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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 8, 2018 4:00am-4:32am GMT

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law enforcement official. robert mueller‘s russia investigation. by the trump campaign, can continue. the mid—term elections. in north america and around the globe. my name's mike the republican—controlled senate against them. embley. in a bad—tempered news conference, he also clashed with reporters. of the russia investigation. and released from jail, is on a plane out of the country. but then clashes with reporters at an ill—tempered press conference. but a government spokesman has cnn should be ashamed of denied that. itself having you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person...
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forces in afghanistan, on hardtalk. but her whereabouts are unknown. i'm sarah montegue. with their parents two days after being kidnapped. for president trump. and that will allow them to block the president's legislative agenda. and now congress is split. and celebrated military leaders. in iraq and afghanistan. law enforcement official. robert mueller‘s russia investigation. by the trump campaign can continue.
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member of the trump administration to be dismissed. make america great again. the 2016 election campaign. and so the attorney general had to do this... for president of the united states. as an unforgivable act of disloyalty.
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"at your request, i am submitting my resignation. fired, in other words, to the consternation of democrats. to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation. even saying he does not have an attorney general. this tweet from june is typical... he had wanted for so very long. and the president has moved rapidly after the mid—terms to fire him. laura trevelyan, bbc news, washington.
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has to deal with now. his republican party has tightened its grip on the senate. and balances on the trump presidency. announcer: the president of the united state... at his post mid—term news conference. he was aglow with his own achievements. i think it was a great victory. i'll be honest, i think it was a great victory. in fact a great victory. not all the press though. a powerful oversight role on how the white house operated. and cnn in particular. it was roughhouse stuff.
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put down the mike. in this investigation? having you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person, you shouldn't be working for cnn. go ahead. injim's defence, i have travelled with him andwatched him. i am not a big fan of yours either. to be honest with you. "play nasty and i'll fight back. and it'll probably be very good for me politically. because i think i'm better at that game than they are actually. the leader of the democrats in the house. with the white house but was not offering a blank cheque. we will strive for bipartisanship.
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we must stand our ground. and cities and those in the countryside. change is coming. and the first upset, a democrat gain in the house. donald trump's republicans swept away in a seismic upheaval? it wasn't. in the senate, it was a very different story. here republicans made net gains. like senator ted cruz in texas. with more jobs and more security and more freedom.
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the democrat, beto o'rourke, ruing what might have been. about texas or this country. but change is coming in other ways. from cocktail waitress to legislator in less than a year. and capable of lasting change. you know i got it...
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have this time round shown they are mighty powerful mums. congress will have record numbers of women. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. given about its brexit proposals. parliament has been promised a vote on the final deal. the eu to members of her government for their approval. the funeral for an anti—corruption activist has been held in ukraine. kateryna handzyuk died four months after an acid attack injuly. been made to find those who ordered the attack. election in madagascar.
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turnout has been reported at around a0%. there were long queues at some polling stations. the european union's observerfound no anomolies in the polls. provisional results are expected by november 20. them within a week. drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. including murder, trafficking, and money laundering. to and from court by us marshals. asia bibi has been released from prison. of blasphemy charges. she had spent nearly ten years on death row. that she would be killed on her release. bill hayton reports.
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they insists she is guilty and should die. to bar asia bibi from leaving the country. faced down the extremists to ensure her safety. this is really a big deal. it is very risky though. to the streets last week, could return to the streets. is a mother of four. with her neighbours. they accused her of insulting the prophet mohamed. something she has always denied. for pakistan's islamist
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movement. now human rights activists want the government to push back. to function. and the principle of law being questioned. we would not sign for that. are currently unknown. others say she has a ready left. democracy. with their parents. earlier this week. separatist rebels. the rebels have denied involvement. caroline rigby reports. seized at gunpoint from their boarding
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school, last sunday. the relief among family members was clear. with their children. past two days, it has been horrible. we have spent sleepless nights. we thank almighty god that they were safe and sound. and in good health. we thank almight god. of the english—speaking north—west region of cameron. to walk long distances through the bush. a term often used to describe anglophone separatists. the regional governor said those responsible will be held to account.
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were involved in that fight against the state surrendered. during an insurgency that has become increasingly violent. at bamenda's presbyterian secondary school. some parents have vowed to keep their children away. for police to take tougher action.
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of the middle east peace process, has been assassinated. organisation has claimed responsibility for the killing. on a historic day for australia. as the results came in, it was clear — the monarchy would survive. of the american hostages, there was no sign. they will all die. this mission has surpassed all expectations. in the universe, and itjust seems to keep on going. but from the enduring power
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of our ideals. this is bbc world news. of the russia investigation. but her whereabouts are unknown. operating across the uk. to the use of cannabis. the people who run them claim there is no dealing on the premises. club in the north of england and has this report. this is a club where everybody breaks the law.
