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children's television, so tom can enjoy more of his favourite programmes in a language he understands. lorna gordon, bbc news, falkirk. time for a look at the weather... here's ben rich it is still cold. and mac at home is about to make it into the weather forecast, and it is like that. it is cold, feeling cold and it looks cold, feeling cold and it looks cold, the scene on the norfolk coast earlier, cloud racing from the east, speckled cloud, that is indicative of quite some showers racing across the map, showers continuing, most of them falling as rain but there could be some sleet, even wet snow mixing in over the highest ground, those showers brought in on a brisk wind, busting a0 miles an hour or more. the thermometer will range between
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a-7d, the thermometer will range between a—7d, add on the strength of the wind at 5pm this afternoon it will feel like freezing in birmingham, cardiff and norwich, go through this evening and tonight, chilly, further bursts of showery rain pushing north westwards, not only raised over high ground, the tops of the pennines, the scottish mountains, we are likely to see some sleet and snow, maybe even a covering of snow on the highest tolls. staying breezy, holding temperatures in most places between 2—5d. at 8am tomorrow some rain, some of that hill and mountain is no continuing across scotland, a role easterly wind, for northern ireland a scattering of showers, similar across northern england, snow showing up the pennines, over the welsh hills and mirrors of the south that could be snow as well. from these showers that could be hailand from these showers that could be hail and thunder, creeping to the west midlands as the day wears on. for northern ireland and scotland,
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largely cloudy, patchy rain and east, by the stage tomorrow something quieter, dry and bright if not a lot warmer, but with lighter winds it should feel a little bit better. with clear skies and lighter winds on wednesday night into thursday we see quite a widespread frost for a time into the first part of the estate. as we go through the day it looks quieter, dry for many, a lot of cloud feeding from the east, perhaps big name to produce the odd spot of rain here and there, temperatures, it's a slow process but they begin to nudge upwards, 7-iid. but they begin to nudge upwards, 7-11d. that's but they begin to nudge upwards, 7—iid. that's the story as we head towards the end of the week, pressure it spinning to the south—west bringing more southerly winds, tapping into something less chilly, as we head into the weekend, things going to turn a bit less cold, there could still be some rain at times. thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime the prime minister will travel to
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brussels tomorrow to meet the european commission president and is continuing criticism of the brexit agreement from within her party. that's all from the bbc news at one , so it's goodbye from me , england wing chris ashton is set to miss out on the weekend game. he has got a calf injury. he was replaced in the first half of the match against japan at the in the first half of the match againstjapan at the weekend. in the first half of the match against japan at the weekend. the full extent of the problem is expected to be revealed soon following a scan. the uefa president aleksander ceferin says there will
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not be a breakaway super league of europe's top clubs. speaking to the bbc alongside the juventus chairman andrea agnelli, they were responding to the claims that talks had taken place to create the new competition. super league will not happen, this is out of the question. and i think the clubs can confirm it. do you agree with that? we are fully engaged with uefa in shaping the game going forward. the final round of nations league group matches takes place tonight. if scotland beat israel at hampden park, they'll top their group and get promoted to the second tier. and perhaps more importantly they will earn a play—off spot for euro 2020, should they fail in next year's normal qualification process. the sides are level on points at the top of their group and scotland need the win because they lost away in israel last month. it is a huge game, you know
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it is, we took on a huge game at the weekend, after the israel disappointment. and we absolutely nailed it. we just have to take that forward and realise, the players are under no illusion. sir mo farah will make another attempt to win the london marathon next april. he finished third this spring, in his first race over the distance since quitting the track, but went on to win the chicago marathon last month in a new european record. he is expecting another world class field in london that will include the kenyan world record holder eliud kipchoge. i think anything is possible, having run my first two marathons good,
