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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 20, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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english cricket announced today what it hopes will be a major step forward in inspiring a new generation of female players. over £1 million of lottery funding will be used to recruit some 2,000 mentors. these female role models will work directly to take advantage of enthusiasm for cricket in asian communities across the uk. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson was at the launch of the scheme. english cricket can't afford to miss an opportunity, nor a player. we get the bat and then get the ball and then try to run. well, lottery money will now fund 2000 new ecb mentors, specifically for female cricket in south asian communities like leicester's. even for me, if i had a female role model orfemale coaches whilst growing up, that would have made such a big difference. i could potentially still be playing cricket, you know. i dropped out. maybe that was the actual reason. but there are bigger issues. there's actually parents‘ permission for these girls to get out and do that. having those female role models
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will tackle that because those parents will trust those women. isa guha was an outstanding player for england but she stands almost alone as a woman from a south asian background to make it that far. i was very lucky to be involved in the england pathway at a young age. i'm hoping that, with an increased pool of talent, more will come through. i think that is what this is aiming to do. it's notjust about playing cricket, it's about just getting women involved in general. well, you never know where a career in cricket might then take you. i think over there it's graeme swann, and his dance partner, 0ti mabuse. well, strictly is really another sporting stage and if you want to know about role models, well, listen to the professional. to go out there and to do your best, i think you can relate to a lot of girls who don't think they can do it. and so, having women in sport, being strong and actually holding the flag for it just says, we are here and we are equal
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and we are just as strong. we are world champions in the women's game. world champions, i'll repeat that. we have the best team in the world and if we can tap into it, especially the asian market, the young girls growing up, we can be world champions for the next 50 years. feeling the confidence to try depends so much on having the right teacher — wherever, however you choose to perform. joe wilson, bbc news, in leicester. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, but here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson. the headlines tonight. scotland secure a play off spot for euro 2020 with victory over israel. british 0lympian nigel levine is banned forfour years — could that spell the end of his sprint career.
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what's happened to the olympic champions? great britain struggle at hockey‘s champions trophy. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson. good evening. scotland secured a play off spot for euro 2020 should they fall short in next year's qualification process, after a 3—2 win over israel in their final nations league match at hampden park. james forrest scored a hat—trick, which means they also earn promotion from their group. joe lynskey reports. the nations elite has breathed new life into the international break. for scotland, a brings a new opportunity. topping the group stage opens the back group to a major final and opens the back group to a major finaland a 20 opens the back group to a major final and a 20 year weight would come down to a playoff, but to get
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their scotland had to beat israel, and at this stadium has rarely seen it done easy. when hampden park night visitors opened the scoring many sensed the same old story, but this team does have characters emerge in right now and james forrest is showing their clinical street. this was the equaliser to break the tension. he already scored twice for scotland against albania on saturday. now the celtic man was crowning a perfect week. his second goal made him belief, but even in the noise he was composed enough for a third. i had tried to define the night and restore the roar. there would be one israel goal back in an inevitable nervous finish, the best competition —— but this competition have unlocked a new scottish bravery and a route to a finals could be paved through a forest. reading defender chris gunter now holds the record number of caps for wales, surpassing previous holder neville southall. gunter made his 93rd appearance for wales as they were beaten 1—0 by albania. the hosts only goal came from the penalty spot
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as harry wilson fouled taulant xhaka and bekin balaj stepped up to score in the second half. several championship clubs say they are "gravely concerned" that they have been ignored, as the efl negotiated a new tv rights deal with sky sports. the deal is worth £595 million over five years — but the clubs, who are unnamed — say that's not enough to ensure the financial survival of all 72 clubs covered by the deal. the efl say financial security for clubs was an "absolute priority" during discussions — and that this is the best way to maximise exposure for the leagues and their competitions. the chief executive of the professional footballer‘s association has dodged questions about his future this evening. gordon taylor is facing calls to step down — amid claims the union doesn't do enough to support former players, and that it's time for a new leader be elected to modernise it. taylor's been in charge for 37 years — and there have also been questions about his £2.29 million salary.
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tonight, when asked by our sports editor dan roan he refused to address the controversy: mr taylor. hello, sir. mrtaylor. hello, sir. grujic delete we ask whether or not you are considering the opposition of the players who want you to step down. any comment at all? no. the amount of money you have received, anything at all you want to say about why thatis at all you want to say about why that is the right amount to receive? any message at all for the players who expressed concern? any comment at all? the liverpool forward daniel sturridge has asked for extra time to respond to his fa charge for breaching betting rules. he had been given until 6:00 this evening to reply. it is likely the request will be granted, but it's not yet known how much extra time he will be given. -- it is —— it is unlikely the request will be granted. it's believed the charge relates to his loan move away from anfield earlier this year.
