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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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hundreds of thousands of people have marched good evening. through central london, demanding another brexit referendum. protestors gathered to hear speeches from across the political spectrum. this deal pleases no one! this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. if you voted remain, it‘s a rubbish 0rganisers of a march in central deal! london today to demand another eu the headlines at five. if you voted leave, referendum claim more than a million it‘s a lousy deal! there are no winners! people have taken part. hundreds of thousands 0nly losers! it comes after eu leaders of people take part in a march in brussels agreed to delay brexit, and rally in central london — and theresa may wrote to mps, hinting she may abandon her plan to put her brexit deal to a third demanding another brexit referendum. vote in the house of commons. meanwhile, theresa may has warned to date we make our voices heard and mps a third meaningful vote may not 0ur political correspondent take place next week if it doesn‘t iain watson reports. get ‘sufficient support‘. out what our voices are at saying american—backed kurdish forces have declared victory over brexit is at a crossroads. no loudly and clearly is this, put it islamic state after capturing the group‘s last remaining back to the people! stronghold in syria. support yet for theresa may‘s deal, meanwhile, theresa may warns mps a third meaningful vote may not but no agreed alternative. the take place next week, a 17—year—old has been stabbed if it doesn't get to death following a fight outside organisers claimed 1 million people ‘sufficient support‘. a block of flats in west london took to the streets to call for a american—backed kurdish forces declare victory over islamic state, new referendum. the peoples vote after capturing the group's last us special counsel, robert mueller has submitted his campaign say this will bring the report into alleged russian collusion with president trump‘s country together, but their remaining stronghold in syria. campaign during the 2016 opponents believe it will only deepen divisions. the government presidential election. a 17—year—old is stabbed to death in west london. needs to listen and give people a the mayor of london says his and police in norway are evacuating more than a—thousand chance to vote now that they know people from a cruise ship death is heartbreaking. what‘s actually happening. chance to vote now that they know what's actually happening. some it's a 17—year—old boy. people are worried it will be
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in stormy seas. he's lost his life because of a knife and my divisive for the country. and it isn‘t now? thoughts and prayers, as i'm sure those of londoners, are with divisive for the country. and it isn't now? divide the country? she isn't now? divide the country? she is stuck, it's got to be done. we his family. us special counsel, a new type of satellite need another referendum so people robert mueller, submits his report tag for tracking birds can voice their latest view, i into alleged russian collusion of prey is being trialled with president trump's at cairngorms national park in scotland. think. we do accept other options, campaign, during the 2016 over the next 18 months some softer brexit as some people call young golden eagles — presidential election. like the ones seen here — it? anything is better than theresa will be fitted with the raptor tracker tag — may's current option of deal or no scientists hope the technology behind these unprecedented it‘s hoped that the new technology and detailed images of a baby will provide better information on the birds‘ movements and help to curb wildlife crime. deal. solidarity from scotland! the inside the womb — will help improve the care of children snp and most opposition leaders at westminster have publicly pledged to earlier we werejoined vote for a new referendum. jeremy by robbie kernahan, born with heart disease. from scottish natural heritage — corbyn isn‘t here but has said it is which is involved in the project. we‘ve been tagging golden eagles an option the labour leadership will and birds of prey in scotland vote for in parliament, and the for a number of years now, party‘s deputy leader says he could back theresa may‘s deal, but there and the tags provide very useful insight into how birds move, isa back theresa may‘s deal, but there is a rather large and important both in space and time. caveat. i will help you get it over but, these particular tags give us the line to prevent a disastrous hundreds of thousands a much more fascinating and perhaps of demonstrators have rallied no—deal brexit. but i can only vote in front of parliament, for a deal if you let the people detailed insight into the movements to demand another brexit referendum. of these birds, which are majestic the organisers of the "put it to the people" campaign say more and we do have a better idea vote on it too. theresa may isn't
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of how they spend time than a million people foraging and feeding. and ultimately their fates, generally. so, real interesting yet confident enough to guarantee to have turned out. insightful project. how healthy is the golden eagle population at the moment? bring her deal back to parliament the population in scotland is doing the people have been gathering really well, generally. for a further vote next week. around parliament and although now we‘ve got over 500 breeding pairs they are slowly heading home today's in scotland and over 80% event has come after the eu agreed of the territories are occupied, campaigners hope that‘ll give them to delete departure scratch —— so that‘s a really good news story. that‘s a very good conservation success story. but they still got some challenges, an opportunity to push their case delayed the departure from the eu. for a new referendum. that decision it‘s not a national picture, won‘t be taken by thousands of people on the streets, it‘ll be there‘s some regional variations taken by people on the streets, it‘ll be ta ken by fewer than people on the streets, it‘ll be taken by fewer than 650 mps, and so the prime minister theresa may far they have resisted all calls for and we‘ve still got some issues is coming under pressure to quit a public vote. mps are likely to after saying she might not about habitat quality, discuss alternatives to theresa put her brexit deal prey base in the west highlands may‘s deal next week, a somewhat to a third vote by mps. and in the southern uplands. closer relationship to the eu like very slowly does crowds have been dispersing, but what has it been like today? it has been winding down recruitment of young norway‘s, won by canada‘s, and some birds is another issue, say no deal could still be the best but you might be able to hear the but there is an ongoing concern option. —— one like canada‘s. long helicopters overhead, and people are about persecution and that is where starting to make their way home. the tags i think will come this is where the match ended with into their own because they will be term the supporters have said that the stage behind me where we start able to give us specific real—time lord heseltine, the mayor of london feedback about what‘s happening this was always part of the to these birds and if anyone remainers idea. this is a march to try and stop brexit, to reverse the
