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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 18, 2018 6:30pm-6:59pm GMT

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here's what's coming up on sportsday this evening. time's up for mourinho, sacked by manchester united after two and half years. it's down isn't it, it's what happened. there's no desire, and it's as miserable as it can be. a toothless performance at liverpool on sunday was one defeat too far for the united board, but should they take some of the blame? they want a caretaker in position by next weekend, former striker ole gunnar solskjaer could be the man for the job. and i we lie here at old trafford as manchester united begin their search for the fourth manager in the last five years. also coming up in the programme... in exactly four years‘ time this will be the centre of the football world, the world cup final in qatar, we have a special report
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from the gulf state. good evening. at 9:45am this morning, the axe fell on jose mourinho‘s manchester united tenure. his two and half years at the club follows a career pattern, initial success followed by the erosion of relationships with the boardroom and dressing room and a third season sacking. we will speak to our sports editor dan roan at old traford, but first here's patrick gearey on why mourinho never quite made it in manchester. one of the post biggest managers, and one of footballs biggest clubs with one of paul's biggest challenges. jose mourinho at united was huge. it's not the result that
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eve ryo ne was huge. it's not the result that everyone wants, and not many have the chance to have, and i'd had it. this was a statement backed up by spending a club record £90 million and re—signing pol pot bob —— paul pogba. you apply the goals of his left on your individual of the picture was better in the cups. —— fuelled by the goals of zlatan,... doesn't learn looks like he's back in the zone again. he's having a good time. —— jose mourinho looks like he's back in the zone again. there was another beast and john. manchester city was wrapping through the premier league title. the low point came when the champions league
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exit to sevilla. i'm not going to i’ui'i exit to sevilla. i'm not going to run away or cry. i'm not going to disappear from the title running immediately. the next match i will be the first to go out. united press on finishing second behind city, and they made the fa cup final against chelsea, but if he left them with no major silver on the city. —— but left them with no major seller. he was happy he was ever get in a good way. every time you see him now he is frowning. his mood was not improved by a lack of summer signings, and continuing rumours of anger with pogba. after losing at
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home to tottenham, jose mourinho to come the press. i have one more championships than the other managers together. jose mourinho was reteaching towards the exit. a 3—1 defeat to liverpool this week about the season but most problems they had. united last 19 points off the top. —— the problems had reached a head. but a special manager with yet another one. that's replacing a special manager with yet another one. mourinho checked out of his manchester hotel this afternoon, his next destination unknown, we'll get to his future in a bit, but first let's head to old trafford and speak to our sport editor dan roan. evening dan, there were times over the past couple of months when you felt the united board
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could pull the trigger, but why now, was it the defeat to liverpool or had things become so fractured behind the scenes? you're absolutely right to say that this is not exactly a surprise. it was several weeks ago just before that match against newcastle united that match against newcastle united that there were the first reports that there were the first reports thatjose mourinho fate was sealed. on that occasion he managed to pull off that victory coming back for a two—goal deficit pulling back from the brink, but i think it was interesting. i received a statement by his agent two weeks ago the super agent, ray said he was happy with the weight mourinho was and he was —— and he was happy with the way mourinho was and it was no longer if he goes. his departure from
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whichever it was certain to stop —— his departure from old trafford was certain. the hierarchy had become increasingly dismayed by the culture and the atmosphere around the club. the nature of that defeat i think mourinhos comments after it was that he criticises blair submitted that he criticises blair submitted that he criticised his players subliminally. —— he criticises players subliminally. he made it clear how unhappy he was having been denied extra transfer spending. the clu b denied extra transfer spending. the club have made a pretty clear that they feel like they have backed mourinho demott and all other signings were his decisions was that i think it's fair to say that having
