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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  December 5, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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and finally, chanel has announced it will no longer use exotic animal skins or fur in its collections. this means the french fashion house will stop making products with crocodile, lizard, snake and stingray skins. gucci, versace, burberry and michael kors have all committed to going fur—free in recent years, in a bid to prioritise ethical sourcing and production. with me is bev shah, who is co—founder and chief executive of city hive. let's get started. what a week for oui’ let's get started. what a week for our politicians. it is an absolute marathon, and they started yesterday. really, it wasjust breathtaking, wasn't it?” yesterday. really, it wasjust breathtaking, wasn't it? i mean, this is what we have needed a long,
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some real debate, it is a shame it is happening so late in the game. what parliament showed yesterday is they are holding government to account. so the vote of... the no confidence they showed in government and wanting, demanding, that they see the full disclosure of the legal advice, it isjust see the full disclosure of the legal advice, it is just showing that they are doing theirjob, finally. u nfortu nately are doing theirjob, finally. unfortunately it is very late in the day, with these brexit negotiations. they had an eight hour debate ahead of them which started extremely late in the day, as you say, because of this motion in parliament to overrule the government on their bid to just put a little bit of the legal advice forward. the attorney general speaking for hours the day before talking about why that was their decision. and in the case of government, sometimes you shouldn't reveal everything to parliament.
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these are unprecedented times, though, with probably one of the biggest decisions parliament will make for generations. having said that, though, where does this leave theresa may? the daily telegraph saying the day theresa may lost control, the daily telegraph seen as one of the pro— conservative newspapers. i mean, there is no precedent set here because he it has never been done before. we were expecting her to have to fight her corner, and that is what she is doing. i think we also saw her grovelling to say please be reasonable, see it from the remainers's with a view. and u nfortu nately remainers's with a view. and unfortunately she is doing what she has to do. she is standing up there and she is fighting her corner —— remainers' point of view. it has given her a few more votes, because
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the dominic grieve amendment that has passed and says that if she loses next week, parliament has opposed the government will have a say as to the next stage is and what brexit could look like, which in effect could in theory give us a norwegian style exit, which for hard brexiteers, they've got the choice of backing the deal now or the potential of a softer brexit. so this could give the hardliners, you know, pause for thought. of course, the debate will continue today and in the days ahead, all ahead of next week's vote on 11 december, when parliament will vote on the withdrawal plan that theresa may and the government have negotiated with the government have negotiated with the european union. so there is all to play for steel, isn't that? yes, and we don't know what is in this legal advice. at the end of the day parliament had already passed an amendment last week or a few weeks
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ago saying they wanted to see at all, so the government really needed to show it. we don't know what is in it, and throughout this whole brexit, either, procedure, from the referendum, information has not been shared clearly. in order to have a proper debate in parliament, you need to share it with the mps who are debating it. all of the information. that is your view. other people have other views in terms of what should be shed, the attorney general earlier this week explaining why they felt it was not right to share every single detail. asi right to share every single detail. as i say, they have been overruled on that. turning to politico, nigel farage quitting ukip, one of the central figures farage quitting ukip, one of the centralfigures in the farage quitting ukip, one of the central figures in the lead farage quitting ukip, one of the centralfigures in the lead up farage quitting ukip, one of the central figures in the lead up to the referendum in the uk, he argues it is because of him that the uk voted to leave the european union. it is in the name, the uk independence party, and he has
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argued for that, and they have got it. well, not quite. he got the referendum and the brexit vote they wanted. he has always said ukip could have played a central role within this game of thrones, shaping what brexit looked like, but the associations with tommy robinson and obviously that has taken the party ina very obviously that has taken the party in a very different direction. well, under the current leadership here saying the party's direction has changed fundamentally and that is why he feels he has no choice but to leave. even though he stood down as leader of ukip, he has always been pa rt leader of ukip, he has always been part of the party. to be involved, as it were. whereas now nigel farage, like many other key brexiteers who were fighting for independence, are very much on the sidelines. well, they are not
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looking at british independents any more from europe, and that is what nigel has always wanted. he was an mep, and regardless of whether he was leader or in the party, if that is what the party you are aligned to the leaves in, you will continue with them. they are obviously going down a completely different route, as you said earlier. you know, it is quoted, their fixations with as you said earlier. you know, it is quoted, theirfixations with issues with islam, that is very different to talking about becoming independent from europe. i can see why he may want to... his association was no longer tenable. looking at business insider, new york city has become the first city to set a minimum wage for uber and lyft drivers. this could have a huge impact on the so—called gig economy around the world. yes, i love this story. we saw a case a few years ago about a court case around uber and a
