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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 10, 2019 5:45pm-6:00pm BST

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we have the hustle which is a new take on a familiar story. we have pikachu detective. i know you are a huge fan. high life, a science fiction film directed by claire denis. that was very telling. i don't think you're a huge fan of the hustle! did you see dirty rotten scoundrels? yeah. funny, not really? that was already a remake. now we get another version of the same story in which we have a genderflip. so now we have rebel wilson who is a low level scam artist who meets anne hathaway's much more upmarket con woman on a train. they are both headed to a similar destination. their paths cross. they are forced against their will to work together through a strange mixture of coincidence and blackmail and what they will end up doing is working together but also against each other in a competition. here is a clip. i work alone. i get it.
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but what you are not getting is that a girl like me can make it real uncomfortable for you. itjust takes one phone call. hello, interpol. tell me, penny. why are women more suited to the con than men? because we are used to faking it. it comes down to one universal truth, no man will ever believe a woman is smarter than he is. we will always be underestimated and that is what we use. does this mean you're going to teach me? i'm teaching you now. yes! wait, what was that last part? you were talking into the ocean. i'm loving anne hathaway's very posh english accent. it's a terrible english accent which is weird because she can do great accent but it's kind of ear—scraping.
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here is the thing, when comedy doesn't work it is like the worst thing to happen. particularly when a film has been made almost with gaps in the dialogue for the laughter to happen. the strange thing with this movie is it is two stars who i really like you are really funny and really sharp in other movies and it is a story that has been done a couple of times before but what happens is there is laughs in the first five or six minutes and you think this is great and then suddenly it all stops. there is like 90 minutes of arid, desert tumbleweed blowing through the auditorium as gag after gag just fails to land. there is nothing like being in a pretty packed cinema and watching a comedy just suffocating, sucking the air out of it. it is one of the unfunniest mainstream comedies i've seen in a long time. sometimes mainstream comedy will have things i find offensive or annoying but this
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was just completely dead. you have a test, don't you? six laughs. did it get any laughs out of you? what is weird is that in the first five minutes there was a couple of parts i thought this is fine, a couple of laughs but then finished. as i said, comedy is really hard and i think it comes down to directing. you and i was speaking before we came on air about how sometimes a movie that bad can get. it is because a script can look funny, the cast can looks funny, a setup can look funny but when you actually get it into the editing room it is all to with timing. is the script funny though or is itjust a directing? i would like to say that the script is funny except now that i'm thinking of it i can't think of a single funny line in it. so the script is awful in the direction is awful. it is terrible. detective pikachu.
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it isn't terrible. i'm not the target audience for a pokemon movie. noram i! this has been hailed as, this sounds like damning with faint praise, it has been hailed as the best reviewed live action film adaptation of a video game, which is pretty damn specific, frankly, but actually it's pretty good. the story is that you have a young man who has to team up with pikachu played by ryan reynolds in order to follow the trail of his father, follow a tragedy. it takes place in this future city in which pokemon and humans live side by side but there is still an underground war going on. one of the reasons it works is that ryan reynolds is basically doing a much more pg orfamily friendly version of the character than he did to some extent in deadpool. there's a certain amount of the live action animation interface. do you remember who framed roger rabbit? remember the first time you ever saw that it was astonishing what they were doing with it. actually the live action animation stuff works really well here. actually it is designed
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really nicely. some of the cityscapes look, dare i say it, a little bit like blade runner. for someone who has absolutely nothing invested in the idea of watching a film based on pokemon go, i found myself laughing. i laughed more times in this than in the whole of the hustle in the first ten minutes of it. it is a little bit shambolic and a little bit cliche in terms of the plots but i enjoyed myself and nobody was more surprised than me because i had thought at the beginning of the week i'm going to like the hustle, i'm going to endure detective pikachu. it was completely the other way around. life is full of surprises. it really is and good for it. so is the cinema. high life, i'm rather intrigued by this, actually. it is a sci—fi drama, convicts sent into space, part of a social engineering experiment. it is a science fiction film directed by claire denis who made trouble every day. this does have a connection to that because at one point claire denis was thinking of vincent gallo as a lead for it. as you said it is this strange cargo freight like spaceship which is heading towards a black hole.