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third in london and then winning chicago in 2.05. 0bviously, we've got to face kipchoge, he is the based out there. and the guy is good, he hasn't lost many marathons. but i am excited to take him on and hopefully give it my all and see what happens. and i believe i can mix it with him and the rest of the athletes. the australian cricketers steve smith, david warner and cameron bancroft won't have their bans lifted or shortened. that's what the player union wanted after a review found that the culture within cricket australia may have contrinuted to their actions. smith and warner were suspended for 12 months and bancroft for nine for ball—tampering in south africa in march. the players‘ union wanted the punishments lifted, saying they'd suffered enough, but cricket australia said it wouldn't be appropriate. bancroft will be eligible to return next month but smith and warner have four months still to serve. great britain are still searching for their first win at this years champions trophy, after being held to a 2—2 draw byjapan. tess howard scored her first international goal to help the reigning 0lympic champions to an early 2—0 lead. but japan fought back to take
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a point, leaving britain fourth in the table with two group games remaining. they face the netherlands next — it's their first meeting since the rio final two years ago. laura davies will be a vice captain for the european team at next year's solheim cup at gleneagles. the 55—year—old holds the record for appearances and points scored in the competition. she'll support captain catriona matthew in september alongside suzann pettersen and kathryn imrie. the usa have won the last two solheim cups. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. just a bit more breaking rugby union news, leigh halfpenny has been ruled out of wales‘ final match of the autumn series, against the springboks, he‘s still suffering from concussion which he picked up about a week and a half ago against australia. i will be back with much more in the next half an hour or so. the letting company airbnb says it
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will stop renting out homes in israeli settlements in the west bank. the company says it made the decision because settlements are at the "core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians". it‘s been welcomed by palestinians but israel is threatening legal action. yolande knell reports. israeli homes in the occupied west bank. this is a jewish settlement that welcomes holidaymakers. this property is listed on airbnb and rented out for short stays. a source of income for the owners. but now, airbnb says it won‘t allow such properties on its website. it says settlements are at the core of the dispute between israel and palestinians. and that‘s provoked a furious reaction from israeli officials. it‘s upsetting because the idea behind airbnb was to get people to meet people, where they actually live, to understand their surroundings, to understand their needs and to maybe understand even their dreams. it‘s giving into extreme people who don‘t have any intention in promoting peace but rather bringing people further
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away from one another. settlements are built on land that israel captured and occupied in the 1967 middle east war. they‘re seen as illegal under international law although israel disagrees. tourism is an important source of income for palestinians who have long campaigned for airbnb to take action in the west bank. we very much welcome this decision and we believe that this decision is very, very important. and we hope that all companies, all travel companies, will do the same as soon as possible. israeli authorities say they are now looking at possible legal action. about 200 properties are due to be removed from the accommodation rental website in the coming days. yolande knell, bbc news, jerusalem. the bbc is launching a consultation on how licence fees will be funded in the future for older people. currently, everyone aged 75 or over can apply for a free licence, in a scheme which was initially
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funded by the government — and now the bbc. the bbc director general lord hall spoke to our media editor amol rajan a little earlier. the era when it was relatively easy to find savings within the bbc is over. it is getting much, much harder now, both within the bbc and compared with the very big companies like netflix and amazon and apple who can just scoop up whatever we‘ve got and pay a lot more and lose it. so we‘ve got a real balance here between being as efficient as we can within the budget that we‘ve got, we need to do that to justify to every licence fee payer that we are not
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wasting money. but we‘ve also got to realise that whereas there was a cosy setu p realise that whereas there was a cosy setup in broadcasting in this country, itv, bbc, channela, sky, ourselves, we are now in a situation where a lock of viewing is now done through big american companies. what is our role in that? i think we have a very important role going forward and what comes out in this compensation will help define what that role is. people with incurable cancer are being told that even a small amount of exercise can help them live not just better, but possibly longer. macmillan cancer care says, contrary to traditional doctors‘ advice, rest is not always best. jayne mccubbin went to see gemma ellis, a mum with secondary cancer who is gearing up to run herfirst 5k. gemma was diagnosed and treated for cancer in her early 30s. at that point, i believed that i was clear. but — there was always a but — there was a shadow on my spine.
