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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  July 15, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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to discuss a future trade deal. staying with trade, it's the financial section of the guardian, it reports on a seven—year low for uk high streets, with shoppers staying away. it blames wet weather and brexit uncertainty. the financial times says hong kong's leader, carrie lam, has made several offers to resign over ongoing protests, but they have been rejected by the chinese government. an interesting study on dementia is on the bbc website showing that everyone can lower their risk of dementia — even if it runs in the family — by living a healthy lifestyle. with me is annamarie phelps, chair of the british horseracing authority. welcome to the briefing. so what are you watching? i was watching the
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croquet, i was glued to it, distract the cricket. particularly the ending was unbelievable. whichever you watched, not so much the formula i but if you watch the tennis of the cricket, it was just breathtaking. you couldn't drag yourself away from one of the other. i've had people that have had one on in the front room of the other in the kitchen, or they had devices. so the sun talks about it, they have a great headline on the front, and if you read some of the detail, it says no shredding, hands trembling, heart pounding delirium. the best, greatest game in the history of cricket. would you agree? the history of cricket. would you ? i the history of cricket. would you agree? i don't watch cricket that often but it was absolutely mind—boggling, for seven weeks of competition to come down to an absolute draw on the last four, both in the game and in the super over was incredible. and a super over is
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a brand—new term? was incredible. and a super over is a brand-new term? absolutely. not only the super over but when that was drawn, they went to the most boundaries and there are various people that have come up saying, it should have been on various other ways of measuring who was going to be the winner or whatever else, in which case, if you had done it any other way, new zealand would have one. but both teams are under the most extreme pressure, both england and new zealand, are under pressure. sealed where the underdogs and they took it to england. england readiness favourites, which is extraordinary when you think back to a few weeks ago in england were having some real issues team wise, they had to bring in the team psychologist, they brought in their confidence, the first few weeks were awful. new zealand played amazingly to really bring it to them. it was a fantastic match. fantastic match and it has spread across all of our
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front pages —— front pages in the uk. for the front pages —— front pages in the uk. forthe captain, front pages —— front pages in the uk. for the captain, a fantastic game but also in stokes, the man of the match, his top score with 84 not out. it was just incredible. the match, his top score with 84 not out. it wasjust incredible. our household would include to the tennis. we couldn't stop watching and right to the very end, you didn't know he was going to get it, whether it would be roger federer or novak djokovic will stop both of them deserve to win. it was terrible to think that one of them wouldn't win. a bit like stokes in the cricket. it was down to the ability to maintain focus and the mental capacity, almost as much as the physical. because as well, with both of those men, i was watching them and there were moments where you could see they were tired and just thought well, the physicalfitness and one of the things that roger
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federer said in his speech, i'm 37 yea rs old federer said in his speech, i'm 37 years old and i'm still able to do this. and he sang, iam years old and i'm still able to do this. and he sang, i am an inspiration for those who want to follow. and actually temple makes it, you are an inspiration to me at 32. an novak djokovic is the one that turned the tables, so my understanding is that everybody in the court were supporting roger federer. he was the people 's champion. he was, and ifelt a federer. he was the people 's champion. he was, and ifelta bit sorry for novak djokovic, to be honest, because whenever roger federer one point already lost, he had championship points. he could have won it. the grabbers with him. it was a bit like when andy murray was playing on centre court. he felt for the opponent because they had no support in the crowd whatsoever but we must tension there was hamilton, winning warmth —— winning formula i of the road. what a day. absolutely incredible day. obviously there
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wasn't predict success in the tennis, wimbledon, we think we own it but there was hamilton doing that, what it shows is that we have the capacity to absorb so much fantastic sport in a day and not forgetting that we had the world cup netball at the moment. that is still ongoing. other things are going as well, people were flicking all over the place trying to catch up with what was going on. i thoroughly enjoyed it, i have to say, let's talk about politics, becomes avoided. the front page of the times. this follows from the sunday times article explaining what his plans are, interesting and a little bit controversial after last week we saw the resignation of sir kim the british ambassador to washington. again, i'm not sure whether this is politics or a spot on what is going
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on in westminster at the moment but interesting that whatjohnson seems to be doing is looking for a quick win. so rather than focusing on trying to sort out brexit, johnson appears to be saying, i think i can get a appears to be saying, i think i can geta win appears to be saying, i think i can get a win here so i'm trying to be positive and go over to seek to work with donald trump and they have a history of both falling out but also getting on quite well. we can foresee that. interesting, johnson trying to grab headlines today but alsojeremy trying to grab headlines today but also jeremy hunt grabbing trying to grab headlines today but alsojeremy hunt grabbing headlines with the fact that he is doing his job as foreign secretary and talking about the run up with the leaders and talking about the nuclear deal and talking about the nuclear deal and what can be done to secure a better future for them. let's move onto the financial section of the guardian which is looking at the british retail consortium they just look at how things have been on the high street. a washout, it says.
