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this is bbc news i am carole walker. the headlines at 8pm. one of the key commemorations to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war has taken place in the north of paris. some 70 world leaders are in france for the centenary. here at home the queen and other senior royals attend a festival of remembrance at the royal albert hall. the former transport minister says —— mr sizemore ministers may resign and the prime mr posner present fans —— lands were sold a false referendum... you will not get the greater sovereignty. we will cede sovereignty and lose control over how rules affecting swaths of oui’ over how rules affecting swaths of our economy are shaped. it's not the british parliament that will gain control, it is the french parliament, the german parliament and the european parliament. four people including a one—year—old child had died when a people carrier was hit by a car in sheffield which
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had earlier been pursued by police. heavenly father, please help us. please help us to be safe. firefighters in california have warned it could take three weeks to contain wildfires which have killed at least 11 people. more than a quarter of a million people have been told to leave their homes. thousands of leicester city man —— fa ns thousands of leicester city man —— fans have ta ken thousands of leicester city man —— fans have taken part in a memorial walk in honour of those killed and eight helicopter crash outside of the club's seguin two weeks ago. —— a helicopter crash. —— the club's stadium. good evening to french president emmanuel macron has agreed with us president donald trump that europe needs to pay more towards nato. they
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we re needs to pay more towards nato. they were meeting in paris at head of commemorations marking the centenary of the armistice which ended the first world war. mr mccrone and the german chancellor and glove merkel have held a meeting of reconciliation where the armistice was signed. our correspondent james landau reports. 100 years ago, their nations were still at war. today, under a damp, grey sky, president macron of france and chancellor merkel of germany came to a forest clearing north of paris where the great war finally came to an end. it was here in a secluded train carriage that the armistice was agreed, ending hostilities across europe. in a replica of that carriage, the two leaders sat where the allied and german delegations had negotiated the agreement, committing their nations once again to peace. these images are all the more poignant because the last
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german chancellor to walk these paths was adolf hitler, who came here to accept the surrender of france in world war ii, hoping to avenge the deal here two decades before. after the armistice was signed, the allied delegation came back here to the elysee palace, and according to one account, theyjoined hands and danced ring a ring 0' roses with the french prime minister. it was not quite so cheerful there today. president trump arrived in paris saying it had been insulting of mr macron to say europe needed protecting from the united states. but today, they put on smiles for the cameras and agreed europe should do more to share the burden of its defence. it's unfair to have the european security today being assured just by the united states, and we need a much better burden sharing. i appreciate what you're saying about burden sharing. you know what my attitude's been.
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and we want a strong europe. it's very important to us to have a strong europe. but behind the smiles, the divisions remain. president macron wants the armistice centenary to be a reminder of the dangers of unchecked nationalism. but for the man standing next to him, it is a core belief that national interests should come first. our diplomatic correspondent james landale there, reporting from france. although president trump is in france for those commemorations the white house cancelled a visit he was due to make today to a battlefield and cemetery. the decision drew criticism on social media including from the conservative mp sir nicholas soames. he called mr trump pathetically inadequate for not paying his respects to the fallen. the presidential contest said it was down to a disk with difficulties which were understood to involve with a helicopter and the bad weather. and we will find out how
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this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30pm and 11:30pm in the the papers. my guess will be associate editor of the times and an author. stay with us. the former transport ministerjoejohnson has suggested more ministers could resign. the former transport minister, jojohnson, has suggested more ministers could resign over theresa may's brexit plans. speaking to the bbc a day after his own resignation, mrjohnson repeated his call for another referendum, saying voters had been offered a "false prospectus" and a "fantasy set of promises" in 2016 and now had to face up to reality. the prime minister has been negotiating the terms of our exit from the european union. they are, in my view and in the view of others, so radically different from the brexit that was billed during the referendum, that i think it would be a democratic travesty if we did not go back to the people and seek their consent for our departure from the eu on this basis. so different, you say, from what was billed during the referendum, so different, you say,
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from what was the idealised brexit. i have to point out, there is one person that did that — your brother. borisjohnson told us what it would be. what you're saying is, i think, it appeared to be that he lied, he got us to vote for leave, and he had no plan for getting out? look... in the campaign, there were undoubtedly promises made that have shown to be undeliverable. no one can dispute that. we were promised a brexit that would enable us to strike trade deals around the world. we are far from that with the deal that the prime minister is going to produce. we were promised a brexit that was going to unleash our economy as a low tax, singaporean tiger on the edge of europe. on the contrary, we're signing up to all the rules and regulations that bind the rest of the eu. is that an elegant way of saying that we were lied to? and we are going to end up... is it an elegant way of saying we were lied to? we are going to end up ceding sovereignty, not taking back control. look, it was a false prospectus, it was a fantasy set of promises that have been shown up for what they were.
