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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 9, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. the bodies of british climber, tom ballard and his italian partner have been found in pakistan — two weeks after they last made contact. the home secretary, sajid javid, is facing criticism for revoking the citizenship of shamima begum, whose baby son died in a camp in syria. a man has been remanded in custody, charged with the murder ofjodie chesney in east london earlier this month. good evening. the brexit secretary accuses the eu's chief negotiator, rescuers have found the bodies michel barnier, of trying "to rerun of the missing british mountaineer, old arguments", as talks continue tom ballard, and his italian climbing companion, between the uk and eu. daniele nardi, in pakistan. contact was lost with the pair almost two weeks ago during an ascent of one and in the six nations — of the world's highest mountains — england score eight tries against italy and keep up nanga parbat, in the himalayas. the pressure on wales. mr ballard is the son we'll have full details of that of alison hargreaves, and today's other sporting events who died on the mountain k2 in 1995, the same year she became the first woman to conquer everest unaided. sarah campbell reports.
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tom ballard was among the world's best and most fearless climbers. he specialised in taking on the most dangerous ascents in winter. joining him on what would be his final challenge, italian climber daniele nardi. they had waited weeks for a weather window before setting off to climb second mat, also known as killer mountain. —— to climb nanga parbat. contact was lost with a pair of two thirds of the way up a particularly treacherous route. in two weeks after they went missing came the news that their bodies had been spotted. tom, as a youngster, looking for a reassuring cuddle from his mum, alison hargreaves. in 1995, she became the first woman to climb everest without oxygen or assistance. when we go climbing, we obviously minimise the risk. we thought it was risky, it we wouldn't
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go climbing. it is a non—thing —— mike an unfairthing go climbing. it is a non—thing —— mike an unfair thing to do, especially with a young family. that year, she died, while descending from the summit of k2, the world's second highest peak. fellow climbers, friends and family are now having to come to terms with tom's death at the age ofjust 30. he wouldn't have remember it is not that well, he was five when she died. i'm not that religious, but if iwas, i died. i'm not that religious, but if i was, i would like to think that tom is going to meet his mum. he was just a fine young man, really, tom. daniele nardi also knew the risk. don't stop, he told him. don't give up. climbing was all tom ever wanted
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to do. he died doing what he loved. sarah campbell, bbc news. the government faces mounting criticism over the decision to revoke the citizenship of shamima begum following the death of her son in a syrian detention camp. ms begum left london tojoin the islamic state group when she was 15, and now, at 19, had wanted to return to britain. labour said the decision to prevent herfrom doing so was "callous and inhumane", while charities say the life of the child wasn't sufficiently taken into consideration. but the government insists it was acting in the national interest. our political correspondent chris mason reports. a baby and his mum, 19—year—old shamima begum. she gave birth in a camp used to home islamic state fighters. at less than three weeks old, her son has died from pneumonia. and he is buried here. the shadow home secretary, diane abbott, said leaving the two of them ina abbott, said leaving the two of them in a syrian refugee camp was morally
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reprehensible and a stain on the conscience of this government. shamima begum is one of around 50,000 people, mostly women and children, living in this camp in north—eastern syria. both a refuge and detention centre. those who chose tojoin our yes and detention centre. those who chose to join our yes are now fleeing the fighting and ending up your. charities say the government had an obligation to step in. today isa had an obligation to step in. today is a national tragedy because this is a national tragedy because this isa is a national tragedy because this is a shared sorrow about the death ofa is a shared sorrow about the death of a british newborn child. so whatever we think about the behavioural choices of the child's mother, a baby not yet three weeks old has died of pneumonia. last month, the home secretary sajid javid confirmed that the baby was a british citizen and said he had considered the child's interest when deciding to take away ms begum's citizenship. the question now is, could the life of an innocent child have been saved? is someone who has worked in the home office, i can
