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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 8, 2019 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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into their new stadium this season, with their first premier league fixture to be played there in april, eight months later than planned. spurs were scheduled to move there in september towards the start of the season, but construction ran into delays. if brighton beat millwall in the fa cup on 17 march, crystal palace will be spurs‘ opponents on 3 april. if brighton are knocked out, it'll be they who line up against spurs on either the 6 or 7 april. as pep guardiola prepares his side to face watford tomorrow, the premier league have announced they're investigating manchester city for allegedly breaching financial fair play rules. yesterday, uefa said it, too, was looking into several alleged violations at the club. city claim the allegations are entirely false and manager pep guardiola insists the situation won't affect his team heading
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into the business end of the season, nor would it have a bearing on the legacy he's building at the club. isaid i said last season, the trust and that with the club has done but hopefully they can solve as soon as possible and help in this environment. are you concerned at all that your legacy at this club will be tainted by the allegations and whatever you have to to do? no, absolutely not. chelsea say they're "astonished" that their request to freeze a ban on signing new players has been turned down by fifa. the ban was punishment for chelsea's attempts to sign foreign players under the age of 18, but the club was hoping it would be frozen while they appealed against it. our sports news correspondent richard conway has more details. this decision stems from a ruling by
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a fee for that chelsea had broken rules regarding the signing of an treatment of young players. now, they decided a little while ago that they decided a little while ago that they were going to have a transfer a ban on chelsea, to windows it a fa ct. ban on chelsea, to windows it a fact. chelsea are appealing against that decision but what we have discovered is that the appeals committee have rejected chelsea's attempt to allow them to sign players in the upcoming transfer window while the appeal is still ongoing. so it means as it stands that chelsea cannot sign players this summer. now that is a stark difference to how other clubs who have been in similar positions have been dealt with in the past. barcelona, said differently in 2014. now in response to this, chelsea saying they are astonished by this decision. they say it is inconsistent with how other clubs have been dealt with and they say they notes it can be appealed to the
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court of arbitration for sport and thatis court of arbitration for sport and that is where we are now headed with this. it will have to go to the export‘s high score in switzerland. chelsea said they were weather options for but if they want to find pleasure that was what their only option right now. the women's six nations has kicked off this weekend's action. wales clinched a dramatic win over scotland their only points had come from a draw against italy, but they won 17—15 at scotstoun, they ran in two tries to scotland's three, but the scots missed all three of tehir conversions. while wales had a penalty and added the extras from the tee. england chasing the grand slam and they play tomorrow. well, the men's competition begins with wales, the only unbeaten team remaining, taking on scotland at murrayfield tomorrow lunchtime. they remain on this record winning
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run and having been talked up by eddiejones as the best welsh side in history, albeit with tongue firmly in cheek. are they about have the last laugh? here's adam wild. fantastic! the greatest wells inside ever, 110w fantastic! the greatest wells inside ever, now infamous quote but i tagged this team might live up to. but they are still in with a chance at the grand slam, this could be their third team to consecutive win, 13 consecutive win, perhaps enough of the time being. the squad are really tight. the squad is reacting well to how this is going and winning now. ithink well to how this is going and winning now. i think it is a good place to be. if history provides any indication, it points for me to wealth success this weekend. just a single defeat to scotland in the last 11 meetings in this tournament was of another victory would be a big step towards another one else
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grand slam. we enjoy each other's company. it's a big thing to be part of eight squad, you have to operate at the full potential and operate well. this is a special place to be. so now not a moment to lose focus as six nations weekend and a week spent ‘ between skylights merger between ospreys and skylights has been an unwelcome distraction. nine of the whales started when i potentially affected. the future of many of their players has at times as any. no doubt the players have been distracted. he has seen these things in the players are going home and hearing from partners and wives and hearing from partners and wives and have been questions asked about what is going on. we try to eliminate those distractions and focus on an important game for us. in edinboro, a special welcome awaits. scotland's six nations has
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never really got going. defeat to ireland and then to france. now the time to show murray field the real scotland. the running of the sheepish ship, but we still want to play to our potential and show our true potential of what we are capable of. it is time we delivered 90 minute performance. but even that may not be enough. scotland playing for pride, whales playing for history. that's the first match, wales two points ahead of second placed england in the table, england up against italy tomorrow afternoon before ireland round off the penultimate weekend against france in dublin. domestically tonight, bath prevented the champions saracens from returning to the top of the premiership as they won 18-9. no doubt who was
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central to that win. fly half rhys priestland, who slotted over all of their points, a total of six penalties, this the pick. sarries missing their england contingent, but indiscipline letting them down. dan evans is up against stan wawrinka in the first round at indian wells. you can listen to commentary on 5 live sports extra and via the bbc sport website. earlier, johanna konta reached the third orund with an impressive win over hsieh su—wei of taiwan, 6—0, 6—2, showing signs perhaps that the wobbles at the start of the season are behind her as she looks to climb up the women's rankings, she was as high as four in the world. meanwhile, super league champions wigan warriors have suffered their fourth defeat in five games at the hands of bottom club huddersfield. kruise leeming scored the opening try of the game for the giants, his team—matejoe wardle the second
