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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 4, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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how's about that? some sunshine australia — an aussie teenager smashes six sixes in an over on his way to a double century. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. it's official, luka modric is the best football player on the planet, having been crowned the best fifa men's player back in september, he won the 63rd edition of the ballon d'or at a glitzy ceremony in paris on monday, where jo curry was watching. you have to go all the way back to 2007 for the last time there was a winner of the ballon d'or who was called cristiano ronaldo or lionel murphy. now luka modric has broken that a decade of dominance. and after his performances in 2018 it is easy to see why he was the wind still in that stage earlier clutching the trophy. at the summer's lock up the lead croatia all the way to the final before being named player of the tournament
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—— lead up to the world cup. he led real madrid to an unprecedented third colmslie title. he adds this to the fiva —— seve trophy he won earlier this year. this is that we have achieved is for such a small country as croatia it is something amazing, but like i told you, i would change all of this for a world cup. but how it didn't happen, this isa cup. but how it didn't happen, this is a great feeling to win at least this and i am very happy for it. elsewhere, the lyon striker luka modric claimed the first—ever women's ballon d'or, beating 1a other nominees to the title, including six of her teammates —— ada hegerberg. she previously won the uefa player of the andean 2017 was named bbc‘s women's football of the year. she says she hopes winning
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the year. she says she hopes winning the ballon d'or will help young women to follow in her footsteps. the award was almost overshadowed after the digi onstage asked to twerk. it was an incident to play down afterwards. he came to me afterwards and he was really sad that it went that way. i did not think about it in that moment. i did not consider it as a sexual harassment or anything, i was just happy to get i dance and get the ballon d'or. we now have a new name on the ballon d'or. we also have a female winner. a groundbreaking night for football's elite. changes are afoot in the champions league. uefa announced on monday that they have fast tracked the use of the video assistant referee for the knockout stages of this seasons competition. it will also be used in next year's uefa nations league as well. our sports news correspondent richard conway is in dublin.
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it has been a busy few days for uefa here in dublin. they have been talking about a range of issues that they want to get settled. chief amongst them the use of video assistant referees in their competitions. it had been scheduled to not start of the ar, as it is known, until 2019 into 2020. but suchis known, until 2019 into 2020. but such is the success of the system that they have decided to vast racket —— var. so we will see var using the champions league knockout stages of this season. we will see it in the uefa nations league finals when they take place in portugal in june. uefa relieved, ithink, by the progress that has been made, happy that the referee is that they are using are up to speed enough to use it effectively, and i think they are concerned about the potential for big game changing mistakes. they don't want to see that. they don't wa nt to don't want to see that. they don't want to be accused of sitting on their hands while they have this
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technology available to them. so they are fast tracking the process. we will see it very soon. away from the decisions over technology and the decisions over technology and the competitions, we have had a draw for that nations league final, so we 110w for that nations league final, so we now know it will be england against the netherlands in the first semi—final and portugal will take on switzerland in the other is tied. the winners will play in earlyjune. it is all within a space of around four days. there will be a third and fourth place play—off as well. the likes of gareth southgate, the england manager, fresh from coming from a world cup semi—final, there is the chance to win silverware, maybe a new trophy, maybe a new format. for the likes of england, portugal, switzerland, and the netherlands, it is a chance to win, a chance for tournament experience to expose a relatively young crop of players to that experience of being ina players to that experience of being in a majorfinal players to that experience of being in a major final and players to that experience of being in a majorfinal and winning a trophy. to portugal now and the primera liga where sporting moved up to second in the table.
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the pick of the action came courtesy of cape verde youngster, jovane cabral who got the third goal with this absolute beauty as lisbon beat hosts rio avenue 3—1 on monday. we saw plenty of drama and emotion running high in the big premier league derbies on sunday. a little too high in retrospect, as the english football association have now charged arsenal and tottenham hotspur with failing to control their players in the north london derby. the incident in question was this melee, following eric dier‘s equaliser for tottenham in the 32nd minute. spurs players and some of the arsenal substitutes got involved. they have until thursday evening to respond to the charges. jurgen klopp has got the same deadline to respond to the charge of misconduct that he faces for this. he ran onto the pitch after his side's 96th minute winner against everton at anfield. he has already apologised to the everton manager marco silva. the draw for the english fa cup 3rd
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round was made on monday. arsenal and tottenham hotspur could face non league opposition in the shape of solihull moors or southport respectively. manchester city will host championship club rotherham, while manchester united welcome reading to old trafford. there are a couple of all premier league tie between wolves and liverpool, while bournemouth and brighton go head—to—head. to get back to the sport after your away. she dominated the world championships in doha, winning six medals, including goals. look at why the american is on the bbc shortlist. music plays. and you can vote for your favourite
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at the bbc sport website. you will also find the terms and privacy notices. voting closes on saturday, the 15th of december. the winner will be announced later that day.
