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tv   Our World  BBC News  March 10, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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157 people are killed in an ethiopian plane crash — they include seven britons. the plane came down minutes after taking off from the capital addis ababa — there were no survivors. translation: it came directly from the sky downwards. we had a huge explosion. this is bbc world news, the we heard a huge explosion. there was no fire before it crashed, headlines. but once it crashed, recovery teams have been searching we saw a huge cloud of smoke. through the wreckage of an ethiopian among the british killed were 36—year—old joanna toole airlines flight that crashed. and father of three joseph wyethaka. we hearfrom his son. feeling all on board. more than 30 we found out that nearly everybody had passed away, and it was just a frantic rush nationalities were involved. to work the phones to us backed syrian forces have begun kind of try and get any their final assault us backed syrian forces have begun theirfinal assault on us backed syrian forces have begun their final assault on the so—called islamic state in the east of the information that we could get. country. the plane had only been in service for a few months — the british government has descended we'll be looking at its safety record. also tonight... its —— defended its decision to revoke the citizenship of british the fighters and families from the islamic state group who've teenagers shamima begum whojoined the islamic state group. two more teenagers who also went to syria
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we re teenagers who also went to syria were also stripped of their nationality. cloudy in protest against the president, a plane carrying the 82—year—old from hospital landed nearby. —— protest against the algerian president. later, a full round—up of the day's news. first, though, tighten that oui’ news. first, though, tighten that our world. part of the bbc season on bringing people together in divided road. we have been to portland to see whether the american right and left ca n see whether the american right and left can find any common ground. a warning, there are scenes of violence and rioting in this programme. portland, oregon, in america's pacific northwest. since the election of president donald trump, there has been trouble in the streets. usa!
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the far right is on the march. see, i get very violent. i'm one of the more violent because i don't like to fight for very long. they are confronted by home—grown antifascist groups. someone has got to stop them marching in my streets. not in my town. why has this city become a battle ground between far right and the leftist antifascist movement? i'm mike wendling, and i've come here to find out. i get, "chief 0utlaw whose side are you on? "what are little black girls going to think "of you for protecting white supremacists? " i also want to bring together two people from opposing sides. they know each other from across the barricades. when they meet again on neutral ground, will they talk, or will they fight?
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it is a disturbing trend across america — political violence in the streets. new york. berkeley, california. a murder in charlottesville, virginia. but the main battle ground is a hipster utopia — the city of portland. right—wing groups come from out of town, proclaiming the right to free speech. usa! as an american, i want to know why extremism is on the rise across my country, and who is invading once—peaceful portland, and why. and i've come 4.5 hours south of the city to
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this town called ashland. hey, welcome to my town. rob cantrall is a local chapter leader of one of america's newest far right groups, the proud boys. how are you doing? right now, he is living in his car, along with all his stuff, his favourite companion, marley, and marley's litter box. rob is divorced, with a daughter and grandson. he works at a local marijuana farm. it's humble, dirty, peaceful. and you haven't even seen the back yet. although it's illegal in most places in america, in oregon, growing cannabis is tolerated, and adults are perfectly free to smoke it. to give you an idea of how many plants we have, about 600. freedom is what rob says he is all about.
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we are trying to save the way of life. freedom and not let it turn into some oppressive commu—nation. or any kind of ism. the proud boys is a men's only club. they say they stand for traditional values, capitalism, defined gender roles, free speech. they have ten principles. one of them is abolish prisons. end the welfare state. no more welfare. i know that seems pretty heartless. we can do that by having a more lucrative economy. and taking care of each other a little bit more. we just don't want the government to take care of us. but rob's main source of income these days is a government disability allowance. what are some other principles? venerate the housewife. i'm sorry, but traditionally speaking, a woman in the home is the best home.
