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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 30, 2018 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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and the darkest day of my life. the war of words continues in indian cricket after the women's t20 world cup semifinals. hello and welcome to the programme. we start with the news that the final of the copa libertadores is set to take place more than 6,000 miles from its original venue in buenos aires. the second leg between river plate and boca juniors should have been staged last weekend, but a number of boca players were injured when their team bus was attacked on its way to the monumental stadium, prompting it to be postponed. the south american confederation has revealed the tie will now be played at the home of real madrid, the bernabeu, on the 9th of december. they've also said river plate will be fined $400,000 for the incident which caused the second leg to be called off. they'll also have to play their next two home games in a conmebol competition behind closed doors. boca juniors‘ request to have river plate disqualifed from the final was rejected however the club has said it will appeal the decision. so the final chapter will play out
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in madrid in front of fans from both boca and river, despite the match officially being labled a river home game. well earlier, spanish journalist juan castro, who writes for marca, told us why the spanish capital may have been chosen. security, firstly. the spanish government and the spanish federation has secured to everybody that both fans, both boca juniors and river plate fans can go to the match without robbins with the security, that's first. secondly, of course, madrid is a nice place to travel for boca juniors and river plate fans both from south america, orfrom europe. madrid is an easy city to fly to. thirdly, of course, it isa city to fly to. thirdly, of course, it is a neutral city in which both
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players can be comfortable to play. most importantly, economically, madrid made sure to everybody that there will be lot of money to share for river plate, for boca juniors, for river plate, for boca juniors, for all. those are the full reasons. —— those are the four reasons. staying with football, chelsea and salzburg were among the winners on matchday 5 in the europa league and both maintained their perfect starts in the compeition. 0livier giroud scored twice as chelsea thrashed the greek side paok salonika 4—0 at stamford bridge. and fredrik gulbrandsen scored the only goal of the game, as salzburg beat rb leipzig to make it five wins out of five in group b. the austrians are still unbeaten in 27 matches in all competitions this season, and they're one of six teams who qualified for the last 32 on thursday.
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the 2008 winners zenit saint petersburg are through after beating fc copenhagen. fenerbahce got the point they needed from a goalless dreaw with dinamo zagreb. sporting lisbon won 6—1 in azerbaijan to seal their place in the kockout phase. real betis beat 0lympiakos to qualify from group f with a game to spare. and dynamo kiev are through after a 1—0 victory in astana. the third place playoff of the 2018 african women cup of nations will be played on friday, that wil see cameroon take on mali for the third ticket to qualify for the women's fifa world cup next year in france. mali have never qualified, while cameroon were in canada three years ago. but striker ajara nchout knows just how tough it will be to try make it again. we know it is not easy for us, but we work for that. it is not a problem, we are going to play tomorrow against mali, we know it
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would be easy for us but we will do well because we need to qualify for the world cup. this sunday, the voting closes for the bbc african footballer of the year award. if you haven't voted yet, you're about to hear from the nominees. and if you're an aspiring footballer, they may have some sound advice if you're hoping to make it to the top. details of how to vote to follow, but first let's hear from the cream of african football. my my name is savvy 0mani. —— savvy 0mani. —— sadio mane. my name is savvy 0mani. —— savvy omani. -- sadio mane. -- lam i am mohamed salah. to believe himself, to tell them self i can and i will do it. don't look at what other people have because it is difficult when you see a all the people in their cars and a lot of
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luxuries, you will be like motivated to get some of that. if you believe in what you want, you can have it. good question, but a difficult question. of course, be positive in this way and try to make it better, like 0k, positive in this way and try to make it better, like ok, i want this and do more. well, i would advise myself to leave africa and start my foot ball to leave africa and start my football as early as possible in europe. more younger, you know, from
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like i should be born here. laughter my mum tells me something, she tells me that look the way you a speaking with your friends and your small brother. don't do to people which you don't want people to do to you. you can make your vote by heading over to the bbc sport website and clicking on that african foot wall of the year link. —— footballer. india cricket star mithali raj has said she was "deeply saddened" by accusations that she threw tantrums and threatened to quit before being controversially dropped during the twenty20 world cup. raj, who is the highest scorer in women's international cricket tweeted this earlier, describing it as the darkest day of her life. she's denied claims she had demanded to choose her own batting position earlier in the tournament. nikesh rughani from the bbc‘s asian network says it's shocked the whole of indian cricket. after the tournament, after india
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we re after the tournament, after india were knocked out, and open letter was written to the indian cricket board, suggesting she was disappointed by the way she was treated by team management and the head coach. she was unable to communicate with him, she felt that he was selling —— showing bias against her and he didn't want her in the side and even when she tried to have conversations with him at training sessions he said that she —— she said that he would go on and pretend to be on the phone. the coach responded, sending a report of the corner to the cricket board and in that he stated that she was disruptive, a disruptive member of the side, as she only put herself first. she threatened to retire on the spot and leave the tournament altogether if she was not allowed to open the batting in the tournament.
