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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 31, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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and i will and i'll keep writing it and i will someday get into big races and become an temperature apprentice. remind her of course you can follow the first ashes test on the sports website tomorrow morning. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to do the luck i let the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the evening to buy. many of the pages are in, let's
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look at what we had at the moment. government setting aside £2 billion to prepare for possible nokia brexit. according to guardian, money spent on stockpiling medicines and extra border offices and public awareness campaign, labour say its appalling of money. the times lead that they knew just secretary back to campaignfor that they knew just secretary back to campaign for sex offenders and those accused of serious offences to remain anonymous, if they had a reputation to protect. and metro leads to the reports coming out of america this evening that the sign of the deceased al-qaeda leader osama bin laden has died. the paper says us has not confirmed whether or not they played a role in his death. interest rate cuts in the united states makes the front of tomorrow's financial times, first time since the financial crash that the federal reserve has made cuts to the rates. buy me lunch division to fight cybercrime according to the daily telegraph. paper says it all
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specialise in information welfare and reactive fa keness specialise in information welfare and reactive fakeness attacks. picture add a bridge washed away in the flighting in north yorkshire, making a at this page. daily mail reports that plastic bag sales have fallen by 90%. i have a chopper now getting ten a year down from 19 last year. i leads with the same story reducing plastic bottle should be next. varied look at the paper so let's look at them. let's start with you, and the telegraph. which has talked about what sajid javid is going to do debiting no dealfinding by dipping into former chancellor chest and nothing $2.1 billion it went up —— upon funding. chest and nothing $2.1 billion it went up -- upon funding. the sums of money that are being spent on preparing for something that will be hugely damaging to the country, for
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which there is no democratic mandate and which government says it does not want, quite staggering. these are huge sums, we have another 2.1 billion earmarked recently. on top of the previous, it's about 6.3 billion already. this year trying to prepare for brexit. these numbers are enormous. now, i must admit, i find it quite shocking that the government feels that it has the need to spend this kind of money to do something, the parliament expressly said he doesn't want to happen. and the british people have voted against in every opportunity to have had since 2016. it raises questions about boris johnson and his gambling incidents because he said no deal is million to one chance providing 94 million to one chance, i mean obviously if you think is going to be a no deal, and
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this is clearly wrapping up the pressure on the eu if you would like what everybody else, because we know it's happening, we are going to get about 138 million on the information campaignl about 138 million on the information campaign i don't but the fact is that this is clearly an attempt by the prime minister to tell the year we are getting ready for no deal so give us something to stop that otherwise i mean, this is the labour party's attacking it, but this is some basis there, if we have a deal and of the wasted money. the telegraph are saying it will be spent on border and customs operations, and everything else on medical supplies and businesses, and 130 million on public information. obviously the overall government spending numbers are vast, it's often difficult to quantify exactly and put into context what these big numbers are, but if no deal is what
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he is doing is it better to prepare and spend? i don't think he has a democratic mandate to take us out with no deal. yes i'm not saying it's not the party that i belong to or anything, but it's just that this isa or anything, but it's just that this is a government that's doing something that has not been done before and we had this common public accou nts before and we had this common public accounts committee looking into the money throwing at brexit and rather than putting all this money into threatening the eu, and trying to pretend that we are finally no deal which we are not, there is no way we could be fine with no deal. we be better to spend resources to do things that made people unhappy in the first place a boat to leave, because a lot of this money could be spent on helping people improving their lives, and a way they would have wa nted their lives, and a way they would have wanted maybe you need to switch
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us down maybe should switch parties. now because i don't want labour government. labour attacks appalling waste as pm adds 2 billion to a no deal find, waste as pm adds 2 billion to a no dealfind, saying it could rule out and spend billions in our schools. the attack is expected in a sense reasonable, but again, borisjohnson having won the prime minister ship on the basis that come hail or high water we are leaving on the 31st of october was bound to do this and a sense, philip hammond had left about 26 billion behind, and also i think one must recognise that getting the support he has, getting the cabinet he's formed, he's also telling his people who brought them to power, yes i'm really serious about no deal, because the whole argument has been we are not prepared for no deal, so he comes in and within days
