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tv   Our World  BBC News  June 2, 2019 3:30am-4:01am BST

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the first half of the weekend and the first day ofjune of course, brought a burst of heat an exhausting season. and sunshine for some of us. scenes like this were repeated across many southern and eastern parts of the uk thanks to a feed of very warm air from iberia. eight climbers, including four temperatures to the west of london britons and others from the us, got very close to 28 degrees, australia, and india, are missing the warmest day of the year so far. on india's second—highest mountain. they began their ascent but as you can see that was not of nanda devi, near the border the story everywhere. with china, almost three weeks ago, but rescuers were sent out further north and west it was much cooler, largely down to some when they failed to return. extra cloud and some outbreaks of rain. that cooler weather is going to spread across all parts of the uk a blast at an explosives manufacturing plant in the russian over the next 2a hours or so. city of dzerzhinsk is now known to have injured 79 people. the kristall plant said that its director had been fired the previous day after being blamed for an explosion that occurred in april and also destroyed low pressure increasingly taking charge. this cold front here will eventually open the door to that cooler air. but most of us starting sunday morning in the very mild, muggy air. a section of the plant. private tenants in england will no
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longer have to pay letting agents fees when they sign up temperatures as we start the day to rent a property. generally between 11 and i7 the new rules have been described degrees. as the biggest change to the renting we start off with some heavy rain, too, across scotland and that'll industry in decades. but there are warnings rents move northwards. are already being pushed up as rental businesses try to claw back income. our business correspondent, katy austin, reports. today's changes affect letting agents, landlords and millions of private renters like kirsty. east anglia, the south—east, it could again get into the middle 20s, maybe 27,28 degrees. but further west, look at that 16 in plymouth, 19 in cardiff. we continue to see these outbreaks of showery rain pushing eastwards as well. something brighter for western this is what she had to pay on top of her first months rent. application fee was 300, deposit was 895, i think, so £120 to renew the contract fringes of england and wales later, to stay for another 12 months here. the fees charged were fairly typical but for years there have been all of us into cooler air though, complaints that some agents have by monday morning, so temperatures been charging far more and that some as we start the day of what renters have had to pay between nine and 12 degrees. simply has not been justified. there is the cold front, there is already a ban on fees all of us behind that front on monday. charged to scotland's tenants and now in england. it all or be into the cooler air
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charges including application and referencing fees are banned by this stage so not such a warm and deposits are capped and muggy start to monday morning. monday dominated by low pressure. at five weeks rent. you can see a lot of white lines some things can still be charged and isobars on the chart across the northern half of the uk. for including replacing lost keys but only a reasonable cost. it will be a blustery day campaigners worry that letting and we will see some showers, agents will make money some of which could be heavy and thundery. in other ways. further south not as windyjust some are looking to use things a couple of showers but many places like deposit alternative products will be dry with spells of sunshine. which they get commission from and can end up being very however, no more mid— high 20s. expensive for renters. most places in the mid—to—high teens. through the coming week it will feel much cooler with rain at times but also some sunshine. agents say they are already charging landlords higherfees to boost income and they will raise rent. businesses who cannot make up the difference will fold. it will have a massive effect. it will close offices and we have seen that. it will be the smaller ones, the independents who will suffer more. landlords agree rents will rise and more will self manage to avoid the cost of agents. don't have the training or the experience. and if they don't they will probably go out of market. especially with the tax changes
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coming in the next year. tenants like kirsty are just happy their next move will involve lower upfront cost. now on bbc news it's time for our world — which this week is in kenya to uncover the elusive figures known as ‘night runners‘. every night, villages across rural kenya are terrorised by what people think are demonic spirits. banging. these unseen entities don't attack or steal from their victims. their only goal appears to be scaring people. welcome to bbc news. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: jubilation for liverpool — for the first time, using hidden cameras, we have captured footage of one crowned winners of kenya's most secretive of the european champions league — aberrations, the night runner. after beating tottenham 2—0.
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huge celebrations in the spanish capital. it's the sixth time liverpool have won europe's premier football contest. brillant! for centuries, these awesome! elusive people have a0 years i have been following them. been carrying out night—time raids, a0 yea rs. and i love them! in other news: tormenting their neighbours. an explosion at a weapons factory in russia — the day after its director is fired for violating industrial safety rules. banging and rattling. across kenya it is believed thousands of people night run. who are these people, and what lies at the heart of this bizarre and ancient tradition?