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the proud boys have been designated a hate group by an anti—extremism organisation in america. they deny they are racist or homophobic. they have black members and gay members. what makes them extreme is their violence. one of the tenets is we are never supposed to hit first. people have said the proud boys have started violence, there has been video. there have been people arrested. see, i get very violent in fights. i'm one of the more violent because i don't like to fight for very long. so i want to get it done. rob and the proud boys are willing to make the trip into portland again and again. are you excited or what? come on now! they march with other right—wing groups, including patriot prayer. sometimes the rallies result
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in violence and arrests. one man who marched with the far right committed murder. jeremy christian was extreme even by their standards. in 2017, christian was shouting racial abuse at two muslim women on a portland train. two men tried to intervene. he stabbed them. when he appeared in court, he shouted, "death to the enemies of america. "death to antifa." i've come to a quite working—class neighbourhood, where patriotism is on display. this is the home of one of portland's prominent antifa, short for antifascist, activists. hello, luis? how are you doing? good, how are you doing? good, nice to see you. come on in. thanks. on a real bad day, i'm
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probably an anarchist. on a real good day, a social democrat. luis grew up in the city. his grandparents were immigrants. he's a comedian and writer, but he has lost his patience with american politics. i think it is ridiculous that these group of nativists, white nationalists and right—wingers keep coming to my town and keep bringing their hate to my town. the red sauce is good. it is not as spicy... antifascist in portland are a broad mix of left—wing types. luis' house is an unofficial activist hub. they need to learn that their violence that they are bringing is not going to be unopposed. it is not going to be just taken and absorbed. it is going to send a bit back to them. these activists say the other side's claim about free speech is a pretense
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for hiding a fascist agenda. most people in portland are repulsed by the far right. they have already killed two people. lots of innocent people's lives have been disrupted. someone's got to stop them, they are not going to march in my streets. not in my town. but many also disagree with the antifascist tactics. antifa aren't afraid to fight. "i suggest you never walk the streets of portland again." battles on the streets are mirrored online, and some are deeply personal. luis plays a message from proud boy rob cantrall. i'm not done with you, ijust started, dog. why don't you let me know when you're going to be walking the streets of portland, you little bleep? this is their first encounter,
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at a rally two years ago. if bleep you threaten me, i am going to take on one of these guys. rob argued with an antifa activist. luis tried to separate them. have a good bleep day. you send you a picture of you, and your partner at... since then, they have slung insults and threats back and forth online. so there i said, "i prefer to use suicide". luis gives as good as he gets. there are dozens of proud boy chapters in 37 states, and the uk and canada. their exact numbers are unknown. there is a sizeable group near portland in a suburb just over the state line. rob has travelled up for a proud boy party, and we have received a last— minute invitation. hello.
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you guys missed out on all the food. welcome. who do you think you are? i'm your daddy! really?! we are protecting freedom of speech. to become a member of the brotherhood, you have to do the following. first degree, recite a slogan. my name is rob cantrall. i am a western chauvinist who refuses to apologise for creating the modern world. second degree, name breakfast cereals while getting smacked by fellow proud boys. cocoa puffs! frosted flakes! also, promise not to masturbate. and the third degree, brand yourself in solidarity. proud boy. look at that big beautiful smiling face. loud and proud!
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rob's fellow proud boys show off some ink. they flash 0k signs meant to mock left—wingers. and they wear their uniform of choice, a fred perry polo shirt. most of these men are fourth degree members, but they are a bit cagey about exactly what that entails. because i know not everybody on the left is bad... fourth degrees are awarded for it getting attacked by an antifascist, fighting, or getting arrested. not exactly your average drinking club. how many times have you been arrested at these rallies? altogether, 18 times. all of these rallies that have happened in portland? yes. look at that swing! tusitala toese, known as tiny, is originally from american samoa.
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he is one of the group's leaders. his proud boy brothers point to him when they deny they are racist. tiny has been arrested for disorderly conduct, harassment, and assault. they shout. ready? yeah. but he claims that the proud boys are simply standing up for free speech. and antifascists are the real problem. they are being selfish. not everybody in portland agrees with them. and if they are trying to build a community, it's a community of masked ninjas that does not follow the law, that does not want a law. accusations of violence go both ways. when they clash, everyone is affected.
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at a protest, a lot of the time the police will set up a system of barricades to try to keep the protesters separated, or to keep it contained to one area. localjournalist, mike bivins, covers right—wing rallies in portland. you know, they mean business. this is where it begins, but not where it ends. brawls spill out onto the streets. on october the 13th, patriot prayer called for a protest in downtown portland. they eventually clashed with some antifascist left—wing protesters outside of kelly's 0lympian. yeah, they really started just beating the bleep out of each other once the first punch was thrown.