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for £25 a year, members have been coming here to smoke cannabis. there are believed to be around 160 clubs in the uk. this one is even registered to pay tax. where we know that the cannabis hasn't been street—derived. all 200 members bring their own. they say they're sharing, not dealing. friends, just like you go to a pub and have a drink with your mates. people want to come and have a smoke with their mates. down and arrested you? well, we'd go and get arrested. we'd go and get arrested. we'd have to follow a protocol. not — we're users. and cannabis is all they use. class a drugs are prohibited.
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the chairman says that is why his business model works. and i think we need full regulation. as myself licenses. things, and this is it. but nobody has been arrested. well, again, we'd always like more resourcing. the reality is, the more resources we have, the more we could do. that we have to deal with. it's an illegal offence. we will take action where we can take action. they've already closed down and moved on somewhere else. but a police and crime commissioner has visited that cafe. did they not give you information about who and where it was? no, they didn't. the important thing is we are a police service. we need to justify why we don't do that.
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and again, that's part of the debate about what is our approach to drugs. this is the box that was found next to nicholas's body... who took his own life. he smoked marijuana at school. to cannabis use. lives are impacted. over cannabis oil. the messages — everybody does it now, and it's legal. you can do cannabis oil, that means you can do skunk. the number is growing. of an independent review. fiona trott, bbc news, teesside. founder of a deeply indebted food and retail company.
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to prison by police. and embezzling millions. he was arrested a year ago. he denies any wrongdoing. of the first world war. out about the role played by thousands of soldiers from india. and also captain mohammed as well. nottinghamshire gp irfan malik is on a mission. to a village that was once part of british india. for the empire.
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was mainly a white war. and undivided india. history. with no known grave. in british forces. east. widely told over the decades. back to india.
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mahatma gandhi had supported the war and indian independence. overshadowed the bravery and self—sacrifice shown by so many. on both sides, as india fought for its own independence. contributions, and the khadi poppy is a symbol of that. to the clothing which gandhi wove and wore. it really symbolises india's self—reliance. and this is one of the powerful ways we can engage the next generation. the gurkhas are still using this at sandhurst.
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and should, bridge the divides in today's communities. and events, and i didn't really feel part of it. because of this strong, shared history that we have. we are part of remembrance and we need to be out there as well. as you heard in that report, attitudes are changing. attitudes are changing. in france, belgium and the uk in their honour. called the future of mobile display technology. to three apps at once.
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to the public. he may not look it, but mickey mouse is 90 years old. and disney are celebrating with a new exhibition in new york. the character and celebrate his illustrious history. the bbc‘s tim allman has more. mickey mouse is so much more than a cartoon character. cartoon character. he is nothing short of a cultural icon. short of a cultural icon. this exhibition casts him in a whole new light. new light. relevant today, but also think that people might not know so much about. people might not know so much about.
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these wonderful modern artists who are creating mickey still. are creating mickey still. captured the imagination of millions, both young and old. millions, both young and old. this isn'tjust about the magic of mickey. it is also about his creator. creator. you walk out, the first—ever sketch or drawing of mickey mouse. or drawing of mickey mouse. the exhibition, and lots of hidden mickeys. mickeys. looks much younger than his years —— february next year. being celebrated here in london.
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fireworks and food. india's most traditional arts are also celebrated. smog, especially bad after diwali celebrations. celebrations. wakes up to a morning of increased smog. smog. all the news any time on the bbc website. and you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. i'm @bbcmikeembley. fired america's top law enforcement officials.
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officials. overseeing robert mueller‘s russia investigation. investigation. russian interference allegations and collusion allegations can continue. collusion allegations can continue. we will know more. that's it for 110w. that's it for now. thank you very much for watching. hello there. into wednesday morning. on some of the roads there. looking better for many of us, with quite a bit of sunshine around. up from the south—west to affect mainly central portions of the uk.
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now, the winds are falling light ahead of that. a chilly start. a touch of frost. but these are towns and city values to begin this morning. you'll notice the yellow colours further south—west. through the morning. moving into scotland and northern ireland. plenty of sunshine to start the day across the south—east. into wales, and then into northern england into the afternoon. it should stay dry. again, with temperatures reaching 1a or 15 degrees in the south.
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set to bring us a spell of gales and heavy rain. areas through friday. to your bbc local radio for the latest updates on this. is going to start fine. breezy, yes, but there'll also be some sunshine around. and then into western britain as we head on towards the afternoon. coasts, over hills, we could be looking at 60 to maybe 70 mph. 1a or 15 degrees. like we maintain low pressure nearby. of this mild air over the near continent.
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will always be across the south and the east.
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