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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  July 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. eu leaders have chosen the german defence minister ursuala von der leyen as their nominee to head the european commission. we have chosen two women and two men for the four key positions. a perfect gender balance. russia's defence ministry says a fire on board a submarine has killed 1a people. the chinese government accuses protestors who ransacked hong kong's parliament — of trampling the rule of law. this is a scene live in chile
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where hundreds of thousands of people are watching a solar eclipse. and we'll bring you all the latest from lyon as england take on the usa in the first women's world cup semi final. current score is us two and england one. at last — we have the nominations for the top jobs at the eu. the more importantjob of all — president of the european commission — the body which creates and enforces the eu's laws and rules. the nominee is ursula von der leyen. she's the german defence minister, and a member of angela merkel‘s cdu party.
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no, you're not the only one who wasn't expecting that. also, christine lagarde will become head of the european central bank — the bank in charge of the euro, which oversees the economies that use it. she is currently the head of the international monetary fund. also a formerly french finance minister. next president of the european council — the council represents the leaders of the eu's member states. charles michel, the belgian prime minister, is picked to replace donald tusk. and spain's foreign minister josep borrell has been nominated as eu foreign policy chief. here's the european council president donald tusk. five years ago, we needed three months to decide and still some of leaders were against. this year it was three days and nobody was against. even if germany abstained on the commission president due to some
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issues in the government coalition. they supported the whole package. first and foremost, we have chosen two women and two men for the four key positions. a perfect gender balance. it's taken days of talks to get to these nominations, here's how our europe correspondent gavin lee describes the process. bizarre, long, like a very complicated rubiks cube, three days, nearly 20 hours of talks, fighting, wrangling and a name that's appeared today, ursula von der leyen the german defence minister, get that a lot here in brussels, who is she? up until last night, her name wasn't even on the table, it was a socialist who is the current vice president of the commission.
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what's happened is, bear in mind, that some of the power players in the eu, it depends on the results and in the european parliament. in the european parliament. traditionally, if the group and these european big players are all around 28 countries, the centre right did better overall. as you rememberjust a few weeks ago, the socialists and liberals, they actually combined to be more powerful and managed outstripped powerful and managed to outstrip at one point the centre—right group, the epp and said that tillerman should be the choice. and all that wrangling, went back and forth in this morning, her came as the name to go forward, 27 leaders voted for her and get this, the only country to abstain was germany, her own country. bizarrely, there are domestic problems for her, the 60 defence minister and the parliamentary inquiry bizarrely, there are domestic problems for her, the 60 year old defence minister and the parliamentary inquiry over her capability and alleged nepotism of government contracts being handed out, so there are issues domestically for her.
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donald tusk said she was the perfect person in the role. the belgian prime minister of the new, to be, approved by the european parliament. these are new candidates for european council presents, a good friend of the french president, emmanuel macron. so, in terms of smoothing over the federalist image, he is giving a brief press conference and you will not conference and he will not talk brexit, not yet, but he will give aid to talk to borisjohnson orjeremy hunt and as you mentioned as well, familiar for her role in the monetary fund, she will now become the head of the european central bank. the process of nominating these cadidates has been criticised as long, and undemocratic. here's one mep, nicola beer from the free democrats in germany, on what needs to change. i think we have to speak in this
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term about those processes. it is not transparent enough, it is not democratic enough, but this is i think, a bigger task for conference of all three institutions of ngos to discuss the european voting rights and discuss also that we can fix it. we have a so—called candidate system, but there has to be a system with a majority of with a majority in the council and also of the parliament, this is not clear for the moment this makes it difficult at this stage to have transparent processes. help me understand. your liberal block is called renew europe, how would you renew the process of choosing the people for the top jobs in the european union? yes, we want to have a sysytem with transnationalists so that everyone in europe can choose their favourite personality person and not only the list in his
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own country and then it has to be clear that it is not only a proposal from the council, but there has to be a majority of them for this person and her agenda. because we are speaking about the continent of europe, we are speaking about making politics, so there has to be a majority over for the agenda of this person and i hope that it will be possible in the new term that we can fix such electoral rights for all of europe. on wednesday, the european parliament will elect its president. manfred weber is the lead candidate, he heads up the european people's party, which has the most seats in parliament. today was its opening session in strasbourg. this was how brexit party meps from the uk marked the occasion. the european anthem
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they turned their backs. their leader nigel farage called this "cheerful defiance". others see it differently. jeremy cliffe at the economist says, ”no class, no manners, no decency. what a disgraceful image of britain.‘ here's nigel farage explaining it. we shouldn't be here, but i'm not particularly angry at the european union, they've done theirjob and done it well. it's british political class very, very badly. so where defined, with cheerful, well we won, we are definitely cheerful. we're the biggest party in europe, that's not bad, is it. but what we won't do is sit in that chamber in hear people talk down on our country. that we will not put up with.
