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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 9, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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a very warm welcome to bbc news — double trouble as chelsea's eden broadcasting to our viewers in north america hazard sends his side third and around the globe. in the premier league. my name's mike embley. our top stories: ajudge in the us blocks zob ahan beat al wasl donald trump's policy of sending 3—1 in dubai to go top asylum seekers back into mexico, of group a in the asian champions while their cases are heard. league. israelis head to the polls within hours for a general election. and 17—year—old caroline marks prime minister netanyahu is fighting wins herfirst world surf league for his political survival. title taking victory at the opening britain's parliament backs a new law requiring round in australia. the prime minister to request another brexit delay, to prevent leaving the european union with no deal. lost and found. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing a clip of the beatles performing on the bbc more than 50 years news that an eden hazard double has ago surfaces in mexico. ta ken chelsea third in the premier league after they beat west ham 2—0. the belgium captain's first was something to behold, as he weaved his way through the defence evading five players during a stunning run, before the forward calmly beat keeper lu kasz fabianski. a second late on confirmed that maurizio sarri's side move above both tottenham and arsenal —
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as the pressure intensifies to keep the 28—year—old at the club given real madrid's interest in him. in the last two matches he played really well. he was devastating, very, very well. when is able to play like the last two matches, we are lucky. strongly is with him to riau madrid over the past two days, you know anything about that? not at all. it is not sure of course. you must beat desperate to keep them, aren't you? every coach wants to keep him. of course! eden hazard is a very good playing for the most part of the game because he is a top player
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and the way he goes for the defending was a little bit easy and it reflects a lack of aggressiveness we had in the 45 minutes but we changed for the second one. in italy's serie a, erick pulga scored two penalties in a three minute spell to help bologna to a 3—0 win over bottom club chievo verona lifting them out of the bottom three. it was a fourth win in five matches for the hosts while chievo sit on the verge of relegation, 19 points adrift of safety with only 21 points left to play for. now to the asian champions league where iran's zob ahan beat al wasl of the united arab emirates 3—1 in dubai on monday to go top of group a. the visitors took the lead on m minutes through caio correra when he pivoted in the box and fired home, but zobahan were 2—1 up at half—time and then from a corner kick which was combined with a slice of luck and some neat inter play. hamid bouhamdan confirmed the three points for the iranian‘s taking them
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top of group a at the halfway mark of the competition. in group c table toppers al hilal riyadh suffered their first defeat in three games losing 2—1 at esteghlal who picked up their opening win of the campaign. ali karimi with the first from a corner before a wonderfully worked move saw mohammad daneshgar give the iranian‘s a lead they never surrendered taking them third. elsewhere in group a bottom club al nassr picked up their first win of the campaign, the saudi arabians beating iraq's al—zawra'a 4—1, while in group c, qatar's al—duhail drew 2—2 at home to the uae‘s al ain. there were three international women's friendlies on monday as the build up this year's world cup in france continues. the tournament hosts eased to a 4—0 win over denmark in strasbourg. lyon's delphine cascarino picking up a double, while in the spanish city of murcia sophie schmidt scored the winner for canada in their 2—1
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win over nigeria and kim little saw scotland to a 1—0 win over brazil who are ranked 10 places above them. three of the premier league's top four are involved in the champions league quarter finals this week with two of them meeting. the first leg of spurs aganist manchester city will be only the second game at the home side's new stadium which city midfielder kevin de bruyne says won't make a difference to them but what does pep guardiola think? the champions league, all the games away, the supporters support the team more than ever. it's the second time that spurs have played at home so we know exactly what they are going to face. we have to handle it. if we want to make a step forward as a club, as a team, we have to know how to handle these situations. raheem sterling says he wouldn't walk off the pitch because of racist abuse during a match.
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the manchester city forward has been vocal about the racism towards black players in the game, most recently in last month's england's euro 2020 qualifier against montenegro. but the 24—year—old says he'd rather deal with abuse on the pitch. this is something that's been happening before i was born and this is something that's been happening before my parents were born so i can only speak up on events that happened to me and people around me. that's just much as i can do is raise awareness. i'm not trying to be someone that tries to lead or something like that. i can just raise awareness and it's for people in the higher places to do theirjob. former england rugby union international christian wade is a step closer to playing in the nfl after signing for the buffalo bills. wade quit premiership side wasps in october to join the nfl‘s international pathway program, which offers players from outside of the us a route into the league. he'll now attempt to make the bills' final 53—man roster for the 2019 season. it's a massive step.