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because of the weather, because of brexit, uncertainty, nota because of the weather, because of brexit, uncertainty, not a good comp nation. -- combination. this has been happening for a while there are more underlying trend is going on about the high street around online real tail —— real —— retail. there are other things around the high street bike business rates and rents. what are we doing here, what are the government doing to try and look at those and maintain our high streets ? look at those and maintain our high streets? there are so important for communities and local people, for jobs and everything else. has to be a rethink of city centres and what they are about, they afford he was there and he was going and why. natural times has an interesting story about the chief executive of hong kong saying she offered to resign several times in recent weeks because of the huge protest about the extradition bill but beijing is saying no, stay where you are. difficult position for her. they
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have some other like and trust so they are keen to keep her but it is difficult. it is really difficult position, the issue is that hong kong was such a financially and businesswise successful place. it still is. it's not surprising china was to have more influence over it and if that is the case, she claims that they don't, but she is going to have to pour some oil on this and try to steady the ship a bit.|j don't envy her at all. she is in a very difficult position. and finally abc online looking at the story about dementia risk links to healthy lifestyle that i was not surprised to hear this. they are built in nearly 200,000 people to see the fa ct nearly 200,000 people to see the fact that they are —— the risk fell bya fact that they are —— the risk fell by a third depending on how they live their lives. it depends how you read it, if it drops from something like 80% to ii%, it doesn't some of
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that big a drop, i don't think any of us are surprised about this. healthy lifestyles, it's always going to help people. lots of exercise, not as much consumption of alcohol, no smoking if possible, for those who have those in the family line, i would those who have those in the family line, iwould imagine those who have those in the family line, i would imagine it's something it's very important. we have seen anecdotal evidence as well as big studies. we had a running club who was working with dementia sufferers, i suppose, and was working with dementia sufferers, isuppose, and it was working with dementia sufferers, i suppose, and it worked so well. i don't know when it was a social part of that kept them in contact or the health or exercise, the combination, just the fact that you are doing exercise make you feel better and it better, all of these things suddenly become an upward spiral rather than downward. thank you, it has been brilliant to have you on the briefing this morning, thank you for all your comments about what you are glued to and why on sunday.
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hello. there's some warmth and some sunshine to start this forecast — by the end, we'll see some rain for many. more on that in a moment. here's how monday shapes up, an area of high pressure centred over the uk, for now keeping atlantic fronts at bay. and a good deal of sunshine through monday morning. there will be more cloud across northern scotland, shetland in particular and also across eastern counties of england. that cloud quite stubborn before to thin and break. but some bright or sunny spells coming through. elsewhere, after a sunny start, some fair weather cloud developing, so sunny spells for the second half of the day, but aside from an isolated shower, dry, pleasantly warm, 20—24 celsius the top temperature, a little bit cooler for northern scotland and eastern coasts. fine and dry evening for many, some high cloud arriving into northern ireland and western scotland and by dawn on tuesday we're looking temperatures typically between 10—14 celsius, not quite as cool as the nights over the weekend. then we keep some warmth and sunshine across a large swathe of england and wales on tuesday, but this weak front pushing its way across northern ireland and eventually into scotland
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will bring more cloud. also some showery outbreaks of rain initially across northern ireland and then into western scotland and some of those showers just working their way a little bit further north and eastwards throughout the day. can't rule out one or two across northern england and north wales most places across england and wales on tuesday will be mainly dry with some warmer sunshine again, 23—25 celsius the top temperature, a little bit cooler towards northern ireland and scotland, 19—21 celsius here. for the middle of the week, we've got a more active front starting to push in from the atlantic, taking its time, it may not be until the afternoon that it arrives into scotland. ahead of it, we're still holding onto the warmth across much of england and wales and a strengthening breeze across northern ireland and scotland a sign of things to come. so some rain settling into northern ireland and parts of scotland through the day on wednesday, timings may well change. high cloud moving into parts of wales and south—west england but ahead of it is where we'll see the best of the sunshine. winds still quite light here, but they start to strengthen across northern ireland and scotland, so would be a breezier
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into wednesday and a cooler feel as well. there's still some high temperatures across england and wales, potentially up to 25—26 celsius, so still some warmth for the mid week. as we go through thursday, this front finally starts to push its way eastwards across the uk, not bringing very much rain across some central and eastern parts of england, areas which could do with some rain. by the time we get to friday and saturday, we could see something a little bit more unsettled and wetter arriving to all of us. that's all from me. bye— bye.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast with steph mcgovern and jon kay. our headlines today: commentator: he's got it! glenn have won the world cup! —— england. england's men become cricket world champions in one of the most astonishing matches of all time. they lifted the trophy after beating new zealand with the final ball of the tournament. we did it! we did it! job delivered! world champions! it went to the wire at wimbledon as well as novak djokovic made history, beating roger federer in a final set tie—break. also today, keeping children safe
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