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they weren't the only british mep‘s protesting adam fleming tweets ”the @libdems meps are gathering now for the first strasbourg session” here they are wearing trademark anti—#brexit" t—shirts. so all in all a busy day for the eu. the social democratic party, about her reaction to the new leadership nominations. we are very much disappointed, we had and have very strong and progressive candidates for the president of the commission and we are hoping that also, other forces, and other parts of the european union or other parties who have claimed to put the issue of democracy and human rights in the centre of the upcoming event that
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they would support the team and what kind of europe they want but u nfortu nately, kind of europe they want but unfortunately, they turned their back and they went to other, towards other places. and what you think the process of those nomination tells us about the respective strength of the european council and all of the country's leaders the european parliament elected by people all over europe? the european parliament have not had a vote on it yet and we're still discussing it. , how it will turn out to european parliament, that remains to be seen. do you mean to vote against these nominations? i mean we are not satisfied with the outcome of the council and i would say that even though some of those countries have
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voted in favour of this compromise, many of them who have, or had to tea m many of them who have, or had to team up with the first candidate, we re team up with the first candidate, were not satisfied and we still have talks as how we see this compromise. because it is one thing that the council has to have to reach the compromise but it's another thing how we as a parliament act on these proposals. your a part of the ce ntreleft proposals. your a part of the centreleft block in the european parliament. tell us the kind of policies that you would like the european union to be pursuing in the next five years. i think there are three main issues that are crucial for the european union. the first is to address the democracy, human rights issue and the rule of law, we see countries like hungary and poland that are not respecting their rule of law and may considers
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issues, that is very crucial to me. and the issue of environmental and climate threat. we need to address that issue also if you want to have a planet to live on in the third issueis a planet to live on in the third issue is the issue of quality. inequality. and now in the economy, bcd benefits the people are not being given. the council, the commission and so on, you can get that information to the bbc news website. 14 sailors have died in a fire on a russian submersible vessel. we know it's based in a port on the barents sea. there's speculation as to what kind of submarine it was — the bbc‘s will vernon in moscow has tweeted that
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"russian press say the sub on which the 14 servicemen died was an as—i2 "losharik", which is used for special operations. this is the same sub that the us claimed was capable of damaging undersea cables, accusing russia of seeking to intercept or disrupt communications. it has taken them a day to give any details at all to make a statement about this accident. they are describing as a deep sea submersible that was used for scientific research. cingular was carrying out events research. cingular was carrying out eve nts o n research. cingular was carrying out events on the sea bed at the time is accident took place. the 14 men who we re accident took place. the 14 men who were killed suffocated after inhaling poisonous fumes from the combustible material on board. the statement also says that the fire is now out in the fire has returned to
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a russian naval base, up in the northwest of russia. but beyond that, we do not have a huge amount of detail, some this may have been fa ct of detail, some this may have been fact been a nuclear summary. russian president vladimir putin cancelled a public engagement to meet the defence minister over this. just after he took office in 2000, the russian nuclear powered submarine — the kursk — exploded and sank to the bottom of the barents sea. all 118 men on board were killed. here's olga ivshina. back then, many people criticised vladimir putin for his behaviour and his decisions and that is why now he is trying his best operate properly, to shine and summoned of this defensive minister to talk about it, but the trouble is already dead because ministry and defence has settled on this or 2a hours, the
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only reported it one day later and now the questions are rising and people are discussing whether there is thus led to nuclear engine because of that's true, people are scared of possible nuclear contamination and i was reading forums and chats and the naval base, over the vehicles run back to and people are scared, they're asking about contamination and hundreds of questions and so far, there getting no answers and of course that that isa no answers and of course that that is a trouble for the authorities and thatis is a trouble for the authorities and that is the trouble for people themselves. because with even worse isa themselves. because with even worse is a closed city where it's very ha rd to is a closed city where it's very hard to get in an even hard to get out. and information is highly restricted. this is the scene live in chile where sky watchers are enjoying a total solar eclipse.