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driver who took them to court in the uk wanting employment rights. in the uk, we have... there are three levels of work, there are workers' rights, employee rights and freelancers. the employees' part is a grey freelancers. the employees' part is a, freelancers. the employees' part is a grey area, because you freelancers. the employees' part is a grey area, because you are freelancers. the employees' part is a grey area, because you are not an employee, and not entitled to certain things that an employee would be, but not quite a freelancer either. you are bound by certain things to do with the company. this is ensuring people who are in that grey area who work through apps are actually treated as human beings and not... and passing some of that responsibility onto these uber tech companies who are making a lot of money off the back of hard—working people. but just saying money off the back of hard—working people. butjust saying we are just technology. at the end of the day, they do have responsibility to people who are in effect working for them. and hugging at work, this is a
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bbc article in response to a story that a number of people at ted baker complained about the company's founder and chief executive, accusing him of forcing workers to hug him. obviously this is very poignant right now with the #metoo movement, as well, it is good to know what is ok and isn't ok. movement, as well, it is good to know what is ok and isn't 0k. full disclosure, i am a hugger. know what is ok and isn't 0k. full disclosure, i am a huggerlj know what is ok and isn't 0k. full disclosure, i am a hugger. i am a hugger. we had a hug this morning. but it is all about what is appropriate and using your judgement. and in this case, he is chief executive and he should potentially in the current climate know better. there is a very fine line between what you think you are doing and how someone else's perceiving it. just don't do it if
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you think there will be anything perceived on the other end as inappropriate, but ask as well. you kind of gesture towards it, and if you had recoil, maybe we wouldn't have hoped. it makes it very difficult, doesn't it, for people to know how they can behave in the workplace or other circumstances, ever since the #metoo movement emerged, i know many male colleagues felt awkward and thought oh my goodness, what can i do? and i actually think that is the right approach on their part. i think it is up to you to say, yes, it is ok. and it is all aboutjudgement, really. apply thisjudgement. as and when you can. thank you so much for your time this morning. thank you for your contributions. whatever you are up to today, have a good one. hello there. yesterday was a lot colder for many of us and in fact temperatures dipped below freezing quite readily after dark across scotland, so we awake to a hard frost with freezing fog.
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for many, the cloud has rolled in over the last 12 hours, introducing a milder theme in southern areas but when that mild air comes into cold air we have seen some wintry issues over the hills of wales. they will move into the hills of northern england and perhaps the midlands, southern scotland for the rush. a hard frost in the north. that is where we got that area of transition where we could have icy conditions and some snow over the hills. further south it will be quite grey hill fog because we have a lot of low cloud. low—level fog will clear eventually in the north and then it is bright and dry for many of us, much more cloud through the day ahead with outbreaks of rain, hill snow for scotland in the afternoon because we hang on to that cold air. further south it is milder. that mild air will continue with us through wednesday night with yet more atlantic weather systems running in. this time they are dragging the mild air right across scotland as well so temporarily we lose that cold air here through the course of thursday
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but we pick up the cloud. outbreaks of rain and that may ease for a time but there is more to come from the west later. there will be leaden skies for many. brighter perhaps in northern and eastern areas and it's a milder day for scotland and northern ireland. however, the rain is the next developing area of low pressure and that could turn out to be a deep area of low pressure with potentially disruptive wind and it will pull in some cold air to northern scotland as well. a lot to think about for friday. there is more heavy rain, the potential for blizzards in the north of scotland and the risk of severe gales. gusts up to 70 or 80 miles an hour through the course of friday. from the start of friday through to the end it looks like a windy day across the board. that area of cloud and rain in the north turns to snow over
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the hills and possibly wintry across the pennines as well, and a windy day throughout. there will be peaks in those gusts of wind and we could have more rain waiting in the wings for saturday. on friday it starts relatively mild but as we get the north—westerly winds temperatures will tumble once again. and this is the weekend. as we go through the weekend we have further areas of low pressure to come in, so it remains unsettled times and a windy picture. bye— bye. good morning. welcome to breakfast with dan walker and naga munchetty. our headlines today: to the right, 311, to the left to 293. dramatic scenes in the house of commons as the government loses three big votes on brexit. but theresa may fights on. ifi if i had banged of the table, walked out of the room, and at the end of the process deliver the very same deal that is before us today, some might say that i had done a better
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job. we'll untangle what it means and what happens next. also this morning: a report accuses the home office of ignoring warnings that its ‘hostile environment‘ policy would hit the windrush generation. tackling late payment.
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