but one has been kept in for observations. not thought to be seriously hurt. a variety of stories making the front pages, claiming several of the sunday headlines. let's see what our reviewers make of it all. sta rt start with the sunday times and they are saying that reason may have done are saying that reason may have done a secret brexit deal. absolutely, and inclusive by tim shipman who said the prime minister has secured private concessions from brussels that will allow you to keep the whole written in a customs union
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avoiding it hard border in northern ireland. —— and exclusive from tim shipman. it doesn't name any sources and what it leads to is the fact that david davis has written a gung ho piece in the sunday times or is reported to have reported a piece in the sunday times saying that she needs to publish the legal advice on any deal, otherwise you will find herself like tony blair in iraq, sort of up the creek without a paddle. i do not know what you think, rosamond, but there is nothing your concrete that gives us any valid validation of the claim, just a lot of whispers. definitely a good headline. yes. what they are claiming is that preparations are much more advanced because there has been this fear that they were going to publish a leave means leave 5—page to publish a leave means leave 5— page document and to publish a leave means leave 5—page document and tim is saying
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that the papers have been told that the document will be a more heartening 50 pages and it is more complex. double spacing something. she has to find something acceptable to solely remainers and the jacob riis mauleds. —— and the jacob rees—mogg. part of it could be written by jacob rees—mogg rees—mogg. part of it could be written byjacob rees—mogg which if it is going to be acceptable to the nicky morgans of this world, these theresa may has two wins across labour as well. time is ticking very fast though this is not a huge surprise that a huge amount of work is being done. we are wrapping it up because he won a special summit on this and the last few days have
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prolonged an announcement so anything... worth pointing out that why would eu agri— do something that feels so unique when they are saying these are the options, pick one, you cannot have this special deal that he'd been trying to argue we deserve. what is your gut feeling? abbey close to a deal? no. that is my gut feeling. well, there is a chance that you pull something magic out of her hand. we've got to playing the magician. there is hope, something is happening. playing the magician. there is hope, something is happeninglj playing the magician. there is hope, something is happening. i think there is a scenario that would have seemed mad to me six months ago that fiow seemed mad to me six months ago that now tory mps are saying she actually is forced into going back to the country and that would take to things, and election or a second referendum about there is a chance. she said she does not work either. we we re
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she said she does not work either. we were not going to have a snap general election either, were the? she said that very clearly. things changed. not go too well for her. talk about a long she will stay in number ten because the mail on sunday says... made's nhs pledge as she plots to stay until at least 2021. -- she plots to stay until at least 2021. —— may's plot. but the blue black a lot of people saying 1's brexit is done she will be gone potentially within a few months. she is same year she will stay for the long—haul. she has written a piece which interestingly is only on page 23 of the mail so while a flag it up on page six, not exactly an important page, an inside page, even inside he's buying this may saying she is making a direct challenge to the political orthodoxy that labour will be more trusted that the nhs so
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he has raised that and said she relied on foreign diabetes care and this makes the tories the party of the nhs while mr cameron replied on —— relied on it for his son's care but i do not think that is any kind of harbinger of love for the rest of us of harbinger of love for the rest of us who use it. junior doctors who had the process over what conservatives did to them and nurses who barely had their pay go up in years, low inflation rises in their pay, they might argue with the idea that the conservatives are the party of the nhs and i think they would be justified. the tories would say they are pumping billions and billions into the nhs and this is... we are promised austerity is ending and the nhs will benefit from that. of course the nhs has suffered over the past seven years, longer than that,
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eight years as a result of cuts. carry during or extending the palliative care of the nhs? -- rb during its? —— are we curing it? we will speak about exercise and such later as well. coming back to chorizo made, a lot of people have wrote off since she became prime minister. saying she would only last days. —— coming back to chorizo made. she is very sticky because she does not seem to be worried at all. she is a focused and determined but the question we are all acting in different ways is what is she focused on and what is that the termination going to deliver? because we are getting closer and closer to the end. part of a
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stickiness is no one else wants the job. wanted the observer. theresa may is prime minister because of brexit and that is fair to say we have been going back to the brexit referendum campaign with the news about aaron banks this week and we've got the observer front—page saying aaron banks is facing claims of misleading mps over brexit. we will hear from of misleading mps over brexit. we will hearfrom him on the of misleading mps over brexit. we will hear from him on the andrew marr programme in just will hear from him on the andrew marr programme injust a will hear from him on the andrew marr programme in just a few minutes so marr programme in just a few minutes so it'll be interesting to you what he has to say for himself but what do you make of this? what the observer story is saying is they have been given hundreds of internal e—mails leaked from employees from two of arron banks' companies saying that only value you can and should indeed have been working on insurance and whatever they were doing silly allegation is that arron banks' companies and the people
