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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 22, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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it gives a chance for others, lewis gregory of somerset who comes into the squad for the first time. a lot of the focus is at the top of the order. england's opening partnership of rory burns and jason roy, looking to get some form in ahead of the challenge against australia. seeing the boys last sunday was amazing and to get in and amongst that feeling. as you can imagine there is a fair amount of excitement. maybe a couple of sore heads as well. it's been a really good move and a good place to get amongst. bit of irish in me, i always keep one eye on what the irish boys are doing. we have played a fair few of them before in county cricket and it's something i am looking forward to. red bull cricket for some time, may be a bit vulnerable. what an occasion it would
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be for irish cricket and what an occasion it will be to start this test summer. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. good night. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me our political commentator lance price, and katie bowles, the deputy political editor at the spectator. many of today's front pages are already in. the "i" says borisjohnson will be crowned as tory leader tomorrow, 2a hours from downing street is the headline. the ft leads on johnson's
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rivaljeremy hunt. they say the foreign secretary has asked european allies to help protect commercial shipping in the gulf. a different leadership election makes the front page of the guardian. they carry a picture of new lib dem leader, jo swinson. carl beech — who was today found guilty of falsely accusing vips of being part of a murderous paedophile ring — is called "a fantasist who made a mockery ofjustice" by the express. the telegraph also leads on the story. they say scotland yard faces serious questions about the multi—million pound investigation. and the times says labour deputy leader tom watson has been urged to apologise to the public figures falsely named by carl beech, after he entertained the allegations. soa so a variety of stories on the front pages, but let's start with the man on the front of most of them, boris
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johnson, on the front of the i. do you agree he is 2a hours from downing street? we are not sure of the timing of this announcement. we expect the result late morning, midday tomorrow, of who has won the tory leadership contest. we've had many political shocks in the cast couple of years and, if boris johnson isn't announced and jeremy hunt were to, i think that would be one of the biggest shocks, so the expectation is borisjohnson and, in terms of weather he gets to go to downing street, that will be on wednesday, presumably after pmqs, where theresa may will have her last turn at the dispatch box. this leadership contest has felt, in a way, quite slow the last couple of weeks, because everybody has felt it's a foregone conclusion. the question, speaking to lots of tory mps, is, what margin will he win by?
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i think that will set the tone. do you have an inside track?” i think that will set the tone. do you have an inside track? i don't think there is one, and i don't have it, but i'm sure katie is right there will be a lot of egg on a lot of faces if it isn't borisjohnson announced tomorrow morning before noon. but, of course, he's going to come into the job having only been elected by conservative party members, and it's the first time that's happened, and he'll have a lot to prove. the i is saying the former foreign secretary will appeal former foreign secretary will appeal for party unity after being crowned tory leader later today, and most new prime ministers and party leaders, when they take over, have at least a period of grace, a honeymoon period when at least the party unites behind them and gives them the benefit of the doubt, and says all the right things and wishes them well. boris johnson says all the right things and wishes them well. borisjohnson isn't going to have that at all. from day one, he'll have a rebellion on his own side of the commons, with former
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ministers refusing to serve with him, and let appeal for party unity, and europe is the issue that undermines every conservative leader and eventually brings them down, but he is going to have to start dealing with that, and he be undermined by it from day one, and that really is a mission. there isn't a honeymoon period, really. ithink a mission. there isn't a honeymoon period, really. i think some of his supporters think he might get a poll bounce, so a new leader will help the tories' fortunes, but ultimately, because there is this ha rd ultimately, because there is this hard deadline at the end of october for article 50 to run out and boris johnson said it is do or die to deliver brexit by then, he doesn't have much time to try and renegotiate or go for no deal and, whichever because he takes, it will be very difficult, so i don't think it will be a relaxing 100 days. new leader of the conservatives tomorrow. today, we've had a new leader of the lib dems, and she
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features, jo swinson, on the front of the independent and several front pages. lance, in yourview, the right choice? she won by quite a substantial margin in the end. we we re substantial margin in the end. we were talking about anybody had an inside track on the tory leadership, and the inside track on the lib dems leadership seemed to be it would be closer, she was always the favourite, and i think she probably is the right choice for the lib dems. she is young, she is fresh, she is a woman and they've never had a woman leader before, so she has a lot of qualities, and her opponent, sir ed davey, who i am is an excellent politician, looked a bit pale and stale by comparison. she's brought a lot of energy. they got theirtiming right, doing it the day before borisjohnson, if it is he takes over as prime minister, which ensured them a lot coverage, and i think the lib dems are probably back underjo swinson as a force to be reckoned with, and there are rumours
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that there may even be former tory minister is of defecting. there are all -- minister is of defecting. there are all —— always rumours about labour people defecting. would be ill—advised not to pay close attention to the lib dems. ill—advised not to pay close attention to the lib demsli ill—advised not to pay close attention to the lib dems. i suppose the challenge for the lib dems is, if we do leave the eu on october the sist, if we do leave the eu on october the 31st, is boris johnson if we do leave the eu on october the 31st, is borisjohnson and jeremy huntare 31st, is borisjohnson and jeremy hunt are saying, ie, the 31st, is borisjohnson and jeremy huntare saying, ie, the new conservative leader and prime minister, how do the lib dems define themselves in the post brexit britain, given that they've said they are the remain party? it's a big question for the party and they almost need to work at a new position, because right now the whole approach is the idea there is going to be an early election, i think, and it's based on that. many tory mps support borisjohnson and they think there will be an early election just because, they think there will be an early electionjust because, if they think there will be an early election just because, if you look at the numbers in parliament, and you could get there. i think the lib
