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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 17, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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the cartoon character is an invaluable asset. mickey is a mouse of many talents, he is the company mascot and here at disneyland he has taken part in countless parades and ceremonies over the past 60—plus years, but one of his mainjobs is to pose for photographs, isn't it? let's do it. good job. you're not looking your age. you're looking pretty good. the timeless allure of mickey mouse. peter bowes, bbc news, los angeles. time for a look at the weather, and chris fawkes has the weather. much more sunshine than was the case yesterday, and beautiful pictures are being sent into us all day today. this was one of those from norfolk, showing this flock of birds taking to the sky, thanks to walking greyhound for sending the picture in. we have the clear skies with us
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at the moment, already turning into at the moment, already turning into a chilly night with threat —— patchy frost forming in the highlands. but for the most part, wins will take 50 temperatures from just above freezing. will have clear skies, and northern ireland joining in on the sunshine. across the border we will see steady —— sunny skies, but there'll continue to be a chilly breeze growing around the east coastline of east anglia. temperatures will be nowhere near normal as we look at next week. look at this, 5 degrees in london, 4 degrees in cardiff? we have windy weather on the way, moving through tuesday and wednesday, targeting england and wales. that's your weather. hello this is bbc news. the headlines. five ministers in theresa may's cabinetjoin forces to try and persuade her to make changes to the draft brexit agreement.
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other ministers voice their support for the prime minister the number of people missing in california's wildfires has now risen to more than 1,000. 71 people are known to have died. president trump has arrived in the us state to see the damage for himself. it seems that many more people are missing than anyone thought even possible. and i want to be with the firefighters and fema and first responders. the broadcaster, writer and former newsreader, richard baker, has died at the age of 93. according to reports in us media, the cia believes the saudi crown prince ordered the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me 0lly
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foster and azi farni. the headlines this evening. england come from behind to save their blushes against the brave blossoms of japan. we had a little bit of a panic there for a while. we got the half—time, regrouped and i was pleased with how we went about the second half. scotland push south africa all the way but they are beaten at murrayfield for the first time in a year. and england's cricketers are three wickets away from a series victory in sri lanka. good evening, what a day of rugby union, day of rugby
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union, all four home nations playing autumn internationals. details of scotland defeat in just a moment and also a big win for wales, but we'll start at twickenham where england struggled against japan. eddiejones team were in all sorts of trouble against his former side. in only their second meeting, it was the visitors who rose to the occasion. they led by five points midway through the second half, but three late england tries saw them win 35—15. ben croucher reports. to twickenham for japan's brave blossoms. a team that tend to entertain a world group rather than dominate. bravery does make tackles for you and england scored as early as the third minute. so you could west right as and means turning of counties for easy tries. england were wilting with michael leach, a flanker, evading three tackles and elliott daley to lead the roses plenty to ponder at half—time.
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earlier than they planned the first string was called upon and that depth and fitness allowed them to carry on. he stretched his way past japan for a try on debut. if they turned on the boosters, dylan hartley turned bulldozer for the final score. for a0 minutes at least a brave japan entertained but england's late dominance for more than enough. we finish this game and they had a massive impact for us. which is there doubtful. it was disappointing that he got that. that is theirjob. you need to score the 23 to win test matches. are right we had a really good —— all week we had a good attitude and game. sometimes he gets seduced by the start of the game. we scored the first try and they thought that it would be easy. the points get against you and the referee gives them a few calls. then we had a little bit of a panic there for a
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while. we got the half—time, really regrouped. i was pleased with how he we nt regrouped. i was pleased with how he went about the second half. i think went about the second half. i think we won the second half 25—0. there was a fantastic match at murrayfield but scotland have been beaten there for the first time ina year. after conceding an early try they were always chasing the game against south africa. it was tense second half, with the springboks taking the match 26 points to 20. that's now back to back wins for them after they beat france last weekend. austin halewood reports. scotland's format merge field has been hot. the window last week and was impressive but this was scotland's big test. a rejuvenated springboks side, a big challenge in every sense of the word. their power throughout the team often too much to stop. an early chink in the scottish defence. but while the springboks game is both a strength, scotland's is all about scale. and pace. peter korn sprinting over the
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line. and the creativity continue to pay off as set from the lab is sending hamish wants into the heart of the springbok defence. despite going down to 14 in the second—half south africa kicked themselves into commanding position. first andra pollard and then elton dan chas. a real test match in the end edged by springbok. just a second defeat in two years at murray feel for scotland. at times they were brilliant but it was not quite enough. there were great moments i got us back in the game and moments in the second half where we could have ushered off and picked on. but the effort put out was outstanding. this team is learning every time we come together and todayit every time we come together and today it is painful losing but we will learn it be a better team for. next up for the springboks will be
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wales with the welsh going for their first autumn international clewan sweep. they had a scare in cardiff today, not that you'd know it from the scoreline. they thrashed tonga by 74—24. the scores were actually level early in the second half as the pacific islanders stormed back into the match... wales had plenty in reserve though, 7 tries and 50 unanswered points. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. tonga wore red in cardiff. they dominated proceedings before kick—off. once the game began there were waves of welsh attacks in navy blue. or as described officially a much changed him there was a familiar man on the wing. liam williams. his 50th game a vintage finish. no card was shown