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is killing them illegally, and scotland's first minister nicola decision that the majority took in sturgeon who appeared on stage to we will know exactly speak to the crowd. i have been where and when that‘s happening. 2016. -- amongst them and you could be when you say you will be collecting forgiven for thinking there was a data, such as killing them, does that mean it will be monitoring decision that the majority took in 2016. —— long term leave supporters. politicians haven‘t been in harmony the health of the bird as well? carnival atmosphere. there were placards and people were talking to or more location data? over this, campaigners are still each other, people of all ages but hoping the government might change its deal on a public vote. ian beneath the surface you on the have to ask if you questions before you what these tags do really is they utilise a new type watson, bbc news, london. get a sense of anger. they feel let of satellite network, dual stationary iridium is what it is called. and the key difference to these tags down by the brexit process and all is that they monitor real—time, so traditionally satellite tags we re down by the brexit process and all were here today say they want the which have provided us with a very —— iain watson. 0ur correspondent fascinating insight into how golden richard lister has been people's vote. what is interesting eagles move and spend time, following the march this afternoon the key difference in these types and joins us now. about this as we heard from nicola of feedback, there are multiple this march began about five hours sturgeon saint to date we make our sensors on these birds and get ago. people are still arriving in a better handle on when their voices heard. we have got that parliament square with banners and resting, when they‘re feeding, online petition that has surpassed 4 when they‘re foraging, flags. speeches ended some time ago. but also of anything million votes will stop will any of it was a densely packed protest. afterwards happens to them. this really make a difference when so, for example, if they are stuck it comes to parliament? theresa may in a trap, or indeed 0rganisers say that it was a million if they are shot, and that in effect strong, it‘s hard to verify those at sunday‘s distress signal straightaway and it would allow claims, the met police no longer has been pretty adamant there will give their own estimate, but it is people like ourselves be no further referendum. there was are the national wildlife crime unit a vote to put to parliament last or police scotland to investigate more thoroughly any potential week which was pretty unanimously criminality and that is a big
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defeated other neighbours did step forward for us, abstain. at the moment people here certainly worth saying this was a very substantial march. it was are hoping there has been such a also in terms of enforcement a lwa ys very substantial march. it was always going to be is a bastian and sends a strong remain, so it was always going to tumultuous period in politics have an an instant crowd of anything might be possible. 0k, supporters. the people who took part will be hoping their message for thank you so much for that. preventable message too. another referendum gets through to those in parliament, who now have to decide where next on brexit. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon addressed the rally telling the crowd that theresa may in the past five years, 150 million pounds worth of gold many thanks, richard. had pitched " pa rliament jewellery has been stolen from asian against the people". families, that‘s according a teenage boy has been stabbed to death by a gang of men scotland, the land where more to bbc research. than 60% voted to remain it s the first time that a comprehensive figure, who chased and attacked him in the european union. revealing the extent of the thefts, in isleworth, in west london. the 17—year—old was given first aid has been collated — and the actual figure but died at the scene. could be even higher! following the attack, sian lloyd has been police in the area have been given increased powers to stop and search finding out more. anyone they suspect of carrying a knife. gold jewellery has long been prized ben ando reports. our voice has been ignored by many asian families. but it is not only our voice typically 22 carat often bought to wear at weddings inch by inch, brick by brick, that has been ignored. and festivals, but it is being targeted by criminals. the voice of the 48% searching for clues and answers who voted remain across this retired couple the uk is being ignored. were victims of a violent after another teenager is stabbed to robbery in their own home. both were beaten and their house ransacked. death in london. the youngster and the voice of those who voted at night when i lock all the doors involved, who hasn‘t yet been formally named, was with friends in to leave but who could never have and windows and go to bed, nearby syon park. police say a car still, i don‘t feel safe. pulled up, a group of men got out these family snaps show mrs syed contemplated the mess that
