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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 7, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. and education, all kinds of things and the headlines at 23:00: potentially, also funding for priorities within the police itself, the uk government a very complex web of problems that grants a special status to nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, have led to this issue, and the fact the british citizen being held that the conservatives of the house in prison in iran accused of spying. are looking for an easy fix by an emotional appeal from stab victim jodie chesney‘s father blaming them a has backfired on them to help the police find those slightly. let's move on from knife crime. —— and blaming the london reponsible for her death. mayor has backfired. there are other stories. the telegraph, this is an she was the nicest person. intriguing photograph of jacob rees—mogg. intriguing photograph of jacob everything about her was about being rees-mogg. can't take your either way. it is mesmerizing. it almost kind and good and thoughtful. looks like something missing. —— you the northern ireland secretary says she's "profoundly sorry" can't take your eyes away. white for saying deaths caused by the security services in the troubles were "not crimes". fluffy cat. exactly what i was thinking. let's just fluffy cat. exactly what i was thinking. let'sjust hide that earlier this week on nestor graham. canada's prime minister rejects allegations his government —— list just tried has abused its power. earlier this week on nestor graham. —— listjust tried that. on instagram. i think it was trying to claim the cat was on her side but you look at it and the cat is clearly not happy to be there. the serious point about the photo is he
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is talking about brexit, and he has some interesting things to say in the course of the interview for one of their podcast. he says a few things. the first, sending a message to his own side infection going to hold generic, we can deliver this, don't feel you need to vote for this rubbish. —— his own faction. that's holding her. at another message to the conservative saying don't try to purify the party on this issue. it is ok to have some people who want a soft brexit and people want no brexit at all. the problem for him is if the conservative party doesn't wa nt is if the conservative party doesn't want to purge itself of his various traditions on brexit, it does to have the most to deliver a no—deal brexit. and at some point, the party is going to have to reconcile whether or not someone to stay together, and become a fully brexit party which is going to require it to be quite a different political party to the conservative party we have known and known for such a long
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time. also striking when he has to say about brexit is in just a tory thing or a right wing things like the peach about the tory party has lurched to the right because i brexit and he says brexit as as much a left—wing project. brexit and he says brexit as as much a left-wing project. as a going project. and he is right on that. i'm agreeing with them for once. if you look atjeremy corbyn record, you look atjeremy corbyn record, you can see it there as well. a lot of the problems we have delivering brexit as maybe there is a left—wing and right—wing argument for leaving the eu that isn't consensus on what to do next which is why there is com plete to do next which is why there is complete failure to come up with any kind of agreement. going back to the photo quickly, were talking about how this ended up because he looked like a bond villain. i think he must have chosen it himself. this is how jacob rees—mogg wants to portray himself come he is sending a message to the tory mps about the vote next week but also sending a message to his base about the kind of politician he is and always has been. at the end of the interview he disclosed that he had never been to
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nando's. which in some ways would be kind of politically dynamite and other situations. showing you are not attached. —— you are not out of touch most of the food options at once mrare touch most of the food options at once mr are not that great to be honest. the nando's is one of the nicest places there. —— the put options at westminster. he is eating very badly as a result of that. maybe should him to a political lunch. on the point he is making about the left—wing, presumably this is why it is foxing the labour party almost as much as the tories. there are almost as much as the tories. there a re really almost as much as the tories. there are really different forces at play within labour and a perfectly respectable show of anti—european is a mismatch as there is a pro—european entities. a mismatch as there is a pro-european entities. that is the ce ntre pro-european entities. that is the centre problem i brexit, muscle you have a political agenda, a party wa nt have a political agenda, a party want to deliver and they win an election. the problem went brexit as a agenda, some people wanted, some people on the conservative want to, they want very different options of it, some people and both parties who
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do not want that and there is no sta ble do not want that and there is no stable way to find doing it. intriguing. so complicated. and the party and we are still at only this stage of the withdrawal agreement. let's move on to talk about another aspect, a slightly, not the paper we a lwa ys aspect, a slightly, not the paper we always do on this paper. an important paper for somewhere of our ideas in the uk. very important for what they have done. —— some of our viewers in the uk. the irish times with a strong denunciation of how in particular the dup is doing this. poll of northern ireland and ireland, the really important part is under the good friday agreement, if the secretary of state has evidence that there will be a majority for reunification they have to hold a boy to poke about these. so that yet but they do show that back enough support. —— hold a boat
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about these. we expected this. the dup, they are the only party we hear from you northern island and westminster context, their success isn't there party a very vocal and well organised minority. —— the only party we hear from northern ireland. they seem to be a lot of similar voter discontent among sinn fein and the problem is if you are somebody who wants an alternative, the sdlp has done a deal with one of the traditional white wing parties and ireland. there are not a lot of places for voters to go other than these two parties which northern ireland shows a dislike for. are you shocked by the numbers here?” shocked by the numbers here?|j suppose shocked by the numbers here?” suppose we shouldn't be surprised because northern ireland voted to stay in the eu. even though the position of the dup is strongly in favour of brexit. 7796 position of the dup is strongly in favour of brexit. 77% are dissatisfied with the uk government, i'm surprised that is not higher. laughter 6796 of the set with the way
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the dup has representing northern ireland but that that is really important because mps have a disproportionate amount of power and they did not represent the people of northern ireland. they don't even represent their constituents. a lot of dup supporters are also dissatisfied with arlene foster and you have to remember that she herself a year ago was in disgrace over another scandal over renewable heating initiatives, and that was why the storm in parliament collapsed, it is not like she has been a unifying bradley popular leader. —— stormont parliament. yes, she seems to have the power here because of the pressure she can put on theresa may, that is not how they see her over there. in terms of what this is about sinn fein, one of the things that struck me was the large numbers of people who think that sinn fein should take it see at
