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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  August 6, 2019 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is the briefing — i'm sally bundock. our top story: america mourns the victims of gun violence in ohio and texas. president trump announces he will visit el paso. north korea conducts its fourth weapons test in two weeks — reports say it's fired two unidentified missiles into the sea. pakistan accuses india of playing a dangerous game after it strips the disputed region of kashmir of its special status. and us stock markets see their biggest daily fall since 2018, as the white house officially labels china a currency manipulator.
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a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and you can be part of the conversation. tell us what you think about the stories we are covering — just use the hashtag #bbcthebriefing. after a weekend of mass shootings that left 31 dead, in ohio and texas, president trump has announced he'll visit el paso on wednesday. the attack there is being investigated as domestic terrorism. in an address to the nation, mr trump condemned hatred and white supremacy, and called for reform of mental health and gun laws. his language, from a prepared script, was in sharp contrast with his rhetoric on twitter and at public rallies, and in a rare statement, former president barack obama has
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called on americans to reject language from any of their leaders that feeds a climate of fear or normalises racism. peter bowes reports. another vigil. mourners in el paso remember the victims another vigil. mourners in el paso remember the victims of another vigil. mourners in el paso remember the victims of saturday's attack at a shopping mall. it is a tragically familiar seen in the days following a mass shooting. donald trump has responded in a sombre address from the white house. the president condemned what he called the monstrous evil behind the killings. the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online, consumed by racist hate. in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry
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and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. while the president condemned white supremacy, his opponents have argued that his use of racist language on the part could be partly to blame for events like the shooting in el paso. in a rare public statement, the former president, barack obama, has issued a thinly veiled attack on his predecessor. mrobama didn't mr obama didn't refer directly to donald trump, but his former deputy, vice presidentjoe biden, hasn't held back, and is now seeking his pa rty‘s held back, and is now seeking his party's nomination to challenge mr trump at the next election. it is long past time that we in fact call it out for what it is. this is white nationalism, this is white
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supremacy, this is about hate. coming to terms with their overwhelming grief is the immediate concern of el paso's residents. no person from el paso would ever do this, andl person from el paso would ever do this, and i don't know how we deal with this evil stop by the president will visit el paso on wednesday. his actions in the coming weeks will be closely watched, with the majority of americans looking for action rather than words to tackle the scourge rather than words to tackle the scourge of gun violence. south korean military authorities say north korea has fired two unidentified missiles, its fourth weapons test injust two weeks. the us said it was monitoring the situation. pyongyang has expressed anger at us—south korean military exercises that got under way on monday. seoul said the missiles were fired from south hwanghae province across the peninsula into the sea to the east.
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the bbc‘s laura bicker is in the south korean capital seoul, shejoins me now. dejong de jong yang appears dejong yang appears to be piling on the pressure —— pyongyang. amiss i was fired from the west coast of north korea this morning, right across the peninsula, before landing in the sea. it takes a degree of confidence in a short range ballistic missile to fire it over your own country, and that is one of the things pyongyang might be trying to show off. it has fired weapons during the day, it has fired weapons at night, it has changed its bases each time and now it has shown that it can have a degree of accuracy with its short range ballistic missiles. also, when it comes to this launch, the north koreans issued a statement that came from its foreign ministry. presumably it
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was time to to coincide with the launch. it accused both washington and seoul of violating the agreements kim jong—un had and seoul of violating the agreements kimjong—un had arranged with both leaders. it also issued a stern warning, that a new path might be available to north korea if these provocations continue. where do we go from here? what are people saying about what happens next? that is the interesting question. pyongyang is obviously upping the ante, they are trying to put pressure on seoul and washington. donald trump has reiterated on many occasions that he is in no rush, he has brushed off his short range missile tests. jung woo—young is trying to do, or appears to be trying to get their
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attention. it may well be sanctions are beginning to bite, it may be that they are keen to reach some kind of deal. ——de pyongyang. that is the message coming from pyongyang, the question is whether oi’ pyongyang, the question is whether or not washington is listening. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. a florida man has been sentenced to 20 years injailfor mailing explosives to prominent democrats including hillary clinton and barack obama. cesar sayoc pleaded guilty in march to 30 criminal charges. in october, just weeks before the congressional mid—term elections, he sent pipes filled with explosives and wires to 13 people. he'd been living in a white van decorated with stickers glorifying president trump. mr trump has called the plot "despicable." the government of bashar al assad
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and his russian allies have resumed air strikes on idlib in north—west syria, according to the syrian observatory for human rights. there was meant to be a truce, under a deal between turkey and russia last year, to create a buffer zone. but officials in damascus claim anti—government forces in the province have not kept to an agreement to withdraw their heavy weapons. a town close to a military base in siberia has been evacuated, after a fire broke out in the ammunition store and sparked a series of huge explosions. this video — posted by eyewitnesses on social media — shows a huge ball of fire on the horizon. it's thought 7 people have been injured, including 4 soldiers. police in london have charged a teenager with attempted murder after a 6—year—old boy was allegedly thrown from the tenth floor of the tate modern art gallery. the 17—year—old will appear in court later on tuesday. police have confirmed that the victim is a french national visiting london with his family and that his injuries are no longer life threatening.