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dems have a current pitch, you can see how they would do well. you look at the european and local elections and where the lib dems in the polls. if we leave the eu before an election, i think that's tricky for them, because do they become the party of rejoining the eu? they could do that, they are the most pro—eu party, but in that case you have to start talking about things like, are we going to have the euro and all these extra things. and we'd presumably rejoin on very different terms. the current deal probably wouldn't be on offer i think going for full wouldn't be on offer i think going forfull membership wouldn't be on offer i think going for full membership is something that, in the sense of having lots of things like the euro, would be a trickier cell. you agree? unless you believe brexit will be a fantastic success believe brexit will be a fantastic success that we are going to leave... which plenty of people do. which a lot of people hope and some believe will be like that. the
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liberal democrats are always going to be the best placed benefit from it going badly, and for it been a tough few years even the most enthusiastic supporters of brexit acknowledge there will be a short period, who knows how long, of disruption, of damage to the economy, and if that isn't followed pretty quickly by a political and economic bounce at all the benefits the brexiteers believe, the lib dems will always be able to say, we told you so, will always be able to say, we told you so, we will always be able to say, we told you so, we opposed it right from the outset at all the way through. that's never the position that the labour party can have. and cole it leads to another store in the independent, the headline brexit exodus, warnings of a constitutional crisis is conservatives line up to leave before johnson crisis is conservatives line up to leave beforejohnson begins his push for a no—deal brexit. who is warning borisjohnson of for a no—deal brexit. who is warning boris johnson of a constitutional
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crisis over his quote, do or die brexit plans? we have lots of pro-eu ministers we are expecting to walk out, that's what the story is getting at, and alan duncan, the foreign minister, quit the government today pre—emptively, so i think it touches on this flood of resignations we expect. the conservative party is divided on brexit and has been for some time. by brexit and has been for some time. by having borisjohnson as prime minister, it almost flips, so it becomes about what was the awkward squad of brexiteers who didn't want to vote for anything theresa may did suddenly become, in theory, the new prime minister's loyal supporters, and you have because like philip hammond, current chancellor, and andrew marshall said he would quit on wednesday before borisjohnson ta kes on wednesday before borisjohnson takes power, moving to become the new awkward squad. they have been nicknamed the david cork awkward squad, because he is expected to be one of those to resign. one thing
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talked about today was the idea that in the commons there would be a vote this week to show whether or not borisjohnson could this week to show whether or not boris johnson could command this week to show whether or not borisjohnson could command a majority. that hasn't been allowed, so we don't expect it to happen, but it touches on the idea, can boris johnson command the confidence of the house? we expect the real test for that to be after the summer, and it will be choppy, because their working majority is tiny and dwindling, so can he govern? moving on to the guardian, tory rebels warned johnson, ditched no deal or face fight for survival. mps say collision with cardinal —— collision with parliament likely unless hardline stance with parliament likely unless ha rdline stance changes. with parliament likely unless hardline stance changes. it's a recognition of the fact that the leader may change, the prime minister may change, but the parliamentary arithmetic doesn't change. if anything, parliamentary arithmetic doesn't change. ifanything, it's parliamentary arithmetic doesn't change. if anything, it's going to get worse because there is a by—election coming up that the tories are likely to lose, and it
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may well go to the lib dems. it brings him down to an overall majority with the dup of two or three. so the possibility exists, if you have a relatively small number of conservative mps saying they are not willing to support the government, that you have a prime minister who can't command the house of commons, and i don't think for a second this will happen, but the possibility was there that, if enough of those people said in advance this was the situation, that theresa may, the outgoing prime minister, wouldn't be able to recommend boris johnson as minister, wouldn't be able to recommend borisjohnson as her successor, because she has to recommend somebody she believes can command a majority in the commons. that's the constitutional crisis, potentially. but i do think the tory rebels will hold back, at least until, and they haven't got long, because parliament is about to go into recess, but hold off until the autumn, which gives borisjohnson a relatively brief window in which to show he can find a way to unite the
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party or get a deal that he thinks he'll get, but it will be a very bumpy few months. and bumpy times in the gulf. in the front of the financial times, jeremy hunt urging europe allies to band together to protect gulf shipping. this is after iran seized a tanker flying under the uk flag in whatjeremy hunt called today in parliament an act of state piracy. is this going to be enough to diffuse the situation? don't know about diffusing. it's almost about responding. since this has happened, i think what's interesting about today's movement from jeremy hunt is he is urging european allies to band together, and there was some talk about whether the uk would look to america on this and join america, and one thing it's exposed, iran's seizure of the tanker, is that the uk doesn't have that much when it comes to the equipment they need. it's
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actually quite depleted stock to what it used to be years ago, and therefore the uk needs allies, but therefore the uk needs allies, but there was a sense that they could go to america, and i think what is being read from this, this is one of the last acts of the current government, but theresa may and jeremy hunt look as though they think that the safer ally in the situation of the eu allies, and i think that's interesting, and will borisjohnson think that's interesting, and will boris johnson have think that's interesting, and will borisjohnson have a similar approach? he's already been accused today of closing up by donald trump, and what will be interesting is if he decides to take a closer relationship with the us on this.” wa nt to relationship with the us on this.” want to hear your views about iran and the gulf, but we whites have to —— we might have to wait until 11:30pm, because i want to squeeze in the daily telegraph, because carl beech's picture is on the front of several front pages.