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and australian cricket has had something of a troubled time over the last year or two, but here's something hinting that the future might be a bit brighter. this is ollie davies, the new south wales metro captain. he smashed 207 off 115 balls against northern territory in the under—19 one—day championships on monday. it was the first double hundred in the competition and the highlight was this — six sixes in one over. he hit no fewer than 17 in total. his side finished with on 406 for four. ronnie o'sullivan is through to the fourth round of the uk snooker championship. he's the defending champion and beat china's zhou yuelong by six frames to nil. but of course o'sullivan is never too far away from controversy, and has made more headlines for suggesting he wants to start a breakaway champions league—style snooker tour, because of the number of events and the amount of travelling on the current schedule. it is the people who lose early
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because they get home for 910 days, but if you look like somebody like selby or higgins or williams, they go deep in the tournament. it does not see them —— nine or ten days. it —— eventually they will crash and burn. it will be five or six different trips. it will be one week in china, the next in coventry, the nextin in china, the next in coventry, the next in china. it catches up with you when you end up with someone like higgins who has burned out. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's quick reminder of the top story, luka modric has won the 63rd edition of the ballon d'or. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello.
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a quieter, colder spell of weather for tuesday, but then the weather gets more active again from midweek. yes, it'll get milder, but it'll also turn wetter and windier once again. but at least for tuesday, we are in a gap between weather systems. here's the next one coming in, really isn't much of an issue though until we get to tuesday night and wednesday. but in that gap between weather systems, temperatures dropping away to give a widespread frost for tuesday morning, as low as —6 in highland scotland. a few mist and fog patches around as well, and ice a potential hazard across northern and western parts of scotland, where we've seen a few showers overnight, wintry on hills, and more to come, at least during the first parts of tuesday. but for many for much of the day, it is dry, it is sunny, but yes, it's cold. the cold enhanced by the increasing cloud though across southern and south—western parts. as we go on through the day, some rain into the far south—west by the end of the day may see double figures here, but most of us around four to seven degrees. but again through parts of highland scotland, there will be some places hovering close to freezing. and on through tuesday evening and night, here comes the rain, slowly pushing northwards
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through more of england, wales, into northern ireland. ahead of that weather system, temperatures are dropping away again, for a frost, coldest again in highland scotland. some fog patches, it becomes less cold though from the south, where you see that rain moving in. and then for wednesday, there's some uncertainty about how far north the wet weather will get. could well see some snow though into the pennines, the southern iplands, and if it gets that far north, into the higher ground north of the central belt. much of northern scotland, though, looking to stay dry and cold. elsewhere, it is less cold where you're seeing the wetter, breezier conditions. the rain will clear away from northern ireland, but a big range of temperatures from north to south across the uk. now, as we look at the bigger picture for thursday and friday, further weather fronts on thursday, so further outbreaks of rain pushing eastwards, but we're really focusing on friday as a deepening area of low pressure comes across the northern half of the uk. so it's here we are going to see the strongest winds, particularly affecting parts of scotland, northern ireland, northern england, irish sea coasts, with gales or even severe gales in places, potentially destructive winds, and along with that, there'll be some more wet weather around as well and some snowfall,
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particularly into the hills of scotland. so we are monitoring that weather system very closely. i will provide you with further updates. but this is how the rest of the week is shaping up. after the colder, drier, sunnier tuesday, it's going to be turning wetter, windier, potentially stormy at the end of the week, but it will be turning milder for all of us for a time. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: a crucial summit on climate change, a warning that our civilisation, and much of the natural world, risks collapse. a call to action from the naturalist and bbc presenter david attenborough. if we don't take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon. president trump pays his respects
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to george hw bush, whose body is lying in state in the us capitol rotunda. british mps are to vote on whether the government is in contempt of parliament by not publishing the legal advice it's received about the prime minister's brexit deal. mexico's new president creates a truth commission to investigate the kidnapping and killing of 43 students.
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