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wearing some of the treasured items that were taken. and gave chase. the teenager ran brexit has become. into this estate and was stabbed by the front door of one of the blocks. bangles, necklaces and rings. their voice is being most of the jewellery 0ne the front door of one of the blocks. one woman said at least one of the are from my parents. ignored as well. some are from my husband. but today, today we so i had sentimental value for that. make our voices heard. gang was wearing a mask. the first police officers to get here said they found the boy still alive, and what our voices are saying, i used to have rings barely conscious, and unable to speak. they carried out cpr and loudly and clearly is this. tried to save his life. they were on my both ring fingers. unable, and he died at the scene. put it back to the people. but i don't have any shocked residents woke up to the ring to wear now. news that london‘s stabbing epidemic we asked police forces across the uk has reached their neighbourhood. we for details of thefts of asian gold came down, they said there had been in their areas to reveal the scale and do you know, if there was a a serious assault, woke up this of the problem. morning and found out it was a fatal shred of consistency in her position not all responded but the figures provided show some £150 million the prime minister would be standing worth was stolen over five years. stabbing. i just morning and found out it was a fatal stabbing. ijust had lots of shouting and screaming. i saw a on this stage right now. couple of people running away.|j sanjay kumar specialises in selling wouldn't expect it in that type of i am not saying she would estate. we are all a bit shocked and this type of jewellery. terrified about our children and get a great welcome people have been taught by their grandparents and parents ourselves. the police have been but she should be here. that you must buy gold, why? it‘s an investment, it‘s lucky. given special powers to stop and because in that disgraceful speech it‘s something that we as asians she made in downing street search people in the immediate area do, so you must do it. on wednesday night, pitching around the crime scene. those have people follow the traditions now been extended to early tomorrow parliament against people, in the culture. we met with the community groups, as the investigation into the
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her message was that the voice certainly from the neighbourhoods capital‘s latest knife killing of the people was being frustrated. continues. then ando, bbc news, west affected, and listened to their concerns. in cheshire, police set up so if that is your view, prime a dedicated team after a series of burglaries there. london. —— ben ando. it led to a number of convictions. minister, let the people speak! but officers say they face in the united states, challenges because gold is easily disposed of. there are calls for the full publication of the report into alleged collusion between russia and donald trump‘s the second— hand outlets, presidential campaign. special counsel robert mueller certainly around asian jewellery, submitted his long awaited report the question should be asked, yesterday after a two—year inquiry. that was scotland's first minister republicans claim it who is this person in front of me vindicates president trump. selling this gold and the irony here‘s our north america nicola sturgeon speaking earlier. meanwhile, one of the government's is it's often harder, correspondent chris buckler. key plans to deal with the potential i think, in this country impact of a no—deal brexit for months at the special councillor to sell scrap metal is being put in place this weekend. than second—hand jewellery. robert mueller has been the m20 motorway leading to the port of dover was closed overnight, investigating the election of a contingency plans are being made in case long queues of lorries build mr syed suffered a heart attack president to the theory of donald trump, and with his final report now up as they try to cross the channel. during the robbery in his home. the couple hope by sharing delivered this man, the us a new road layout will be their story, it will help attorney—general, is deciding what should be made public. william bar in place from monday. others who are vulnerable. us—backed kurdish forces say they've left for the department ofjustice defeated islamic state militants, this morning. he is hoping to be and conquered their last, small foothold in syria. able to release robert mueller‘s mainfindings syrian democratic forces have been sport and for a full round up, able to release robert mueller‘s main findings this weekend. the key fighting the remaining jihadists outside the village of baghuz. from the bbc sport centre, let's just take a look at how here‘s karthi. questions are whether the trump hello there. campaign colluded with russia during their territory has diminished. back in january 2015, the 2016 election, and whether the
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the areas marked in red were under the control of the group. it‘s a big weekend of international football action which we will get to in a moment president tried to obstructjustice. but there has also been plenty but since then, it's slowly declined of domestic rugby union including —— william barr left. donald trump as islamic state were pushed back, a fascinating game in which saracens and over the course of the last 4 had to come from behind to beat harlequins 27 poits to 20 in front years their control has dwindled. of almost 43 thousand at the london didn‘t appear worried today, he was stadium. and by the start of this year, ben croucher reports. golfing at one of his courses in they only held a few florida and has been consistent in small areas of territory. his position. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, everybody knows it. during robert recent fighting has focused mueller‘s investigation there have been prosecutions and convictions. among them the president‘s former on the area near baghuz, have not looked like themselves of and today us—backed forces in syria claim they've taken back that late, having missed much of there, final strip of land. they would have to eye on it, just personal lawyer michael cohen. but the sdf‘s announcement of a victory marks the culmination of a weeks long final assault on baghuz, turned 20 but soon shifted this game none of those cases have directly a small piece of territory where thousands of fighters and their families had addressed what happened in 2016. been holed up. democrats already have their eyes on in the favour. danny can expect to 2020. those out campaigning are join the plants and after the a0 aleem maqbool has this report hoping to become the opponent and minutes is up, extending the lead at from northeastern syria. have a new running call. the the official declaration finally half—time. catching his attention as came from the syrian democratic well, and irishman stifle the try. forces, that the so—called caliphate american people have a right and a had been totally eliminated. need to know. the republican party wrong place, wrong time. so instead, we congratulate the syrian people, but particularly the syrian democratic south african and an australian had and mrtrump are need to know. the republican party forces on the destruction of isis's to do the dirty work, got his way and mr trump are seizing on the one thing, robert mueller has recommended any further indictments.