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about a week of taking over the money, that shows if you would like, i know what you're saying, but luck if you come to say we agree to go, he has to show supportive he means business. by many in your own party would say ok, no deal may not be ideal but it's better than getting nigel farage on one side orjeremy corbyn on the other. if conservatives don't deliver brexit which is that the air, but you get political gain. i cannot see how people really think if we delivered a cast of no deal and disruption and catastrophe at no deal, i don't want i don't want people to think this is all fine because it's not, you cannot prepare for no deal. and if people think that after that the tory party is going to be elected and trusted in government, i'm sorry, but then there on another planet than i am on, because i think time is common for conservatives and lots of conservatives like myself,
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who can see that this is simply something that is not responsible and shouldn't be happening. they have to speak up, at parliament was sitting now, this would be on the agenda, parliament would be rebelling about what's being done, the parliament isn't setting and there's something happening when it comes back in september, i think that's going to be fireworks, maybe it will have to wait. it's disturbing to see what's happening here in. have you seen the government warm asphalt? now i wa nted government warm asphalt? now i wanted to behave in the way normal government for conservative would behave to support business and look after jobs behave to support business and look afterjobs and the united kingdom. and cause chaos and highly northern ireland, but there is a significant number of the tory mps who would join with the opposition, to oppose the government, taking us out with no deal when the public have voted against it and parliament voted against it and parliament voted against it and we are supposed to be
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trying to restart parliamentary sovereignty. it's not going to be very interesting and the item, there is no doubt but of course, government goes on. let's move on to the daily e—mail, because e—mailing other papers are going on about this plastic bag usage, which is hopping to steer which is extraordinary. its remarkable it says five years ago we had 7.6 million bags handed out and now it's 549 million, and actually i must say, now it's billion. i must say, going shopping now has had a dramatic impact on me because suddenly i go into supermarkets and saved by a few things but now it's like you can't do that because you don't have a bag. i don't intend to. i buy fewer things and carry them in my arms. bay india shopping bag.
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it's successful in five years we have reduced enormous waste of plastic and helping to protect wildlife across the planet, and of course also by charging for plastic bags, we have raised lots of money and about 160 million for good cause, so again, i think it's quite good news story, and it shows the power of information and the media getting behind something that is so important for the planet and also for us, to think that we don't have to waste all this plastic, we are reusing plastic bags and think more carefully about what we are dealing. getting rid of plastic bottles. and no money is spent on it. moving on to something else, and that is the federal reserve interest rate, they have cut it in the united states after lots of pressure from donald
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trump on the bed. some saying it's really damaging because they're supposed to be independent, but it's interceded and i think he already said it's not a big enough cut, but vaguely the right direction. louis a prescott since the recession, yes, donald trump should not be putting pressure on them because as you say they're independent but it's interesting, that the fed was not unanimous on this, to members who voted against it was interesting what they said that the uncertainty of the economy and simmering trade tensions, surely they do mean —— they don't mean brexit at the potential of that tension with china but it'll be interesting to see more cuts leading up to election because the us economy is slowing down, donald trump should be wary he's facing another election and he wants to see the economy going up. accidents i mean higher interest rates go down it was a global impact? what's really worrying here is that it does seem as if there has been some political interference
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with the supposedly independent central bank policy. and the reasons given for those rates aren't so much to deal with what's happening in the us. it's about global uncertainty and global trade tensions, normally monetary policy should be run for the on economy and yes, it's true inflation pressures are quite low in the states, but i suspect if trump had not been putting this pressure on, we may not have seen this cut and not everyone on the committee is willing to buy into this idea because there are many signs of wea kness because there are many signs of weakness in the you as itself, its actually doing pretty well. —— you aren't. what not something that's not doing well, this bridge and the yorkshire dales, it's a lovely shot that pretty distressing picture when you look at it because that's lighting had collapsed the roads. yes, it's about five minutes centimetres of rain falling in one hour and you he did bridges, what a wonderful picture and it'sjust washed away. and this could not be
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more dramatic, hopefully and fortunately i hope no one was on it of course you would not want to imagine the condition. but the fact that rain can have such an impact, is all this climate change, it's a kind of rain you could get because historically we never use to get this kind of rain, take months and whether. it's true, and the river is our bread bursting the banks and slides become more common, and that has consequences as well with people struggling to get sliding insurance and government stepping in, but pictures like these really bring home the power of the weather and the power of natural forces. and our behaviour towards climate change and industry. so let's move on. something for cricket fans, especially my house and that's the ashes starting tomorrow, this is especially subject. wonderful picture of the england captainjoe route, holding the end, and he looks
