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tv   HAR Dtalk  BBC News  July 15, 2019 12:30am-1:00am BST

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i'm kasia madera with bbc news. our top story: england have won the cricket world cup, beating new zealand. in a dramatic finish at lord's cricket ground in london, the game went to overtime, known as the super over, after the teams tied. a new leaked memo from the british ambassador claims donald trump ditched the iran nuclear deal to spite barack obama. it comes as the uk, france and germany made a direct appeal to mr trump and iran to end the escalating tensions. and novak djokovic has beaten roger federer to retain his wimbledon title. the world number one saved two championship points in a thrilling 5—hour match, the longest wimbledon singles final. that's all. stay with bbc world news. now on bbc news, hardtalk.
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welcome to hardtalk, i'm zeinab badawi. welcome to hardtalk, with me zeinab badawi in istanbul. my guest today is ekrem mamo lu. he dealt a massive setback to the ruling ak party when he defeated their candidate not once but twice when there was a rerun of the election. president erdogan once said whoever wins istanbul wins turkey. is ekrem mamo lu now the man to watch in turkish politics? mayor ekrem mamo lu, welcome to hardtalk. are you surprised you are sitting here in the mayor's office?
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it is the first time in 35 years that your party has had this position stop at your party leader said, do not forget today the victor is democracy, that's when you one, and he said the whole world that believes in democracy is proud of turkey ‘s. so the ruling ak party, president erdogan, your party are suggesting are good democrats, they did not regularly election. —— rig the election ‘s.
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what kind of precautions did you take? president erdogan has described you, despite your victory, as a lame—duck. he's right, isn't he? i tell you what he means by it. yes, you won 54% of the vote against your
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opponent... just let me finish saying this, yes, you won 54% of the vote, your opponent from the ak party only got 46%, however, the ruling ak party has 25 of the 39 districts in istanbul. they also have the majority of the seats on the municipal council, and of course overall control of the country. that's why you're a lame—duck.
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but your hands are tied, your hands are tied. you can't do everything you want to do because the ak party is still, as i explained, in this position of power. it doesn't look like that now, does it? because the constitution gives the president of turkey strong powers, and president erdogan has already moved to curb your powers. for example, in may, he said all mayors in turkey would no longer have the power to elected officials at companies linked to their municipalities, and these are a huge source of income and political
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patronage, of course, which is a huge diminishment of your powers. the city and its budget has been in the hands of the ak party in one way oi’ the hands of the ak party in one way or another, in its present and past form, for the past 25 years. it's a budget of about $9 billion. you said after your first 17 days in office when you won the first run of the election on march the 31st that you found a lot of evidence of squandering of public funds. what
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did you discover? but i have to do that the ak party has categorically denied claims that its awarded lucrative contracts to businesses close to the government, and this is one of the things that has been circulating after you came to office. ijust want has been circulating after you came to office. i just want to has been circulating after you came to office. ijust want to make sure that that denial is there. but you don't have much experience, do you, to deal with all these political
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manoeuvring is that you're going to have to get a grip of. i mean, you were, after all, just mayor of a district in istanbul, and you're going to really have to try to unpick this system of patronage and influence that's been built up over many years by the ak party. are you up many years by the ak party. are you up to it? but you're dealing with the realities of what's going on. so, for example, jan kaftan job lou, realities of what's going on. so, for example, jan kaftanjob lou, who
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leads the istanbul branch of the chp party is appearing in court over allegations dating back to five or six years comments she posted on social media which allegedly say she criticised president erdogan and the state. i mean, you've condemned this, calling it a potato goal threat, but it's going ahead. that's the kind of reality you have to deal with. —— political threat.
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are you going to speak up just on behalf of your party members like her, or are you also going to extend your comments about the 132 journalists and media workers who are currently in prison across turkey, that's according to the turkish union of journalists.
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so you use her example as a way of exemplifying what you believe is this general concern about journalists and media workers being imprisoned in turkey? so let's look at what you have to do here in istanbul. you're in your late 40s, you've come from a relatively comfortable background. you know, your family relatively comfortable background. you know, yourfamily have relatively comfortable background. you know, your family have a construction company. you had a very, very small restaurant, cafe, which sold kebabs and so on, so do you understand the fact that people are struggling in istanbul? that there's 25% youth unemployment, inflation obviously across turkey is extremely high. the turkish lira has seen its value drop dramatically.
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can you really empathise with those people who can't afford the cost of living? that's the strength of the ak party, which is why it's been so successful and electorally. for example, when resident, ak party supporter in istanbul, said we are poor and, the ak party, helpless. we are diehard supporters and we will never change. 46% of the vote for the ak party candidate to become mayor, that's
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very substantial. not irrelevant, that's the point i'm making. finding jobs is a key plank of your vision to improve life for the people in istanbul, but you have also talked about employment, linked
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to the presence of syrian refugees in istanbul. official figures to the presence of syrian refugees in istanbul. officialfigures say there are about 600,000 syrian refugees in istanbul, you say the figure is more likei million. this is what you said about the syrian refugees and their impact on istanbul. a refugee must be isolated ina camp istanbul. a refugee must be isolated in a camp if necessary, or he must be re—educated. why did you say that?