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tell you factually that the home secretary will have made an decision based on the interests of the british people. he made a decision based on the advice he had about keeping british people say. meanwhile, shamima begum's family are still fighting for her to be allowed back to the uk. just before it was announced that his grandson had died, thought my‘s grandfather begged for his daughter to be forgiven. translation: shamima was a teenager. she has done wrong, and as her father, teenager. she has done wrong, and as herfather, i teenager. she has done wrong, and as her father, i apologise to everyone in britain. i am asking for the british people to forgive her and ta ke british people to forgive her and take her back. being in government often take her back. being in government ofte n m ea ns take her back. being in government often means making difficult choices. ministers could have allowed shamima begum and her son to return to the uk, but that could have proved deeply unpopular. in a statement, a spokesman said that the death of any child was tragic, but said that for the last eight years, the government has consistently advised against travel to syria. the
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case of shamima begum and her son is but one of thousands, and a dilemma for many governments around the world. what to do about those who left home tojoin world. what to do about those who left home to join an enemy and now wa nt to left home to join an enemy and now want to come back. chris mason, bbc news. a man has been remanded in custody by magistrates in east london, charged with murdering the teenagerjodie chesney last week. the 17—year—old was stabbed in the back while listening to music with friends in a park in romford. manuel petrovitch, who's 20, will appear at the old bailey on monday. a second suspect remains in custody. the supermarket chain asda has said it will remove all single kitchen knives from sale because of concern over the use of knives in violent atacks. 41 people have been fatally stabbed so far this year, and asda says single knives are the most frequently stolen. the company says it has a responsibilty to try to help in the work to bring violent crime under control. negotiators from the eu and the uk are continuing technical talks on brexit as the two sides
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struggle to break the deadlock over the issue of the irish border. the government has rejected a proposalfrom the eu's negotiator, michel barnier, that the uk would be free to leave a proposed customs union provided that northern ireland remained inside. our correspondent adam fleming is in brussels. talks continue, but any sign of progress? not yet. although the process has been incredibly tense and fraught at some point this week, so some of the diplomats you speak to are just relieved that the civil servants from both sides are still sat round the table today, and they will take round the table again tomorrow. we have seen a memo that is circulating around the 27 other member states in the eu saying that they are open to a workable new solutions from the uk, so that is something. and we still haven't seen the last piece of this puzzle, which is changes to the political declaration, the separate document that will sketch out the
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shape of the future relationship that will set her alongside the divorce treaty. we will see what they have managed to work out there. but, you talk about those proposals from michel barnier, the eu chief negotiator, yesterday on the irish backstop, the most controversial bit of the deal, and they fell far short of the deal, and they fell far short of what some mps are looking forward to change their mind and support the deal when it goes back to parliament on tuesday. 0k, on tuesday. ok, adam, thank you for that. rugby now, and wales are one step closer to a grand slam after beating scotland in the six nations. they won by 18 points to 11 at murrayfield, and nowjust need to beat ireland in cardiff to secure the title. from murrayfield, joe wilson sent this report. in edinburgh's scenic centre, spring's delicate colours unfold. wales, everywhere was wales. at murrayfield, watch josh adams‘ moves out on the wing. ball in his hands, thenjinking and sprinting his way to the line. wales had a fast start.
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and wales have the first try. scotland's own attacking spirit ran into the welsh defence, fiercely drilled and disciplined. whilst scotland hoped to succeed, while is expected to. ——wales expected to. that's what confidence does to a team. jonathan davies too strong here, and wales led by nine points at half—time. there was only one way scotland could succeed. if they couldn't go through wales, they'd have to go around them. ball slipped inside and then out to the wing. by modern standards, darcy graham's a belly dancer between by modern standards, darcy graham's a ballet dancer between giants, but his try finally brought murrayfield to its feet. the intricacy of the move suddenly cut wales apart. the gap closed, but the gap remained. and this welsh penaltyjust settled the final score, 18-11. well, it was a huge physical effort by scotland in the second half, but ultimately they came up against the team which has forgotten
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how to lose. they celebrated in edinburgh like they do everywhere. joe wilson, bbc news, murrayfield. there's more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel. we're back with the late news at ten o'clock. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. hello and welcome to sportsday. the headlines this evening. wales beat scotland in the six nations at murrayfield and are one win away from the grand slam. it doesn't come along very often so we are looking for a date. we'll enjoy this one and look forward to next week, coming up. —— we are looking forward to it.