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like such a sweet wife doesn't equal is not to be a look at the picture he looks like a 16—year—old, and he is pretty young. i'm going to course i won the world cup which was in the 50 over, it's different with a test match but they must go and hopeful about the ashes because they have not lost a series since the beginning of the beginning of this entry in this country. they are a powerful team, but one must if you are a betting man backing them to win and hopefully a good series because cricket is on the app and it's been declining and we need england to a not for any other reason but for the sake of a game, and we need a series. and we need pride in our english cricket. why is ita whim pride in our english cricket. why is it a whim here in australia wednesday or, is it the weather condition? that's a general trend for most countries, the english weather is very special because you can cloud cover. the ball could move
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around, things happen, and playing in england is always the greatest test for any cricket because of conditions, playing and warm sunny conditions, playing and warm sunny conditions is different from playing with a cloud coming ever and you don't know it's going to happen. plus our great supporters, the chair is signed. my suggestion was that they should play in india, which is neutral ground for both the teens and you can see which team is actually the best, now was better at home turf. but, that my children will be absolutely glued to this and it's a fantastic boost for the sport and bat ripples down into children clu bs and bat ripples down into children clubs and schools and all the rest of it. in fact the other day i saw two kids playing cricket which i had not seen for a very long time and that must be the impact of england winning the world cup, and if england can retain the ashes, and there is great interest in the media about it which i hope they will be,
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i think it has appealed feel—good factor. and that's going to be item, is played for the first time later in september. that'll cheer you on in parliament as you are facing other battles. but of course, is it on our television? know it's on spike tv said not many can watch. but we will do very well. we knew theresa may spent the day after she left office there, and... will not be borisjohnson the rugby player and a piggies and cricket. i think he plays. but we'll have more in cricket. i think he plays. but will have marna cricket i'm sure coming up have marna cricket i'm sure coming up later. we'll be back in 30 minutes with more on the paper is with the more additions coming in and of course, and if you wanted to catch up, there is more online. all the headlines will be coming up at 11, and it's the weather now.
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good evening, early days of august to see showers becoming peer around lighter, today quite a few downpours, and thunderstorms and lightning, particularly across western parts of scotland. he thunderstorms 98 pushing into northern england and this is where we have had the main focus at the rain showers today. not the same intensity like yesterday but nevertheless wet weather around. feel close to that area of bringing wet weather the past few days, sitting across northern england for a wild, starting to push its way towards the east and it takes away lots of the showers as well. he continued as the night goes on to see the showers fade away places becoming tribal breaks in the cloud, chilly night by any means to put the temperature is about 14 degrees maybe some showers continuing with
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the cloud across parts of scotland. area of low pressure that's the main focus, into the north sea for thursday, some more places will be tried, the potential as a heavy downpour as may be beyond rumble of thunder as well, most places start dry on thursday, sunshine and blowing and that post on the edge of the low pressure otherwise wind lighter. heavy showers developing in scotla nd lighter. heavy showers developing in scotland perhaps northern england in the afternoon even across southern counties of england as well, but more places will be dry and sunshine around temperature is higher than they were today. as we look towards a cricket, it's the first day of the first test match and the ashes and while there is a chance of wanted to showers, it'll be dry and sunshine with temperatures into low 20s. my day, looking similar with showers developing a game, but they are mainly affect the northern england, southern most parts of england to
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showers in scotland. they should be lighter by friday, and is temperatures could typically into the low and mid 20s again. heading into the weekend, we have another area of low pressure on the scene. this one looks like it'll stay in the atlantic, where it will do is throw ahead whether kelly from the west, one or two showers on saturday, most places dry with sunshine, getting quite warm actually for the second at the weekend in the southeast where it's dry for them north and west of the chance of a chance of patchy rain.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11pm: a damning report into the abuse of hundreds of children in ca re abuse of hundreds of children in care in nottingham, sexually abused by the people supposed to be looking after them. one woman who was in care at 11 says she still suffers nightmares. ijust wanted to go home, and that's all i kept focusing on, was thinking someone was going to come and fetch me and take me home. the chancellor, sajid javid, says more than £2 billion has been a marked to spend on no—deal brexit reparations as the government steps up reparations as the government steps up efforts ahead of the october the 3ist up efforts ahead of the october the 31st deadline. collapsed bridges, flooded homes and towns under water in north yorkshire and greater manchester as heavy


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