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last time, i didn't even know what was going on before somebody ran in, and was choking because they had got maced, and then everybody started choking in the bar, and then we went on lockdown. portland's democratic mayor tried to pass a law to clamp down on the marches. constitutionally, we cannot stop people from coming to our city, but we believe there are some pre—emptive steps we can take. limit their rights to firearms, close certain public facilities, require notification. keep different groups separated in a reasonable amount of distance so they could not directly brawl. the law did not pass the council, because the lawmakers were worried about restricting free speech. the marches cannot be stopped by the city government. and the antifascists say they will not rely on local police.
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i carry a gun with me at all times, and i will say that... i mean, i really don't like guns. honestly, when i got out of the military, i got rid of every weapon i had. do you have a gun now? of course. as we are on our way to the barber with luis, i see how easily things can escalate. so this is my neighbourhood, it is a working class neighbourhood that is starting to be gentrified. you can see with the mcmansion homes... then luis and his comrades see a man nearby. they think he is watching us. they think he is wearing a hoodie showing the logo of a far right militia. they shout. your militia hoodie. it is not militia. what is it, then?
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get out of here. what just happened ? that man was wearing a 3% t—shirt whether he wants to admit it publicly or not. that's a militia. the 3% stand with hatred and nationalists. i do not want them in my neighbourhood. my personal philosophy is that, wherever fascism is, i am going to be there and i am going to confront it. the fighting isn't confined to the streets. sometimes, it comes home. a person ran up to the tree right there and threw a rock through my window. you can see it is a double pane glass window here. prior to that, this year, on st patrick's day, my house was firebombed. this had hit the window and flown
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down to the side of the house and was shooting out flames about that big. ffilling up the neighbourhood. did the police ever find who was responsible? i don't call the police. i don't call people that are out to harm me to try and protect me. both the antifascists and the proud boys say the police are too hard on their side, and too soft on the other. for antifa, even talking to the cops can get you cut off from the group. people are not lining up to cooperate with us. danielle 0utlaw has been portland's chief of police for less than two years. i get, "chief 0utlaw, which side are you on? "what are little black girls going to think of you for protecting "white supremacists? " we enforce laws, but we focus on behaviours. and regardless of which side it is, we still have an obligation to protect and to facilitate first amendment rights to free speech,
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regardless of what is being said. they chant. we have convinced rob and luis to exercise their freedom of speech with each other. western culture. they hate each other, but they agreed to use words, not fists. i just hope they stick to the bargain. what do you hope might come out of that meeting? is anything going to come out of it? nope. i am trepidatious. i think he is going to attack me. rob, on the other hand, isn't sure what to expect. i worry that he is going to say something or i am going to say something that is just going to trigger the other one, and it is going to go to hell. he might teach me something. i might teach him something. but i never expect to change someone's mind. so you hope to have a connection with him? yeah, everybody should do that. we are still humans. we meet in a cannabis club.
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they do agree on at least one thing — liberalising america's drug laws is a good idea. i wasn't sure the discussion was going to happen at all, until they both arrived. we have hired security, just in case. rob's cat marley is frisked, too. the mood is tense as i read out the rules. number one, no violence. luis, will you take off your glasses? i would feel so much more like i am interacting with you if i could see your eyes. excuse me? no. luis will not address rob directly. body language says it all. luis, what do you think of rob? i think he is a bigot, i think he is a misogynist, i think he is violent towards women, and i think he is a racist. he is obviously
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ignorant of who i am. you're not those things? you cannot be a racist if you do not subscribe to race. rob, what do you think of luis? i think he is violent on the street. we saw what you did, all right? just own up to it. ok, so, luis, respond to that. i'm not the one that has been caught on video camera threatening to punch women in the face. i am more qualified than these peaceful guys to know what you are about, because i'm a violent man. and you're a violent man. that is how i see... i see what you do, you see what i do. ijust come up with my own eyes, and from my experience, as a violent person, i know that you are a violent person. i show them video clips where they are verbally attacking the other side.
