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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 6, 2019 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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for us it is nothing different. it is good to be able to say we are from cape verde. it is the dream for any parent for them to be successful. they achieve anything they put their hands to and do not quit. they make me proud. iam so proud. being a single mum do it by myself, but we did it together.
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obviously facilities and being able to go to these places and train with the team is really expensive. even just swimsuits and goggles, all of thatis just swimsuits and goggles, all of that is a cost as well. minorities do not like to get their hair messed up, it is a big thing that a lot of us know of and people asked me all the time how do you keep up with your hair? it is a lot but once you're in swimming you figure it out. it is a stereotype but we can all do anything we put
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our minds to. such a good story there. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. and you can state updated on the website. it is results day for students across scotland. teenagers have been finding out how they did in their highers and advanced highers, which decide whether they'll get a place at university. younger pupils have been finding out how they did in their national five qualifications. james shaw has been at a school in paisley. it's all about the waiting. some pupils will not have slept much, some might be dreading this day, others are looking forward to it. and then, via text, e—mail, or in a white envelope, the moment of truth. i got all as.
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a moment which might be life changing. was that a surprise? yes, i was aiming for that, but you always have doubts, like after you have sat the exam and you are like, was that an a? but i'm glad it was. what does that mean for you and your future? i got a d in maths which means i will take it again next year. hopefully do better, and then go onto uni there, hopefully. so you soldier on? yeah. if you were to sum up how you feel this morning? amazed. i did a bit better than expected. across scotland, 133,000 pupils sat exams this year. the pass rate at national 5 level was up 0.7%. but it was down 2% at higher level and 1.1% for advanced highers. the exam system is different in scotland from elsewhere in the uk. the national 5 exam is done in fourth year, highers in fifth year. but, like in the rest of the country, help is available for pupils who feel
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that they need it. it is important to realise this is the here and now and there is still a pathway for young people to move forward and that they should not be too disappointed by anything that they get today, if it's not quite what they had hoped for, because there is always a next step for them. here at gleniffer high school in paisley, it will take a while for some pupils to figure out what their results mean for future options. but others know almost immediately. she has done extremely well. we were really nervous, all through the exam she was saying, i didn't do well. saying i did not do well there, i did not do well there. and the boxes of tissues. but, today, her hard work that she has done, all the studying, has been worthwhile. i am really proud of her. i did as best i can and i am very happy with myself. i don't think i could have done any better. scotland's education secretary described it as a strong set of results. the conservatives said there should
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be increased concern about a narrowing of the curriculum. but for these pupils, the overwhelming emotion mayjust be relief that it is all over. james shaw, bbc news, paisley. the basking shark is one of the world's largest fish. but, despite being fairly common off the west coast of scotland, little is known about their behaviour. now scientists are using groundbreaking technology to follow basking sharks below the surface and uncover more about their group behaviour and courtship. lurking beneath the water in the scottish hebrides, a basking shark. with their large mouth, they feed on plankton. they can weigh up to seven tonnes and grow to ten metres long, making them the second largest fish in the world. every year between may and october,
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large groups gather here. lurking beneath the water in the scottish hebrides, a basking shark. why? well, no one really knows. to find out, scientists have used an underwater torpedo—shaped robot, which follows the sharks and records a 360—degree high—definition video. the sharks first of all have to be tagged, so that shark—cam can track the device and follow their movements underwater. it's hoped the footage will reinforce a case for conservation in the area. one of the key tools to protecting our marine wildlife is marine protected areas. these are areas that are protected from the different human activities that could cause damage to marine wildlife. and wwf is working to support the protection of the seas and encourage the government to make sure they are properly looking after the marine wildlife in these areas to make sure they are actually working. so far, footage has shown the sharks moving through the water, potentially searching for food, feeding near the surface, and swimming close to the sea bed.
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it is suspected that basking sharks may even breed here — an event no one has ever captured on film. it turns out that these waters here are probably one of the most important places on the planet for them and what we are really hoping to confirm is, this is the place they breed. with threats such as pollution, overfishing and climate change, it is hoped this new technology will eventually help protect marine wildlife and help us understand more about this magnificent species. leigh milner, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with alina jenkins. another day of frequent showers, heavy and thundery merging into torrential spells of rain in places. please continue overnight although losing some intensity. driest across
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central, southern and eastern england and temperatures between 11, 14 degrees. not so many showers tomorrow across england and wales. a good scattering across northern ireland and the heaviest likely to be across scotland once again. in the sunshine around 2a degrees maximum and more like the mid to high teens for scotland and northern ireland. a quieter day for many on thursday but some persistent rain sweeping across the uk on friday and behind that the wind strengthening up behind that the wind strengthening up to gale force for england and wales on saturday.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. global financial markets are nervous about a trade wars with stocks struggling around the world. amid the tit—for—tat between china and us, germany warns both sides to calm down before the rest of the world gets hit. but donald trump doesn't sound conciliatory — after stern warnings from beijing... he says the us is in a great position. we hear from victims of the mass shootings in texas and ohio with president trump due to visit both places. tit—for—tat too between london and brussels with both sides saying
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the other doesn't want to negotate a new brexit deal.


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