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there is some form of social experiment going on. because the story is told nonlinearly we are told information out piecemeal. an awful lot of the film is to do with you having to put together what order the story is and how will the characters fit together. what we know is that robert pattinson is on board and he leads this kind of monk life celibate existence. juliette binoche is the doctor who is running strange reproductive experiments. as they move towards the black hole the crew starts to fall apart. they will start to fragment and it becomes a sort of existential film in which outer space is really in a space. here is a clip. do you have a baby? i had to leave it. we could have kept it. i wanted
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a little dog so bad. you know what, step away from the door. i've got to disinfect. he'll die in there. it is cruelty. what do you know about cruelty. what do you know about cruelty. you don't know anything about it. i have to disinfect myself. step away from the door. move away from the door. get out. what do you know about cruelty, you don't know anything about it. whenever you see this type of science fiction film... black holes have been something that science fiction has used since the discovery of them. we recently saw films like interstellar and there is that idea
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that if you move towards an abyss it will reflect it back to you. it is the case that if you try and do a simple linear version of what happens in the story it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. what i liked about it was that as i was watching iti about it was that as i was watching it i found some of it frustrating and some of it really mesmerising. i found some of it really chilling. afterwards i found myself sifting through individual fragments of the narrative and finding connections with claire denis' work. the first thing is it is a film you need to give time. this is a very good cast. i think robert pattinson is really good. ijust i think robert pattinson is really good. i just take i think robert pattinson is really good. ijust take great pleasure in looking back at the twilight movies and looking back at the amount of sniffy reviews they got from mainstream critics and when you look at the two key players in the twilight movies they have sought paths where they have found proper
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film—makers who make challenging movies. they have used a high profile to work in projects that could really benefit from that high—profile involvement and they are both willing to take risks. i think... i have always been a fan of him. if you look at him in cosmopolis, he is great in its. i think is really great in its. i don't pretend to understand what the whole film is about. there are things in it which are ludicrous but i don't mind any of them because i think film is reaching for something as occasionally manages to grab.|j find it hard to believe you didn't understand what it was about. have you seen eighth grade? yes, it is beautiful. isn't it great? it really gets into the head of its central
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character. the most important thing is both you and i have nothing like the central character but did you feel the depiction of the anguish of being a 13—year—old was universal? absolutely. it felt like me as a 13—year—old. absolutely. it felt like me as a 13-year-old. which is astonishing if you think of a 13—year—old growing up you think of a 13—year—old growing up facing problems that neither you oi’ up facing problems that neither you ori up facing problems that neither you or i have first—hand experience of comment that you write in the middle. best dvd? the favourite is out on dvd. it was a big winner in the awards season and rightly so. many people will be seeing it for the first time. it is a historical drama, the least historical drama i remember seeing. anna meredith does the score for eighth grade, some of her music turns up in the favourite.
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thank you very much. but is it for this week. thanks for watching and goodbye. we still got some showers lurking around. one ortwo we still got some showers lurking around. one or two downpours and some thunderstorms as well. notjust in the south but we have had a couple in scotland as well. tonight the showers will be a lot more scattered across the uk. that means larger distances and more of us will have the dry weather. you can see the satellite image here. lots of areas of cloud across the uk. lumps of cloud dotted around. one or two thunderstorms around. let's see where they've been. blobs of blue indicate heavy rain and the sparks are lightening. the forecast for the coming hours shows that those showers will eventually become... there will be fewer of them. they will be spread apart and scattered.
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there will be plenty of clear skies around as well. pretty chilly. 5 degrees in cardiff and 2 degrees in newcastle. high pressure in over the weekend. you will see a few blobs of blue and eastern parts which is saturday's forecast. so a dry and warm weekend with more sunshine around but drier because more of us will have fine weather but eastern areas, through yorkshire, may be the midlands, again on saturday if you are out you might need your brolly at one point or another. out towards the west, belfast, cardiff and plymouth looking fine. on sunday the big high pressure is a slap ban across the uk. more sunshine around and the winds are very light. 70 degrees and it will feel fine. that
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high with us into next week. this is sunday night into monday night. the weather front is being steered to the north because they don't like high pressure. you can see the wind blowing right around the uk where is inside in the middle hardly any wind at all so very little wind, more sunshine and temperatures up to 17. it will feel very nice indeed. that trend will continue through the week ahead. those temperatures will keep on climbing. you are in for a spell of settled weather and that is indicative for many areas of the uk. i'm sure we'll hit 20 degrees or more in one or two spots early next week.
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the london bridge attacks — the scene was like a war zone says a man whose 30—year—old fiance was killed that night. tyler ferguson and christine archibald from canada were visiting london when she was struck by the van — her parents‘ lawyer thanked those who tried to save her life our heartfelt thanks go to all those that are on the bridge that night, and worked so hard to save chrissy. we were blessed that so many brave people rushed to help her and tyler. some of those who tried to save her broke down in tears at the inquest. also tonight... america's trade war with china intensifies as president trump more than doubles tariffs on many imported goods — from furniture to car parts.


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