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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  August 10, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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this is bbc news, i'm simon pusey. our top stories: the fbi investigates as us financier off to the middle tier of markers. they are pretty rigourous. they sang jeffrey epstein is found dead in his new york prison cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. the regulation isn't as good. i'm not sure what the story is getting many are now questioning how he out. some bitten down nails, i could have apparently taken his own life and why greater precautions imagine. martin, for people watching won't put in place after he was the football. the mail on sunday found semiconscious with neck injuries just found semiconscious with neck injuriesjust two found semiconscious with neck injuries just two weeks ago. hundreds of people are arrested talking about a step too far. we do in russia as opposition groups march through moscow to call for free elections. love a good pylon the var. the police in hong kong fire tear gas as they clash with protesters continuing their calls for greater democratic freedoms and tensions remain high in indian—administered kashmir introduction of video assistant referees for the first time. we saw after protests against the removal this ruling first at the world cup of the region's autonomous status. la st this ruling first at the world cup last year. through the women's world cup this year. now to the premier league. the first rule controversy.
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there was a retaken penalty. when it was introduced, people were saying there would be no more controversy and put all because of var are now they are saying there is too much. live with it, limited. you can't un— inve nt live with it, limited. you can't un— invent the wheel. that's calibrated to within a fraction of an inch. you are the offsider you are not. there is notjust, it's on or off. there we go. tough love from martin, he says it how it is. that is it from the papers for tonight. don't forget, you can see it seven days a week on the bbc news website. if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on iplayer. a big thank you to martin and jane. coming up, the film review.
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hello there, welcome to the film review on bbc news. taking us through this week's cinema releases is james king. what do you have for us this week? playmobil the movie is an animated musical, but will it have us dancing in the dark of the cinema? we go back to the glory days of hitchcock, bergman and grant with the reissued thriller notorious. and, yes, i've been using bruce springsteen song titles because blinded by the light is out. it's the story of one boy's
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passion for the boss. let's start off, then, with playmobil the movie. who is this aimed at? very good question. it's aimed young. i think that was the big surprised for me. we are quite used to family film now that have several layers to them, several levels to them. obviously children are to be taken to these films by their parents. this one aimed squarely at the under tens. there's not really anything there for the older folk. in the wake of the lego movie and its sequel, brands like playmobil were going to be looking to get into the movie world. this actually starts out as a live—action film about a brother and sister who then get magically transported to the playmobil world, this animated world of small plastic figures. they get lost, they have to find one another again.
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when they are there, they are helped by different characters. there are vikings in this, there are cowboys, their unicorns and there is a super spy called rex dasher. voiced by daniel radcliffe. here he is in action. rex is brilliant, suave, a master of disguise. and did i mention rogueishly handsome? surprise! rex dasher! at your service. i love that trick! never gets old! word of advice. in this town, nothing is what it seems. my enemies have eyes and ears everywhere. this way! after me! this one'sjust garbage. it is lacking a little bit, i think, in that wit that we got used to with the lego movies, or with pixar movies, things like that. also, and i know ultimately it's just a film about small plastic figures aimed at children. it doesn't make any sense, though.
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the internal logic of this film is all over the place! so what i would say is this. it's not great. the songs are there to paper over some of the cracks. they're fine. if you have children, and it's of course the summer holidays, and they've seen toy story 4, angry birds 2, all the other films out at the moment, then perhaps this will entertain them. i always look at these films and think longevity. is this actually going be something we are going to go back to a lot in the years to come? itjust doesn't have that charm, that craftsmanship about it that you get in the lego movies or you get any pixar films, the studio ghibli films from japan, anything like that. will probably do for the summer. i think people will forget about it very quickly. well, let's go to something that is much, much older, notorious, a reissue of the great hitchcock movie. which is part of the hollywood sort of glory days. aboslutely, the golden era. ingrid bergman and cary grant star.
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she is sent down to rio, actually, on an undercover mission to try and track down some nazis down there who are hiding out down there. he is her american handler and quite a conflict romance follows. because it is a restoration, you can kind of see it there in the clip, it looks absolutely sparkling. it looks as if it was made just yesterday, rather than 1946. and the chemistry is so great between. look at cary grant there. that is what movie stars should look like. the chemistry is great. he is of course suave and sophisticated, but playing a more withdrawn character than usual. ingrid bergman just almost stealng the show, actually, as this wild playgirl, and hitchcock's direction. you're going to see some familiar hitchcock things in there, the camera moves, the classic characters. the whole film is quite intimate. i think hitchcock wanted to make it simple. he would go on to things like north by northwest, which were epic.