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we're now faced with the reality of that, in the form of the deal the prime minister is about to bring back before parliament. my view is that this is so different from what was billed, that it would be a travesty if we don't go back to the people and ask if they actually do want to exit the eu on this extraordinary hopeless basis. we've heard from the labour leaderjeremy corbyn, he's been giving his reaction to mrjohnson‘s resignation, he believes there should not be another referendum. it does nothing to protect very important trading and jobs that exist all across the north east, and we are determined we will hold them to account so we can have a government in britain that's serious about fairness and investment across the whole piece. chequers doesn't do any of that. after all, most of the cabinet do not agree with chequers. seven ministers have already resigned over chequers, and we've got twojohnsons at war with each other over chequers. we are in a constituency voted over 60% leave, and 40% of labour supporters in the last election voted to leave. 60% voted remain. surely the time now is to bring people together, about the kind of relationship we
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will have with europe in the future, about protecting jobs, about protecting the northern ireland border, about the trade relationship we'll have with europe. but that means there has to be a customs union with europe, there has to be access to the european markets. jeremy corbyn. four people — including a one—year—old boy — died following a car crash in sheffield last night. the four died after their vehicle was hit by a character —— kerry —— vehicle being chased by police. one is in a critical condition. three men have been arrested and remain in custody. our reporter corinne wheatley gave us the latest from the scene. well, police have been on the scene here in the darnall area of sheffield all day today dealing with the aftermath of this crash, and as far as possible, trying to keep people away from the wreckage of these two vehicles, which has been a really distressing sight for people living
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in the area. we know this crash happened just before 9pm last night and involved two vehicles. one was a vw people carrier which was turning right off this main road, and the other was a vw golf which shortly before had been pursued by police. four people died last night. they were all travelling in that people carrier — two men, a woman and a one—year—old boy. three others are in hospital being treated for their injuries. they were also in that same vehicle, and that includes a three—year—old girl who we know has life—threatening injuries. police have confirmed they've arrested three men. they were all travelling in the vw golf and they're currently in custody. we've spoken to south yorkshire police this afternoon, who've said that their thoughts are with all those families affected and they've confirmed that the passengers in the people carrier, they believe, were from two families. they've also thanked the community for the way they responded. we understand that people here were bringing tea and water out to the emergency services responding to this incident last night, and they've also said they still want to hear from any
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witnesses who might have information to share on this crash. because this involved a police pursuitjust before the collision happened, south yorkshire police has referred itself to the iopc. that's the independent office for police conduct. and they say they're assisting with that investigation. sheffield police have said they are continuing their investigation into the incident, but they believe the people in the people carrier were two families travelling together. there was a short police pursuit, but unfortunately, two vehicles have collided with each other. not police vehicles. and unfortunately, on the collision, there were seven people within one of those vehicles. and, tragically, four of those peoples have passed away. two males, a female and, tragically, a one—year—old child. and there are three people in hospital, we understand from your release, also in the people carrier. is that right? do you know anything about their condition? the other three people remain in hospital. we are obviously working
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with the emergency services to provide as much support and assistance, as far as family liaison officers, at the moment as we work through the incident itself and the dynamics leading up to the incident. but they still remain in hospital, and we are hoping and praying that, over the next few days and hours, that they are fit and healthy, and healthy to return back into their homes and the community. are you able to tell us anything about the relationship of the people within the people carrier? are they family members? we believe, actually, there's two groups from families within. the people that have survived this incident are females, there's a young child. again, two young females in the back. our hope is to understand a little bit more as the day goes on, as far as the make of the family. they are innocent people. they were driving down the street. they'd been collided with a vehicle, and what i can tell you is we currently have three people in custody, arrested for death by dangerous driving. intense wildfires are sweeping across parts of california, with entire towns having to be evacuated. 11 people are now known to have died