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the us treasury has officially named china a "currency manipulator", a statement which will intensify tensions between the world's two largest economies. this after a sharp fall in the value of the chinese yuan against the dollar, which has caught markets around the world off—guard. with me is our business reporter, ramzan karmali. wall street had a pretty bad session. it did. global stock markets really didn't like this move by china not to support the currency, and it is at its weakest as it has been for about a decade. wall street saw its worst day of the year, billions of dollars wiped off us stocks. both the dowjones and the snp were down about 3%. major exporters saw their exports hit, apple were down by about 5%. despite
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the tensions in the gulf at the moment, oil prices also fell. the tensions between the two biggest economies in the world are clearly weighing heavily on oil traders‘ mines as well. the us treasury, as we have mentioned, naming china as a currency manipulator. it is something that hasn‘t happened for many years. germany and italy are on that list as well, but it is quite a big move. it is quite symbolic, as well. exactly, and the tariffs that china will face would be far more worried than being called a currency manipulator. clearly they felt something today because the people‘s bank of china, when the markets openedin bank of china, when the markets opened in china, decided to set a reference rate for the yuan that was
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slightly stronger than expected, but major indices are all down. people are seeking refuge in safer areas, in safer assets. bn is —— a yen is particularly strong. and gold is strong as well. people are even looking at cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is trading at around $12,000 at the moment. i think investors are starting to grasp that the trade war between the us and china will be quite a drawn out. it is not going to bea quite a drawn out. it is not going to be a quick fix but a long, drawnout process. i think that is really worrying investors around the world. thank you. later, we will be live to our team based in singapore for more on how markets are interpreting this latest move on the pa rt interpreting this latest move on the part of the us treasury. also to come in the programme... still to come — meet the big beasts of transylvania. why the european bison is making
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a comeback in romania. the question was whether we want to save our people and japanese as well and win the war, or whether we want to take a chance on being able to win the war by killing all our young men. the invasion began at two o'clock this morning. mr bush, like most other people, was clearly caught by surprise. we call for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all iraqi forces. 100 years old and still full of vigour, vitality and enjoyment of life. no other king or queen in british history has lived so long, and the queen mother is said to be quietly very pleased indeed that she‘s achieved this landmark anniversary. this is a pivotal moment for the church as an international movement. the question now is whether the american vote will lead
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to a split in the anglican community. you‘re watching the briefing. our headlines: america mourns the victims of gun violence in ohio and texas. president trump announces he will visit el paso. north korea conducts its fourth weapons test in two weeks. reports say it‘s fired two unidentified missiles into the sea. pakistan has condemned as illegal the indian government‘s decision to revoke part of the constitution that gives special status to indian—administered kashmir. there are fears of unrest, because until now, india, with its hindu majority, has guaranteed significant autonomy for a muslim—majority state. jammu and kashmir is a disputed mountainous region along the india—pakistan border. among the scrapped provisions is one which prevented indians from other states settling in the region.
