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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 16, 2018 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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roger federer beats kevin anderson in straight sets to qualify for the atp finals in london and the second round of the dp world tour championship tees off shortly as francesco molinari remains on course to win his first race to dubai title. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with football and spain have missed the chance to be the first team through to next year's uefa nations league finals. they'd have qualified with a win in croatia but were beaten 3—2 in zagreb. after a goalless first half, the home side led twice — through andrej kramaric and tinjedvaj but each time they were pegged back with goals from real madrid's dani ceballos through andrej kramaric and tinjedvaj but each time they were pegged back with goals from real madrid's dani ceballos and sergio ramos. in the 90th minute, jedvaj won it for croatia — to avenge the 6—nil thrashing they suffered in spain earlier in the season — and to keep alive their hopes of qualifying themselves. translation: we were ordered in the
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end because we were really compact. we were responsible and we were fighting, we did ourjob and our best and we scored that goal in the 93rd minute. it wasn't our usual style is like a control possession. we did it a different way is a strong block. together we were compact and we moved fast, managing to create a few dangerous situations. i have a lookjust now and we ran 123 kilometres. that's a lot. that result means any of the teams in group 4 — which also includes england — can still qualify. elsewhere, michy batshuayi scored both goals as belgium beat already relegated iceland 2—0. belgium are now 3 points clear of switzerland at the top of group 2 and the two sides meet on sunday. in league b, bosnia herzegovina are promoted from group 3 after a 0—0 draw with austria. that result also means that northern ireland are relegated. there were also several
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friendlies on thursday night. wayne rooney earnt his 120th — and final — cap for england as they beat the usa at wembley. callum wilson — on his debut — was among the scorers in a 3—0 victory. // leroy sane was left out of germany's world cup squad injune —— leroy sane was left out of germany's world cup squad injune but he scored the opening goal in a 3—nil win over russia in leipzig. in dublin, the republic of ireland and northern ireland played out a drab goalless draw. at the nitto atp finals in london it was a case of too little too late for dominic thiem. the austrian overcame japan's kei nishikori in straight sets to win his first match of the tournament and keep his hopes alive — but both men failed to reach the semi—finals after roger federer‘s late night win over kevin anderson. anneka radley was watching.
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roger federer walked onto court in london knowing he only needed to win six games against south african kevin anderson tojoin six games against south african kevin anderson to join him in the semifinals. the first set, both players made their intentions equally clear, staying on serve. the swiss then broke to lead 11—3 but anderson quickly followed suit and levelled score. however better broke the south african in this game to the south african in this game to the delight of his loyal followers. —— roger federer. and then he didn't look back. perhaps with revenge on his mind, remembering his stinging defeat to anderson earlier this year at wimbledon, he won five successive points and took the first set. anderson, who hadn't faced a break point in winning his first two matches, was broken twice more in the second set by roger as he claimed the victory and in the process the top spot in the group. it increases his chance of avoiding
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top—ranked novak djokovic in the semis. elsewhere in the group, dominic thiem swept aside number nine kei nishikori in an impressive straight sets victory but it wasn't another is both players now except the tournament. a pink team winning may have helped me, of course, coming to this match a bit more relaxed but as to me, i've always wa nted relaxed but as to me, i've always wanted to go to the baying and win the match, ever go through great, if i don't, i didn't deserve it so unhappy am still alive and i have a good good match on the day after tomorrow, i'm not sure when i am playing. it's been quite a year for novak djokovic that has seen him win two grand slam titles and regain the world number one ranking. the 31 year old serb has won both his matches at this year's atp finals and is already through to the last four as he chases a sixth title at this event. former us open finalist greg rusedski belives djokovic is favourite. it's a tale of two seasons, really,
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for novak. he made a change to result coast —— coach and since then, djokovic has been a revelation. i am then, djokovic has been a revelation. iam back, back to then, djokovic has been a revelation. i am back, back to my best. only losing two matches, winning four titles, the us open and he is the man to beat at end of season he is the man to beat at end of season championships. that's what these great champions do. they find a way to take a step backwards and go forward. the backend is brilliant again. one of the best move is of all time. he is in great form and is still the hot favourite. escape to ta ke still the hot favourite. escape to take a heck of a performance to beat him. golf — and francesco molinari remains on course to win
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the european tour's race to dubai title. he enjoyed a slightly better start to the db world tour championship in dubai than title rival tommy fleetwood. molinari — who'll secure the race to dubai title with a top 5 finish — opened up with a a—under—par round of 68, and he's two shots behind the joint—leaders jordan smith and adrian otaegui. meanwhile, fleetwood — who has to win the tournament to have any chance of retaining his end of season title is one shot further back on 3—under—par. on to cricket — and it was the turn of sri lanka's lower order to save their side against england on day 2 of the 2nd test in palle kele. roshen silva hit a resolute 85 to frustrate the tourists as sri lanka made 336 in reply to england's 1st inings total of 290 — a lead of 46 runs heading into day 3. our sports correspondent joe wilson reports. for a while, it played like this.
