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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 8, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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when wayne rooney retired from international football last year, he'd scored more goals for england than any other player. but now he's coming back for one game only, to play for england against the united states in a friendly next week. and his reappearance is dividing opinion. england manager gareth southgate has defended the selection, saying it is an "opportunity to pay tribute" to rooney, as natalie pirks reports. wayne rooney burst onto the international scene 15 years ago. 0h, rooney! england have scored, it's rooney! he's rarely been out of the headlines since but he's retired and england moved on. haven't they? it was you who effectively ended rooney's career, so can you see why there's been so much conjecture over this? not really. i'm not picking wayne to play in a qualifier or to play against croatia. we are acknowledging the part he's played with english football. if anybody deserves one more cap, it's somebody that's had 119. fans will be able to give thanks for wayne rooney and give cash to his foundation
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to help vulnerable children. it's a friendly against the country where he now plies his trade. it's a perfect fit! just not for everyone. some former players have said it devalues caps and has turned the match into a testimonial. fans have mixed feelings. there are players that deserve a call up and when you see players, especially younger players, working harder than him, in friendly games, it's their only chance to show their true potential. if we are honouring wayne rooney, there's other players to honour as well who have also contributed just as much as wayne rooney has. let's hope he scores. he really is a legend. it does make a lot of sense. england's stars of the past have never been given such an elaborate goodbye. instead, they were honoured in different ways but perhaps this move shows that england can cherish its past whilst still looking to the future. natalie pirks, bbc news, wembley.
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newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here on bbc one, time for the news where you are. she's insulted the prophet hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm hw. the main headlines this evening: don't sleep on celtic. they beat rb leipzig to reawaken their hopes of reaching the knockout stages in the europa league. olivier giroud is back on the scoresheet as chelsea guarantee their progression with a win over bate borisov. and a tonne from keatonjennings puts england in the driving seat on day three of the opening test against sri lanka. four british clubs were in action
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in the europa league this evening, with scottish champions celtic hoping to keep their qualification hopes alive. rivals rangers wanted to keep their unbeaten start going, but it wasn't to be, beaten 4—3 at spartak moscow. a contrast with celtic then, who got a much needed 2—1win over rb leipzig in glasgow, as patrick gearey reports. thursday night, disco lights in celtic park but lose two lives in it would be the europeans taking them out. just well they switch seems to have a link in the last two weeks. so the ward ten in their past two games and payments in found the extra man. 1—0. the energy from all around president on the page but all missing was another goal. a bit of
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insurance against a side and bundesliga. leipzig fred morgan is a half but eventually sell the buckle. this left alone to equalise. but now brendan rodgers have a problem but only briefly. minutes after visiting, this take—out eduardo. agar the newly measured on the richter scale. the noise barely faded as leipzig surged again. kevin kampl my hands full in all but the lights are stilljust about on it for celtic in the ripley. rangers we re for celtic in the ripley. rangers were in mask out this time of year not a place the fighters of exposed. if you are a fan of defending, look away now before everyone else, great fun. first mosque out to him past his own keeper and that set a tone. no one from rangers spotted the run of the paraguayan mo salah 21 minutes gone and his team—mates were ina minutes gone and his team—mates were in a hurry. their defence certainly seem to have some work to be because they left him unaccompanied. he was
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sent off after celebrating in his last match and kept it low key this time. the game hurtled on last match and kept it low key this time. the gar boris ‘tled on last match and kept it low key this time. the gar boris becker, the mind is own| mind is own goal. i is own goal. planet nixon in goal. planet nixon to goal. planet nixon to score jlanet nixon to score his |et and nixon to score his first european goal. steven gerrard's side back ahead the score lines very temporary in this match. moskal reverse swing in a couple of snap minutes with this heading that level again and then it's straight from the kick—off, this taking aim. this deciding a freezing, frenzied up match. chelsea are into the knockout stages thanks to a 1—0 win over bate borisov in belarus. olivier giroud scored his first goal of the season, nodding home emerson's cross early in the second half. the win puts maurizio sarri's side into the last 32 and maintains their 100% record in the competition so far this season. arsenal are also through, but their goalless draw at home to sporting lisbon was marred by a serious—looking injury to forward danny welbeck. he was taken to hospital
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after being stretchered off in the first half at the emirates. two goals from two debutants helped england's women to a 3—0 win against austria in a friendly in vienna. this openerfrom chioma ubogagu gave the lionesses the lead in the 26th minute. and phil neville‘s side doubled their tally in the second half when georgia stanway, also making herfirst appearance, scored after the break. england have now extended their unbeaten run to eight matches. england manager gareth southgate has defended the decision to grant wayne rooney a farewell match in honour of his international achievements. southgate said talks had begun over a year ago with england's all—time record goal—scorer to come out of international retirement for one last game, which will be a friendly against the united states next thursday. we are a strange country in that we have not achieved as much as we would like, and we have a player who should held in the highest regard.