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fraudulent caliphate, through and then will cemented and for the liberation of isis's but while the special council‘s remaining territory probe is at an end, other saracens second superiority, not investigations are still taking in eastern syria. once but twice. and onlyjust. to place, and democrats are determined to push their own enquiries here at it followed a massive offensive earlier this week on the last stronghold of congress. chris buckler, bbc news, supreme, saracens the islamic state group in the town once but twice. and onlyjust. to supreme, saracens still riding high, washington. aid workers say an outbreak of baghuz. second in the table and they know of cholera in mozambique all too well what it is like to be is bringing a new threat local forces have since been involved in mopping up at the top. for survivors of cyclone idai. operations, fighting militants hundreds of people have died who were hidden in tunnels, clearing elsewhere worcester warriors following the storm and thousands hung on to win 27—25 remain trapped by the floodwaters. unexploded ordinance and at premiership relegation rivals bristol. booby—trapped devices and also, it josh adams went over with this — the un says the final casualty appears, removing what are estimated figure will only be known once the best of worcester‘s three tries the waters have receded. to have been many hundreds of the cyclone has also caused bodies. gloucester beat wastps 27—1a. it was their fourth victory while people in this region have devastation in malawi and zimbabwe. been celebrating the in their last five league games. territorial defeat of is, there is clear recognition that this scientists have begun is by no means an end to the threat using remarkable new technology to produce detailed 3d images of babies‘ hearts, posed by confirmation of the day‘s results there. while they are still in the womb. bottom of the table, the group and the fight doctors say the technique against it will go on. newcaslte, are hosting sale — will help them provide better treatment for babies born well, this has been a huge that game kicked off with congenital heart defects. achievement that has taken a a few mnuites ago. 0ur health correspondent great deal of sacrifice but people the score is 7—0 to sale here are very mindful of calling james gallagher reports. this just a territorial victory in the pro 1a, fullback daniel evans produced against the islamic state group, a stunning performance to help this is the view inside the womb, knowing that the fight against them the 0spreys beat their welsh rivals, the dragons. and doctors are using images and their ideology will go on into like this to inspect
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0spreys trailed 17—10 at half time — the future. aleem maqbool, bbc news, but three second half tries the foetal heart. from evans — adding to one he had in northern syria. scored in the first half — violet—vienna developed life—threatening abnormalities helped his side to a 29—20 in the blood vessels theresa may has welcomed the news, around her heart bonus point victory. while she was still inside her mum. issuing a statement in which she says: he becomes just the second player to score four tries but doctors spotted them early in a pro 12 or pro 1a match. and planned how to save her life. now, ulster are playing south african side southern kings. she was put on medication as soon as she was born a win for ulster would move them up to second place in conference b. later tonight, the glasgow warriors play the cheetahs while zebre travel to munster. a teenager has been stabbed and killed in west london. scotland yard say the victim, the republic of ireland have started their euro 2020 qualifying believed to be a 17—year—old boy, campaign this afternoon, was found seriously injured after reports of a fight outside a block of flats they are away at gibraltar, playing in a stadium in union lane, isleworth. with a capacity of under 2 speaking at the brexit march, and a half thousand, sadiq khan responded to the tragic stabbing of the teenager in islesworth yesterday. latest 0—0. it is the first match i've been in touch with the commissioner of mick mccarthy‘s second spell and it's heartbreaking. as the national manager. the republic had only won one it's a 17—year—old boy who's of their last eleven matches aaron ramsey will miss wales‘ lost his life because of a knifing. opening european qualifier
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and my thoughts and prayers, as i'm sure those of londoners are, against slovakia tomorrow. are with his family. he‘s failed to recover from a leg the police are following a number injury and has returned of lines of enquiry. there is currently to arsenal for treatment. a section 60 in place. that means, in that area, the police wales warmed up for the match with a laboured 1—nil win over are able to stop and search anybody trinidad and tobago on wednesday. without the need for reasonable suspicion to see if they could be carrying a knife or an offensive weapon. england made an impressive start there are extra resources to their campaign yesterday in isleworth, in that part of with a 5—nil win over london, and i would the czech republic at wembley, say to the public, if anybody knows or has any continuing manager gareth information at all, there is no southgate‘s successful tenure in charge. honour in staying silent. there is a family that is southgate led england grieving now and they to the world cup semi—finals last are bereaving because of this death. year and he‘s been talking to us about some of the unusual coaching please contact the police, courses he has been on to teach you can ring 101, or crimestoppers anonymously. himself how to be a better manager. david mcdaid has this report. 0ur correspondent ben ando has the latest from the scene. what we have seen since we have been here is the tent there remaining, forensics officers coming and going, when a hurricane hit, a rescue works to free people from the collapsed carrying out their work and also building. at least that is the teams of search offices scenario being played out by some of with paper suits doing fingertip searches, moving very slowly across the ground, britain‘s best sport cultures, looking through the shrubbery including the england football