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the cancer had spread. aged 37, with two young girls, she was told it was treatable but not curable. it was there and i knew i‘ve got it, i‘ve got to live with it. that was the moment gemma knew she would make a change. and left leg... are you out of your comfort zone right now? very much so, thank you. yeah. totally. but you look like a ninja! yeah, that‘s me! with stage two cancer and two new training buddies, she‘s gearing up for her first ever 5k parkrun in 12 weeks. ijust keep thinking, right, well, you know, if the treatment lasts that long, and then i‘ve got another line of treatment there, then another one might come out and i might be able to have that. you know, you never know. that‘s where this comes in. team gemma. well done. good start today. how was it? honestly? laughter. none of this journey is easy,
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but her training partners, tony and helen, know exactly what she‘s going through, and how this could help. i was actually only diagnosed in may 2017, and i went from training for an ultra—marathon to being terminally ill in 36 hours, which was a bit of a shock. i was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in april 2016, sixs month after doing a half—ironman, my first question to my oncologist was, can i still do it? and his reply was, absolutely, i could. and knowing that has kept me sane. and i really hope that, as part of this process, you're really going to kind of find that works for you too. yeah, that‘s what i‘m hoping. and march. macmillan, the cancer charity, says this is about more than hope. exercise can help patients with incurable cancer notjust live better, but live longer. doctors have always advised their patients to rest. rest is not always best. small amounts of physical activity, not running marathons, or leaping around in lycra, can make a really significant difference.
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there certainly does seem to be an effect on some of the growth factors that stimulate cancer to grow. 5k, had you ever thought about a 5k before? no. laughter. how's she going to go? we've worked out a training plan for gemma. i think gemma might learn to hate us over the course of the next 12 weeks. gemma's gonna be amazing. it's slippy, innit? yeah. i don‘t know my prognosis and i never want to know my prognosis. but i know that it‘s probably not great. but somewhere in the back of my mind, i keep thinking, i will be here, i‘ll be here to see that, i keep giving myself little milestones. i‘m hitting them already. and i intend to do so for a long time. in a moment we‘ll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news. theresa may faces more pressure over her brexit plans, after the democratic unionist party warned it was sending her
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a message by failing to back the government on a budget vote. the prime minister will meet the president of the european commission tomorrow to discuss the political declaration on the future relationship between the uk and eu. for the first time ever, no part of the uk has hit any of its key nhs waiting time targets for cancer, a&e and routine operations. routine operations for a whole year. i‘m vishala sri—pathma, in the business news... carlos goen, the boss of car maker nissan, is under fire for what prosecutors say are "significant acts of misconduct". he‘s expected to be fired from nissan after being arrested in japan. he‘s also set to be fired from his role leading an alliance that includes mitsubishi motors and french car maker renault. (00v) easyjet said it flew a record number of passengers over the year, easyjet said it flew a record number
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of passengers over the year, up 10.2% to 88.5 million. profits were up a2%. but the group has warned that revenues per seat, the amount of money it makes from each passenger, are set to fall in the first half of the new financial year, hit by factors including the timing of easter. more on that shortly. 0nline electrical retailer a0 world has cut its losses, falling to £11.7 million, down from a £12 million loss last year. but the firm has warned that a challenging market could force it to rely on the second half of the year to meet overal expectations for the year. hello and welcome to the business news this afternoon. it‘s been a turbulent year for the airline industry, but the budget airline easyjet says its annual profitjumped by a1% in its full year results. bookings for next year according to the airline were "promising" and slightly ahead of summer this year, with half its seats sold for the first half of 2019. but some analysts are cautious given brexit uncertainty and cost pressure from weakness in the pound.
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interestingly, the boss of easyjet johan lundgren was adamant that flights would continue operating in april, even if there was a no—deal brexit scenario. let‘s talk to john strickland, aviation expert atjls consulting. these results are pretty impressive given the climate that airlines are operating in, you have got a situation where fuel gusts are higher, lots of disruption in terms of strikes, pilots, air—traffic control, and yet they post quite healthy profit? yes, they have had a very good year, they were bolsters by the misfortunes of some of the other airlines in the market. we had monarch disappearing from the market and another company as well and easyj et was and another company as well and easyjet was able to mop up some of that capacity in the market and give them a much stronger position in
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berlin and the german market. looking ahead they have indicated that it will not be quite so benign in the coming months, particularly early next year, we have seen capacity pick up which will make it harder to compete than it was in the past. and we have the rising prices of fuel. today‘s profits are a testa m e nt to of fuel. today‘s profits are a testament to the success of the business and it is very well placed to weather any coming storms unlike some smaller airlines we have seen recently going out of business. something interesting they said today was that airlines, flat parts, would continue post—brexit, whatever the scenario, how have they managed to do this? easyjet has prepared itself as much as any airline can, have acquired a new operating licence in austria so that whatever happens in the machinations of brexit, they are licensed either way to continue flying as they do in the uk but also around other eu markets.