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i am an investigative reporter based in nairobi. and like most children in kenya, was brought up on the folklores of night running. for my people, the luo, night running is one of the greatest myths. but unlike other folklore, this one actually exists. i have acquired video footage that is, to the best of my knowledge, the only recorded evidence of night running. but are these people really possessed by demonic powers? that's what i am here to find out. it is a question many luo seem unable or are afraid to answer. maybe margaret, the elderly grandmother whose regular ordeal
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we filmed last night, can shed some light on why they do what they do. do you have any suspicions of who the current night runner is? superstition and fear surround the night runners and their identity. a problem the local area chief is constantly battling with as he deals with the fallout from these nocturnal attacks. how many reports of night running do you get? i received several reports of night running cases, but it is difficult to prosecute them. they don't want to confront the night runners. why? cultural beliefs, some say if you mention a night runner openly then maybe your kin will also
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become night runners. abel wants me to meet a woman who has been plagued constantly by night runners. but these ones are doing more than throwing stones. what i have noticed, there is a tendency of mostly widows who don't have a man in the house at night, are the ones who are targets. those are the reported cases? according to my personal observation, yes. i have been trying to track down a night runner to talk to, but finding people who will even admit to knowing one is proving very difficult. but then i get a tipoff that directs me to a couple with two small children living on the edge of the village. this is husband—and—wife
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sam otieno and grace awino. they are both subsistence farmers, and they are also both night runners, and have agreed to talk to me. i feel very happy. yeah. sam told me his desire to go running was passed onto him by his father, who had used a magic spell.
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and sam used the same technique to bring his wife into night running. grace and sam agreed to let mejoin them on a night run. but first, sam wanted to show me what he does.
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what if they open the door and come out? as darkness falls, grace starts to feel the urge to run. she allows our camera to follow as she goes out on her nocturnal run. it's now pitch black, so we switch to infrared and grace is off. every few nights, sam and grace prowl the village, targeting homes and scaring villagers. rattling and banging. grunting.
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banging. as shejumps and grunts, grace seems to enjoy the distress she is causing. having woken everyone up, grace melts into the night. i want to find out what motivates the couple to leave their children and go out into the night.
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what compels you to run? what will happen if you don't run? and do you see there are people who see this activity that you do as being malicious? as with many addictions, night running can have very dangerous consequences. have you been caught?
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what did they do to you the second time? so you still owe them? yeah. people get hurt when they get caught. do you think it is worth it? yeah, it is worth it. it is worth it. yeah. and there is nothing which can make you stop? even death. for me now, night running seems to be a thrillseeking activity. many of those who engage in this practice seemed to be addicted to the adrenaline of scaring people. but some night runners have almost paid the ultimate price for these thrills.
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though he was horribly burnt, rather than seeking medical help he set his own house on fire. for samuel, losing his house was better than being exposed as a night runner and being kicked out. now that you have seen the consequence of night running will that help you make a decision to stop?
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while grace seems committed to stopping, sam's less sure and i worry this may cause a rift between them. many night runners not only seem unable to stop but actually become even more extreme in their action. sumenna, a widow and construction worker has been night running for the best part
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of 30 years. what do you do when you run? but there is one thing that still plays on her mind when she is running. her urine fetish sounds like a way to make the experience more extreme. perhaps over time night runners need to take even greater risks to get their thrills.
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night falls and she begins to feel the urge to run. after some time she comes to her target. she rubs her stick along the roof, a ritualistic warning to her victims before she sprays their house. she squats down, bottle in hand to fill it. thenjust as she is making ready, a man emerges from the house, swinging a machete. she bolts and escapes, but it feels like a close shave.
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it has now been two weeks since i last saw grace and i want to see how she is getting on. how does this experience make you feel about night running? are you afraid?
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yeah, i'm afraid. grace's nighttime activities have finally caught up with her and she is in serious trouble with her neighbours. if the situation gets worse, her whole family could be driven from the home. she does not want to report the case to police, but i can help her get treatment for her leg. we take her to the nearest town for an appointment with the local medic.
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sam has been looking for work in town and joins us at the clinic. it is a relief to hear grace's injuries are not too serious. when she gets an injection to bring down the swelling in her leg, mr 0lang tells me that grace is not the first night runner he has treated.
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do you think night running is a public health risk? 0utside, i catch up with sam. it seems he is finally having a change of heart. but the following morning i received
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a panicked phone call from grace. because she failed to pay him for his silence, the villager who attacked her two nights ago has now outed her to the entire community as a night runner. her family has been expelled from their home. only one option remains, grace's village believes a traditional healers medicine may remove the night runner curse. maybe if she appears to be cured by a herbalist, the community will allow her family to return.
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the treatment will cost grace 6000 kenyan shillings, or 60 us dollars.
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grace's only hope now is that her community believes that the traditional healers spell has been successful and her night running days are behind her. many of the current generation want to quit because it has become increasingly dangerous to be a night runner. not long after i finished filming i learnt that sam and grace had separated. 00:25:40,735 --> 2147483051:49:35,083 grace is no longer night running, 2147483051:49:35,083 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 but she still has the urge.
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