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england score eight tries against italy at twickenham to keep their title hopes alive. and a crucial comeback sees saints stun spurs at st marys to move out of the relegation zone. hello and welcome to the programme. we start in edinburgh where wales have edged even closer to the grand slam after beating edinburgh by seven points this afternoon. beating scotland by seven points. warren gatland's side were given a bit of a scare by the home side before emerging 18—11winners at murrayfield — stretching their record winning run to 13.. let's speak to our correspondentjoe wilson... joe, wheels my time and quite impressively so. —— wales march on.
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they were at their best at times today? interesting, merrifield is 110w today? interesting, merrifield is now done for the six nations, litter being picked up behind me! —— murrayfield. scotland's players might be feeling bruised and a little confused. how do you beat this welsh team ? little confused. how do you beat this welsh team? as you said at times, in the second half, scotland did produce some quite scintillating by did produce some quite scintillating rugby but by then they were behind and up against a welsh team which just does not panic, players who seem to have complete faith in each other and in their coach. we will show you one of our two pieces of action now starting with the first try of the game, scored by wales. interesting when you consider that against england and france, the comeback to win those games, not so here. they were in control to win the first half, josh adams finishing in the corner, he has had a good six nations, good finish there. by half—time, wales were nine points ahead because their second try of the half came from the centre jonathan davies, too strong there
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for the try line. manfred mann, wales seemed stronger really. that macro man for man throughout the game, will seem stronger. scotland we re game, will seem stronger. scotland were stretched but did have an excellent try out on the wing for darcy graham, the slightly built winner there. murrayfield at that point, people were on their feet, they had a bit of excitement, a bit of belief, but then wales seemed full—back on their structures, their strength and the penalty at the end meant they won by 18—11. —— wales seemed to full—back. lets you from both sides. so i am like the feel from the team is amazing at the feel from the team is amazing at the moment. we are enjoying each other‘s company, working hard for each other, and next week is going to be really exciting, at the time for us in all of our careers. it doesn't come along very often so we will look forward to it. we will enjoy this one and look forward to next week coming up. does that hurt? not too bad! a couple of stitches
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and it should be all right. we have high expectations of ourselves and we hate losing at home. it's disappointing. but we use these experiences to learn and get better and we have got one game left, we will do everything we can. we are looking forward to twickenham next week. we will give it the best we can. use a complicated fit, i will take a deep breath and run through the possible permutations. tomorrow i would have to beat france and try and geta would have to beat france and try and get a bonus point win. england have got to try to beat scotland in the final we can hope that ireland beat wales. in wales have just got to win. i think that's right, but feel free to correct me! fascinating final weekend to come. at twickenham, england ensured they're still in the running for the title. they scored eight tries to comfortably beat italy at twickenham. a dominant performance saw them win 57—14 to claim another bonus point win —
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keeping them very much still in with a chance in this six nations. patrick gearey was watching. 28 times italy have stood and poured their hearts out, 20 times they've had broken. —— 20 times have stayed. this is a six nations record and england were the last time they wa nted england were the last time they wanted to face, they've lost to them every time they played them in the competition. at the bottom of the bowl the ball —— micro at the bottom of them all, people come here. there have been moments for italy, like this try. italy were level forjust over a minute. then elliot daly raced into the fast lane and spotted jonny may about to overtake. this, his fifth try of the tournament, already. manager langi hadn't managed one in five years for england. for all the problems with his body and behaviour that he still had this in him. there are few players in the world capable of
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this. eddiejones players in the world capable of this. eddie jones had players in the world capable of this. eddiejones had to figure that italy would not be able to live with to langi's pace and power, here is the proof, stretching it to the's defence to the breaking point and then getting the bonus point, all important. for italy, the agony went on. he was popping up all over the place. after the break the centre of briefly moved to the margin, no stopping him from there. in slowing toa stopping him from there. in slowing to a stroll, england almost stumbled italy got a second high. but then george chris and dan robson extended, rob is unable to score his first try for the country. once converted england had 50 and still a chance for the championship. as for italy, england's final try some things up. joe launchbury and brad shields again. at this level, hot on the get you so far. —— heart only gets you so far.