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and hundreds of thousands have been ordered to leave their homes. —— a quarter of a million people. in the north of the state, one blaze has devastated a town called paradise, where dozens of people are reported missing. from there, james cook reports. living in malibu means you've made it, but no amount of wealth or fame can stop a fire like this. the blaze was propelled to the pacific ocean by strong desert winds, forcing thousands to flee. i saw the flames coming over the mountain right next to our house. ifelt them burning, the embers. and i knew i had to get out. we pretty muchjust had enough time to get the dogs in the truck. oh, my god! this was the road out of calabasas, another neighbourhood favoured by celebrities. i am so scared right now. so terrified. kim kardashian and lady gaga were among a quarter of a million californians who had to leave their homes. but nowhere was the pain more acute
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than in thousand oaks, where michelle mussetter lost her home. there is a house that they took all their motorcycles out, but the house made it. so i was just coming up the street to see my neighbours and i didn't realise my house had gone too. for a town reeling from a mass shooting in a bar this week, it was too much to bear. just 48 hours ago, our city experienced a tragedy that had national implications, with the mass shooting and the loss of life of 13 individuals. and here we are, just a few hours later, now talking about another crisis right here in thousand oaks. 500 miles north, paradise is suffering, too. these abandoned cars give just a hint of the terror as people fled. for block after block, this is all that remains of paradise. and you can tell that the fire
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burned with an intense ferocity, because very little of what lies in these charred remains is recognisable. president trump declared a state of emergency, freeing up resources to help. then he blamed california's poor forest management and threatened to withhold funding from the state. here, though, politics may have to wait. the crisis isn't over. paradise is hell. james cook, bbc news, paradise in california. the latest headlines on bbc news. the latest headlines on bbc news. the commemoration to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war ta kes pla ce since the end of the first world war takes place north of paris some 70 world leaders are for the centenary. four people including a one—year—old baby have died when a people carrier
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was hit by a car in sheffield which had earlier been pursued by police. former transport minister charles johnson says more ministers may resign over the prime minister's brexit plants and folders were sold a false prospectus and the referendum. —— voters were sold. sport now and let's get a full round up sport now and let's get a full round up from the bbc sport centre and joinjames up from the bbc sport centre and join james pierce. today has been a real tree for rugby fans. we will start with a match that was not a classic in terms of tries but produce a final result that will be remembered for a long time in wales. they have been austria by nine points 26. a penalty with three minutes or many made the difference. here's this report. whales have lost their last 13 tests against australia. a victory here would take some firepower. but it was the visitors that set the pace perhaps a four pass here, the karma
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insta nt. as he left the ball behind. and so too half penny pot several of abode not in this location. the fans would forget that one but perhaps on his later attempt. this did take the lead just before half—time. commentator: that one is a real bad miss. australian coach michael checker summing up the first half of feeling. halfpenny the victim of this poorly timed a shot. and he escaped unpunished. he was replaced by dana escaped unpunished. he was replaced by dan a bigger. straight into the action and straight in between the posts. the cake that seals a first win against the wallabies in ten yea rs. win against the wallabies in ten years. james burford, bbc news. at the time it was a case of some names so farfor him in. they came close to beating the all blacks in the first time in six years. tries here
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given a 15—0 lead after 25 minutes. ashton made his first international start since 2014. but then as weather deteriorated in london new zealand came back building momentum and made 15—10 at half—time. and then the all blacks as you head by a drop goal and then a penalty as well. england's sam underhill hoped he had helped england to a rare win with a late breakaway try. the crowds also as well but a big but, it was ruled offside. the score stayed 16—15. it was ruled offside. the score stayed 16-15. there are a top quest tea m stayed 16-15. there are a top quest team obviously. number one team in the world of the minute. but i thought we played well today. i did not feel any moment in that game that we didn't believe that we were not going to win it and u nfortu nately we not going to win it and unfortunately we did not come out on the right side. much more co mforta ble the right side. much more comfortable for the right side. much more co mforta ble for scotla nd the right side. much more comfortable for scotland who ran eight tries in a convincing 54—17