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we're spending a lot of time justifying giving him a tribute. from my point of view, i am looking forward to seeing him, working with him for the next few days, giving him the sendoff he deserves with england. and i'm sure the crowd will give him the reaction he deserves. this man could make his debut against the usa. bournemouth‘s callum wilson says it's a "huge honour" to receive his first call—up, after impressing with six goals in 11 games this season. there's also a recall for everton defender michael keane. england haven't won away from home in 13 tests, but keatonjennings hit a tonne to put england in line for that elusive win in the first test against sri lanka. as jo currie reports, it will take a record—breaking chase of 461 to stop england from getting back to winning ways abroad. a batting master class in the
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26—year—old, the leading away from home not a familiar feeling for england at the moment. but keaton jennings gave the tour is a day to remember. starting play 177 runs ahead, after england lost my top order all faldo, it was left to ben stokes to keep up with his pace. a pat—down from jonny bairstow keeping the muscles ticking over. and maybe it helps. as he hit three sixes as he headed towards his half—century. ba i rstow he headed towards his half—century. bairstow again making himself useful. there was not much if you do about this though. as a jennings pa rt about this though. as a jennings part of came and went, next up was a jos buttler and he got off to promising start. but there is only one start man today. that's it. that is it. jennings making his to your way to make his second angle of the century to the delight of the fans and his captain. the bowler made his
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mark on his final four was forced la nka mark on his final four was forced lanka as a jos buttler caught with us lanka as a jos buttler caught with us for been folks join the party and mentors for the book 37 before being caught. shortly afterwards, joe root declared, setting the host a daunting target of 460 2a victory. jenks finishing in the victory in touching distance of his 150, streaking ahead of the victory in touching distance of his 150, streaking ahead of his team—mates. this is really pleasing in a big thank you to those who have stuck with me, who have not made of the last 18 months, there have back me through some tough times working up the middle of the not panicking and stressing and going through some tough times and like i said, just really pleased to be sitting here having helped us get to position where we can on and when. chris ashton will make his first start for england in more than four years after being named in eddiejones's starting line—up for the game against world champions new zealand at twickenham on saturday.
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the sale winger comes in forjack nowell, who's been dropped to the bench. it's one of three changes following the narrow win over south africa. having missed last week through injury, manu tuilagi is rested as a precaution. wales, meanwhile, have picked josh adams for saturday's test against australia, also one of three changes to their win over scotland. the worcester winger replaces luke morgan and plays ahead of british and irish lions star liam williams. and scotland have received a boost with news that full—back stuart hogg has been passed fit to face fiji. he only had ankle surgery eight weeks ago. he starts alongside finn russell and greig laidlaw, who also return after missing last weekend's defeat to wales. elsewhere in sport today: everton have been banned for two years from signing academy players after being found guilty of breaching premier league recruitment rules. they were also fined £500,000. mark selby made the third maximum
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147 break of his career in his first round match against neil robertson at the champion of champions event in coventry, but was still beaten in a deciding frame. and andy murray's latest return from injury has begun. he's back on the practise court and will be going to miami for warm weather training next month. the former world number one says he's planning on playing his first event of the 2019 season at the brisbane international, which starts on december the 30th. that's all from sportsday. you can get all the latest reaction from the europa league matches on the bbc sport website and app. coming up in a moment, the papers, goodbye. hello, and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are george eaton, the political editor of the new statesman and the chief executive of inhouse communications, and former political strategist for the conservative party, jo tanner. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's give you a run through of what we have. brexit is on the front page of the daily telegraph, with a warning that the eu will demand its fishing fleets have access to british waters in exchange for a final deal. the times has a leaked letter from downing street, which says a no—deal brexit will result in a new border in the irish sea. the metro picks up on comments
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from the brexit secretary, dominic raab, who's faced criticism after saying he didn't realise the importance of the port of dover to the uk. the express focuses on diabetes, labelling it the biggest threat to the nhs after it was revealed a drug to treat the condition is costing the health service £1 billion a year. and the state of the high street is the guardian's headline, it claims retailers are pressuring the government for decisive action after a report revealed the thousands of shops left empty. so brexit dominates the front pages, with different takes on the final deal with the european union. we will not start there but we will star in the guardian and the midterms are over but here, the white house still in the headlines after a rather fractious press conference yesterday. it was the most is ordinary sight of the press
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corps in full flow, the conference under way and donald trumpeting questions and he did not want to ta ke questions and he did not want to take the cnn reporterjim acosta asking a question at a white house aide tried to wrestle the microphone from him. and there is a moments that still actually on some front pages but also the footage has been talked about all day and suggestions of some of the footage has been doctored because of the way they has been zoomed in on and colouring in a slowing down and all sorts of stuff. but this aide tried as a chemical —— microphone away and the suggestion was the journalist had placed his hands on this particular member of staff and therefore his white house credentials were revoked. now i is to work with the conservative party in that microphone handing job is not especially glamourous. you have been there, done that? been there, done it. i don't recall having to
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wrestle it from anyone or interrupting anyone. it made a point of getting out straightaway as part of getting out straightaway as part ofa of getting out straightaway as part of a deliberate strategy. this is a very interesting way that panned out because it was as if the individual thought she should go and get that microphone. i did not know whether she was told to, he did not look like it. she just went to take it. a woman here in this accusation that jim acosta baska behaviour is inappropriate and has resulted in him being suspended temporarily. but the question is was a to it with a behaviour or because the president did not like the tone of his questions. hardly a secret that donald trump dislikes cnn and he has made regular attacks on the media but i think this takes a step further. and i think one question that britishjournalists further. and i think one question that british journalists are asking is what has there not been more of a collective response of the us media that an attack on one his


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