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at least eighteen people have died after torrential rain caused heavy flooding in india's financial capital, mumbai. schools are closed and residents encouraged to stay off the roads. zoe thomas reports. authorities are saying 13 people have been killed so far and many more been sent to hospital. also reported of deadly traffic accidents and executions of power lines being down, there's no doubt that mumbai has a lot to lose if it does not start getting this right. the government says it is pumping water out of the city into the sea to clear up some of those flood zones and it comes to a standstill and those heavy rains had, despite the fa ct those heavy rains had, despite the fact that the monsoon comes every year, that is really raising questions about what the government is doing to prepare, web regulations is doing to prepare, web regulations is putting in to make sure that these buildings, these areas in these buildings, these areas in these poor areas are having safe structures that they can live in, is
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raising questions as this is been a ha rd raising questions as this is been a hard month, the government has to step up and do something. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is?in brussels. eu leaders have chosen german defence minister ursuala von der leyen for the top post of european commission chief, after a marathon three—day summit. first semi final at the women's world cup in france. england against us in lyon. the americans are favourites — but england have only conceded one goal in the whole tournament. the winners will face either the netherlands or sweden in sunday's final. first, seth bennett is outside the stadium. bring us up to date,
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please. the americans are leading by two goals to one, for got about half an hourof two goals to one, for got about half an hour of play still remaining. the americans took the lead in the first 12 minutes of the game, all of a sudden, first dance of the game, ellen white scored his sixth of the lead in the gordon boot race, but alex morgan, who was already scored one goal in the and england that struggled a little bit, but they have not been creative enough against a really strong and skilled american team that is so used two winning these big games. they have already won the world cup three times, they're looking for fourth and england have yet to take the first ever world cup final, the anglian coast will be ready to roll the dice to the final few minutes of the dice to the final few minutes of the game and see if he can use his substitutes to maybe make a difference, he's done this already, but we are hoping that it will work
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one more time. christian fraser is watching the game with fans in washington. very good mood. if anyone knows the street in washington, this is where all the lobbying companies are, i'm not sure how much lobbying is going on this afternoon. they are all in this bar and it is full to the rafters, she did bring her laptop but the laptop went away sometime in the middle of the third half. are you enjoying it? yes. incredibly. and went leber and the second half. how long have you been following him and's football. more of a recent fan but i have some friends who play collegiate football. so it is been fun, yeah. a surprised at how many
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men are following football?” fun, yeah. a surprised at how many men are following football? i think the athleticism brings them about.|j the athleticism brings them about.” was just talking about the physicality of the american team. the one thing you do witnesses the stamina of the americans. i have not played football, but i think it is great. a give you an idea, ijust had gripped everyone here, came on just a few minutes later and someone left the fish and chips on the bar, it's been every 20 minutes. the leave fish and chips on the bar? do you leave fish and chips on the bar? ben ando is watching the game with fans in battersea park in south—west london. if i'm being honest with you, i would say that nerves are jangling a little bit. england 2—1 down, even the most zealous feel like they're
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being outplayed, but they're hoping that they've got reserves of strength to forcibly get it. how's it going and you think is going to happen? we need to get super into it, we have lost momentum completely. we really need to get it going. it's a little bit tense, isn't it shallow nervous? very!. and it's been good, really well. thank you very much indeed, as i have said, people are nervous and hoping that england can get one back to extra time. plenty of time, we will see. we will keep you up—to—date still 2-1 to us.
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nike has withdrawn this pairof trainers — it features an early version of the us flag known as the betsy ross flag and was designed to celebrate american independence day later this week. the flag dates back to the late 18th century — but has been linked to the far right. in the past half hour nike has told the bbc the withdrawal was "based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday". it's being reported that former nfl player colin kaepernick was one of those who complained. also nike was due formally announce a new factory in the city of goodyear, arizona today. but arizona's republican governor doug ducey has reacted saying "i've ordered the arizona commerce authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the state was providing for the company to locate here". is turning into quite a big story.
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it is strange that they did not know that this flag at connections to the far right. i think one of the issues for them is one of the spokes people they had already signed, colin kaepernick, expressed the fact that he did not really like this flag and that it could in fact cause some harm. look, there's often recent companies that will release something which they think is good, or in fashion and i think of gucci and some of the mistakes they've made, and they pulled back because asa made, and they pulled back because as a send the statement, they do not wa nt to as a send the statement, they do not want to cause any harm. that said, what you're seeing from the governor of arizona is that look, was happening, it is being overly political, overly cautious and they should be doing something like this.