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beech's picture is on the front of severalfront pages. in beech's picture is on the front of several front pages. in the words of the telegraph, he is a fantasist slice should never have been believed. he made serious allegations which have proven untrue about a so—called paedophile ring at westminster. what went wrong in this case? what went wrong is that this man lied and lied again and made those serious and false allegations against people who should not have had their lives reduced in the way they were. what the telegraph and some other papers are trying to suggest is that he is not the only evil person, that there are others that the police and the deputy leader of the labour party, tom watson, also have some responsibility. because he spoke out...? he did, that we are responsibility. because he spoke out. . . ? he did, that we are talking about tom watson now, but he met once the guy who called himself nick, carl beech, and urged him to go to the police. in my view, that was an entirely responsible thing to
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do, and if there were allegations they should have gone to the police, but it's put tom watson under pressure, and he can respond to that, and the police have to justify why they were so ready to believe everything he said. hi we've got to leave it, because that is it for the papers this hour. lance and katie will be back at 11:30pm for a more in—depth look at the papers, and you can see the front pages online on the bbc news website. is there seven days a week at the website. if you missed the programme, you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer. thank you again, lance and katie, sorry to rush you, but more at 11:30pm. thank you for watching. bye—bye. temperatures today got up to 30.5 degrees in east anglia, and it's
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only going to get hotter over the coming days. very hot on tuesday. i think we'll hit the mid 30s, so really becoming oppressive for some of us. a huge area of clear weather across western parts of europe, where the heat is building, and as you might imagine the hot air is coming in from the south. from algeria and morocco, spreading across spain into france as well, and local temperature records will be broken. in fact, thejuly record for the uk is 36.7, which was set in 2015 stop we could be approaching those values come thursday. overnight tonight, there will be some cloud forming in southern and western areas and a bit of rain in the north—west of scotland. early morning, already quite warm, 17 in cardiff, 16 across scotland. tomorrow, after some of that cloud clears away, we are pretty much left with clear blue skies, strong
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sunshine beating down on us, and those temperatures will shoot up. we think around 3a degrees in london on tuesday, so tomorrow 27 for newcastle. no heatwave in northern ireland. it will be around the low or mid 20s. tomorrow night, we've got thunderstorms on the way, and they are likely to be widespread, with frequent lightning, dusty winds, sweeping across western and central areas, and may be the east. it really will be very thunderous outside for a time, and then they clear away, leaving a mostly sunny wednesday. may be a bit more around on wednesday, so perhaps in one or two spots temperatures might be a shade lower, not that you will notice the difference, but mid 20s possible in the of the country. the peak in the heat arrives on thursday, with the jet propelling that oven hot air out of the south, and we could hit 37 degrees somewhere in the south—east, and 30
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or more in yorkshire as well. belfast, 22, you are getting away with it. 37 is an important number in meteorology because, if it reaches those values, it will be a record forjuly, and if these showers are somewhere here, that temperature may not be achieved, so it depends how much cloud we have on thursday and spots of rain. but, for most of us, i'm sure you will agree, thatis most of us, i'm sure you will agree, that is way too hot.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: carl beech, a man who claimed to have been abused as a child by a westminster paedophile ring, is convicted of perverting the course ofjustice and fraud. the foreign secretary says he wants increased protection for shipping in the gulf, as he condemns the seizing of a british—flagged tanker by iran as "an act of piracy". voting ends in the conservative leadership race, as a senior minister quits in protest over a possible boris johnson victory. jo swinson is named as the first female leader of the liberal democrats, beating sir ed davey. you have put your trust in me, not only to lead our party, but to lead and grow a bigger, open, liberal movement which our country


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