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i've been through so much just to get to this stage and now i'm just over the moon and definitely a lot of emotions have been going around. i haven't had enough time to process it yet but it is really huge for me and i am really excited for the next step. it has been festering at times differently because learning in the nfl is like winning a new language. so much to learn having not played the sport before. deftly a high demand on the body physically as well. —— definitely a high demand. it's been a strawberry kay struggled but i've been enjoying things on the way. it will be so hard. it's a huge mountain to climb so ijust need to learn about the game before you even talk about trying to make it into the team. for me, the hard work sta rts the team. for me, the hard work starts now. so much stuff that i need to get through but yeah, i am
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relishing at the opportunity. product how far i have come and really ha p py product how far i have come and really happy to be a buffalo bill and looking for to what's to come. for the first time equal prize money of $100,000 was given to both men's and women's champions at the opening event of this year's world surf league in australia. 17—year—old american caroline marks won the women's title on the gold coast pipping former three time world champion carissa moore for her maiden tour victory. earlier i spoke with her and tried to get an idea of what her aspirations for the season may be. my my goals for this year are actually to win my first event and hopefully finish in the top five and so far it is going good. hopefully i can keep it up but yeah, i actually had those goals. i didn't really tell anyone, those are my personal goals with my coach and my family and so far so
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well. so next week, you go to an iconic surfing venue in the world. how much would mean for you to lift the trophy above your head at the end of the competition? that would be absolute incredible. it is one of my favourite waves on tour and i did really well there last year. i'm really well there last year. i'm really looking forward to going back there and like you said, there is so much history behind that event and so much history behind that event and so many of my heroes that have wanted. so many people that have one have gone into entitles. that would be really cool so i look forward to it. seven—time marathon des sables champion rachid el morabity and his younger brother mohamed have dominated the first two days of the event with dutchwoman ragna debats well ahead of the women's field. rachid won the first stage on sunday ahead of his brother — but mohamed won monday's second stage six seconds ahead of his brother and abdel—kader el mouaziz was third coming in over three minutes later. debats meanwhile was the the quickest woman once more, fastest overall, a full 44 minutes
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ahead of her fellow competitors. a dog became the star of the show after heavy rain in the southern brazilian city of tubarao saw a pitch under heavy water despite efforts to clear the surface. the santa catarina state championship match between hercilio luz and criciuma got underway and players from both teams had trouble trying to keep control of the ball. the game was then interrupted in the 12th minute when a dog invaded the pitch making light work of the conditions but it coudn‘t stop the away side criciuma winning1—0. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's chelsea have gone third in the premier league because the belgian captain has scored two goals and his first was quite an extreme good effort if you get a chance to see it. 2-0 effort if you get a chance to see it. 2—0 was the final score. they
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are third in the premier league. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there, good morning. sunshine really did make a big difference to the temperature yesterday. we had 20 degrees for the first time in a long time. that was recorded in east anglia in the sunshine. further north in the north—east of england, it was a very different look to the weather. the mist and fog and low cloud rolling in from the north sea and temperatures about 7 degrees. now, we should get sunshine in the north—east of england on tuesday but our air is getting colder. 0ur air is coming all the way from scandinavia over the cold north sea so we are going to find temperatures dropping. that mild and warmer windier weather is staying out in the atlantic and it wasn't very warm in mid wales on monday with thick cloud, some showery rain too. we should get some sunshine
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here i think on tuesday because the rain is still probably a bit further south through rush—hour, so affecting south wales, southern england, perhaps into the south midlands. move further north, very much quieter, bit of a chillier start perhaps one or two mist and fog patches but sunshine in most areas and very light winds as well a much sunnier day for the north—east of england. we will still have this showery rain mind you and it is moving very, very slowly its way southwards. it could induce a few more thundery downpours in the south west of england during the afternoon. away from here though, a lot of dry weather with sunshine continuing through the day. easterly breezes mind you. colder around the north sea coast, significant drop in temperature across east anglia as you can see as well as some western parts of scotland which was quite warm on monday. it gets chillier as the sun goes down, mind you. and we should see the showers moving down going further south out towards the english channel overnight. clear skies, maybe one or two mist orfog patches but a chillier night, northern parts of the uk, as you see we have a touch
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of blue on there. there could be a touch of frost around as well. now we are going to find any showers squeezed way to the south by this developing area of high pressure that is extending its way into the uk and it's keeping all these weather fronts at bay from the atlantic. so, a lot of quiet and dry weather through the rest of the week. chilly start as i say on wednesday. any showers are more likely to be across the english channel. it should be a dry day for the most part, maybe a little bit more cloud coming in, more of a breeze across east anglia and the south—east of england with some chilly breezes as well. those temperatures not changing an awful lot. 9—13 degrees if you are lucky, a bit below par for this time of year. and with that high pressure still around, essentially it is dry. there will be some cloud around, some sunshine at times. the winds probably picking up a bit later on in the week and still feeling chilly for this time of the year. goodbye.
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