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thank you very much. we'll talk about christine. being nominated to be leader of the european bank. and a statement released through her current employers said "i have decided to temporarily relinquish my responsibilities as managing director of the imf during the nomination period." this is something of a surprise choice for us, she has not got the central bank experience that the other candidates talked about in the build—up to the summit do have and thatis build—up to the summit do have and that is critical because being a central banker means you know how interest rates work, your high monetary policy works and that is crucial to helping the 19 countries that use the european central single currency, the euro and how they will recover from the global financial slowdown in the trade tension that we are seeing everywhere and not having that experience is something ofa having that experience is something of a weakness where pre—disaster. but she has lots of other strengths
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and political experience including the head of the imf. do they have to consider politics when leading the esb? globaltrade consider politics when leading the esb? global trade tensions and the wider slowdown effect of the economy have a big impact in interest rates area have a big impact in interest rates are a key tool for the european central bank to try to mitigate some of that. and those who live in us 19 countries that use the euro and how the political experiences of former french finance ministers and building a lot of consensus a decade ago, has got the experience to stand up ago, has got the experience to stand up to politicians like donald trump was criticised the ecb and also the challenge of brexit to deal with. thank you indeed and as i say, we are looking at a thriller in the world cup, currently england two and
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the united states two. hello. our weather is very quiet at the moment, other parts of the world, the monsoon rains have been very intense and will look at that later on. first of all into north america and ahead of the independence day celebrations, we have the heat and humidity building across eastern parts of the united states with a focus a few thunderstorms in the light from eastern canada, and the southwest for some sunshine and desolate as a lwa ys for some sunshine and desolate as always been and rain which is quite heavyis always been and rain which is quite heavy is moving northwards later in the week it will arrive in rio, as this cooler air pushes up from the south. across europe, we have seen cooler, fresher atlantic air across the uk and spilling its way it spreads across the whole of northern
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europe. temperatures will build again in france after the next few days and we still have these thunderstorms cracking all the way towards the south of that where we have really high temperatures. heat across africa as well, these are the seasonal rains and a bit more intense in west africa moving and land into sub—saharan africa and this is on the way to cape town on thursday as well. no rain and start to the middle east, dry and sunny and there may be some dust blowing sand out in kuwait as well as eastern parts of saudi arabia with some strong wind here. moving into india, i've talked about the monsoon rains, this is the result of 375 mm of rain falling injust rains, this is the result of 375 mm of rain falling in just 2a hours, just well over half the average july rainfall and the monsoon was about two weeks late, arriving in mumbai, but seems like all the rain has come at once and he feels like rain coming in the next few days, along
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the west coast and on the high ground and land. we also some rain coming into central parts of india that will bring some wet weather where the rain is needed. an area of asia that does not need any more rain isjapan. asia that does not need any more rain is japan. this has been getting round after round of heavy rain in 24 round after round of heavy rain in 2a hours in parts of the island and the water has threats of minds —— landslides. looks very tense of the next two days, partly because the city of low pressure has been pushing in from the south china sea and adds a bit more heat and moisture and lots of heavy thundershowers across northern parts of indonesia as well and we are going to end up where the weather is fairly quiet except in western austria, a bit chilly across the east of australia and some other
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friends pushing their way northwards. the south island should be drier with some sunshine.
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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. eu leaders have chosen the german defence minister ursuala von der leyen as their nominee to head the european commission. we have chosen two women and two men for the four key positions, a perfect gender balance. russia's defence ministry says a fire on board a submarine has killed 1a people. the chinese government accuses protestors who ransacked hong kong's parliament of trampling the rule of law. this is scene live in chile where hundreds of thousands of people are watching a solar eclipse.