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england's women whitewashed italy by 55 points to nil in exeter. they scored nine tries in all including two from jess breach. they'll win the grand slam if they beat scotland at twickenham next weekend. ireland play france at seven o'clock. i look at today's football. some huge results at the bottom of the table — and this one will have a bearing towards the top as well. tottenham despite taking the lead, losing two one to southampton. it means manchester united could draw level if they beat arsenal tomorrow. james ward prowse with a stunning free kick to win it, a huge win in their bid to avoid relegation. they were always winning and so it's only a step. but a big one, for sure, because against tottenham at home you cannot expect to win the game but it was a big win for us and, you know, three weeks break now. it's a completely different feeling if you're above the line or under the line. but we know, and i
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said to my team in the dressing room, that we will rest but also concentrate working for the last games because we need more wins. they do. the only drawback for them belief is that the teams around them also one today. newcastle, pulled further away from the drop zone, but they had to do it the hard way. they were 2—0 down and came back to beat everton 3—2. ayoze perez with two goals in four minutes. a huge day for the fans and for wrap—up and it has come as third anniversary as manager at the club. —— macron for rafa benitez as well. we had the ball in the middle, the first ball in the second ball, we need more second balls. they created more attacks. in the end, the players have to give them credit, because they were pushing and pushing, and we have to believe and
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be confident that we can do it. pushing, and we have to believe and be confident that we can do itm will be a confidence booster for newcastle. cardiff remain in the bottom three but they secured a huge win at home to west ham. 2-2- 2—2— note this one. —— 2—0 this one. junior hoilett and victor camarasa with the goals. we'll take a look at how the bottom of the table looks in a moment. but to one of the premier league's big rivalries. brighton and crystal palace met in the early kick off — and the former secured the bragging rights and a vital three points to draw level with their rivals. 2—1 it finished. and watch out for a brilliant winner from antony knockart in rhia chohan's report. some question whether the 50 miles that separate these two clubs can really be called a derby, but whatever you call it, there's an undeniable rivalry. especially when you're bidding for premier league survival. three points separated the seagulls from the eagles and tension was spilling onto the pitch early on.
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brighton had the chance to move level on points with their rivals and it seems the fates were in their favour. glenn murray had initially been named as a sub but after a warm—up injury the former palace player was called up, and what a chance! what a way to mark your hundredth league goal. there was also this. a needless foul after the break, allowing palace to come back into the game. but then this left foot curl, a piece of art from anthony knockaert sealing a huge three points in the fight against relegation. albion fans will be dancing all the way down the m23. there was a first win for brendan rodgers as leicester manager — they beat fulham 3—1. jamie vardy with two goals — managerless fulham surely on tehir way back to the championship. and huddersfield lost to bournemouth today —
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they remain bottom — 16 points from safety. relegation all but certain. as it is, you feel, for fulham. but you can see how compact it is, 16 is within six points of each other at the bottom of the table. —— six teams. at the top, manchester city extending their lead over second place. liverpool of course play tomorrow against burnley. tottenham will be looking nervously over their shoulders because manchester united as i was saying could pull level if they win tomorrow. a huge match to come. and arsenal and chelsea in action as well. it's getting very tight, of the exciting, and if it's tight at the exciting, and if it's tight at the bottom of the premier league it certainly getting very tight at the
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top of the championship as well. very interesting at the top of the championship! leeds are back up to second. patrick bamford with the only goal of the game against bristol city. sheffield united were briefly second after beating rotherham in the day's early kick off. fifth placed middlesbrough will be disappointed to lose at home to brentford. all the football league results are on the bbc sport website and app. plus more on blackpool now. after a four year boycott, lasting more than 200 games, fifteen thousand blackpool fans flocked back to bloomfield road today to mark the end of the controversial oyston family's involvment with the club. they've barely had 5,000 at home matches as part of a mass protest at the way the club was being run. on the verge of the league one play offs they drew 2—2 with southend thanks to a last—minute equaliser. celtic were held to a goal—less draw by aberdeen in the scottish premiership this afternoon. good wins today too for livingston,
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mortherwell and hearts. ——motherwell and hearts. kate cross bowled a magnificent final over to lead england to a thrilling one—run win over india in the third twenty20. with india needing three to win, cross bowled three balls without conceeding any runs, removed bharati fulmali and anuja patil, then conceded only one run from the final ball. henry moeran has been following the action in guwahati. england's tour of india concluded with the most exciting match of the six we have seen, having thus the odi series 2—1, i made it a clean sweep in the t20 with a last overthrow there, india requiring just three runs to win, kate cross andy dibble having not played a t20 before the series for four years. that micro kate cross have not played. and she won that game by just one run. extraordinary scenes in guwahati in front of a crowd
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approaching 10,000 england it's a big win to ensure that clean sweep. obviously when it's best you've got a low total to defend you're going to bea a low total to defend you're going to be a hero or villain pretty quickly so it's nice to be on the better end of that. but i've been hitting a hard game and that had been working successfully for me and heather had had a few chats and tha nkfully heather had had a few chats and thankfully we got it right time. so england headed to sri lanka having won more matches than the loss on their tour of won more matches than the loss on theirtourof india, and won more matches than the loss on their tour of india, and certainly they will be seen as a success. a disappointing start but then they fought back with four successive victories and there is no reason to think that run won't continue against a sri lankan side who are certainly inferior to the team they played in india. let's take a look at some of the other stories around today. spain's maverick vinales snatched pole position on his yamaha for the qatar motogp. he pushed andrea dovizioso and world champion marc marquez into second and third place for tomorrow's race.
