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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  July 9, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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and bbc news online are reporting on the launch of instagrams new anti—bullying tool which prompts users to pause and consider what they are saying before they post. and finally the lead story on the sports page of gulf news is an interview with virat kohli, captain of india's cricket team as they look ahead to today's world cup semi final between india and new zealand so let's begin with with me is priya lakhani who is founder and ceo of century tech let's get stuck in. the times and if the i looking at this story, the lea ked the i looking at this story, the leaked e—mails coming from kim darroch, the uk ambassador to the us
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and it is pretty damaging. darroch, the uk ambassador to the us and it is pretty damagingm darroch, the uk ambassador to the us and it is pretty damaging. it is pretty damaging. fox and jeremy hunt saying whoever is responsible for the leg should feel the full weight of the law. —— league. the promoter is quite right to demand to know what is going on across the country from its ambassadors. they rely on the ambassadors. when these memos are leaked it is damaging. president trump now saying he will not deal with him. i heard earlier this morning that he was uninvited to a dinner hosted for the qatari ‘s tonight. he is off the list. what does that mean? the implications are huge for the relationship we hold with the us. an ambassador needs to
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walk with the white house ——in the white house and have discussions. that is absolutely crucial. now donald trump is saying he wants nothing to do with him. we have had this before when they were discussing huawei and again it has implications for the uk relationship with the us. the same sort of undermining. if you work within these demand that are departments, it will be on edge. there was a clampdown with what happened with huawei. they pointed the finger at williamson who lost his job. but this has to stop. what precedent does it set for ambassadors in a
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country if the head of state no longer likes them. theresa may said she had full confidence in sir kim to do hisjob but it is hugely humiliating for president trump. trump has lashed out on twitter directly at theresa may saying that he pretty much told her how to handle brexit and she did not listen to him and she made a mess of it. he talks about the queen being hired out. he did the same thing with the mayor of london, sadiq khan. forthe us, the us president to be able to talk about the prime minister and he is not supposed to say anything about our new choice for prime minister. jeremy hunt is also put in an interesting position. he is
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head—to—head with borisjohnson to become the leader of the conservative party and are therefore oui’ conservative party and are therefore our new prime minister and whoever thatis our new prime minister and whoever that is will have to continue this special relationship with the us. he has come out strongly about what has happened in the past 2a hours saying this is absolutely terrible and he understands the fact that there is a special relationship. we all guess who's trump is make favourite for the leadership. jeremy hunt has a huge mess to try and repair but massive concern about whether this person stays in this job. should massive concern about whether this person stays in thisjob. should kim darroch go? does that show we are pandering to the us if he goes. that is the difficulty. a fine line to walk. the daily telegraph on the front page, also looks at drains on
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traffic control to help catch dangerous drivers. £18,000 for one drone. that's right. hopefully we can get some economy of scale... presumably it can only hover over one road. three miles up in the air. what is interesting is this particular drug can survive and operate through difficult conditions, snow and sleet and it has an interesting algorithm so that he can follow a vehicle even though an object may come in the way. there are risks and we need to mitigate those risks. it is expensive but imagine police officers chasing cars and this is not really aboutjust catching lawbreakers
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and this is not really aboutjust catching lawbrea kers it and this is not really aboutjust catching lawbreakers it is about deterrence. if people know a drone is in the air, you would not drive dangerously. we had many deaths on the road and if one death can be prevented i would be happy for this to go ahead. it will also get cheaper with time. and safer for the met police. the evening star, the latest data from fobs. the expat national service. the philippines up there as one of the best places to work and live. it has beaten the uk and mainland china. behind the scenes here i said it should be taken with a bit of caution. the economy is blooming in the philippines. gdp at an all—time high and people love living there but obviously with the regime in place. rodrigo duterte's government. he