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this is more simple, much more focused. and i really love the precision of it. i watch ited again and was just so pleasantly surprised by how precise and how neat the whole thing is. it really is him working at the peak of his powers. how do you think it ranks amongst all the hitchcock movies? i think it's one that actually perhaps we don't talk about quite so much because it is an espionage thriller. it is not the psychological thriller — or quite so obviously a psychological thriller like psycho. but when you watch it again, the performances are flawless and i think the direction is flawless as well. so romantic. some great kissing scenes in this. some of the most famous kissing scenes in hollywood history. i would love to see that. looking forward to seeing that once again. it's been ages since i saw that movie. now, blinded by the light. this is by the director of bend it like beckham, who we were interviewing in here a couple of weeks ago. gurinder chadha, yeah. and it is based on a true story, by the journalist sarfraz manzoor, about him growing up in the 80s, in luton, part of a british—pakistani family but loving
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the music of bruce springsteen. his family don't really appreciate this. some of his friends at school don't appreciate this. there is something about bruce, this 30—something rocker from jersey, a long way from luton, that appeals to him. viveik kalras stars in this. let's have a look. music: born to run by bruce springsteen # in the day we sweat it out on the streets # of a runaway american dream # at night we ride through the mansions of glory # in suicide machines # sprung from cages out on highway 9 # chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin' out over the line
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#0h # baby, this town rips the bones from your back # it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap # we gotta get out while we're young # cos tramps like us baby, we were born to run... # hey, get out of here! it's a kind of a feel—good movie. and she was telling us when we were interviewing her about the film, actually, that's she and sarfraz manzoor, whose memoir who it is based on, went up to bruce springsteen on the red carpet and jointly asked, could they use his music? and he said yes. yes, i think that was the way this film got made. that's how they did it. theyjust had to kind of pounce on him. but he's been very supportive of it since and has been at a premiere in america and things like that. because his music is throughout the film. it sent me home to listen to bruce springsteen songs. that is one of the many things it will do. you want to go and scream some
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bruce springsteen songs after watching the film. because the music of moment of the best moments, i think, for me. it really captures the power of his songs and why they have universal appeal, because of their lyrics, because he writes about working—class people, people with big dreams, people who live out in the suburbs, and that can appeal to lots of people around the world. it does really capture the power of the music. some of thejokes, i think i was a bit less convinced by the lighter moments, but certainly the serious moments in this film. there are some good scenes between father and son as well, which are very powerful. the serious moments, the moments where it really immerses itself in the music, those are really strong. yeah, because she did say she wanted to highlight the kind of racism that there was at that time in the uk. yeah, and again, you wouldn't necessarily think that bruce springsteen songs from the ‘80s would do that. when you see the lyrics, sometimes the lyrics are on the screen, not as subtitles but quite cleverly blended into the background in the movie. when you see the lyrics and you really think about it, you understand why this guy would so associate with bruce springsteen music.
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springsteen comes to luton! best out? holiday. this is a danish film. has raised some eyebrows, i think, understandably. it is quite a startling film at times, quite a stark film at times, about a young woman who is dating a drug dealer. she goes to turkey, on holiday with him to a beach—side resort. and he's quite possessive, she meets some other people there. she makes some new friends and that really affects their relationship. and really what it is, it is a film about power struggles, about power games, mind games, as well as this young woman growing up and working out who she is. there are some very alarming moments in it. there are some upsetting moments in it. it certainly requires a lot of viewing for viewers. you don'tjust sit back and watch it and don't think about it. you have to take about this movie. you will want to discuss it afterwards. that is why i liked it, though. it does shock, it does surprise, and it is unconventional. and i think isabella has a great future in the european arthouse
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world, because this is a very strong debut from her. best streaming? for the birds. this is about a hoarder. she is called kathy murphy, lives in upstate new york. she hoards birds — chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks. has about 200 of them inside and outside. any reason why? that is what the film explores. at first you thing it's just a film about chickens, but actually it explores her psychologically. and it gets to explore her relationship with her husband — it is quite an unconventional relationship — and what is going on in her head. don't think it is just a film about a woman who hoards chickens. actually, t becomes much broader and really delves into this marriage — and becomes rather inspiring, actually. it certainly is a surprising film. that is why i wanted to recommend it, because you think it is about one thing. as the film goes on, it blossoms into something much different. sounds interesting. james, thank you very much indeed. pleasure. all right.
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that is it for this week, though. thank you so much for watching and it's goodbye from both of us. hello. severe weather across the uk through saturday brought torrential rain, thunderstorms and some strong, damaging winds, all tied in with this area of low pressure which continues to pull away north and east overnight, taking the strongest winds with it. by the time we get to sunday morning the winds will be noticeably lighter. still quite a windy day across the eastern side of england and northern scotland, and oui’ england and northern scotland, and our concern through sunday is for some heavy rain across parts of scotla nd some heavy rain across parts of scotland and northern england. quite widely 20—30 millimetres in places, as much as 50 millimetres for some, really piling into the belt, southern scotland, and the north of england in the morning. north of this mainly dry with spells of sunshine, but quite windy and northern scotland. mainly dry and northern ireland. to the supper between away from northern england, a mix of sunny spells and have found
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that under showers. when you miss you get the sunshine, 22 or 23. but a very cool under the persistent rain. staying cool in the week ahead, extra sunshine and showers 00:14:10,613 --> 2147483051:43:50,725 with more persistent rain to come on 2147483051:43:50,725 --> 00:00:01,748 wednesday. the
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