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great britain finished a disappointing seventh in the elite mixed relay at the world triathlon series in abu dhabi. the team consisted of alex yee, vicky holland, thomas bishop, and non stanford. australia came first, followed by the united states and new zealand. just one game in superleague today. salford red devils had a great start at catalan dragons — 18—0 up at half—time — and they've gone on from there to thrash the dragons 46—0. in the premiership bottom side newcastle gave their hopes of avoiding relegation a huge boost after overcoming wasps 20—19 earlier. league leaders exeter beat worcester and bristol came from behind to seal a stunning victory against northampton who finished the game with 11 men. incredibly tight in all of those matches. before we go, the saying goes "look before you leap"... well, perhaps brazilian striker anderson lopes should have paid a little more heed.
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this is hard to watch! lopes celebrated his second goal for consadole sapporo in thej league by excitedlyjumping over the barricade, only to realise too late it was a rather steep drop in height. he laid on the ground for a while before the medical staff cleared him of any injury. you'll regret that in the morning! he was ok, but he will be feeling that. —— he will regret that in the morning. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at half past seven. goodbye. good evening. a blustery saturday but sunny spells and scattered showers for most of us. you can see from the satellite picture — best of the breaks were in sheltered eastern areas, more showers further west. by the end of the afternoon, the cloud and rain gathers into the south—west. that is a frontal system that
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will move through bringing some rain overnight tonight. behind it, we have got this little flurry here could cause issues. the cold air could bring some snow showers for tomorrow. for the next few hours, it will turn increasingly wet and windy. the rain pushing its way steadily northwards, perhaps grinding to a halt across northern england and north wales. far north under clear skies, temperatures falling away. the blues tones denoting temperatures below freezing, maybe as well as “11 degrees and sheltered rural areas. that is important. that cold air is going to stay into scotland. first thing on sunday morning, we have got this rain and a little bit of wet snow across the pennines, flipping its weight steadily south and east. at the same time the next frontal system will bump into the cold air, and we could see some wintry showers. it will be a blustery start to the day. it is going to be snow falling to higher ground. we could see accumulation of a few centimetres. even at lower levels, there will be some slushy deposits, coupled with some pretty gusty winds at times. 40, 50 mph plus.
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it isn't going to be very pleasant out there. there will be some showers and yes, a little bit of wintryness mixed in there across north—west england and wales. for england and wales it will be a bright and sunny afternoon. for many, we keep the rest of a few wintry showers with slushy deposits threatening the further north and west, maybe even the odd rumble of thunder and some hail mixed in there as well. cold with the cloud, wind, rain and showers around 5 degrees at the very best. a little milder further south with maximum of 11. into monday, a brief ridge of high pressure will quiet things down for a time. not for long. make the most of it on monday. it looks likely to be a relatively quiet start to our new working week. then another significant area of low pressure looks likely to threaten from the west. it is going to bring yet more wet and windy weather, with a spell of gales as well for a time. this may well develop into a named storm. into next week, it looks likely to stay pretty unsettled. there will be some rain and gales but also a little bit of sun at times.
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