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win over fiji. tommy seymour with a hat trick. on the football and six managers in the premier league today including an emotional return to king pallister him for leicester city. they finished goalless against burnley. cardiff city secure the second win of the season they say land —— last—minute goal against ten man brighton. southhampton also finished 1—1 against watford. spurs great dance beat crystal palace and newcastle united beat bournemouth 2-1. and newcastle united beat bournemouth 2—1. and the scottish premier shares hart's essay topic despite losing 1-0. the hart's essay topic despite losing 1—0. the bottom of the table clash between denley and st mary in which a finished wall. stjohn's with five to fourth after a figure for hamilton. celtic and rangers both play tomorrow. world champion lewis hamilton will start on pole position for sunday pasta brazilian grand prix. he finished just ahead of his former title writer sebastian vettel
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after an intensive qualifying battle. sebastian vettel faces an investigation after failing to follow stewards extract —— and surgeons at the weybridge. finally in the last two minutes, and lymphocyte match against sri lanka in the t—20 world cup has been abandoned because of heavy rain. that is office poor. james, many thanks. turkey says it has given recordings related to the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to four western countries, including britain and the us. turkey accuses saudi arabia of being behind the murder of the critical journalist in its consulate in istanbul last month. alan johnston reports. the last moments of his life. jamal khashoggi entering the saudi consulate in istanbul. he would never re—emerge. the turkish media a lwa ys never re—emerge. the turkish media
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always said there were audio recordings of what the journalist went through revealing how he was killed. now turkey pasta president has confirmed that such potentially crucial evidence does indeed exist. and he is made available to the world powers. translation: we gave the transcripts to saudi arabia, the americans, two germans, two french, to english, to all of them. all of them listen to these conversations. they know about it. there is no need to augment the reality of what happened here. the turks allege these were members of a saudi hit squad arriving in istanbul preparing to carry out the murder. this audis insist the killing was done without the knowledge of crown prince mohammed bin some odd. but the turks wa nt mohammed bin some odd. but the turks want more answers from him like where is the body and exactly who ordered the killing? by circulating
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the evidence in those audio recordings to the americans and europeans the turks have work to keep out the pressure on the saudis. and then meeting in paris president trump and president background agreed that the kingdom needed to fully explain mr khashoggi's murder. allenjohnson, bbc fully explain mr khashoggi's murder. allen johnson, bbc news. today marks the date that women effectively start working at free compared to a male's salary. that is the message from a charity that campaigns for sexual equality. it was the pay gap between the sexes is not closing. our correspondent lauren moss explains. they say that is still an unacceptable difference in pay between men and women. they say the gap is 13 points 7%. this is actually a slight
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improvement on last year. but not by much. and others estimate the gap to be smaller by crunching the numbers differently. but if we take their societies positive reading of this it means women are earning about 85p per pound. women are effectively working for free until the end of december. this is not the same as pay discrimination. this is average pay discrimination. this is average pay differences rather than how much men and women are paid for doing the samejob. and men and women are paid for doing the same job. and there men and women are paid for doing the samejob. and there is no one specific cause either. they say it is entry number of factors. for example, more women working part—time, men being in better paid roles. they want companies to have regular audits on this, they want them to face civil penalties if they don't report pay gaps, and they want women to be more encouraged into those higher—paying positions. lauren moss. at least 12 people have been killed in flash flooding in
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jordan. nearly 4000 tourist has been evacuated the evacuation of nearly 4,000 tourists from the ancient city of petra. the victims include a diver who was involved in an attempt to rescue people swept away by rising waters. the un is doubling its food distribution in yemen as it warms it could become a nation of living ghosts on last fighting there ceases. yemeni forces backed by the saudi led coalition supported by the us in the uk have launched a major unoffensive to take full control of yemen's port city. eight agencies say an all—out attack on the city and its entry port for 80% of food and its entry port for 80% of food and aid relief could trigger a famine. thousands of leicester city fa ns famine. thousands of leicester city fans had taken part in a memorial walk in honour of the club's owner who died along with four others in a helicopter crash at