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i tried to contact her earlier today, she said she is in no mood to speak to the media at the moment and is trying to concentrate on the indian domestic season which is just starting at the moment. she was and willing to really expand on that. but the latest is that she denies all of these accusations and she is very disappointed at the way that she has been treated. golf, and patrick reed and patrick ca ntlay are thejoint—leaders after the first round of the hero world challenge in the bahamas. but it was a mixed day for the tournament host tiger woods. with his yacht docked at a nearby marina, tiger woods had an up—and down start to the tournament which is behing played in the bahamas for the fourth time. the world number 13 opened up with a i—over—par round of 73 which included a triple—bogey at the par 3 12th. the winner of this tournament last year was rickie fowler, and he's one shot better off that woods. fowler began the defence of his title with a level par round of 72. but thejoint—leaders are patrick cantlay,
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and this man, patrick reed. they both carded 7—under—par 65s and they're three shots clear of the field. on day 2 of the men's hockey world cup in india, there were wins for both new zealand and argentina. 0lympic champions argentina edged out spain 4—3, and in the later game, stephenjenness scored the winner as the black sticks beat france 2—i. on friday, australia begin the defence of their title against ireland. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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yesterday was a really dramatic day of large and crashing waves and some very strong gusts of wind. the top gust was recorded on the western edge of the isle of wight, at the needles — a gust of 82 miles an hour recorded here. 72 in plymouth, 72 as well in capel curig, in conwy in north—west wales. there were a number of sites that got into the 60s too. the area of low pressure that brought those strong winds was this one just heading to the western side of norway at the moment. the main parent low was still to the north—west of scotland and that is what is continuing to bring these strong winds. at the moment we are seeing a number of heavy showers flowing in to the western side of scotland and it will stay very windy here. windy too for northern ireland, north—west england, even further south. the winds are noticeably brisk, although continuing to gradually ease down. there's still some showers coming in to southern wales and southern counties of england.
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not entirely dry but, if you're heading outside over the next hour or two, it's not particularly cold. temperatures between 4 and 7 degrees for many of us. those strong winds will continue to push in across scotland, particularly the northern isles, actually, where i think we could gusts as strong as 50—60 miles per hour, perhaps even a touch stronger than that in the northern isles, for a time. band of rain pushes through here, followed by plenty of showers. so that's how things will start off, with those brisk winds continuing to blow the showers in for much of the day. good news though, with those strong winds is the downpours do not last too long, they move across the sky pretty quickly, with some brighter spells interspersed. showers continuing for wales, north—west england. still a few across southern counties of england, although these will probably get a bit rarer as we head into the afternoon, the weather becoming a bit drier. mild for most. temperatures reaching a high of 12 degrees towards the south. and then we'll take a look on into the all—important weekend forecast. we're looking at this next area of low pressure bringing another bout of rain across england and wales. that rain is going to be very slow to clear its way eastwards. across east anglia, south—east england, it will be raining for much of the day.
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the rain quite slow to ease up as well, across northern counties of england, once its set in here. further north, for scotland and northern ireland, there will be some sunshine around but we are into the cooler air here. temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees celsius. still pretty mild though further south reaching a high of around 13 degrees. more rain in the forecast for sunday. clearing away quickly across eastern areas with some sunshine following. it will be very windy. uncertainty at how far north this band of rain will reach. could push well into scotland as we head into sunday so there could be some rain around at times. temperatures on the mild side, looking at highs of around 14—15 degrees. that's your latest weather. bye for now. a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: president trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen, pleads guilty to lying to congress over trump business interests in russia. he's a weak person, and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. president donald trump arrives in argentina for the g20,
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where he's expected to have tense trade talks with china. the world health organisation warns of a global resurgence of measles. and tackling climate change — why reducing greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough.
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