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the bbc‘s rahul tandon is in delhi. there was bound to be a huge reaction to this decision on the pa rt reaction to this decision on the part of the indian government. yes, there was, and it is no surprise that pakistan has moved very quickly to condemn that decision. in india this morning it is the only topic of conversation, the only story in the newspapers and on the television. there seems to be a groundswell of support across this country, people talking about it and debating it. the problem is that in indian administered kashmir, the area where the people live who are going to be affected by this decision to change the constitution, we have no idea what they are thinking. at the moment there is heavy security in place, the internet has been cut in
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that area, mobile phone lines, landlines, people can‘t make any calls outside the area, schools are shut. what little information we are getting is that most people are staying inside so we don‘t know how the people in the region who have been affected by this, many of whom do not want to be part of india anymore, i‘m making of the home secretary‘s announcement yesterday. another is going to be lifted? we have to wait and see. we know the political leaders in the area are under house arrest. while the indian government says this is in the interests of the kashmiri people, this will help to integrate more in india with communication being cut, their leaders locked up, the message seems to be quite different. their leaders locked up, the message seems to be quite differentm their leaders locked up, the message seems to be quite different. it is a very different message, and also pakistan condemning this as illegal. in terms of the relations between india and pakistan, this is fuelling the fire. relations are always tense. i am sure he was will remember earlier this year when both
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countries almost went to war. pakistan when i —— now try to isolate them diplomatic. the phones would have been busy yesterday. what is interesting so far it hasn‘t been much international condemnation of india‘s decision to change the constitution. the us come china, the uk have been fairly saarland. in the corridors of power in delhi, they will be confident that whatever stan has been trying to do, it would not have much impact. the question people are asking, though, is when will those restriction in kashmir be lifted? when we we hear from the people of kashmir of what they make about a decision that has affected meant —— millions of them and their futures. also, why now, timing, why do the indian government decided to make this move now? it is a very good question. it has always been a pa rt good question. it has always been a part of the indian government‘s political agenda to remove article 370 from the indian constitution. also maybe to move india to what the
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uniform civil code. i think it is happening now because they have an immense amount of power. this has come very quickly after the indian general elections where prime minister modi came back with a majority once again. there is very little little opposition in this country. they now have the opportunity to do something they a lwa ys opportunity to do something they always wanted to do so that is what has happened. let‘s see what the long—term consequences of this are going to be in terms of relations between india and pakistan, two nuclear powers who both want this dispute region. we shall watch this space very closely. thank you very much indeed. let‘s look ahead to a few events likely to make the news later in the day. there‘s a controversial meeting in rome this morning. the deputy prime minister, matteo salvini, will discuss his budget plans with trade unionists, breaking protocol. it‘s usually the prime minister‘s job. six years of unrest in mozambique formally come to an end later in the day. the government will sign a final
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peace pact with the opposition renamo group. and this evening, the 50th session of the intergovernmental panel on climate change comes to a formal close. it‘s been discussing how to account for different countries greenhouse gas emissions. all those events on today‘s agenda. now, it‘s time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. hello there. i‘m tulsen tollett, and this is your tuesday sport briefing where we start with the cricketing news that australia have gone 1—0 up in the ashes after beating england by 251 runs at edgbaston. they bowled the hosts out forjust 146 on the last day as nathan lyon took six wickets and pat cummins picked up the other four. but the man of the match was steve smith who made centuries in each innings on his return to test cricket while the captain despite the win is looking further ahead. you have got to keep a lid on it. there are still four tests to go and
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we aren‘t here to win the first test at edgbaston. we are here to win the ashes and we have been really clear on that for some time. we are obviously happy to win the first test, it is a huge step in the right direction, but we are certainly not satisfied with that. the last 16 of the asian champions league continued on monday with saudi arabian‘s al nassr playing out a 1—1 draw against the uae‘s al wahda in the first leg of their tie in riyadh. in the other match played on monday, it was another saudi side in al ittihad who won their home leg, beating zobahan 2—1 in dubai. it was a first defeat in this season‘s competition for the iranians as all ittihad scored in the 72nd minute to win it with the second leg to be played next monday in qatar due to the political differences between the two countries. they are a very good team, that is why they finished first in the group. they didn‘t lose one game. so it was difficult when they scored the first goal and it was a good reaction for us. we scored two
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goals. good result, we are happy but we know that there is still... the leg is open. ajax, who were champions league semifinalists last season, will play greek side paok salonika in the first leg of their third—round qualification tie for this season‘s competition later on tuesday. the dutch champions last met their greek counterparts in a preseason friendly two years ago with ajax coming out on top 11—2 in amsterdam. erik ten hag‘s side are also without matthijs de ligt and frenkie de jong who‘ve joined juventus and barcelona respectively. india will be aiming to complete a 3—0 series victory against west indies when they play the third and final t20 in guyana later on tuesday. india secured the series by winning a rain—affected second match by 22 runs in florida on sunday, and skipper virat kohli‘s expected to make several changes for the final game. world number one and top seed ashleigh barty gets her rogers cup campaign underway in toronto later when she plays american sofia kenin in the second round.