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to the tongan player here. wales suddenly found themselves with a game in their hands. tonga bulldozed a try in the first half then he grabbed the paw saw the light in front of him and use every thing he had to keep going. that was a great moment for tonga and the scores were briefly level early in the second half. but wales took over. when the going got tough they got better. steph evans was spotted and they kicked accordingly. the depth of strength and character through this this welsh squad. the lasting memory could've been the support and teamwork that led to this try. liam williams in the mix. alan davis to finish it off. they held their nerve against australia, they cut loose against tonga. wales are enjoying the autumn. joe wilson, bbc news. i think we just did the basics pretty well. even though we scored really good tries and good off—loads is essentially the basics of our game today were pretty good
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and against any team you have to do that in international rugby. pretty pleased with the effort. we are fully aware that next week will present a much different challenge and a much bigger challenge. i think for the lads who played today it was a good set for us. australia were comfortable winners over italy. 26—7 the final score in padua. winger marika koroibete scoring a couple of tries for the wallabies. it maintains the australians unblemished record against the azzurri. the top two ranked nations are in action now, grand slam champions ireland taking on world champions new zealand in dublin. a lot of irish pressure. but it is
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all level approaching half—time in that match. also coming up in the programme... a good day for english golfers but not tommy fleetwood at the world tour championship in dubai and a huge win for alexander zverev against roger federer at the atp finals, but why was the german booed at the end of it? it is in the rules and had to play and replay the point. it could be a nervy final day in kandy. let's bring you right up to date with all the cricket. it could be a nervy final day in kandy. england's cricketers are three wickets away from their first series win in sri lanka for 17 years. the hosts need 75 runs to win the second test and keep the series the alive. patrick gearey was watching the action on day four. never mind the scorecard, you could read the match from england's faces this morning. they were grinning because the ball was spinning and they had a lead of 300.
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enterjack leach and thanks to this, they started well. ten minutes later, jack leach suckered another one. keatonjennings made this stick, reacting in a fraction of a second. another batsman followed. there was some rebuilding to do for the sri lankans. he did it slowly and carefully. that was his 50. england had their first problem. 0ver tojennings. even when he could not take the catch, he made sure that someone else could. caught with a little help from his friends. sri lanka needed steadying — angelo mathews seized the initiative. he is more than used to these situations and surfaces. he took his time more than halfway to their targets when moeen ali thought that he had the dangerous batsman caught, he did not so much appeal as beg. the umpire did not think he hit it. the umpire said otherwise. 0ut. their joy was soon swept away. sri lanka needed only 82 for victory with five wickets in hand. just after the break,
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angelo mathews was out. the game had turned once more. leach back into the breach. he got his man. as he came off, the covers came on. the drama halted by the weather but england are almost home and dry. if it stays dry there should be a result by lunchtime tomorrow. the final day's play gets under way atjust after 4:00 tomorrow morning. if england do win they'll look back at several key moments in the field today, not least keatonjennings cat—like reactions at short leg that led to two dismissals. i think at the time you get a feeling of what the batter‘s looking to do. you watch his movements and you match his movements of where he is trying to hit the ball. you tried to then get in the way. i go down to pedal and i set off running. i ended up having it right at me. i generally try to catch it and itjust hit me hard
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and straight off to him. i'm just really pleased with it. well angelo mathews‘ 88 for sri lanka has still given them a sniff of victory. 75 more runs required with three wickets in hand. he thinks they can do it. it is evenly paced. it was unfortunate that i got out at a very crucial time. but we still have a batter. he can bat and also he can contribute. we are not out of the game. if we can get one good partnership in, then we can end with the way. well you can follow the finals day's play on the bbc sport website and that's where you can see the cricket social. isabelle westbury has been part of that team for this test
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and reckons an england victory could be the start of something big forjoe root‘s side. i'm a bit arrested into saying that they will win because we have had a match where it has been a roller—coaster. it has ebbed and flowed. each day either england or sri lanka have been on top at each session. each 30 minutes it is been a seesaw. i think while it could happen in the final session they have a dick weber at the moment who has been sweeping all around the park. 75 runs to get, three wickets to get. you back them but never say never. but you can't be sure of of course. where do you think they are now as a test side? that started winning away. they had that big taboo of not being able to win abroad before that test win in the last match against sri lanka. they haven't won a test match away
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from home for 13 matches, two years. we knew they had been quite strong at home. i think sri lanka aren't considered to be one of the top test nations so it is a good one to win and get that under the belt. they have west indies next who are also not up there with your india's australia's. but again you say easy, nothing is easy and test wicket he stays but likely a softer away series and winter series, if they can get two series wins and come back you have the ashes next year, it kind of feel as though joe root is hitting his straps as captain and they try to cement the different positions. this could be the start of something quite lovely. isabel was very speaking to my colleague earlier. just staying with cricket, england's women are sure of a semifinal spot at the t20 world cup in the caribbean after beating south africa last night. they have one group game left against the west indies to decide top spot.