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been called the special one, that is no longer the case. there is a set of the game may have passed him by. it may not be that we have seen the end of him, and so he will be missed. his tenure here at old trafford has become toxic and in truth it is no surprise that united have decided to part ways. despite the uncertainty around the club, the fans, in general seem pleased that the club have made this decision dan, we are going to have a look at a likely replacements injust a moment, but the club say they want a caretaker in position by the weekend until the end of the season. there are in six plays there are 19 points behind their archrivals liverpool, 11 points off the champions league spot. for a club thatisit champions league spot. for a club that is it half £i champions league spot. for a club that is it half £1 billion in debt,
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to miss out on champions league football is a real problem. i think the united hierarchy are concerned that this could become a running theme if they don't make a decision now. i think united fans will also be unhappy with the club's hierarchy as well because on the opry occasions edward the chairman, and the board and try to find replacements for alex is that there isa replacements for alex is that there is a sense that united have made unbelievable decisions. —— hierarchy as well because of the edward the chairman and the board... he has not inspired the team and he should stop criticising players in public. there is no attacking. there is no desire. it's a miserable as sin. we're not going to win the title, we are lucky to win the top
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for now. let's forget this season. we're not even christmas yet. we will have a closer look at the right as possible replacements. we know the club wants a caretaker. i can tell you about the future, ole the former player rumoured to be seen as a candidate for the manager. they're looking for a permanent replacement, and of course the man that only united fans would like to see is a totte n ha m united fans would like to see is a tottenham hotspur young argentinian manager who has done so well. he was asked today about that and the kept his cards close to his chest. our sports editor dan at old
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trafford. who are united going to turn into the next. so who will united turn to next, in the first instance, a caretaker, to try and get their group of players clicking again, and in the long term, someone to rediscover that winning formula. claire thornton looks at the likely candidates. manchester united glory days seem like a distant window was a good dose of this dodger be the best medicine? scores, and he scored. manchester united lead to the one. ole solsjkjaer and does what it's
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like to be a part of a successful manchester united school. there's isn't not starting again until march, he could be the perfect ca reta ker to march, he could be the perfect caretaker to administer tlc to united open wounds. the past few months, our reporterjoe lysnkey has been looking at that and also the social media reaction to his sacking, joe. this is the tweet that was sent from paul pogba's account about 45 minutes after the news broke. it was swiftly deleted and we should say that adidas have put on the record this afternoon that this was sent as part of a marketing campaign for their new clothing range, and wasn't meant to be a sly hint at the world cup winners, smugness after this news was announced. so unfortunate timing for pogba, because it prompted a backlash from former united players on social media. gary neville making it clear he'd be happy to see pogba join mourinho at the exit door and brian mcclair also hinting that some of the players should be sharing the blame for the slump this season. this is the reaction of some other former players today, we heard lee sharpe there speaking on 5 live saying it was
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a panic appointment. michael owen says this news felt inevitable and it's mourinho's fault those players aren't performing. and in a lengthy post on instagram rio ferdinand says it feels like the right time for the manager to move on and the club needs a fresh injection of positivity. so let's break down some of the stats that have brought those former players to mostly the same conclusion. the theme is of a manager in decline. when mourinho arrived in the premier league as the self—appointed special one he guided chelsea to the premier league with a win percentage of 71%, this season it's less than 50%. it took mourinho 63 games to register 50 wins as a manager in that lively first chelsea spell, but you can see as his career‘s gone on wins have been harder to come by. it's taken him 93 games to reach that figure at united. now as well as wins it's also goals that matter at this football club, mourinho's team on average register fewer per match than david moyes
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ill—fated season in charge, and nowhere near as many as sir alex ferguson's that figure was over the course of more than 1500 matches in charge. it really is this season's slump though that's prompted a change, it's united's worst start to a campaign in 28 years. in 1990 they finished 6th and 2a points behind the eventual league winners. here's a run down of some of this season's figures, 19 points behind liverpool now, and more goals conceded after 17 league games than in the whole campaign last season. only fulham on the bottom of the table have fewer than the 2 clean sheets united have managed. i'll leave you though ollie with the cv mourinho takes with him along with his severance pay.