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in the 14—6 victory. hudderfield stay bottom, but are level on points with leeds and wigan. and what a run from tommy fleetwood out in the states, where he has a share of the lead at the halfway stage of the arnold palmer invitrational. he's 9—under. he followed up his opening roudn 69 with a second round 66 on 9—under alongside keegan bradley. the pair are four shots clear of the field. he's chasing a maiden win in the united states and he's well placed heading into the weekend. this would be a comeback the athletics world would love to see. britain's four—time olympic champion mo farah has hinted he may return to the track for this year's world championships in doha in october. the 35—year—old retired from the track running two years ago to concentrate on the marathon and will run a half marathon in london this weekend before the full distance in the city next month. but his mind is beginning to look elsewhere. i think it is possible if i am in great shape. if my body can hold
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well. my capable of going for my country, why not? i watch my fellow athletes competing and it is more of cani athletes competing and it is more of can i do it? that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport throughout the weekend. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are anne ashworth, associate editor of the times, and benedicte paviot, uk correspondent of france 24 and president of the foreign press association. many of tomorrow's front
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pages are already in. the daily mail reports that many councils are preparing to raise parking fees over the next year by charging more for town car parks and increasing the cost of residential permits. the times leads with the shoreham air crash after the pilot andrew hill was cleared of 11 charges of manslaughter. the main picture on the daily telegraph is of shamima begum, who left the uk tojoin isis in 2015, who's baby has died in syria. meanwhile, the main story is brexit—related. the paper claims theresa may's hopes of a last minute brexit breakthrough appeared to be doomed after a "total break—down of trust" between london and brussels. the ft weekend says philip hammond has urged eurosceptic conservatives to back theresa may's brexit deal, saying its approval would allow him to release billions of pounds for stretched public services. 0ne direction star liam payne is backing a daily mirror campaign tackling knife crime.
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he says he was robbed at knife—point when he was 12. and the guardian takes a look at school funding, it says teachers are doing the work of canteen staff and cleaners, while essential funds are raised by parent donations in what it calls a "funding crisis". so, a variety of stories making the front pages. let's see what our reviewers make of it all. 0nce once again, brexit is the big votes looming next week. and the daily telegraph and met leaves theresa may facing brexit humiliation, reflecting the blunt response to his latest tweets. well, the point is that earlier today we had yet another speech of this prime minister. i think it was a double play, a double plea to the mps to
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really vote for her withdrawal agreement. struck with the eu, the only one actually on the table after that terrible shockingly huge defeat of 230 votes. and here we have what is very sad and quite concerning, and that is this unprecedented step of michel barnier actually posting in real time. i think it is his frustration and really saying that talks showing and exposing the talks have gone extremely badly this week between the uk and the eu. 0f have gone extremely badly this week between the uk and the eu. of course we know the attorney general‘s visit to brussels was cancelled earlier today but to have this in a sense donald trump like exchange in real time those really badly. we had an evening standard jeremy hunt the
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blame game against the eu and all of this is far too public. so if indeed theresa may faces as he telegraph says brexit humiliation, today with michel barnier and possibly on tuesday, and then with the vote of no deal off the table on wednesday and then an extension on thursday, while a crucial week we are about to add into with what has happened in the last few hours. absolutely. we are going towards yet another height 110011 are going towards yet another height noonin are going towards yet another height noon in the negotiations, through one end and maybe as many as three crucial votes. of this story is extremely downbeat. it is if the deal is already dead. and indeed, it has —— in her speech earlier today, theresa may warned that britain may never leave the eu. and it is coming back to this whole issue of having entirely overlooked the problems
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that northern ireland would pose to out that northern ireland would pose to our exit from the eu. it was not an issue ever raised during the referendum and has become almost the issue that dominates the negotiations. and it seems as if there are all these political figures racing around and none of them able to sit down to any kind of meaningful discussions. it is supposed to be a meaningful vote next week, how can it be? it seems as though theresa may is going to be coming back. looking at the telegraph story will be heard for michel barnier, and the response we have had from the brexit secretary that essentially these hopes that she might be able to rank some last—minute concessions out of the eu have essentially failed. to do it is ata eu have essentially failed. to do it is at a public way today in grimsby was not necessarily... i think she was not necessarily... i think she was trying to reach out to the population and say in her mind mps
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they represent their constituents. but we know the vote was not that huge one way or the other. clearly, brexit one. but clearly this country is extremely divided. what i thought was interesting was michel barnier it said to the camera that he is not interested in the blame game but he is interested in is a result. this very much echoes and i spent a bit of yesterday with the french minister for of yesterday with the french ministerfor european of yesterday with the french minister for european affairs. and she very clearly said yesterday to a law of the french business community that really there was a deal that was struck back in 2017 and for the last 12 months, there have been spent over the backstop. so there will is a frustration not in france only but across the other european countries and disbelief and sadness and frustration that is coming tonight so badly. i did not know what can be done over the weekend.
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