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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 5, 2019 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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good morning. welcome to breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. our headlines today: the number of women undergoing cervical screening hits and finally, the guardian a 20—year low. with another popular story. the eu's moving closer to scrapping now, a new advertising campaign aims daylight savings times as meps vote to change attitudes. to abolish changing growing pressure on the government to do more to tackle knife crime. one former minister says it should be as treated the same as terrorism. the clocks from 2021. foreign companies have more than £1 trillion invested in the uk, so what might happen to that money after brexit? i'm at this french—owned factory an annual debate here, every time the clocks change it comes up for debate. with me is independent in leeds to find out. analyst stephanie hare. that's start with the toronto star, tottenham in the champions league, but ahead of their clash against borussia dortmund, mauricio pochettino has called iimagine that's start with the toronto star, i imagine they are all over this on the premier league to give story, with the resignation of a english clubs more help so they can second cabinet minister, philpott,
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after the resignation of her friend, jody wilson—raybould. after the resignation of her friend, jody wilson-raybould. this is all about a scandal around a company, snc—lavalin, and justin trudeau believes that job losses snc—lavalin, and justin trudeau believes thatjob losses could result from that company being prosecuted for fraud. this is quite a big shock and surprise, when she made that choice. it puts the prime ministerjustin trudeau in quite a tricky position. when he was elected, quite soon after donald trump was a late did in the us, he was seen as this poster boy for a new era in politics, everyone hailed him, he had huge diversity in his cabinet. where is he now? is he in a crisis? this article implies it is
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the worst crisis he has seen? crisis? this article implies it is the worst crisis he has seemm crisis? this article implies it is the worst crisis he has seen? it is a crisis by canadian standards. we have to remember an election is coming up in october, so not great to have something like this happen so to have something like this happen so close to that. second, he had promised his government would be different, a clean and ethical government, and therefore to have two cabinet ministers resigning, the most two cabinet ministers resigning, the m ost rece nt two cabinet ministers resigning, the most recent saying she cannot in good conscience stay in the cabinet, thatis good conscience stay in the cabinet, that is a very damning statement. i think he is under pressure now. that is a very damning statement. i think he is under pressure nowm will be interesting to see how he recovers from this. we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, the other leader that was a lack of that everybody looked to as a brand—new face in politics, emmanuel macron, the french president, kind of like justin trudeau he rode this wave of euphoria after he was elected, a
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brand—new party in politics. he was very vocal about his vision for europe, and he has published his vision for europe in 28 newspapers across europe, and his ideas were in the guardian in the uk today. yes, emmanuel macron has always been very pro— europe, and i think he is positioning himself as the person who will take on the mantle as the leader of the eu and its defender at this time of rising populism, and the chancellor, angela merkel, has been phasing out being in that position for so long. he has published in typical french flair across all of the 28 states, this call for a european renaissance. it is really to strengthen and embolden and deepening european ties. some of them are more likely to take effect on others, so having a core european minimum wage could be difficult to get everyone to agree on. things like greater ability to fight cyber
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crime and hate speech might gain more traction. he has put out a lot of ideas. it depends on whether the member states will climb on board. he isa member states will climb on board. he is a leader who has had a very torrid time of late, and with the yellow vest movement going on in france, and he has been started this great debate across the country, trying to wind hearts again within france. he is finding he is not having an easy ride it or by any means. it is true. the ride he is having in france at the moment is a reflection of unique situations within france and pressures there, but it is part of a wider trend of populism and people being fed up with business as usual, corruption, austerity, et cetera. he thinks europe is the answer and is positioning himself archaeologically against people who argue that europe is the problem. of course, his
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timing is interesting, with important vote here in the uk next week. it will be interesting to see what reaction and traction he gets for his ideas of bringing europe even closer on things like wages. some quite radical ideas in some respects. let's move on to bloomberg, this story really caught your attention. a icac being used by retailers to detect shoplifters before they commit a crime. it sounds like a tom cruise movie to me. it is interesting because it reminds me of what airports do when they are analysing people with cameras and trying to spot terrorism risks, so they can see by the way some of his walking or behaving if they look like they are going to be doing something they shouldn't. we seem doing something they shouldn't. we seem to be tolerant of that kind of surveillance in an airport, but whether we will be tolerant of it in