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do you regret the fact there have been clashes between turkish citizens and syrian regime ‘s? do you regret that, because it's been happening in istanbul? do you regret that? of course, you're unhappy stop because mr mayor, i put it to you,
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you have said, for example, you cannot read the sign boards in certain quarters. this is turkey, this is istanbul. you've made that kind of comment. and a turkish news website has said this about you, in dismissing a significant portion of his city's residents by this collusion, the mayor risks fanning the flames of social unrest. you have done that, haven't you?
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but what is the problem with signboards in arabic? the — you have no problem with the arabic language? why is it disturbing to have a sign in arabic in districts where there is large concentrations of syrian refugees? you are a committed
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muslim. turkey is a predominantly muslim country and arabic is the language of the koran, you are a committed muslim, you pray, you fast, do you have a problem with arabic? your party, the chp, the
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republicans, established by the man in the picture there, is very much a secular party. it gave rise to the secular party. it gave rise to the secular constitution of turkey, and obviously there are many committed muslims, conservatives, traditionalists in turkey. how are you going to win over those who are proud of their islamic heritage practice? they don't necessarily wa nt to practice? they don't necessarily want to see a very secular turkey.
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and, asa and, as a test, chp strategist says, said we cannot change it a one, we find us changing ourselves. are you going to become more successful by becoming more aware of your islamic heritage and perhaps toning down on the secular elements of the chp?
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that is what you said, need to add a religious flavour, that is the point i'm making. also by an independent writer, the chp is finally getting religion, a political party that does not understand this fact is doomed. religious favour, what do you mean by that?
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you've got a big mountain to climb, you know, when you had this stunning victory in estimable when everybody said this might be the beginning of the m4 president early gun and his party —— president erdogan, but the chp hasn't had a majority since 1950. chp hasn't had a majority since i950. maha —— erdogan has been having a long string of a high proportion.
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the chp published a pamphlet called radical love. you've said for someone radical love. you've said for someone who doesn't think like you, just give them a hug, tell them that wa i’s just give them a hug, tell them that wars can be stopped with love. is that your platform to launch yourself on the national stage? go around hugging everybody?
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finally, 2023, the next presidential elections, you stand as a candidate for your party, the chp, will you stand? mayor, thank you very much indeed for coming on hardtalk.
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hello. there's some warmth and some sunshine to start this forecast — by the end, we'll see some rain for many. monday, an area of high pressure centred over the uk for now keeping atlantic fronts at bay. and a good deal of sunshine through monday morning. there will be cloud through northern scotland, shetland in particular and also across eastern counties of england. the cloud quite stubborn to thin and break. elsewhere, after a sunny start, some cloud developing, sunny spells for the second half of the day. apart from an isolated shower,
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dry, pleasantly warm, 2a the top computer. cooler for northern scotla nd computer. cooler for northern scotland and the eastern coast. 0ur two top temperature. a high arriving into northern scotland, by dawn we're looking at temperatures typically between 10— 14 celsius. not quite as good the night over the weekend. and some warmth and sunshine across a large swathe of england and wales, but this weak front pushing its way across northern ireland and eventually into scotla nd northern ireland and eventually into scotland will bring more cloud. also some sally outbreaks of rain initially across northern ireland, then into western scotland. some of those i was working their way little bit further, north—eastward throughout the day. most places across england and wales on tuesday will be mainly dry with some warm sunshine, again 23— 25 celsius the top temperature, a little bit cooler across northern ireland and scotland, 19— across northern ireland and scotland, i9— 21 celsius here. for the wednesday we have an atlantic front pushing on its way. it takes
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its time and arrives into scotland. ahead of it we're still holding onto the warmth across much of england and wales the strengthening breeze across northern ireland and scotland across northern ireland and scotland a sign for things to come. some rain settling into northern ireland and scotla nd settling into northern ireland and scotland passes through the day and timings may well change. i cloud moving into parts of wales in south—west england but ahead of it is where we will see the best of the sunshine. winds quite light here but they start to strengthen across northern ireland and scotland so a breezy into wednesday, a cooler feel as well, still some high temperatures across england and wales, potentially up to 25— 26 celsius. still warm in the mid week. as we go through, this front starts to push its way eastwards across the uk, not bringing much rain across central and eastern parts of england, areas they could do with rain, but by the time we get to friday and saturday, we could see something a little bit more u nsettled something a little bit more unsettled and whether arriving for all of us. that's all from me, bye for now.
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welcome to newsday. i'm kasia madera in london. the headlines: england cricketers win the men's world cup for the first time, beating new zealand in a thrilling final. we did it! jof delivered! we did it! jofra delivered! he's the guy! england, world champions! 0n the fourth anniversary of the iran nuclear deal, the bbc is given rare access inside the country. and i'm mariko 0i in singapore. also in the programme: more protests in hong kong. police fire pepper spray at demonstrators in a shopping mall. and after more than five hours on court and a 25—game final set, novak djokovic beats roger federer to retain his


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