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the europa league and league cup added to the domestic league titles he's won in every country he's managed in, but you wonder after this spell, where it'll lead him next. many thanks indeed. let's speak now to duncan castles, journalist at the daily record and sunday times, who has covered the good and bad of mourinho's time in manchester... duncan, as joe was just saying there, mourinho will be coveted, where is his most likely destination, already talk of a possible return to inter or real madrid? i think ithink so, i think so, tactically i've seen a lot of articles they asking if he is finished as a top—level manager, and it seems like a ridiculous concept. with that cd, even with his recent track record, even earlier, if you
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look at the last four seasons he has won four major trophies. guadiola has won five major trophies. the favourite to take over from marrying you long—term has one too. —— the favourite to take over for mourinho long—term... i favourite to take over for mourinho long—term. .. i don't favourite to take over for mourinho long—term... i don't think there is a question major clubs offer a job in the near future. talk of a possible inter milan return. i rheometer it possibly, is it possible he could go to —— real madrid could he end up in the premier league again?|j madrid could he end up in the premier league again? i think it would be difficult. in the game in general as well for such a long time, and his reputation is
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seriously diminished in the premier league, and if you look at it and realised obviously he cannot go back to manchester united, is he going to go to liverpool or is he likely to elect chelsea, there aren't few candidates, but you mentioned inter milan, suddenly serious a is a considerable option because of their record winning the title. real madrid as i reported, wanted to bring him back when they change managers recently, and mourinho turned on the opportunity, so as recently as the last couple of months, he had an invite to take over a club even bigger than manchester united. many thanks indeed.
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we'll return to manchester united later in the programme, but we are exactly four years away from the world cup final in qatar. it will be the first winter tournament because the middle east is simply too hot for football in the summer. there will be eight stadiums, seven of them them brand new, with the final at lusail. it will be the most compact world cup, staged in a country roughly the size of yorkshire, but that hasn't made the preparations any easier. from doha here's our sports news correspondent richard conway. warriors until the world cup final year, and preparations are well under way. —— for years until the world cup final. it will be a very compact tournament. we are talking about a turnip —— we're talking about a turnip —— we're talking
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about a turnip —— we're talking about a country that is the size of yorkshire. fans can take rapid systems from stadium to stadium. what sort of welcome awaits. of course it is in qatar, it's an islamic country and it will be very different to any tournament that has gone before. i've been talking to various people in charge of organising this mega event, and here is what he had to say. it's an opportunity for people to experience us, experience the arab culture, the richness and the rich heritage and culture that we have to offer. that's, i think, what the world cup really offers you. it offers the opportunity to bridge different walks of life. they can enjoy themselves, celebrate some sand on the beach, and at the same time realise who we are. we also will be a will to welcome the world and showcase who we are, and understand the different backgrounds
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and where we come from. it's an opportunity to bring people together and appreciate our commonality. it's been eight years in qatar was awarded the right to this world cup. it has been such from the start. the organisers say they are now focusing on delivering on their promises on building stadiums, and preparing for that big moment when it arrives time from now. here are some of today's other headlines. england all—rounder sam curran has been signed for nearly £800,000 by kings ii punjab in the indian premier league auction. he's one of five england players to win contracts today. australia have won a test match for the first time since the ball—tampering controversy back in march, they bowled india out for 140 in perth to level the series at 1—1. after 18 years of playing home matches at reading's madejski stadium, london irish will move to brentford fc‘s new community stadium near kew bridge in london from the summer of 2020. among tonight's football matches,
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aberdeen take on dundee in the scottish premiership and there are some cup games in england commentary on radio 5 live of leicester's league cup quarterfinal against manchester city, plus updates from middlesbrough against burton albion. and on 5 live sports extra, it's solihull moors‘ fa cup second round replay against blackpool, with a home tie against arsenal the prize for the winners. let's return to the sacking of jose mourinho by manchester united. we've been speaking to alan shearer this afternoon, and he says the problems at united run far deeper than the dugout. you can't just pin you can'tjust pin the blame on one person. yet the manager has lost his job for that, because ultimately he