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on either side of the path here, looking under vehicles, clearly looking for anything manager. i want to see my mum! run they might find that could give them information about exactly what happened, maybe possibly finding any kind of weapon that was used, as the police try to build up by uk sport, attending alongside a picture of exactly some of britain‘s best 0lympic what took place here. what we know is that the young man by uk sport, attending alongside some of britain‘s best olympic and paralympic coaches. you have the involved appears to have been normal coaching qualifications, the with a group of friends in the park, which is over there, standard group, but when you get to the end of that, where do you go for behind the camera. another group arrived to pulling up in a vehicle. further learning and development? there was a chase. the young man, a 17—year—old you've always got to be open to new was chased into here where ideas and new ways of working, he appears to have been attacked. now, we havejust been really. so having really intelligent talking to a lady who says people to share ideas, it has been a she was upstairs in her flat. she looked out, she saw a group of five or six kicking massive help. some of the learning a figure on the ground. she said she could see methods have been different to say a pool of what she knew the least. hostage scenarios, we was blood around him, and they then ran off. she saw residents come out to try and help. work with the police, every course, police and paramedics spent an hour carrying out cpr, trying to save this young man's life. you learn something, highly but they were unable to. demanding team. it can be a little bit left field but it does make police have opened a murder investigation and that is now under way. sense. you been doing this for yea rs, sense. you been doing this for years, how much did this influence house to house enquiries carrying
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on as police tried to build up on how you did it? there's been a a picture of exactly what happened and why. lot of understanding your own behaviours in your own responses to the mother of libby squire — the hull student whose body was found in the humber estuary this pressure, so that's is by this on wednesday — has paid an emotional tribute to her "beautiful girl" — and said no family should have to prescient environment you're going endure what hers has gone through. to get his coach. -- as a coach. the 21—year—old's body was found 7 weeks after she went missing, following a night out this is going to help us improve his on the 1st of february. coaches and in the end, it should humberside police is treating her death as a "potential homicide". improve all of your players and all of your athletes and that's of the writing on facebook, libby's mother, syste m of your athletes and that's of the system gets better. lisa squire said she'd lost one of the most precious things briths number three, dan evans, is in action in her life, and that at the miami 0pen. her heart is broken. she said that it was an "honour, privilege and a joy" to have round match at the miami 0pen been libby's mother — that she kept her safe to the world number 23, denis shapovalov. as long as she could — evans down at 97 in the world and that she was "so sorry" at the moment took the first set she could not keep her safe 6-a. but shapovalov, teh on the night that she vanished. highest ranked teenager on the men‘s tour then worked out how to play evans who has bbc news has learned that the family an interestging vareity of shots of mark duggan, who was shot dead and the canadian came back to take by a metropolitan police officer, the second set 6—1. is suing the force for damages. and he went on to win the decider 6—3,
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an inquest jury found evans double faulting on match point, shapavolv that he was lawfully killed. is in to the thrid round. the shooting in north london in august 2011, led to riots across england. to formula e next, great britain‘s 0liver rowland has had his best everfinish in a race. keith doyle reports. he came second at the sanya e—prix in china, with france‘sjean—eric vergne finishing in first place. the family of mark duggan have nick parrot reports. campaigned for the police to be held responsible for his death. mr duggan, who was 29, was shot and killed by officers who were trying to arrest him in north london in august 2011. the first formula e race was held in the police said at the time they suspected he was in beijing after eight absence, the possession of a firearm. competition returns to china. but it the killing lead to the worse riots was far from paradise for the seen in britain for 30 years. for five nights shops championship leader. a poor were looted and set on fire. qualifier saw him start from 16 and five people died and hundreds were injured. he wiped out on the opening lap, trouble spread to other cities, including manchester, being shunted but from behind. the liverpool and birmingham. the inquest into mark duggan‘s death heard that armed police had intercepted a minicab rookie could not keep the raining he was travelling in, as part of an arrangement to collect a gun. champion behind him, but he kept in touch with the frenchman, to go on he was shot when he touch with the frenchman, to go on to claim his first podium. racing got out of the cab. the inquestjury concluded was suspended for the quarter of an he was not holding the gun