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sri lanka against ben stokes. life seemed sweet. then he made a mistake. he underestimated the throwing arm of ben stokes. run out for 63. batting still seemed co mforta ble for 63. batting still seemed comfortable enough that da silver was scoring swiftly. england wanted wickets and expected them but saw another sri lankan batsmen celebrate. watch stokes here, a lightning catch. with a wicked jack leach, sri lanka was down. but growing braver through the afternoon, england's various spinners like the effect. they built a lead, and a significant one. by the time england dismissed silver, they were behind. england sent out jack leach to open their innings. he
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got through it, but there will be a lot more of this to come. a little bit disappointed obviously that they have a bit of a lead. at one point when the hoping we might have that lead going into our batting but we are very much feeling good about the fa ct we are very much feeling good about the fact we are last on that wicket. we feel that we can put pressure on common in tomorrow with our batting, we can get a good total, and we feel that we can win the game. at the icc women's world t20 new zealand picked up their first win of the tournament with a comfortable 5a run win over pakistan in group b but it was to no avail as earlier in guyana india secured their place in the semi—finals with a 52—run win over ireland. mithali raj top scored for india after ireland won the toss and elected to send them in, raj made 51offjust56 balls. in their first match skipper harmanpreet kaur made a century but in game 3 she could only manage
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7 before she was caught in the deep by eimear richardson. in response isobeljoyce hit a gutsy 33 that included four of the eight boundaries in the entire inninngs but when she chanced her arm once too often she paid the price and when lara maritz was removed first ball the match and ireland's tournament were over with india now facing australia on saturday to see who finishes top of group b. the green they pack leading the seattle seahawks. the green they pack leading the seattle sea hawks. golden the green they pack leading the seattle seahawks. golden state warriors are trailing. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello, there. we started this week with some drenching downpours. we end the week on a much quieter note. albeit quite a murky one. some cloud, some mist and fog to start friday. i'm hopeful that things will brighten up a little bit later on. but sunshine amounts will vary, depending on where you are. most of us starting off grey and murky with some mist and hill fog. but, as we go on through the day, that cloud will tend to break up. northern scotland should see some sunshine even in the morning. and then, into the afternoon, a few other places willjoin in, mostly where you get a bit of shelter from high ground in the south, north cornwall, north devon, western and northern wales, a decent chance of seeing a little sunshine. elsewhere, the cloud should thin
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and break a little bit to reveal some brightness. temperatures generally around 13 or 1a degrees. northern ireland, perhaps cumbria, the northern half of scotland, these areas likely to see some spells of sunshine with those temperatures again up to 13 or 1a degrees. but, as we go through friday night, most places will turn quite cloudy, the cloud lowering down onto the hills. it will be quite murky, some patches of mist. as a consequence, not a cold night, minimum temperatures between six to 12 degrees. so a mild start to saturday morning. quite a grey start as well. there are some changes to come. high—pressure sitting here across the near continent. but the winds around high pressure flow in a clockwise direction, and that's going to start to bring us more of a south—easterly flow. we will tap into some dry air and so this cloud is going to retreat. we are going to peel it back from the map and we will see increasing amounts of sunshine. so, after that grey start, things should tend to brighten up. and, by saturday afternoon, most of us should have blue skies overhead. those temperatures, ten, 11, 12 degrees, that won't feel too bad,
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although it will be quite breezy. and then, for sunday, quite a cold start, actually. a touch of frost around, then a lot of sunshine to take us through the day. still quite breezy and not especially warm. temperatures around nine to 12 degrees. but those temperatures are only going to head in one direction as we head to the start of next week, and that is downwards. we are going to start to import some much colder air from the near continent, and so temperatures are going to take a tumble. at the same time, we are going to bring in more in the way of cloud. so, largely grey skies as we go into monday and tuesday. it will still be quite breezy, and temperatures for many stuck in single digits. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: despite a string of ministerial resignations and moves to unseat her as leader prime minister may insists she will see her brexit deal through. i believe with every fibre
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of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and all our people. and european leaders claim they won't renegotiate the draft brexit deal even if it's rejected by the british parliament. as saudi arabia charges 11 people over the murder of jamal khashoggi, the us imposes sanctions on 17 saudi officials. under the ice in greenland scientists find a giant crater from a meteorite strike not so long ago.
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