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the king power stadium two weeks ago. it is the first home game since the accident. here is andy swift. a city united in tribute. thousands walking as one, as the customary stroll to the stadium became a memorial march. the leicester fans were even joined by some players, including england international harry maguire. an entire club and community honouring the man they simply call the boss. without him, not an awful lot of the club would have been possible, so it's just a little thank you. he just kept giving and giving and giving, and didn't expect anything in exchange. well, for thousands of leicester fans, simply getting here to the ground has been a very poignant experience. but this is just the start of today's tributes to the man who transformed this club. inside, each fan received a special memorial scarf, and for all, including former manager claudio ranieri, the emotions were plain to see. especially for vichai srivaddhanaprabha's son, aiyawatt, a reminder of this very personal tragedy. and after the players emerged before
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the home fans for the first time since the accident, the stadium fell silent. after such high emotion, the leicester players were unable to produce a victory, drawing 0—0 with burnley, but today wasn't about a result. for this proud club, it was about remembrance. andy swiss, bbc news, leicester. archaeologists have discovered ancient tombs containing cats and beetles. they estimate it was made it 4000 years. animal mummies were used as religious offerings. tamara
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belz will be wrong across the world to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the first world war. a church in northern ireland has had belz especially installed for the occasion and new bell—ringers recruited and trained. our correspondent, chris page, has been to the parish church of kilmood in county down. a century's old tradition brought to this church for the first time to commemorate the events of 100 years ago. never before has this sonic splendour rung through saint mary's parish, and the church hopes it will bring together families, communities and generations. sunday, we will be lighting a beacon here, as there will be many across the uk. we will be having a bugler and we will be ringing the bells as well, because bells were never rung during the great war and the 11th of november is the first time they were rung, so that is what we are going to do with our armistice bells. when the bells peeled in 1918, everyone knew the fighting was over. that sound will be recreated
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worldwide for the centenary. in kilmood, there has been months of planning. six bells have been installed in this tower. but before the bells are rung into action, the ringers have been learning the ropes. according to the teacher at bangor parish, it is far from easy. it's to do with the rhythm and coordination, which some people take longer to get to grips with. which is why bell—ringing can take months, years, depending on the individual. however, these parishioners are now fully qualified and are making their debut this weekend. the church wants to look ahead, as well as back. phase two is welcoming schools from right across the community to learn about the great war, and also to learn about the art of bell—ringing. and hopefully, to encourage kids to think about the things that make for peace. the hope is the bells will have a lasting legacy, reminding people of the value
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of reconciliation and the cost of conflict. chris page, bbc news, in county down. now, the weather. many events taking place across the country. here's helen willetts. thank you very much. we have had some sunshine today but they happen torrential and areas in eastern areas across the south and with this low pressure still anchored at the west of us before sunday we can be assured of more showers as well. throughout the rest of the evening the rain across scotla nd of the evening the rain across scotland will clear north, the heavy showers and thundery showers will clear way but there will continue to bea clear way but there will continue to be a peppering of showers in the west and south. in the north they clear way and it could be attached chilly. at least blue skies whereas elsewhere as we move into daybreak on armistice day, it is likely to be
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wet across parts of wales, southern and central and eastern inland as well. showers are moving northward. as those clear away probably fewer showers in the afternoon then the morning and more sunshine but it is still a brisk south—westerly and a lwa ys still a brisk south—westerly and always the risk of temperatures. as today, 11—14. hello this is bbc news. the headlines: one of the key commemorations to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war has taken place in compiegne, north of paris. some 70 world leaders are in france for the centenary. here at home, the queen and other senior royals attend a festival of rememberance at the royal albert hall. four people, including a one—year—old baby, have died after a people carrier was hit by a car in sheffield that had earlier been pursued by police. the former transport minister, jojohnson, says more ministers may
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resign over the prime minister's brexit plans and voters were sold a false prospectus in the referendum.


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