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and before i go anywhere, i was telling you it was 2—2 between england and the usa but the english goal has been disallowed so back to 2-1 goal has been disallowed so back to 2—1 in favour of the usa. as you know, in football these days, you have video assistant referee schema after that interjection, the goal was disallowed and the semifinal has the us — two and england — one. mel keep you up—to—date, i promise. the clean—up in hong kong's parliament has begun. this was earlier. smashed windows and debris everywhere. and we know some of the worst damage is inside the building. both the clear—up and the political
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fallout will not be over soon. there have been renewed calls from protestors for hong kong's chief executive carrie lam to resign. no sign of that. and still everyone is digesting what happened on monday. protesters put together a makeshift battering ram out of barricades and smashed their way in. they vandalised the building and pulled down portraits of politicans. they defaced the emblem of hong kong as well. when they got inside the chamber, they hung the colonial—era hong kong flag on the speaker's lectern, a provocative move guaranteed to anger china's leaders. carrie lam has been very clear, those involved must face the law. here's one protester with nick beake yesterday. i think it's important for us
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to show what we are fighting for. and we are willing to risk ourfuture, in a sense, to fight for what we're doing. today, when we met this architect again, he tried to defend what happened. nobody wants to step over that line, if there is such a line, and i think the one that steps over the line first is the hong kong government. i mean, they have been ignoring us for so many years. their administration is getting worse. they are pushing us towards the edge. we've also heard from the chinese authorities. translation: the violent storming of the parliament building in hong kong and the indiscriminate damage to parliament's facilities is a serious illegal act that trampled on the rule of law and damaged public order. we strongly condemn this. inevitably, technology
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is at the centre of this story. this is lihkg, dubbed "hong kong's reddit". protestors have connected there and on encrypted mobile messaging app telegram. let's get more from stuart lau, a correspondent for the south china morning post, based in brussels. so, basically, we have seen a lot of hong kong young people taking particularly to social media platforms. so, one of course is lihkg, which you just mentioned. it is sort of reddit the hong kong version, where people just exchange ideas about where to go and how to avoid police attention, and for example, a few days ago there was a sort of protest to different consular generals around hong kong, talking to american diplomats, uk diplomats, eu diplomats, trying to get the voices of hong kong protesters out
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to the international community. and another social media platform that's also very popular among young hong kong people has been telegram, where people on the scene, they will be exchanging information, where to go, where to avoid police attention. you know, real live updates about what is going on a different part of the community. and in terms of where these violent scenes yesterday leave the protest movement, we heard people suggesting this would divide protesters. some would support it, and some wouldn't. what is your assessment about how the movement has reacted this violence? i would say a lot of young people, or the sort of under 30s or under 40s, are still very sympathetic about the protests despite what has been going on in the legislature. of course for the older generation, it will be harder for them to accept what has been going on in terms of the level of violence, vandalism that we have seen in the legislature that we have not
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seen any time before yesterday since the handover. but as the report shows, people feel that there is a very strong sense of futility, the government has been ignoring what they have been saying for days, months or even years since britain handed over the sovereignty of hong kong to beijing. and of course as we have seen in beijing where the foreign ministry spokesperson has been very critical of the level of violence used in the protest, but really i think what hong kong people want to see, at least according to a lot of protesters that i have been speaking to, they really want the voice of their demands, which means the end of the extradition agreement, but also the resignation of the executive carrie lam to be heard not only in hong kong, but in beijing. a total eclipse of the sun is happening right now.
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this is a feed from nasa. this is almost complete. the moon is passing directly in front of the sun, blocking the light forjust a few minutes in parts of chile and argentina. this graphic from nasa shows the path and duration of the total solar eclipse. it started in chile. it will end in couple of hours' time in argentina. natalio cosoy is in buenos aires. telus people are preparing to watch this? many people came here to the planetarium in one osiris to get the special glasses to be able to watch directly at the eclipse. the eclipse is now almost full as you said but it is now covered by clouds here. nevertheless people who came here and pick the glasses were able to look at the eclipse when it was a bit less covered. and enjoyed it and some were very enthusiastic about it. they are still waiting to see if they can catch a glimpse of the full coverage of the sun. how long did it
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go on for? well, it started about one hour ago and it is committed to last for about another hour. and it commanded a lot of interest here. not only in one osiris, the capital city but mainly the province of bonus areas and other provinces in the country where you could guarantee to be able to see the eclipse in full and very clearly. and it brought a lot of tourism to argentina, especially to those provinces. actually a group of sizes from this material went the province of san luis to have a look and scientist from the american mit, massachusetts institute of technology commit went to the province of cordoba in central argentina to have a look to take photographs and study the phenomenon. i recall many years back when there was a total eclipse in europe and the birds went quiet and everything went still. what is the atmosphere like as the light
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changes? we are in the middle of the city so we have got the noise of the ca i’s city so we have got the noise of the cars in the traffic but it has got quite cold now. it is much chillier than earlier, even though it is winter, it should be called, it is feeling colder and it is getting the colour of the light very peculiar. it is dark but it is a different kind of dark to your usual and of the day and winter in buenos aires fulsome and as you said, you are reckoned that we are in the middle ofa reckoned that we are in the middle of a park area and i don't into be able to hear the birds. so you right, that is another of the effects and you can actually feel here and actually again it feels quite chilly. thank you very much indeed. talking to us. because in the feed coming from nasa of the full eclipse also also looking at this picture, is you hear the groans, that is because england have just missed a penalty to equalise in the world cup semifinal. hugs all around for the us keeper that i'm
9:40 pm
seeing on my monitor so england come close to equalising twice, still —— gordon had a goal disallowed a now a penalty that has been saved. not much more than ten minutes to go in that semifinals and a dramatic game and it is still too— one to the us. if human it on the programme and we are going to talk a more serious story from siberia. still to come, 12 people have died in flooding in siberia. it could be fitting to climate change but does not fit into the discussion around the story in the russian media and in russian politics. police are trying to identify the body of a man who fell from a kenyan airways plane and landed in a garden in south west london. officers believe he fell from the landing gear compartment as it came in to land at heathrow on sunday. lucy manning reports. coming in to land at heathrow
9:41 pm
on sunday, but minutes earlier, from beneath this kenyan airways plane, a body had fallen to the ground. the man fell thousands of feet into a garden, a small crater visible. it's a desperate act to stowaway on a plane, and he did not survive. the body, described as an ice block, just missed a man who was sunbathing in the garden. the kenya airways flight left nairobi on sunday morning at 7:19am british time at the start of a nine—hour, 4000—mile trip. it was at 3500 feet when the body fell, the plane flying over offerton road at 3:36pm, and landing at heathrow just six minutes later. this has happened in the past, it happened in richmond. it's quite frightening, that it's happened so close as well. it's unfortunate. a bbc documentary about a man who fell to his death in 2012 showed how stowaways get into aircraft.