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oui’ whether we will be tolerant of it in our shops, and whether we will be tolerant of it in ourshops, and our whether we will be tolerant of it in our shops, and our towns, where we are interacting. we are used to being watched, but the idea of being analysed and flagged up for potential criminal behaviour. we know that al works most accurately with wightman, it is quite biased against people of colour and women. ididn't against people of colour and women. i didn't know that, how do we know that? that has been established in quite a lot of peer review, so it is being explored how that needs to be held to account. we are moving into facial recognition technology territorian with this kind of technology, but you can also understand from a retailer's point of view that this is something — shoplifting cost billions of dollars worldwide and they are very tight margins, so they need to solve that problem. shoplifting is a problem, but is al surveillance technology
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the answer? i suppose they could say that someone acting suspiciously might be thinking about taking something, but they could then go and intervene and ask if they need help or something. it sounds great in theory, but i think the risks for this going wrong also sound pretty alive as well. this was a big talking point, announced yesterday, virgin atlantic have said their flight virgin atlantic have said their flight attendants, the women can work without make up or without following the make up rules. also be able to choose to wear trousers as opposed to the short skirts or the tight skirts. virgin atlantic is calling this a significant change to increase comfort at work. what is your take? on one hand it is amazing
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that they are now offering trousers asa that they are now offering trousers as a default, rather than something you would have to specifically request, given that we are in 2019. the make up what is interesting in a sense that it is something that really separates the genders. men are not required to wear make—up and women are, and that is a cost and time expense that every woman who wears make—up knows you are spending an extra 20 minutes a day and god knows how much per year in terms of money and time on make—up. to have that mandated by your employer versus something that is a personal choice... there was also a skewed wage gap, in terms of the male employees many of them being pilots, so employees many of them being pilots, so you employees many of them being pilots, so you are employees many of them being pilots, so you are not comparing apples with apples when it comes to wages. but when you look at richard branson, who is all over this, he is all over this airline, he is not being seen
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as someone this airline, he is not being seen as someone who doesn't use sexual innuendo as a way of increasing reputation, they are seen as the most attractive cabin crew and he is very proud of that. maybe he is offering a challenge to beauty, saying that the most attractive cabin crew can be natural and empowered. confidence is the sexiest attribute! i have had so many opinions on this. many female viewers, diane says make—up helps and makes you look professional, not tired and pale. especially first thing in the morning. it certainly helps me in thisjob. changes to make up and dress coat policies, that should be others following in their shoes. and someone else, all i am concerned about how i get to my
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destination, not what people look like. hello there. last tuesday brought some exceptional winter warmth. this tuesday, a very different story. quite a chilly start to the day, and it remains unsettled. we'll see some rain and some snow over higher ground in the north, some sunny spells to be had as well. a lot going on on this satellite picture. there's one swirl of cloud here, an area of low pressure pushing away across europe, another one spinning to the north—west of the british isles, and another one in the atlantic. that one will be approaching from the south—west as we go through the day. this first area of low pressure feeding some showers in across northern ireland, northern england and scotland. it's quite a chilly start, particularly in eastern and north—eastern parts of the uk. temperatures for some spots down below freezing. so, as we go through the day, we will see this showery rain across northern england and northern ireland, some snow over high ground in scotland. here's our next batch of wet weather approaching from the south—west. in between, there will be some spells of sunshine, and actually, across northern scotland, we should see some sunny skies in the tuesday afternoon. but outbreaks of rain, sleet and hill snow moving northwards across central and southern parts of scotland, still a few showers across northern england and perhaps northern
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ireland. a zone of sunnier weather through north wales into the north midlands, east anglia, the south—east, although that sunshine will tend to turn quite hazy, as cloud invades from the south—west ahead of this frontal system, bringing outbreaks of rain and a strengthening wind. as we go through tuesday night, we could well see wind gusts of 50 to perhaps 60 mph in exposed spots in the south—west. heavy rain driving its way northwards. a bit of snow developing, you'll notice, on the northern edge across higher ground in scotland. a chilly night in aberdeen, freezing. 10 degrees in plymouth, something milder spreading across parts of the south. but low pressure firmly in charge on wednesday. frontal systems, areas of rain spiralling around it, and as the wet weather meets some cold air across scotland, over high ground, we will once again see some wintry weather, plenty of showers flinging their way eastwards out of northern ireland, wales, into england, with some sunny spells in between. temperatures in the south into double—digits, but single figures definitely across north—western parts of the uk, and actually, that colder air will dig its way
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southwards during thursday. it will be quite windy, as well, across parts of scotland. some wintry showers falling to increasingly low levels here. rain showers further south, those temperatures ranging from around 6—11 degrees. and it stays unsettled as we head towards the weekend. we'll see some showers at times, some of those wintry over high ground, and it will generally feel a bit chilly.
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