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working for them against their will according to one of the quotes are related to working on the league campaign. wire —— related to working on the league campaign. wire -- year is appearing on the andrew marr show but he has again denied that any money donated to the late campaign came from russia. he was asked by a reporter _by russia. he was asked by a reporter —— by the leave campaign. he said the money has not, it came from him and they will cooperate with the national crime agency and have visibility into their accounts. that is what he says arriving back from you. hills says you could relive registries if and, he would now vote remain because politicians have next wood messed up brexit so there you go. even this person who has poured money into it... even he says now he
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would make a different decision. medieval discuss that with andrew marr, we'll see. onto the telegraph. this was about the health service and preventative health care, the idea of what is giving their staff things that are very healthy like free fruit or loans to get a b i cycle. free fruit or loans to get a bicycle. outsourcing to companies, role in governing doing it. matt hancock, the new health minister, same company should do this so quite a lot of companies do have cycled to work schemes and also some of the free fruit already but it is saying that this is not something that a health drive has to come from business. it is not a bad thing but it should become an entry to that happening as well. many of the company is offering free food to the staff also have free banks are cakes and fizzy drinks and everything else
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because the fruit isjust part of a larger offer. that is certainly my experience of it but i think with all this when you have people who are unhealthy to take charge of their health, they are very unlikely to do so because whatever it is, whatever reason it is they are unhealthy will preclude them doing so. unhealthy will preclude them doing so. but if you give free oranges are apples, they might take in. you have to introduce, as they have in some schools, running a mile every day. gassy introduce a form of exercise for all staff every morning before they sit down at their desks. it has to be enforced or incentivised. they sit down at their desks. it has to be enforced or incentivisedlj wonder if a lot of the problem here is the usual... it is difficult to be healthy and what you will find you what they can accept that if you are in all their own have committed
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with like looking after children, there was life after that. it is tricky and people try to help and say it does not need to beat you hard, you can do this. long hours as well. these things do make it difficult. on two sunday times. this is about a theatre director who has w011 is about a theatre director who has won some awards for people meant to be of colour. he said he was like trouble than black. the imac used to bea trouble than black. the imac used to be a trainee artistic director as one of the top black theatre companies and what is interesting is that this man has always identified as black because despite being of irish stock, he has always been brown skins and has always been... as he said, had thick about the fact
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he's missed the mixed—race and went so he's missed the mixed—race and went so far in you to give himself an african name because he felt he was somehow black and this is really interesting because it raises all theseissues interesting because it raises all these issues around identification and tell the identified but i think the way in tdk name is interesting. the brilliant writer and actor who is artistic director of —— is black. he took an african name because that is what he felt was true to his roots. i find it is what he felt was true to his roots. ifind it interesting is what he felt was true to his roots. i find it interesting that this man also, despite not being genuinely black, felt such a draw andi genuinely black, felt such a draw and i do think identity is huge. i said outside that i had my dna done because i have always been convinced iam because i have always been convinced i am black but everyone tells me i am asian and my my mother says i am not, iam
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am asian and my my mother says i am not, i am asian and i was that i was shocked by that because identity is not always about the way you look, it is sometimes about the way you feel. what is interesting is in his story, he faced prejudice that seemed racially... full spray shall motivations but it did seem racially motivated abuse that he received when he was younger and that is what he has claimed. you can see a situation where someone is facing prejudice and therefore at the same time you're taking the places of people who are genuinely in an ethnic minority. it is an interesting debate. crystal blow up because he has been getting money for bame type projects. on the basis he was identified as black. this will blow up but it is so interesting. thank you. going to the
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sun on sunday... a week ago, we were reporting that the dreadful helicopter crash at leicester's king power stadium, the owner and for other people being killed and just today at grounds around the country attribute and a minute was max islands for those who died in that crash and the sun on sunday with a splash and this one's for you boss, the score of the goal there in le i ceste r‘s the score of the goal there in leicester's win against cardiff with that on his esher. it was very moving, the silence, and you could tell that they are completely ove 1120 m e tell that they are completely ove rco m e by tell that they are completely overcome by emotion. i watched the coverage yesterday. this was a football clu b coverage yesterday. this was a football club owner different to most because he was very close to the players, their families, most because he was very close to the players, theirfamilies, the whole community in leicester, pumping so much money into the city and not just the football club. pumping so much money into the city and notjust the football club. and