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but in the first round china‘s zheng saisai will look to build on her win at the silicon valley classic in sanjose over the weekend when she plays her opening round match against germany‘s tatjana maria. as you‘ve no doubt heard, harry maguire has become the most expensive defender in the world, signing for manchester united for $97 million, and this tweet from his mum, zoe, caught our attention. she posted two photos — one of him as a child and one in his new manchester united shirt, saying: you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that‘s but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the team, that is your tuesday sport briefing. that is indeed. thank you for that. after being nearly wiped out
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a century ago, the european bison is making a comeback. following successful attempts in poland and belarus, they are now being reintroduced to romania. it‘s all part of a conservation project, which rehabilitates managed lands back into wilderness. nick thorpe travelled to transylvania and sent this report. hi in that mountains in south—west rumania, there is enough space even for europe‘s largest terrestrial animal. a lorry loaded with six bison negotiates a narrow forest road. read in nature parks in northern germany, european bison have been brought back from the brink of extinction and reintroduced into the wild one by one. the first, known as kurt, seems bewildered by the prospect of freedom. the others seem more the prospect of freedom. the others seem more enthusiastic. they will be keptin seem more enthusiastic. they will be kept in quarantine for three months
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ina large kept in quarantine for three months in a large enclosure and then released to join an existing herd. what here over the past six years. this is a pilot project in rumania and actually in all europe, because we are learning a lot about how the bison are adapting to this area. our estimation is 60, 70 bison, it will form a stable population. ecotourism could help reverse the exodus of people from the countryside. the locals were not sure at first about having bison on their doorsteps, but now they are getting used to it. translation: so long as you don't do something harmful to an animal, there is no reason why an animal should harm you in any way.
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therefore, having bison around, you can very therefore, having bison around, you can very easily go and see them, admire them. but once we leave them be in the forest, they will leave us be in the forest, they will leave us be as well. according to plan, the bison will start a chain effect on the landscape, clearing the shrubs and young trees to restore mountain pastures. to reintroduce bison into this forest is a fantastic thing, but ina this forest is a fantastic thing, but in a way, it is even more important than that. bison are a keystone species. what that means is they profoundly affect the ecosystem, the ecology of the area. these are big, big animals that graze the forest, they browse on the forest. they open the forest up and that allows loads of other wildlife to come into those spaces. cave paintings found near here prove that bison lived in these mountains thousands of years ago. but the last one was killed in the 1780s. they have been away a long time. ringing the back now is an old experiment.
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—— bringing that back now is a bold experiment. also to mention the people in the japanese city of hiroshima are commemorating the 7a years since the first atomic bomb being dropped by a us aircraft. a ceremony was attended by the prime minister and held at hiroshima‘s memorial park. the bombing and a second one on nagasaki three days later is credited with bringing to an end world war ii. but it claimed the lives of at least 140,000 people in the city. so that has been remembered by the prime minister and others at that ceremony today. i‘ll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments. we will bring you right up today on what is happening on asian financial markets in the wake of significant falls on wall street. that was on monday. the real concern about the
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us and china trade war escalating is fuelling the fear. we will be back on the latest —— with the latest in a couple of minutes. i will see you soon. a couple of minutes. i will see you soon. stay with us. hello. if it is dry, settled, some are whether you are looking for, you may not find it in this weather forecast. certainly not while low pressure is in charge, and that is exactly what will happen through the next few days. this swell of cloud on the satellite pick, in the heart of this there is the centre of an area of low pressure which is going to drift east over the next couple of days, driving some heavy thundery downpours. it will not rain everywhere all the time, and across parts of eastern scotland and eastern england, many places will start the day dry. shell was already swarming in the west, they will put a through the day, some of them heavy and some thundery. always with
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them dry and sunny spells sandwiched in between. it will be quite breezy in the south, but with light winds in the south, but with light winds in the north, showers in scotland could be very slow—moving, one or two locations could get a real deluge. temperatures ranging from 15 degrees in loic 223 degrees in london. as we go through tuesday night into the early hours of wednesday, some showers will fade, if you will continue through the night. the odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. clear spells in between and temperatures between 11 and 14 degrees. some spots in the countryside in northern england and scotla nd countryside in northern england and scotland with clear skies overhead and light wind could getjust a little bit cooler than that. for wednesday, we do it all again. another day of sunny spells and heavy showers, showers most plentiful and heaviest across the northern half of the country, further south not as many showers, more dry weather, some spells of sunshine and highs of 17 to 23 degrees. if you are looking for a
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drier day, thursday may fit the bill. there will be some fine weather around, still the potential for one or two showers especially in scotla nd for one or two showers especially in scotland and northern england. temperate is a touch higher, the wind light as well. behind me, yes, here comes some more wet weather. we will see bands of rain driving north across the british isles as we go through thursday night and friday. for the weekend, this area of low pressure takes up residence. an unusually deep below for the time of year. it will bring showers a the spells of rain, a very brisk winds as well. if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, it is worth staying tuned foot to the forecast. —— worth staying tuned to the forecast.
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this is the business briefing. i‘m sally bundock. carnage on the markets — us stocks see their biggest falls since 2018 as washington calls beijing a currency manipulator. and in hong kong, we asssess the damage to the economy after a third consecutive night of protests. this is how markets are trading in asia right now. some recovery from steep losses earlier, we‘ll be live to the region shortly for the latest.


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