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said we will kill people who are involved in drugs et cetera et cetera. it seems like a scary place to live but people love it. they have many, many islands. people go there for about six months so it is considered more of an adventure than anything else. instagram is causing people to stop and think before they post. the idea is that to stop bullying. dave lee, my colleague, writing this on line. this is a great thing. england schools otherwise for cyber bullying as set by the 0ecd. a tragic death of molly, a young teenager a couple of yea rs molly, a young teenager a couple of years ago, who took her life. this is because of contact on instagram. these young teenagers, young
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children, post a remark and you have no idea about the face on the other and an it is basically a check. i think it is a good thing. but if they do posted, the would say they we re they do posted, the would say they were sure they wanted to posted. --is were sure they wanted to posted. ——is the victim. it is horrible for me when young children are so sensitive that age. really interesting the 0ecd report because it said a lot of schools would stop and think about the use of phones, social media. still more needs to happen. it is about trying to get schools to review the policies and talk to teachers about it who very
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little time to deal with all of this. are you a cricket fan? i will be glued later but also because i wa nt to be glued later but also because i want to see and india— england final. good for them. this is good for them, there main sport. but england or the way for me, despite my roots. i am a brit. thank you for being with us and thank you for your company. quite a hot debate about desktop eating or dinner, whatever you want to call it. people who eat at the desk, does it bother you and what foods are an absolute no—no. here at the bbc, well,... i will not go there. thanks for your company and have a really good day. hello.
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this time last year, we were on a run of five days with temperatures sitting 30 celsius or above somewhere in the uk. great news if you don't like heat like that. there is nothing like that on the immediate horizon. high pressure being squeezed to the south, rain—bearing weather fronts moving in, mostly across the northern half of the uk, average temperatures for most of us this week. it's a warmer start, though, in the morning compared with where we've been over recent mornings, but a lot of cloud around and some outbreaks of rain. this is what it looks like at 8am in the morning, with outbreaks of rain running eastwards across scotland. a few heavier bursts within this. still some patchy rain for northern ireland and northern england. it's at least a damp start for some of us here. some of this rain will fringe north wales, through the midlands and even push onto parts of east anglia but it is going to be lighter, more patchy than it is to the north. south of that, a lot of cloud around but there will be some brighter sunny spells to be had here. let's take a look at how wimbledon is shaping up for tuesday's play, a rather uninspiring look at cloudy skies.
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a few brighter spells out there, maybe the slight chance of a shower but dry for a full day's play once again. this is how tuesday goes. scotland and england and northern ireland will see most of the rain at times, drier interludes but we could see an area of heavier rain running eastwards as we go on through the afternoon. again south of that, it is mainly dry. some sunshine, cornwall down to the channel islands, a few spots in the 20s, most of us 19s or low 20s. the next spell of rain could turn things quite wet at the end of the day in northern ireland and southern scotland and northern england, clears overnight. and into wednesday, another spell of rain running into northern ireland and north—west england and western scotland later in the night, and the nights are getting a little warmer. it's getting rather humid for many of us as we go through the week. for wednesday then, another spell of rain pushing east to start the day. this may end up digging a little further south to parts of eastern england. sunny spells follow, particularly to england and wales. a lot of cloud in scotland and northern ireland, and a few more showers
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following on as we go through the day. let's take a look at thursday, because we could well see some quite heavy, thundery downpours developing in parts of northern ireland, scotland and northern england. by no means everybody will see, them but where they do pop up, that could lead to some disruption in some spots. england and wales seeing a few showers moving from west to east as well, and still a few sunny spells as well. going into the weekend, the showers slowly fade over the weekend. it turns drier, sunnier and a little warmer.
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good morning welcome to breakfast with louise minchin and dan walker. 0ur headlines today: president trump says he will no longer deal with the uk's ambassador to washington as the diplomatic row ramps up over leaked emails criticising him and his administration. two weeks from today, we will have a new prime minister. tonight, the two contenders will debater for the first time head to head live on tv. and is it getting harder to have a happy childhood? a major new study says younger people are feeling under more social pressure than ever. half of all shopping will move online in the next decade,


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