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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 24, 2018 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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what will a continuous conversation. what will your school reports like? a continuous conversation. what will your school reports like ?|i a continuous conversation. what will your school reports like? i have no idea, i can't remember a thing about them. where you are in the class, it's a repressed memory. i think you are right. i enjoyed school. thank you very much. that is it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online next on bbc news: the film review, goodnight. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? it is a funny old week. we have assassination nation which is a violent satire.
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we have a new take on robin hood. and the girl in the spiders web. there was a film out a few years ago called unfriended and this was one of those films in which the audience were saying, turn the laptop off! but the whole point is, you can't. this is set in salem, massachusetts where four young women find themselves victims of a witchunt after a huge data breach, somebody hacks the collective data of the town. it is a conservative town, and suddenly they start releasing everybody‘s secret onto the internet. all this anger and hatred is slowly turned towards these four women. meanwhile, the division between people about this breach of data divide between
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the older generation and the younger generation. here is a clip. yeah, there's two types of people in this world. the people who have come to terms with privacy isjust dead. then there' the old people that are still trying to fight it. i guess. i mean, the internet is amazing. this guy in minnesota is like 42, whatever. but basically, he subscribed to my amazon wishlist and now, legit, he just buys me (bleep) all of a sudden. why? i don't know, i guess he really likes my insta. he likes that i'm really real and i'm cool and i'm a free soul. it's really sad because basically 90% of people are just so sad and lonely and have such an unfulfilling life. if i'm, like, inspiring people, you know, and my life is so cool and people connected me on such a level, then, like, basically, myjob for the day is done. like, mark, did you connect, like, with this film?
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you laughed at that clip. it is on the money. what i like about it is, on the one hand there is echoes of films like heathers and to some extent clueless. obviously the crucible because are in salem. and it also has a very strong dose of a film like the purge in which society descends into total anarchy. we begin with people rampaging around with masks on and the voice—over says, how is it this civilised society turned into this? these four women are being chased. it is scratching away at the surface of the modern world and saying underneath it, all those old hatreds, witchhunts instincts are still there. i really liked it. it walks on a knife edge between social exploration and gleeful exploitation. i think some people will find it too tough, some people will find it too savage, some will find it too violent. i didn't. it had a real bite, i liked how self—aware it was and i went in only
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knowing the title and thinking, this may work, it may not. i was surprisingly impressed even from an old man's point of view. i thought it was sharp! you're not old at all! i think i've seen almost every tv and film version of robin hood! will i like this one? did you like what guy richie did with the legend of king arthur? no. you are in the same territory. you won't like this. what this does, it gives you a modern robin hood so there is a lot of these geezery inflections. robin is sent off to the crusades, he's got a bow and arrow and somewhow the action sequences, you keep expecting helicopters to come overhead. it's a self—consciously modern... taron egerton is robin and ben mendelsohn has a ball as the sheriff of nottingham which is always the best role in the robin hood films. you remember alan rickman completely
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stealing robin hood prince of thieves away from kevin costner? in the case of this, it's not so much revisionist asjust rubbishing the old version. there is a bit in the beginning where a voiceover says, i will not give you a history lesson but you don't want that, i'll give you this instead. positive front, ben mendelsohn has fun as the sheriff of nottingham wearing an outfit which appears to be left over from a fetish cosplay party. and something that makes no sense. it is nothing but swagger but doesn't have enough of that to carry it through. literally, it leaves you thinking, is this more or less ridiculous than russell crowe‘s accent when he did robin hood? may own feeling is, the russell crowe version was more boring but this is more stupid. now, claire foy, formerly known as the queen, now known as the girl in the spider's web. she's back. she's the latest incarnation of lisbeth salander. it is written by david lagercrantz.