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i am really looking forward to it. 0ur supporters are also looking forward to the challenge of the atmosphere. i tell them last night to rest their voices for tomorrow. i think with the crowd it will be a great atmosphere, something we should enjoy whether we are on the winning side or the losing side. so far in the tournament, it's been brilliant. india have beaten australia to top group b in the competition. india made 167—8 off their 20 overs. australia couldn't get a perntership going and their chase subsided to 119—9. they both go through to the semi—finals. it means the winner of england's game against the west indies tomorrow will play australia in the semi—finals. and by that rationale the booster will face india. now to golf, and danny willet holds a share of the lead after the third round of the world tour
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championship in dubai. he's level with american patrick reed on 14 under par. the leaderboard looks good for english golfers. jordan smith is just one shot behind on 13 under, while a seven—under par 65 brought lee westwood up to tied fourth. but a disappointing round for tommy fleetwood means that francesco molinari is almost guaranteed to end the year as the european number one — as our golf correspondent iain carter explains. in terms of anyone looking for a real sort of cliff edge climax to the european tour season that looks highly unlikely now because tommy fleetwood carded a 7k today and tumbled down the leaderboard. way too many players to retake on the final day. as a result the race to dubai will go to francesco molinari although he is on having the best week. today he shot behind
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and tommy fleetwood. fleetwood would have to win this bp world tour championship tomorrow to have any chance at taking the race to dubai and defending that crown and there are just too many shots to be made up, too many players to beat and overtake. i think we can safely say that molinari even though he is not having his best week will win the race to dubai for the first time. iain carter there. membership to the 100 club will have to wait a little longer for roger federer. defeat to alexander zverev in the semi—finals at the season ending atp finals means his bid for a century of career titles goes on. for zverev, it was the biggest win of his career and and he will face either novak djokovic or kevin anderson in tomorrow's final, but the german was left apologising to his rival and the crowd, as paul frostick reports. roger federer is a six—time champion at the atp tour finals. success in london has come eight times at wimbledon too. this a city where he
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enjoys lifting trophies. and the crowd love him too — at 37 many wonderjust how long federer can go on. his opponent aleksander zverev is tipped as a future grand slam champion and he is looking ever more like one. the german was often inspired, grabbing the first sets only break of serve and went on to take it. then there was some second set drama. when a ball boy accidentally dropped a ball behind federer, zverev legitimately stopped playing the point. but the crowd did not like it and the boos echoed around the o2 arena. first of all i want to apologise for the frustration and tie—breaker. the ball boy dropped the ball so it is in the rules to play and replay the point. booing.
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the incident did not stop his pursuit of this tournament. he can now look forward to the atp tour finals final. while federer‘s wait for 100 singles titles is on hold until next year. six—time grand slam winner champion boris becker had said beforehand that federer‘s match against zverev was a tie between the king and the pretender. he also tipped the german as a future world number one. but what did he make of that incident? he told the bbc‘s sue barker that despite the boos, zverev might have won some new fans today. it was a controversial end to what was a fantastic match. and you really felt for zverev and the crowd reaction in that interview. unfortunate for me because it was the best reaction of the crowd. he came alive.
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this controversial call in the tie—breaker when sasha interrupted the flow because the ball boy dropped the ball and then the ball went to the court and he did everything double—checked the umpire. but the british crowd doesn't know all the details of the rule and i understand that everyone loves roger federer and wants him to win. but they should not be against alexander zverev. it was a small portion of the crowd but they made their presence felt. it was lovely how the rest of the tennis fans applauded the young man because as you could see he was physically very upset by the reaction. he did not know what to say. on one hand he was super happy winning this match when he wanted to respect his dash expresses happiness. but i thought once he quieted down and the crowd really understood what this moment was about, it turned around and he may have won a couple of new fans today. exactly and this moment, wow.