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when he was shot, but said the killing was lawful hour when the car had to be rescued because police honestly believed and another crash led to the he was and he posed a threat. anticlimax of the race finishing campaigners say the inquest left under yellow flags, it was his first unanswered questions about the police operation. mr duggan‘s family now wants win of the season, leapfrog to third scotland yard to be held in the championship. liable for his death and to pay compensation. scotland yard is defending the civil claim but says it is inappropriate to comment. it is an amazing feeling, and when you get in china as chinese team is keith doyle, bbc news. the best i could happen to us for this performance and as for the the headlines on bbc news... hundreds of thousands of people team, three races, it is good to march through central london, boost everyone‘s confidence in the demanding another brexit referendum. meanwhile, theresa may has right mentality. the most lucrative cricket written a letter to mps — tournament in the world — the indian premier league — warning a third meaningful vote won't take place next week has returned today — without ‘sufficient support‘ although there wasn‘t a huge amount for her brexit deal. of big hitting on show. the royal challengers bangalore and in other news, were bowled out forjust american—backed kurdish forces 70 against the chennai super kings — declare victory over islamic state after capturing the group‘s last england‘s moeen ali remaining stronghold scoring just nine. and the defending champions chased down that target with ease, winning by seven wickets and 1a in eastern syria. balls to spare.
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britain‘s joe fraser the authorities in mozambique say finished fourth in the men‘s more than 400 people are now all—round competition at the gymnastics world known to have died — cup in birmingham. as a result of cyclone idai. fraser finished just outside the medal positions by half—a—point in a strong field thousands of people remain in his hometown of birmingham. trapped by the floodwaters his teammate jamie lewis finished in ninth place. which followed the storm. ellie downie will compete in the women‘s the un says the final casualty all—round competition figure will only be known once the waters have receded. later this evening the cyclone has also caused there was a fourth title at teh wolrd figure skating championships in japan for the french pair devastation in malawi and zimbabwe. gabrielle pa pa—dakis and guillaume cizeron in the ice dance competition. earlier our deputy africa editor anne soy — a stunning routine saw who‘s at one of the busy ports them finish 11 points in the capital maputo — ahead of second place — a new world record. explained what‘s gone so wrong they had already built up a lead with the relief operation. after the rhythm dance short skate there is a big humanitarian effort adn this performance made sure going under way here in mozambique. i am at the sea port in maputo, of a fourth gold medal. this ship is being loaded that‘s all the sport for now. now it‘s time for the weather with chris foulkes with donations, 2000 tonnes of food supplies and water and all things hello there.
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for the people who have been cut off not a bad start to by water which they will need. the the weekend, really. a lot of dry weather for england and wells and some spells of sunshine, but it has been pretty cloudy across the south. you see that cloud here on the satellite picture. you‘ve got the spackle cloud situation in central mozambique that continues to affect remains dire, there are people the northwest of the uk, stranded who needs to be rescued and now we have seen a number of shouts today, few from northern ireland and some from scotland, taken to higher ground. there are particularly across the north and west. and there have been a few showers boats going to flooded areas and helicopters getting people trapped sneaking in across southern and central scotland as well. sure, it is not all the doom on the roofs of their houses and on and gloom between the showers, top of trees, whingeing them out to we did have some sunshine and a glorious condition safety. this is a slow process in the highlands, although being very windy. in fact, that gust of winds around 50 or 60 mph across northern hampered by bad weather. it has been scotland, bringing plenty of showers raining in the region affected by for the showers have been blown through by the strong winds. the cyclone. across the border in 0vernight, it is going to stay pretty windy with the winds back zimbabwe a and grandma to a south—westerly direction, but continuing to feed the cyclone. across the border in zimbabwea similar the cyclone. across the border in zimbabwe a similar situation, rescue effo rts zimbabwe a similar situation, rescue efforts are continuing. i am told is 80,000 people in malawi are in camps and around to a south—westerly and need food, medical supplies, direction, but continuing to feed the downpours in here, could be a little bit of rain in southwest england, but otherwise, the skies will be clearing they need the needs are immense. the through the night and it‘s going to turn out to be quite a chilly night, you can see the colours trending quite a chilly night,
5:17 pm