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he would've had to climb up as quickly as possible along the metal into the wheel arch. the temperature is down to —60 celsius, and the pressure oxygen is not enough to sustain life, so the stowaway will pass out at about 20,000 feet and then they will die above 30,000 feet and then on the approach to land, the gate comes down, they probably fall out of the aircraft and fall to their death if they are not already dead. a bag, water and some food were discovered by the landing gear. they were not enough to keep the stowaway alive. lucy manning, bbc news. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is: eu leaders have chosen german defence minister ursuala von der leyen for the top post of european commission chief, after a marathon three—day summit.
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and here are some of the main story from the bbc world service. police in sri lanka have arrested their top commander and a former defence chief for theirfailure to prevent the suicide bombings on easter sunday. sri lanka's attorney general said their failure to heed security warnings amounted to a crime against humanity. that's from bbc sinhala. at least a0 people were killed in an oil tanker explosion in the central nigerian state of benue. 50 others were injured as they tried to recover fuel leaking from the lorry, which had overturned while avoiding a pothole. that from the bbc hausa service. this was a close thing in sydney. a women accidentally pushed her baby and its buggy between a train and a platform. the alarm was raised staff and the baby was unhurt. in russia, 12 people have died in flooding in siberia. there's a state of emergency in the irkutsk region where a number of villages have
9:44 pm
been partially destroyed. here are some of the pictures i have come in. this video was posted. these pictures were posted on instagram. you can see wooden houses floating down the river. nearly 33,000 people have been affected by the floods. these aerial shots give you an idea of the scale of this. rescue helicopters have helping to move people, and russia's defence ministry has sent 1300 personnel. and clean—up has begun. many main roads and bridges have been damaged. they will not be usable for a number of days, if not weeks. the bbc‘s anastasia golubeva is at one of those damaged bridges in a city called tulun. here's her latest report. this region been suffering
9:45 pm
from massive floods for over a week now. this bridge in the city of tulun was completely submerged and the surrounding houses were washed away. according to local officials, more than 9000 people were affected by the floods and more than 3000 homes were damaged. local government officials say that they provide assistance and shelter for the flood victims, but here in tulun, people say that they have not received any help so far. many people here have lost everything. they are angry at the authorities for failing to warn them that the water levels were rising, and they say that the promised compensation of 10,000 rubles, about £100, is not enough. president vladimir putin visited the region a couple of days ago to view the situation for himself, but even his intervention has failed to reassure people whose homes, farms and businesses were swept away. in 2012, 171 people were killed in southwest russia when the equivalent of five months
9:46 pm
of rain fell in one night. the un secretary general antonio guterres has tweeted. .. vladimir putin hasn't disputed that climate change is to blame, but bear in mind what he said two years ago at a forum looking at climate change and the arctic. this is bbc monitoring's vitaliy shevchenko. they are trying to present it at the same time as something that happens in russia year—in, year out which is partly true. but statistics show that the scale and the impact is getting worse and worse. the number of people, the number of homes destroyed is getting bigger.