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westminster which could have made some difference in all of these brexit votes, has enough mps,. seven mps. but they don't buy tradition ta ke mps. but they don't buy tradition take their boats from westminster. so they don't recognise the authority of the parliament. —— the day not take their votes from. that goes up to 64%. day not take their votes from. that goes up to 6496. very striking. in 2017, sinn fein ran a successful campaign, one of their best results ever on a platform of extension is him. not an argument of the easy to prosecute next time, but they also benefit from the fact that there is fio benefit from the fact that there is no home for moderate unionism, it doesn't seem to be home at the moment from moderate republicanism, those voters are politically homeless, and as long as that continues, actually both sinn fein and the dup will not be that worried about pulling out. let's move to the ft. politicians can argue has enjoyed great popularity, justin trudeau. —— a politician who has
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enjoyed. now fighting for his political life. when you fall from grace. we all thought come he is young and charismatic and progressive, became prime minister on this platform not being like the old prime minister stephen harper. very straight talking, he's involved ina very straight talking, he's involved in a scandal, the allegation is he put pressure on the attorney general, somebody from his team may be, to be more lenient towards a company that was facing corruption charges to protect the jobs and pensions. then he gave this press conference, the last two cabinet ministers as a result of the scandal. he gave this press conference and he is known for these really earnest apologies where he owns his mistakes, but he didn't do that here. he said they learned lessons come he didn't say what the lessons come he didn't say what the lesson was, it doesn't seem to have taken responsibility, there is going to hurt him in the polls, it is telling that both the cabinet ministers have been women and he has been such a champion of women's rights, but he is care have been
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behind the scenes really putting that pressure on his female co—workers. that pressure on his female co-workers. not the image that he has spent so long promoting. no, he was running at a new type of politics unless you have been involved in a very old type of politics and of course there is a problem, the two women, the first one who resigned said she had pressure on her and demoted, which is office suggesting that was the real reason, the one who is resigning as another person who came at the politics under trudeau as pa rt of at the politics under trudeau as part of this new politics, so it is really bad for his image and with the election only in the autumn, very time for him. les and i and find a more cheerful note. rachel, you were keen to talk about this. —— lettuce you were keen to talk about this. —— lettu ce a nd you were keen to talk about this. —— lettuce and on a more cheerful now. are for people to see what it is on screen. laughter —— let us that telus. the great vegan sausage roll. great pass house and 14 2018. telus. the great vegan sausage roll.
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great pass house and i4 2018. —— a great possum account. sales at £1 billion. the momentum has carried onto the new year. they launched their vegan sausage roll, partly behind that success, you might remember the backlash, people claiming this was political abruptness claiming this was political abru ptness gone claiming this was political abruptness gone mad and now seven foot of the people might want to eat, but it was a social media campaign that was brilliant. sold out everywhere in the city and sold out everywhere in the city and sold out around here and westminster. i wonder ifjacob out around here and westminster. i wonder if jacob rees—mogg out around here and westminster. i wonder ifjacob rees—mogg has tried one. this is what he needs to improve his image? everybody likes that. it is a delicious roll. a lot of vegan passion is nasty but the pastry and this is very good. i will think more of him if he had one. laughter thank you both. we'll be back with more at 11:30. you can see the front pages of the papers on the bbc news website. and if you miss the programme, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer thank you rachel cunliffe, comment & features editor
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at cityam and stephen bush, political editor of the new statesman. we will be backjust after the weather with the headlines and main stories at 11. good evening. after a blustery thursday, friday will start off with a drier, calmer interlude. however, it will not last. for the weekend, we will return to unsettled and blustery weather. you can see on the satellite picture what's going on. this swirl of cloud here, the area of low pressure that brought with it rain today. this next one hurtling across the atlantic will bring some rain later on friday. but in between, we have a clear slot. and under starry skies, with the winds falling increasingly light, it is going to turn cold. we are likely to see a touch of frost widely but some places in scotland to get to —6. maybe —7. there could be just one or two fog patches here and there. but essentially, it's a fine start to the day with some spells of sunshine. will be chilly, though.
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make the most of any sunshine you do see, because it will be quickly clouding over across western areas. that cloud spreading eastwards through the morning, outbreaks of rain pushing eastwards as well. much of the rain quite light and patchy. some heavier rain for west scotland, where we will also start to see some snow mixing in over high ground. temperatures ranging between seven and 11 degrees. that's about where we should be this time of the year. for the weekend, it is unsettled westerly winds bringing some showers. it may be that in this westerly flow we develop some small areas of low pressure, and if we do, that could bring some really very turbulent weather indeed. but whatever happens, it is going to be cold through the weekend. quite windy, too, with some rain and some hill snow. in between all of that, there will be sandwiched some sunny spells. i think the best chance to stay dry will be across eastern and southern parts of the uk. the further north and west you are, more of these heavy, thundery — and in places, wintry — showers over high ground in the north. temperatures on saturday, in the region of seven to 12 degrees. and then as we go into
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sunday, a subtle change. we bring more in the way of this colder air further southwards across the british isles. when you add on the strength of the wind, it is going to feel cold sunday. again, it's a day of sunshine and showers. but bear in mind those little areas of low pressure i talked about. if we do develop any of those, there could be some more widespread rain, some stronger winds and indeed some snow, not only over high ground. even to slightly lower levels at times across northern areas. wind gusts, generally, 30, 40, 50 mph, and it will feel chilly — with highs of six to 10 degrees.
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