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easyj et uk but also around other eu markets. easyjet is just an important player outside of the uk as it is inside. they are flying muscles between france and spain or germany and spain. it is not all about the uk market. i think they are optimistic that there will be some sort of deal but they would much rather there wasn‘t this uncertainty hanging over the details, we really need to see the details, we really need to see the politicians get a grip on this and provide certainty about the market. we will have to wait and see if what they say is indeed true. well our top story in business today is following the arrest of the nissan boss carlos goan in tokyo, the french finance minister has said mr ghoen was no longer in a position to lead renault. mr goen is also chair of the the renault—nissan—mistibushi alliance. the french state has a 15% stake in renault. members of renault‘s board of directors are expected to meet today. shares in the car maker fell a further 2.5% today after falling 8% yesterday when that news first broke.
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earlier we spoke to professor peter wells, who told us that he expects more investigations into the activities of carlos ghosn. more investigations into the activities of carlos ghosnlj more investigations into the activities of carlos ghosn. i think activities of carlos ghosn. i think a retrospective investigation will now be ongoing within all of the companies which make up the alliance, including the company in russia where carlos ghosn has been involved. and this will go back several years probably to make sure that nothing similar has happened elsewhere within the entire corporate empire. he has been that alter the alliance in so many rules and it is going to be quite an important issue for the company to deal with. particularly taking the company deal with. particularly taking the com pa ny forward deal with. particularly taking the company forward in true electric vehicles at a time when the rest of the industry was very sceptical, he was very brave and he put his reputation on the line and he really did forge a pathway at the rest of the industry. also he opened up new geographical markets which have become very, very important for the
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business. a late morning surge by the footsie in the wake of comments by the bank of england governor, mark carney, has fizzled out. the bank of england chief mark carney broadly backed theresa may‘s brexit plan earlier today, so a bit of good news for the pound to cling on to. 0n share movements... e—cigarettes slightly down, actually, after their results, which is interesting. —— easyjet. that‘s all the business news. one of central america‘s most active volcanos has erupted for the fifth time this year. guatemala‘s fuego volcano, which is near the capital, is spewing out ash and lava, forcing the evacaution of thousands living nearby. the latest flare—up is reminiscent of a deadly eruption injune which killed almost 200 people. georgina smyth has more. molten lava against a night sky. this is guatemala‘s volcan de fuego, or volcano of fire. it‘s living up to its name, currently spewing out fast moving flows of ash, lava and gas.
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by day, a towering column of smoke can be seen, rising more than a kilometre into a grey sky, officials have declared a red alert. nearly a,000 people have been evacuated from a nearby town, which is close to the country‘s capital. half of those taken to safety were living within a ten kilometre radius of the volcano. a local football stadium is serving as a temporary shelterfor residents. translation: it started with smoke and around seven o‘clock at night, it really started thundering. and then spewing fire and lava all over the place. and always thundering. that sound can really scare a person, scare a community. evacuations are becoming close to routine for the town of fuego. injune, more than 190 people were killed when the volcano erupted.
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translation: we are still afraid after the last eruption and that's why we were evacuated at midnight and brought over here. this is the fifth eruption this year, the latest was just last month. georgina smyth, bbc news. children use them all the time but could scooters for adults help cut pollution and congestion? electric scooters are currently illegal on public roads and pavements in the uk but campaign groups say they hope this will change in the nearfuture. graham satchell reports. the electric scooter — is this the answer to britain‘s congested, polluted roads? i haven‘t been on a scooter since i was about six, so this could be good. 0h, 0k.
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that wasn‘t good. as i rather uncertainly unleashed my inner six—year—old, the man behind this electric scooter was having some big thoughts. we‘ve got to a breaking point in cities across the uk, where congestion is at an all—time high, air quality is at an all—time high, so we have to try and make a difference here and provide the public with an alternative. if this is the future of short—hop journeys, there are a couple of problems. scooters aren‘t legal either on the road or the pavement in the uk, which is why this trial is happening on private land at the olympic park in london. the scooters in this trial are only available to hire. you unlock them with a smartphone, and their speed is limited to 15 miles an hour.