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he took over from stig larsson. she's is an avenging angel and is called to steal a programme from nasa which can access all the world's computer codes. everybody wants it and it will fall into the hands of the wrong people, particularly a group called the spiders. where as previous instalments of this series were basically psychological thrillers, this is much more an action—adventure. here is a clip. alarm clock rings. loud explosion. definitely lots of action. action—packed. it doesn't have the grit of the films with noomi rapace. it's more like david fincher‘s. but what it does have going for it is claire foy. the story itself goes into superhero territory. the arejumping into matte black
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cars and motorbikes and it looks like a batman movie. there are lots of stand—offs between people extravagantly dressed. they turn up for a battle after being in a designer shop. she's really good. even when it doesn't make sense, you believe in her character. it is interesting, from her point of view, she's taken on this role to see if she can do something she hasn't done before. she described it as like flexing a new muscle. that is what it's like. she is the strongest thing about the film. she is a reason to see the film. the rest of it is much more hollow and empty. it's playing to a mainstream audience, it doesn't have that dirt under the fingernails the original ones did. it doesn't have quite the style of fincher. they were brilliant plots, this sounds like it is more action, less plot. this is a mission impossible plot. the plot is, there is a thing that allows you to have access to all the nuclear codes in the world. that is a mission impossible story or a batman story, or a superman story. but it is fun, but empty, but she carries it off.
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fun but empty? what kind of an endorsement is that? some of the best things are fun but empty. best out? widows, i loved it, you weren't convinced. i really enjoyed it. i didn't love it as much as you. i thought there were too many characters. ironically, i thought it would make a great tv series, to explore the characters, which it was originally. it needs to be a movie, not a tv series. and this is the right thing, it has the exact right number of characters. it is a 5—star film. i remember the tv series and i thought it was great. this is a different beast. i give it four stars or maybe three, i'm not sure. three and a half! best dvd? skyscraper. the rock meets the towering inferno. the towering inferno and die hard are the same film. what was it lacking? the rock. it is one of those movies that does what it says on the tin. leave your coherent facilities outside, this is a movie
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in which it's a bloke versus a great big building and there's a bunch of stuff that will happen. we will nick riffs from the lady of shanghai but it will be the rock jumping from one high thing to another. i love the rock, i love the towering inferno, i love die hard. i really enjoyed skyscraper. you never leave your facilities outside the cinema, mark? i think the smurfs sequel was a challenge for me. all right, thanks so very much for being with us as ever. mark with his opinion on the week's releases. just a quick reminder before we leave you that you will find more reviews online at kermode, and you can find all of our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that is it for us this week. thank you so much watching, goodbye from us. hello.
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the weather looking better in the south of the country after a wet saturday. some bright weather on saturday. some bright weather on saturday but not clear blue skies and at times it will feel chilly, particularly in the east. a lot of blue from scandinavia. in the next few days that will change with the blues disappear and we will see yellow is coming in so something milder heading our way. sunday
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morning, temperatures in most towns and cities above freezing. 6—7 in the south. a few pockets of frost but it will clear overnight. on sunday itself, we are expecting showers around the eastern coast, possibly filtering into yorkshire and maybe one or two in scotland, the possibility of catching on in northern ireland but you will notice the difference. single figure temperatures. monday, this big blows starting to line themselves up from the atlantic. multiple lows heading oui’ the atlantic. multiple lows heading our way is but before that happens, the calm if all the storm, if you like, before the stormy week. settle whether on monday. mist and fog in
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places but overall, a decent day, it still fairly chilly. that milder air, this is what i am talking about, it is a big load pushing the milderair in our about, it is a big load pushing the milder air in our direction. temperatures are rising. but also a much stronger wind. and some spells of rain. looking at the temperature rise... from single figures that back to the low to mid teens. at risk of some nasty weather next week. remember stay tuned to the weather forecast, it may affect your plans. that's it from me, bye—bye. this is bbc news. i'm aaron safir. our top stories: violence forces the postponement of one of south america's biggest football matches after boca junior‘s team bus
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is attacked in buenos aires. a day of meetings in brussels for theresa may ahead of the historic eu summit that will approve her brexit deal but she denies making concessions on gibraltar to prevent a spanish boycott. the uk's position on the sovereignty ofjob also has not changed and will not change. i am proud that gibraltar is british and i will a lwa ys gibraltar is british and i will always stand by gibraltar. riot police in paris fire tear gas and watercannon at demonstrators protesting over fuel prices riot police in paris fire tear gas and watercannon marvelling at a mummy — archaelogists in egypt unveil one
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