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the success under his ownership does help that he seems to have been an incredibly popular man and as you quite rightly say, a lot of other football clu bs quite rightly say, a lot of other football clubs cannot claim to have very popular areas, particularly currently, so he does seem very different and obviously you will not the only person killed as well. and i know they are all of today to be funeral in thailand. may have flown to thailand, the players and coaching staff and so on, yes. the tributes have been amazing. we're just going to end with prince charles who is on another royal tour. i wonder how many have done. this is a nice picture. the prince of wales greeted by traditional dancers during a tour of a 17th—century castle in ghana during his nine—dayjewel. 17th—century castle in ghana during his nine-day jewel. it would be nice this year a video so they can compare him to theresa may's. the
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jewel of megan and harry caught in australia, new zealand and down under was such a big hit and they are seen as under was such a big hit and they are seen as very glamorous. “— under was such a big hit and they are seen as very glamorous. —— of meghan and harry. the result of prince charles. yellow maclay reinjected some glamour into the royal family reinjected some glamour into the royalfamily along reinjected some glamour into the royal family along with catherine and william, and i think the difficulty for charles... the world's all this in turn, someone told him, is that you're waiting for your mother to die. it not even waiting, but yeah, the attention shifts to the next generation inevitably, younger, cooler... you are caught between two generations. it is difficult. at the same time,
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he has not always helped himself because he has waded in. when younger, he did. ijust got back from australia as i was watching harry and meghan nonstop with what they played with the young prince charles on the beach at bondi being kissed by the topless girl and all this sort of staff in his use and you just thought, it's not that different, they are just a bit more glamorous than they used to be but it's a terrible thing. this happens to all of us middle—aged people who still need work. you find yourself doing stuff that you should not believe. a tour of africa. on that thought, thank you so much for being with us and reviewing the sunday papers today. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. therefore you seven days a week. if you missed the paper review, you can see it later. thank you.
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and goodbye. hello, rainforest you again there but others seeing a pleasant sunday for the stage in november, really mild. a big stormy low across the central mediterranean with this cloud remnants of hurricane oscar. you think of what is slowly. in between main weather systems, not a huge amount of significant brain but heavy bursts in northern england easing. sell some damp weather stretching down to the north—west and southern parts of wales and brighter weather continuing. when disability feature across northern scotla nd disability feature across northern scotland but not as strong as it we re scotland but not as strong as it were with just 50 miles balance afternoon. showers in the western isles but much of scotland and northern ireland should be pleasant
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weather sunshine to come and wind sliding yesterday. heavy showers across north west england and generally wet towards wales, devon and cornwall with further splashes of drizzle through the midlands towards lincolnshire and south yorkshire nottingham the back out of the question. he angry at a striker attempted in the genes, spain mile off into the evening and are they going to another evening of firework displays, most of you will be dry, chance of songs ranging in northern parts of wales and wind easing down there was a bit. wetter weather there was a bit. wetter weather there was a bit. wetter weather there was the west of wales and cornwall. patchy rain in scotland for the first part of the night but more wet weather in general as we start monday morning. temperature is than the last few nights but still holding up well clear of frost. into monday, our main focus is in an area of low pressure creeping ever closer. scotland and northern ireland see early rain easing off and brighter conditions coming.
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patchy areas of rain with the odd isolated challis across eastern part of england and for many in wales, england, eastern scotland, a dry day. spell sunshine, high to 15-16dc. wind day. spell sunshine, high to 15—16dc. wind picks up a bit into tuesday with showers running northward across scotland and england but it is into northern ireland, wales, south—west england where we see more persistent and heavier rain working its way in. temperatures wider into the genes with a mile then continuing through us of the week but still it wet weather at times. this is bbc news.
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i'm ben brown. the headlines at ten: eight children are injured as an inflatable slide collapses at a fireworks event in woking. seven of the children have now been discharged from hospital, but one remains under observation while walking party slide, noticed there were a lots of children lying on the floor next to it, honey right—hand side. about nine or ten ambulances. former cabinet secretary and head of the civil service, sir jeremy heywood, dies from cancer aged 56. more than 70 business leaders call for a referendum on the terms of the brexit deal. the family of a christian woman at the centre of mass protests in pakistan appeals for asylum in britain. players from leicester city football club fly to thailand


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