response to the disaster had been you can see the colours draining growing by the day and the local away from our charts people have come together to support as it gets colder. by the morning, one or two celsius those people affected. the in the towns and cities, but in the countryside, could be cold enouugh for a bit international community is of frost around the coldest spots. responding and relations have been now for sunday, not a bad start growing by the day, but the biggest to the day for much of the country, challenge once they get to the although showers with us ground is how to distribute them from the word go in scotland and every time they will because the cycling destroyed the push their way to live infrastructure. it is very difficult it further southwards. so, through the afternoon, fairly cold and the strong winds across scotland with plenty to get the emergency supplies. of showers pushing southwards, there‘ll be more of the stump was people so desperately need, to them. getting in across the central belts. southern scotland, across northern ireland and then in the united states, to northern england and north wells democrat politicians say the public the higher chance of must be told the findings a shower or two here. of the investigation into claims southern england, less cloudy more sunshine, of collusion between donald trump‘s should feel more pleasant. election campaign and russia. southern england, less special counsel, robert mueller, cloud and more sunshine, submitted his long—awaited report yesterday. should feel more pleasant. highs up to 1a degrees. now the attorney general in the week ahead, we going to see is deciding how much to share with politicians in congress high—pressure pretty close to the uk and that‘s going to keep our weather dry and keep these atlantic weather fronts while at bay, stand up to see. live to washington — so the weather looks pretty dry. after monday, not a bad candidate, fear showers across northern areas and our correspondent chris buckler. of the uk and we do have a cooler wind blowing down the north sea, first off, why this restriction on get a feel on the cool side how much to share? is this normal? with some of these coasts, with temperatures struggling a little bit, nine in norwich,
5:18 pm
yes, this is part of the rules not great for the time of year, but away from those coasts, around a special council report. we should see temperatures around 13 degrees for cardiff, essentially it is given to the 13 is all in london and in the week attorney general and decided by him ahead, there will be a lot of dry just how much is released. there weather with spells of sunshine and warmer, temperatures around 70 have been suggestions that there degrees later this week. could be a report over reports given and that is your weather. to congress or in some parts of the weather with spells of sunshine report given to congress and others and warmer, temperatures around 17 are not. democrats are pushing for all of the report to be released. but in the meantime after all this talk of robert mueller and donald trump, the real focus talk of robert mueller and donald trump, the realfocus is on bill barr, the us attorney general. he left work on a saturday to go to the department ofjustice to review the document because all indications are he wants to release as much as possible as quickly as possible, and he has suggested he wants to try and get the main conclusions of robert mueller out this weekend, potentially today if that is possible but that depends on going through this document and they can see exactly what is there and what
5:19 pm
they can release at this stage. already republicans, members of donald trump‘s party are exceeding on the one thing known, and announced that robert mueller has recommended there should be no further indictments at this stage. that has been seized on by republicans but indicated —— are saying it was indicating what donald trump has been saying all along. but democrats want to see the full report and see exactly what evidence robert mueller has inside this report. despite what the republicans are saying does the absence of criminal charges mean there was no criminal charges mean there was no criminal activity? is that how we should be best? i think the way we read this is that robert mueller has decided no one else from his position should be charged at this stage but it is important to
5:20 pm
remember that there are other investigation is ongoing, for example, the southern district of new york as a investigation taking place which is looking at donald trump‘s finances, the trump organisation finances and michael cohen, his former lawyer was an individual helping with that enquiry. so there are other investigations taking place and democrats want to push their own enquiries inside congressional committees and that is why, in some ways, they want to see this information. they want to see if there are nuggets of information they can carry through and although it is the case there is no further indictments, it is worth pointing out there were many indictments during the 22 months of this investigation taking place, including some inside his inner circle. including his former chairman, michael flynn and indeed
5:21 pm
michael cohen, his formerfixer chairman, michael flynn and indeed michael cohen, his former fixer and lawyer. many of those prosecutions, those three we just mentioned, did not get to the height of the question that robert mueller was being asked and to create questions was, was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign in 2016? —— was there collusion? and whether the president tried to obstructjustice. that is white with 2016 being talked about those democrats on the campaign trail for 2020 have a new rallying call, release the report. the al noor mosque in christchurch, new zealand, has reopened — eight days after the fatal shootings there. heavily—armed police continue to guard the building but small numbers of worshippers are being allowed in. thousands of people marched through christchurch last night in support of those affected. eight days ago, the al—noor mosque
5:22 pm
was the scene of mass murder. 42 of the 50 victims died at the al—noor mosque, and today the police handed it back to the muslim community. it will remain the epicentre for the community‘s grief, but there is a sense that this is a very symbolic step forward. across the road at hagley park here in christchurch, 5000 people marched in what‘s known as the march for love. this event, organised by three 16—year—old high school students, another powerful act of solidarity eight days after the attack. further north in new zealand‘s biggest city, auckland, the prime ministerjacinda ardern has addressed the country‘s biggest mosque and she‘s brushed aside global praise of her compassionate and decisive leadership during this tragedy here, saying that she‘s simply been echoing the humanity of all new zealanders.