9:47 pm
now of course there is a bit of a debate going on in the media, especially in the social media, about why are they not mentioning global warming, climate change. and a lot of people are saying that because hydrocarbons, oil and gas, they still form the lion's share of russia's budget revenue, it is not such a good thing to talk at the same time about their oil exports as a bad thing. so they are kind of trying to hush it down a bit. more broadly, in a global sense, do russians accept climate change is happening and that mankind is causing it? well, it is difficult to find out because the surveys in russia are an interesting thing. there is only one independent pollster. the other pollsters are controlled by the state. and predictably, this isn't a question they have been asking. but climate change is something
9:48 pm
russians are aware of and in the context of media coverage, it's something they will be hearing about in the context of trump being criticised for pulling out of the paris agreement, for example. but in the russian context, it does not seem to be a big phenomenon that is discussed on russian tv screens. let's finish the programme focusing on france and this first semifinal of the women's world cup. england against us in lyon. the americans are favourites, but england have only conceded one goal in the whole tournament. england has pushed very hard but they are down. seth bennett is outside the stadium in lyon. southlake has all been going on. southlake has all been going onm has been an absolutely incredible game of football. the americans still lead by 2—1. we are in stoppage time of which there are seven minutes. england fna player sent off also they have also had a goal disallowed, marginally for offside. and they have had a penalty
9:49 pm
saved somehow, some way, the us are finding a way to win this game. and maybe england art just finding a way to win this game. and maybe england artjust —— have just used up all their chances were that they had given a real goal in the second habit in those big moments when they needed that goal in the decision to go their way, they have not been able to convert some ellen white thought she had scored but that was ruled out by video review and then controversially a penalty was given an up step the captain steph houghton but her penalty co mforta bly steph houghton but her penalty comfortably say full to the americans had been pushed to the absolute limit. but there in the dying seconds now and they looked to face another world cup final, the three times champions would face is that the netherlands or sweden, who play here in one day. what has turned out been like in the stadium? is it full? it has been a phenomenal turnout. people just starting to drift out behind me. but 75% of this
9:50 pm
crowd a re drift out behind me. but 75% of this crowd are certainly following the americans. the stars and stripes, the statues of liberty and all the rest of it have been arriving. lots of fa ns rest of it have been arriving. lots offans in rest of it have been arriving. lots of fans in dress and of course there has been a load of england fans here as well and all of them have been arriving by trams from the centre of the city for so they have come all the city for so they have come all the way out of this stadium, a 25 at rhino be pretty much a full stadium thatis rhino be pretty much a full stadium that is bursting out in the next ten minutes and making their way back into town. it will be the americans who i think will be the happiest probably. seth, thank you very much. always arise and people leave world cup games early especially when it isa cup games early especially when it is a thriller in the semifinals. christian fraser is watching the game with fans in washington. i bet it is getting tense there. go to the lucky bar. lucky for him? i saw a penalty mess, a disallowed goal and a red card. but camilla has split loyalties, a usa fan but you must've been mad when that penalty
9:51 pm
was called. the one thing i thought i was england, you guys are not the best at penalties and that was the first thing on my mind. that is the third penalty we have missed. three out of three. it was crazy. i think naeherdid a great out of three. it was crazy. i think naeher did a great job out of three. it was crazy. i think naeher did a greatjob she did her homework. three minutes of added time left. you have to work at 4pm so time left. you have to work at 4pm so in about a few minutes you don't wa nt so in about a few minutes you don't want extra time. i don't know after time. my heart cannot take it. if it comes to that, we are prepared for step ready to go. fired up. are you a big fan are have you got into it this tournament? since 2015, after out this tournament? since 2015, after ourwin, i this tournament? since 2015, after our win, i released this tournament? since 2015, after ourwin, i released him to this tournament? since 2015, after our win, i released him to getting into it because before some of the man's world cup was our best run. but however the sport has been growing and most women especially here in the umass and i am grateful for that. do you play? i used to play in oscar but i am in college
9:52 pm
now so play in oscar but i am in college now so not much time for that but i still watch. this bar is full to the rafters but many who would be in the office have come to watch it was that he has got a hold of the men as well. i think this is a landmark for america's order because before you would not really exhibiting that many men like four or eight years ago, not like this but because of the rising soccer here of late, we are seeing so much more than of the interest is there, the popularity is there which i am very happy for. and it is party week this week, the 4th ofjuly was a good start to the party. it would be. our independence they would not be complete without a win for america so i'm very happy for that. who do you like in the final? i would say sweden and america for that revenge but however we did play before so i really want to see the netherlands comes up. and note megan rapinoe tonight? no megan rapinoe and it reminds me of 98 when
9:53 pm
he was not in the game but i assume it is injury. we will savour for the finals. you think she will be fit for the final, is a hamstring injury i think. i think so. accountable we love throughout the stuff we can have her full force and the final and ready to go. thank you very much, enjoy the last 50 seconds of the match. ithink much, enjoy the last 50 seconds of the match. i think you are almost there. almost there, fingers crossed. you can get to work on time. thank you very much him as broken hearts in england but there are some england fans here, i have seen are some england fans here, i have seen three or four who went up a celebration when the penalty was called. but they are horribly outnumbered and is a bit like going into the line stand to watch the lionesses. before i let you go... if the football breaking through in the media in terms of the way they are covering the big stories?l media in terms of the way they are covering the big stories? , very much so. i think the rabbits wait megan rapinoe and the president has
9:54 pm
helped, that made the front pages. but not only that, it is the stamina... and thereby go, that is the final whistle. some very happy usa fans. maybe they can go back to work. just answer your question quickly, i think it is the team and the performances on the pitch which a really helped and of course another final as the reigning champions would be quite some story. thank you, christian with a chance of usa so england's journey in the world cup ends in the semifinals like it did four years ago. the americans will play the wear of the netherlands and sweden in the final and of course for coverage of that second semifinal at the women pop metro got both here on bbc news and bbc world news and also bbc sport. let's quickly finish with one last look at that total eclipse of the song which people in south america have been looking at. that is the view coming to us from chile.