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he has really turned his career around. he has been one of those we have been talking about as a star of the future but you really get the feeling he's making the breakthrough now. for the last couple years he has been called the next number one which is a high billing to live up to. he was number three last year, he consolidated his form with another great season finishing who knows. he was number five so he stood up to the plate and perform at one of the superstars butjust let the proof and play against the greatest of all time and he did. he did and he may face djokovic because djokovic is facing kevin anderson. djokovic is looking almost unbeatable those? the second half of the season we call him novak the wall djokovic. because he can touch any ball. he was the only player going through and had not lost. he looks like the favourite.
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elsewhere at the atp finals, jamie murray and partner bruno soares missed out on the final after losing to american pair mike bryan and jack sock. they were beaten 6—3, 4—6, 10—4 to go out at this stage of the competition for the third straight year. scotland's nations league match against albania is underway. a win by two goals for alex mcleish‘s side would leave them a point away from winning the group. but he's had to make eight changes to the team, with nine players pulling out of the squad. currently 0—0. in the women's super league, bristol city condemned liverpool to a third straight defeat thanks to first half goals from lucy graham and ella rutherford.
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graham put the home side in front after 16 minutes with this powerful header and they doubled their lead just five minutes later — liverpool keeper anke preuss couldn't hold on to a long—range shot and rutherford was quickest to react for her first goal for the club. liverpool did pull one back, but city held on for the win that sees them climb up to sixth in the league. let's have a quick look now at some of the day's other sports stories. yamaha's maverick vinyales will start on pole for the final motogp he finished ahead of suzuki's alex rns and ducati's andrea dovizioso. honda's recent five time world champion marc marquez recovered from a crash to finish fifth fatest. great britain opened their hockey champions trophy match with a 2—2 draw against hosts china. lily 0wsley scored the equaliser. they face australia next at 6am tomorrow morning. ronnie 0'sullivan is through to the final of the northern ireland 0pen after a thrilling deciding frame victory over mark selby.
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in a high quality contest, this incredible fluke in the decider proved pivotal for 0'sullivan, as he cleared up to take the match on the final black. great britian‘s sam ingram couldn't bring home the 100kg category title at thejudo world championships in portugal as he was beaten by georgia's zviad gogotchuri in the final. now, how is this for a festive—themed prize? the fis world cup slalom season got underway in levi, finland, today — and it wasn'tjust medals up for grabs inside the arctic circle. the winner gets a reindeer, yummy! here is winner mikaela shiffrin with her brand new pet, alongside who else, but father christmas! it is almost that time, isn't it? it is indeed. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. goodbye.
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reindeer, note the weather has been dry across most of the u k today. we start off with cloud across uk but notice how the sunlight burns away with semi coming out for most areas. the exceptions northern ireland and eastern areas of scotland. just the bit gloomy. the end the day also in the highlands this was the setting sun. a lot of weather is interlinked and i will show you what's going on iceland today. near the arctic circle temperatures got 17 celsius today. that is incredibly warm. warm weather will be pushing into the heart of the arctic. that will knock colder air across northern europe.
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with that cold air surgeon in towards our shores, temperatures will dive with winds digging its heels in. looking at the weather pressure overnight tonight, the cloud in northern ireland is breaking quite nicely with the sky sky clearing. cold night tonight with the towns and cities temperatures going to low single figures. the winds finished the fall... the deeper values into the highlands there will be some patches of frost. it will certainly feel cold as we start on sunday. pressure still with us in scandinavia with these easterly winds bringing in dry air. that dry air means there will not be much cloud around and noticed northern ireland where you have had cloud today it will be a glorious day tomorrow. not much cut for eastern areas of scotland. what little should should turn away. it should leave sunshine across the country as he had into the afternoon. it will be chilly with a wind. temperatures a bit normalfor
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time of year —— this time there. it will turn cloutier and cooler as we have there monday. the across —— across eastern coast of scotland will be picking up a few drizzle. damp and drizzly theme continuing on into to say but to say, look at the temperatures. looks of four or five celsius with a cold air heading across wales. cold down for the nurse up across wales. cold down for the nurse up for scotland and northern ireland. normal monday with sunshine. but it will cool as we headed to tuesday and wednesday. temperatures for some struggling around four or five celsius. you have just got around four or five celsius. you havejust got time around four or five celsius. you have just got time to dig out those winter bullies. bye for now. this is bbc news.
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the headlines. five ministers in theresa may's cabinetjoin forces to try and persuade her to make changes to the draft brexit agreement. president trump is visiting california, where wildfires have killed at least 71 people and left thousands homeless. it seems that many more people are missing than anyone thought even possible and i want to be with the firefighters and the fema, first responders. according to reports in us media, the cia believes the saudi crown prince ordered the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. the broadcaster, writer and former newsreader, richard baker, has died at the age of 93. and coming up at 8.30 in tech giants, an expert panel discusses fake news within the media.


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