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is the one that has to get the best out of the players, and quite clearly that is not the case. when you go back to the summer, he said they wanted to bring other players into the fold, and for whatever reason he was not, so they were going to give that money injanuary was that if they did not vacuum then, they were not going to back them out and stop players have a look at themselves also. when you come off the bench, with elect the manager or not, you have to look in the mirror and say that i give everything for the shirt today. —— whether they had the manager or not, you have to look in the mirror and say and when you come off the pitch you say, given everything. those the thoughts of alan shearer, with me now is david pennington, who's vice—chair of the manchester united supporters' trust, where do you lay the blame, your organistaion has talked about regression at the club over a number of years. do you feel that has been the
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problem of the club? yes regression on two levels. in the last 12 months in particular, and that is temporally down to the manager. that is how he has met as the team. —— how he has managed the team. also regression over the last three years. there has been three separate managers each with a different style of them really fitting the style. they had invested a lot of money, but that investment has been scattered, and players who don't gel asa team. scattered, and players who don't gel as a team. damon was recommended, and lily was sacked after winning the fa cup. —— louis was sacked
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after the winning the fa cup. why was he sacked even though he was given a lot of money and felt he could not use it? may be that may have different, but ultimately we we re always have different, but ultimately we were always going to see the situation and a lot of people are going to say it's not going to be a long time, that's what we need now, this is almost the last chance. we have to make the right long—term appointment, and fix with the reinforcement of the club and back them. we heard from fans earlier saying forget this season. it's a real worry isn't it, i mean what did you hope for now, and what kind of a man of stature deviate in the dugout at manchester united ? man of stature deviate in the dugout at manchester united? —— do you need in the dugout... i am an optimist. don't write the season off to stop
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bring in another manager. that inter—manager will go bring in another manager. that inter— manager will go as that bring in another manager. that inter—manager will go as that what it does. maybe he has a more chance of getting into the top four, that's got to be the goal of. a lot of players have not played to their potential. sort them out, and decide who is good enough and who is going to stay. as far as another manager is concerned, the first thing that has to happen is we have to look at bringing in someone who's going to manage the football operation. things have moved on, and we need a person who has full accountability for football. we did the person to come and the board of government the right appointment for them to stop the need to give them the power to do that and help them find a huge governor. reorganised the football operation, and that manager has got to bea
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operation, and that manager has got to be a person who can adapt to the philosophy and play culture of the club. they have to have world—class credentials. thank you so much david pennington. we're not the only ones talking aboutjose mourinho, over on bbc radio 5 live. there is a big discussion going on right there. the former manchester united players paul ince and darren fletcher are among the panel going over today's events and how the club moves forward. we'll have lots more throughout the evening on bbc news, but that's it from sportsday mourinho tried to do it his way, but today manchester united said no wayjose, goodnight. and whilst the fa cup winners might be regulars, now they are here under new management ahead with high hopes
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that it will be a special one. for now paul is just a player. hello there it's been a wet windy day across the country today. tomorrow it's looking a bit quieter. we should have more sunshine around
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the wins but there will be blustery showers around the southern and western areas. with this band of rain eventually clearing the eastern areas, tonight leaves a dry y wind as well. a few showers packing into southern and western areas, where temperatures here hold out around five or 6 degrees closer to two to three celsius further north. starting wednesday off with cool, but there will be showers of the word go near the southwest. these become more widespread and heavier which brings bladder spells of rain. that's lighter spells of rain. a similar picture as he had to thursday and friday although we could see milder weather and some wind and rain. you're watching beyond one hundred days. high court room drama in washington, where a judge delays sentencing for donald trump's former national security adviser. after thejudge said michael flynn's crimes
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bordered on treason, his lawyers asked to hold off on sentencing. the former national security chief was charged in the mueller russia probe and has been cooperating with the investigation into possible collusion. in more legal troubles, president trump agrees to shut down his personal charity after a new york attorney general accuses it of a "shocking pattern of illegality" also on the programme: a calamity or a minor hiccup? whatever a no deal brexit turns out to be, the uk government says it'll be ready, even stockpiling medicines and keeping thousands of troops on standby.


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