9:55 pm
extraordinary. thank you very much for watching and see you tomorrow. goodbye. hello. we have a lot of settled weather in our forecast in the short term until the end of the weekend. after that, the forecast becomes harder to pin down and i will explain to you why that is injust a moment. in the shorter time, though, the next five days, this area of high pressure very much the dominant feature in our story. we will see some fronts try to trickle into the north, but the high is going to mean a lot of dry weather through the next five days, most of us will see some pleasant skies. temperatures around average for the time of year. the high we had last week plumbed us into warm continental air, and this week's high plunges us into atlantic air. take a look at wednesday, so we expect temperatures in the mid—teens across the central swathe of scotland, up into the low 20s further south.
9:56 pm
we do pull in a little bit of a warm weather front, though, to the far north of the high wednesday so cloud and more persistent rain for the western isles and the highlands for a time. that front pushes away through wednesday evening overnight into thursday, but we start to see bits of cold weather fronts coming into play for thursday. the more meaningful rain for scotland and particularly some of the higher ground in the north west could get the best part of an inch of rain. a breezy story across the northern half of the uk, more cloud pushing south, too, but across it in england, up to 26 degrees possible where the high—pressure centre is closer by. thursday into friday, this cold weather front starts to work its way south. not much in the way of rainfall in association with it as it does so, perhaps a few scattered showers, but what it will do is move us into a fresher air at the end of the week, especially across the northern half of the uk.
9:57 pm
to the south, it looks like the front will not get in until later in the day. we could still see temperatures at 25 or 26, but across scotland, perhaps the mid—teens at best for aberdeen with some showers sneaking. you can just about make out this line of cloud here indicating the position of the front through friday afternoon. on into the weekend, and the front sinks away to the south and we plumb into a northerly airstream. that will feel fresher, especially in contrast to last weekend. but the high still keen to stay pretty well established, so there will be a lot of fine weather. there goes our front, and as you can see, our isobars tap into a northerly airstream, so for saturday and sunday, it will feel cooler, but some pleasant sunshine around and in that sunshine, should not feel too bad. but for some areas around north sea coasts with more cloud and a northerly breeze, aberdeen down from 17 to just 12 on saturday and of course last weekend, the hottest of the year so far. 3a degrees at heathrow, and just 22 with a northerly breeze for this saturday.
9:58 pm
so quite clear about this far in our forecast. it is on into next week when things are struggling somewhat for us to pin down. mostly because we have got quite a weakjet stream and that makes us struggle to position highs and lows on our chart. later on in the period, the jet starts to reestablish nationally in our forecast of the following week should be much more clear, but for next week, it looks like we will see high—pressure to the south and low pressure to the north, but the exact positions are going to be difficult to pin down. high—pressure to the south could bring us some warmer weather and it should keep things reasonably dry, but to the north, likely to be cooler with a chance of some showers.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
this is bbc news. the headlines attend. england's lionesses are out of the world cup, they've been beaten 2—1 by the defending champions, the usa england had a goal ruled out for offside and missed a penalty. the eu leaders reached a tentative deal on who should hold the most prominent positions for the next five years. at the package still faces approval from the european parliament. police try to identify the body of a man thought to be a stowaway who fell from this plane and landed just a metre away from someone sunbathing in the london garden. borisjohnson and jeremy hunt in their battle to
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be next prime minister.


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