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a spokesman had previously said sturrdge had told liverpool he's never gambled on football. 0lympic sprinter nigel levine has been banned from all sport for four years after failing a drugs test. the european indoor gold medallist was provisionally suspended in february after failing a test for an asthma drug that can be used to enhance performance. levine had tried to prove that the positive test was the result of taking contaminated supplements, but uk anti—doping say that he was was unable to prove that he took it unintentionally, and as a result they have hit him with the maximum ban of four years, backdated to last december. to rugby union and it's been a full on month for the home nations, wales are acually going for their first clean sweep in the autumn series. they have wins against scotland, australia and tonga, but for theirfinal match in cardiff. they will have to do without full—back leigh halfpenny — he was concussed in this collision with the wallabies samu kerevi ten days ago. halfpenny still hasn't recovered. warren gatland accused
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the australian player of being reckless at the time. it's australia next for england and they are going to be without wing chris ashton. he has a calf injury. he has featured in all three of the autumn internationals so far but was replaced in the first half of saturday's win against japan. jack nowell and jonny may are expected to be the wingers for the match now. just a couple of years ago, great britain's women won an historic hockey gold at the rio 0lympics. but it's been a tough two years since — they lost their coach, they're without key players such as goalkeeper maddie hinch and captain alex danson — and they've been accused of lacking motivation. they're currently taking part in the champion's trophy in china — and have yet to record a win, today throwing away a 2—nil lead to lose to japan. emily croydon reports: the olympic champions are in
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transition, it an interim coach, a stand in captain, and many new faces in the squad. this tournament is the first step on the road to the next games in tokyo, but it was one of the rio stars who may be early breakthrough. sobhi finishing off a slick move for great britain. has howard was a surprise selection for her debut tournament here, but the 19—year—old student looks the part, showing real tenacity to score her first international goal. david ralph's new look side seemed on track for a first window sloppy defending in the second quarter but injapan to close the deficit. japan are only ranked 14th in the world, but they were applying all the pressure, and after a string of penalty corners, she was their hero once again. frustration for great britain were still yet to register a win in this tournament. they face the world champions the netherlands next. plenty for great britain to
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ponder. england have begun their preparations ahead of their women's world twenty—twenty semi—final clash with west indies. the sides go head to head on thursday evening, and jo currie is in antigua with the team and sent this report. the t-20 the t—20 world cup train, maybe that should be plain, has rolled into antigua. the england team arrived here yesterday from saint lucia after a relatively successful group stage saw them finish second, which means they now based in glee —— india and the semifinals on thursday night. a place at the final is at sta ke, night. a place at the final is at stake, and before that match weird going to get the thoughts. stake, and before that match weird going to get the thoughtslj stake, and before that match weird going to get the thoughts. i often think semifinals are the hardest because once you've made the final, it isa because once you've made the final, it is a tough game against a team that played really well so far in this tournament. i'm sure it'll be a pretty good game. i think they're playing really good cricket at the men and they show that especially in their last game —— at the minute. they have really strong players. i think they'll come along way since that final 18 months ago, a lot can
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change ina that final 18 months ago, a lot can change in a period of time and it look really strong welljewelled side but we know in our day we are pretty good team is also i think it's set up really well. england versus india for a place in world cup final. the only that can scupper it is the weather and that is because if it rains and the semifinal is a washed out it is india who go through automatically to the final because they finish in the group stage top of the group and english —— england only finished second. franklin in particular it is fingers crossed for blue skies and sunny weather ahead of thursday. we will keep you across of that result as we get it. wales' lauren price is guaranteed at least a bronze medal at the women's world boxing championships in delhi. she beat the pole elzbieta wojcki in her middleweight quarter—final on a spilt decision. she'll do well to reach the final though, she faces the dutch european champion nouchka fontijin in friday's semi—final. and dame laura davies will be a vice captain
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for the european team at next year's solheim cup at gleneagles. the 55—year—old holds the record for appearances and points scored in the competition. she'll support captain catriona matthew in september alongside suzann pettersen and kathryn imrie. the usa have won the last two solheim cups. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster david davies and political leader writer for the financial times, sebastian payne.
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warm welcome today. thank you for being with us. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the daily telegraph leads on spain's claim that scotland will be free to rejoin the eu after brexit — in a stance seen by some as hypocritical after madrid's long—standing opposition to catalonia becoming an independent country. brexit also leads the daily express which looks ahead to theresa may's visit to brussels tomorrow as she tries to seal her brexit deal. "who do you think you are kidding?" that's the headline on the front of the metro which splashes on the so—far—unsuccessful attempt by tory rebels to unseat the prime minister. the guardian says one in four europeans now vote for populists after carrying out an analysis of the surge of right wing parties across the continent. the times claims britain and america were leading an 11th—hour attempt last night to stop an alleged former kgb agent
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becoming the next head of the global police body — interpol. the online independent leads on what it calls the nhs‘ ‘mental health crisis' which the paper says is leaving victims of terror attacks with no support. the daily mail warns of an ‘epidemic of child gamblers' — citing figures from a new report which says over 50,000 young people under the age of 17 have a gambling problem. and the financial times says the arrest of nissan boss carlos ghosn came amid his proposed merger with renault — which the company's board opposed. we be discussing two or three of those front pages with my guest here. let's start off with that metro. sebastian, who do you think you are getting? having jacob rees—mogg really as captain mannering, i'm not sure whether he will please with that. it was jacob
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rees—mogg who compared himself to captain mannering because he said in his very curious press conference we had today which is a full line—up of brexiteers making their case against theresa may's package and someone said is this a bumbling dad's army style, he said i've always admired captain mannering, their apb comment from the remainder and she said it's more of eight —— war began to private pike. what this all really gets to is the fact of these eurosceptics have wanting to get —— having wanted to get rid of theresa may and they were in a position where they were against her policy and not the person. ever since she came back with the deal last week they said actually the person now needs to go, but they've actually failed in their attempt and there's been a big split amongst


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