5:23 pm
police in norway are evacuating more than a—thousand people from a cruise ship in stormy seas. the first passengers have already been airlifted to safety. the viking sky sent out a distress call after suffering an engine failure off the southwestern coast. an eyewitness says the ship is being battered by waves up to ten metres high. all 1300 passengers are expected to be taken off the ship. with me now is richard lork—hague who was visiting his grandmother in farstad when he heard a ship had sent out a mayday alert. hello there. tell us what you saw or what you seen or heard? hello there. tell us what you saw or what you seen or heard ?|j hello there. tell us what you saw or what you seen or heard? i walked outside and suddenly i saw the cruise ship, much larger and closer
5:24 pm
than i was expecting, so i was a little bit stressed about it coming too close but eventually it came and helicopters and other ships nearby. what is that shoreline like it? is it quite treacherous? what did you say? if the shoreline churches to come so say? if the shoreline churches to come so close to land for these boats? i am not sure but the waves are big and the sea is rough. i would say the ship was much closer than usual. did you see any of the evacuation itself take place?|j than usual. did you see any of the evacuation itself take place? i saw several helicopters around the ship but i couldn‘t, i do not have binoculars so i cannot see directly anyone being evacuated but i heard
5:25 pm
they had been evacuating almost 100 people now. we are looking at the cruise liner and we can see two helicopters hovering over the line. you have sent us in some pictures as well. and you can see the liner is listing to its side in one of the pictures. what is the weather like in that coastline? it is rough and it has been a big stomp to date —— make a big storm today. i was surprised to see the ship sailing today to be honest. do you know where the evacuees are being taken to? i think they are being taken to a sports hall close by. gk, we won't leave you there but thank you so
5:26 pm
much for sharing the story and the pictures, very dramatic. the m5 in the black country is currently closed in both directions between j1 and j2. the central motorway police group says it believes device has been found underneath the motorway by a member of the public. scientists have begun using new technology to produce detailed 3d images of babies‘ hearts — while they are still in the womb. the team at king‘s college london and guy‘s and st thomas‘s hospital say the technique could help treat congenital heart diseases. james gallagher reports. this is the view inside the womb, and doctors are using images like this to inspect the foetal heart. violet—vienna developed life—threatening abnormalities in the blood vessels around her heart while she was still inside her mum. but doctors spotted them early and planned how to save her life. she was put on medication
5:27 pm
as soon as she was born and had heart surgery a week later. if a routine pregnancy scan identifies a problem then women are sent for a detailed mri scan and a series of pictures of the heart are taken. sophisticated computer software pieces those images together and then builds an unprecedented 3d image of the heart. about eight in every thousand babies in the uk is born with a congenital heart defect. and this research is enabling doctors to look at them in incredible detail. and importantly, it‘s improving care for babies. it allows us to have a beautiful 3d image of the abnormality so we have complete certainty and plan ahead for what treatment is needed, what‘s the operation that we need to do? violet—vienna was one of the first to benefit from these 3d scans, and the researchers hope the technology that helped her will soon become routine. james gallagher, bbc news.
5:28 pm
hello there. it has been a reasonable start to the weekend for many of us, we have seen a number of showers, a couple from northern ireland and a couple from northern ireland and a couple for scotland. there have been some showers in southern and central scotla nd some showers in southern and central scotland but between those showers we did have some sunshine and glorious conditions in the highlands, albeit very windy. we have had gusts of winds around 50 and 60 mph across the north of scotla nd and 60 mph across the north of scotland but those showers have been blown through by the strong winds. 0vernight it was stay windy when the wind is any south—westerly direction but continuing to feed the downpours here. there could be a little rain in south—west england but otherwise skies will be clearing through the
5:29 pm
night and it will be a chilly night, you can see the colours are draining from the charts as it gets colder. by from the charts as it gets colder. by the morning, it will be one or two celsius but it could be cold enough for frost in the coldest spots. voice and it is not a bad start to the day although we have showers from the word go and over time they will push southwards through the afternoon it could feel cold and there was winds across scotla nd cold and there was winds across scotland with plenty of showers southwards. there will be more of those downpours across the southern belt, southern scotland and across northern ireland and into england and wales. southern england, less cloud, more sunshine and should be a more pleasant. in the week ahead we will see a high pressure that pretty close to the uk that will keep our weather try and keep atlantic weather try and keep atlantic weather fronts at bay, staying out to sea. the weather looks dry and monday does not look bad. you are showers across northern areas of the uk but we have a cooler went down
5:30 pm
the north sea. —— we have a cooler wind. temperatures are struggling a bit and not great for a time of year. we should see temperatures around 13 degrees for cardiff and london. in the week ahead there will bea london. in the week ahead there will be a lot of dry weather weather spells of sunshine and things will get a bit warmer. temperatures up to 17 degrees later this week.
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