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the government says it‘s looking at the legislation, but, even if the law changes, there are other worries. do i think they‘d be safe on the road in amongst the traffic? probably not, no, really. mixing something the size of a scooter with trucks or delivery vans, buses and all the other things we need on our roads, to fit that in is going to be difficult to make that a safe environment. electric scooters have boomed in popularity around the world — in america, france, holland and other european countries, where clear rules are in place to make them as safe as possible. this is certainly not for fast roads and certainly not for the pavement. we want them in the cycle paths and we will work with cities and governments across the uk to invest in actually improving those cycle infrastructures, so that both cyclists and scooter riders can both ride safely. the trial in elizabeth park runs for the next three months. electric scooters, driverless cars, smart roads, getting from a to b could be unrecognisable in future. graham satchell, bbc news.
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it‘s not even december yet, but the trumps have already got their christmas tree. president trump and first lady melania watched their tree, which was brought by horse and carriage, arrive at the white house. the president is not traditionally present for the tree‘s arrival, but made a special appearance this year. the fraser fir is 19.5ft tall, and was grown on a farm in north carolina. now it‘s time for a look at the weather. iam not i am not going to get into the christmas forecast just yet, but for the time being, it is cold, particularly close to the east coast. the satellite picture shows
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the cloud racing in from the east, quite a speckled appearance, you might notice, indicating that we have got quite a few showers, these showers keep on coming through the afternoon, some of them on the heavy side, most falling as rain. there is a chance of some sleet and snow over high ground. and a brisk easterly wind. by around five o‘clock it might say a—7 degrees but with the strength of the wind it will feel more like freezing in norwich, birmingham and in cardiff. and certainly as we go into this evening, feeling chilli if you‘re out and about. still some shrubbery rain drifting north—west buddhism. 0ver any hills in the south, and over the pennines and the scottish mountains, there is the potential for sums leaked and snow. temperatures will not drop too far apart from temperatures will not drop too far apartfrom in temperatures will not drop too far apart from in the far south—west. sir. -- apart from in the far south—west. sir. —— potential for some apart from in the far south—west. sir. —— potentialfor some sleet apart from in the far south—west. sir. —— potential for some sleet and snow. a will easterly wind. bit of
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snow. a will easterly wind. bit of snow over high ground in the pennines tomorrow morning. mostly rainfor pennines tomorrow morning. mostly rain for northern ireland. there may even be a bit of snow over the hills over south wales and the moors of the west country. these showers will drift up towards the west midlands. for scotland and northern ireland, outbreaks of patchy rain and hill snow moving north—west buddhism. towards the south and the easter, something drier and brighter if not much warmer. —— towards the south and the east. clear skies thursday night —— wednesday night into thursday, so is —— so there is the potential for quite a widespread frost. 0n potential for quite a widespread frost. on thursday it will not be and —— as windy and not be feeling is cold, temperatures just nudging
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up is cold, temperatures just nudging upa is cold, temperatures just nudging up a little bit, taking us towards the end of the week. moving into friday, this area of low pressure will be spinning down to the south—west, bringing the potential for some rain at times, particularly in the south. it also brings more of a southerly wind and some slightly less cold air. so, temperatures recovering just a little bit as we head into the weekend but there will be some rain at times. hello, you‘re watching afternoon live. i‘m simon mccoy. today at 2pm: amid signs the attempts to force a vote of confidence have stalled, theresa may prepares to head to brussels to discuss the uk‘s future with the eu after brexit. for the first time, the nhs has failed to meet its waiting time targets for cancer, a&e, and routine operations for a whole year across the uk. four dead at a chicago hospital after a man shoots a doctor thought to be his ex—fiancee, and then fires at random before killing himself. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport. there are some injury problems for
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two of the whole nations ahead of their final two of the whole nations ahead of theirfinal rugby two of the whole nations ahead of their final rugby union are some internationals. no leigh halfpenny for wales, chris ashton set to miss out for england. thanks, and ben rich has all the weather.


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