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we are going to burn down your book store. give me bleep a good reason. we have recorded you saying we are going to burn down your book store. oh, my god! how was that everjustified, rob, to threaten to burn down a book store ? i am so justified in telling those fools i was going to burn down their book store. it is not illegal, is it? i think burning down a book store is probably illegal. is it? if i could find a way to do it legally, would you guys stop hating on me on that? luis, i am going to show you this. next, it is luis's turn. you come and find me. bleep. he shouts. i'm going to ask you the same question. how is that behaviourjustified? that march turned into a personal feud between me and a right—wing journalist.
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and that in no way is right. so that was a misstep? it was in no way correct. takes a big man to say something like that. a breakthrough? maybe, but it doesn't last. you have seen the texts where he has threatened my girlfriend. threatening her with a good time, that's it, threatened her with a good time. you have seen the threats. how does this end? proud boys have been told, make a video renouncing hate in the proud boys, go away, that's how it ends. you want me to leave my own town? you want us to just walk off a cliff? how do you see this ending? badly. so no meeting of minds, but at least it all went off without a fight. and marley the cat had a good time.
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luis is back with his fellow antifascists. they wait for nightfall before dropping their banner on a bridge. portland is a warning about where american politics could lead. one thing is clear — these two groups will keep fighting. hello. if you're looking for some quieter weather, you may not find
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it in this forecast. weather, you may not find more turbulent conditions in the week ahead, where we will see gales, if not severe gales, some spells of heavy rain, but equally some drier and brighter interludes. one of those will be on monday, because briefly, we have this ridge of high pressure building from the south—west. so winds will be lighter, there will be some sunshine before our next atlantic system makes its presence felt later on monday afternoon. there will still be a few wintry showers at first on monday, chiefly across scotland and northern england. they will tend to fade and for most a good deal of sunshine before the cloud builds across the west. rain arriving into northern ireland, the western isles, north—west england, later in the afternoon. the wind strengthening, too, and temperatures reaching somewhere between 8—11. monday evening, our band of rain continues to work its way eastwards, heavy and persistent, could bring snow over the hills of scotland for a time and winds will be strengthening as well. so a wet, blustery start to tuesday. once again we will see gusts quite widely between a0 and 50 mph, maybe even more for exposed coasts and hills.
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and it's all down to this area of low pressure, deepening all the while as it tracks its way northwards across the uk. it will still be with us on wednesday and we have frontal system to deal with on a tuesday, that will continue to bring some heavy outbreaks of rain wouth and eastwards of rain ——south and eastwards across england and wales. as it clears, behind it, some spells of sunshine but also some wintry showers, some sleet oi’ snow across the high ground of scotland and northern ireland, hail, maybe a rumble of thunder. that rain taking its time to clear from south—east england and east anglia. temperatures on tuesday between seven and ii celsius. so here we are as we go into wednesday. this low pressure still with us and notice the squeeze on the isobars. if anything it will be even windier on wednesday. a mix of sunny spells and blustery, wintry showers. again some hail, a rumble of thunder, but some release ——really strong north—westerly winds, similar in strength to what we saw on sunday afternoon. so we could see some damaging gusts mid week. widely 40, 50 mph, even higher, once again, for exposed coasts and hills.
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temperature—wise, 9—11, technically on the mild side, it may not feel that way given the strength of the wind. as we head into thursday, a fairly wet day across much of scotland and northern ireland. northern england, as well, seeing some heavy spells of rain. driest with the best of bright or sunny spells the further south and east ya and temperatures rising by the time we get to thursday. ——and east you are and temperatures rising by the time we get to thursday. in double figures, 13—11 for most. by the end of the week, little change. we have this conveyor belt of low pressure systems barrelling across the atlantic so at the end of the week it will stay windy, further wintry showers, some hail, a rumble of thunder, the best of dry, bright sunny weather the further south and east you are but once again a windy day with gusts reaching 30—a0 mph. looking ahead to the weekend, the reason behind all of these unsettled conditions is the jet stream, a strong jet across the atlantic at the moment, keeping these low pressure system pushing across into the uk. fluctuations in the jet stream will mean perhaps a little warmer across southern areas
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but colder further north. but equally, we keep these low pressure systems close to the uk. just a chance as we head further ahead, this area of high pressure will start to build and bring something a little drier and more settled into southern areas but it's a long way off and it's something we need to keep an eye on. join us again tomorrow at the same time. goodbye.
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