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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 29, 2019 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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' 100 we'll see is here for 100 games and with a whole new audience we've not seen before. a record number of races will be held in formula 1 next season, but the german grand prix will not be one of them. the calendar for next year has been revealed. it'll be 22 races long — which is the most the sport has ever had. there will be a first ever race in vietnam. that will take place in april, on a street circuit round the capital hanoi. but there will be no german grand prix, that drops out, and is replaced with a return to the netherlands to start the european season in early may. wales women have begun their qualifying campaign for euro 2021 this evening — they're away in the fa roe islands. looking to reach a major finals for the first time and they made a great start, scoring twice in the opening five minutes. firstly, through natasha harding's header and then emma jones made it two with a well worked goal. wales have also missed a penalty.
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but harding scored one, then the faroe islands scored an own goal. it is 5—0, and we are into injury time at the moment. that's on the bbc sport website. the road to a home european championship in 2021 has begun in belgium for england women. they are against belgium. remember, these will all be friendlies. they don't have to go through qualifying. that is live on bbc two. it remains goalless with 20 minutes gone. history is on the line for side linfield right now. they're in action in azerbajan against qarabag — aiming to becomre the first northern irish team to reach the group stages of the europa league. the irish premiership champions started 3—2 up from the first leg — but it took just six minutes
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for qarabag to make it 3—3 on aggregate. jaime romero with finish. a few minutes ago, they sealed the win. for— three on aggregate, and linfield have just scored win. for— three on aggregate, and linfield havejust scored in win. for— three on aggregate, and linfield have just scored in the final few minutes. you linfield have just scored in the finalfew minutes. you can linfield have just scored in the final few minutes. you can follow that on the bbc sport website. celtic have kicked off against aik in sweden at 6 o clock with a 2—0 lead from the first leg of their europa league play off they lead to haven't won in the second leg, 4—1 on aggregate. —— they lead to— one. two other british clubs in action later. rangers face legia warsaw at ibrox, it's goalless from the first leg in poland last week. and wolves will begin their match against italian side torino with a 3—2 advantage from the first—leg. plenty of support going on this evening. you can stay updated across
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all bbc outlets, and we will have lots more for you throughout the evening. see you soon. mps opposed toa evening. see you soon. mps opposed to a no—deal brexit are considering their response to the government decision to suspend parliament for five weeks. the formerjustice secretary david gauke sec next week was likely to provide the only opportunity to ensure mps had a say, while labour leaderjeremy corbyn said there will be an attempt on tuesday to stop boris johnson shutting down parliament. today saw the first resignation from the parliament over its plans, with lord young, the whip in the house of lords, saying that proroguing parliament frontally undermined the legal constitutional. 0ur correspondent is here. there are a number of legal moves are under way for top us what is going on. today, the first legal challenge got under way, and we had the whole of the hearing and will get a ruling
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tomorrow. that took place at the court of session in edinburgh. it's what's called the scottish challenge. it's been taken by the snp mpjoanna challenge. it's been taken by the snp mp joanna cherry. challenge. it's been taken by the snp mpjoanna cherry. she's also a as it happens. that is together with 74 as it happens. that is together with 7a parliamentarians. 0n as it happens. that is together with 7a parliamentarians. on their behalf, aidan 0'neill qc arguing their case didn't mince his words. we don't live in an absolutist state. we don't live in a totalitarian state. we live in a state which is limited by the rule of law. mr o'neill went on to say that it was unlawful at unconstitutional for the government to suspend parliament, and he requested an order to stop that suspension, also requesting another order that would prevent any minister from order that would prevent any ministerfrom advising order that would prevent any minister from advising the queen in the future to make a similar order, to prorogue parliament. mr 0'neill, in something of a historical
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lecture, said that the government we re lecture, said that the government were bound by the 1689 claim of rights. that is the equivalent, the scottish equivalent to the 1689 bill of rights, and that was the document that really curtailed the power of monarchs and made it clear that they couldn't override the wishes of parliament. it was interesting what mr 0'neill said. he quoted directly from the claim of rights, and he said the fundamental constitution of the kingdom is one of a legal, limited monarchy in which the regal power may not be exercised in violation of the laws, liberties of the kingdom, and which constitution may not be altered into an arbitrary, despotic power by advice of evil and wicked counsellors. he then said, i hesitate to draw
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parallels between what happened yesterday and the 17th century, but sometimes it's too tempting. he really wasn't beating around the bush in terms of what he considered to be the wrongdoing of yesterday's announcement. for the government, the case was pretty straightforward. there qc told the court that prorogation was a suspension of parliament, it was a legitimate course of action, it had been used many times. the law allowed the queen to do this and it would be unlawful for the courts to interfere. essentially, he was saying, look, these are political matters and you, the courts, should back off. we will get the ruling tomorrow morning. santa i would go on to others, but we haven't got time on this occasion, but i know we will look at those on another occasion. let's check on the weather forecast. here is darren bett. differing fortunes in the uk, so for
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most of wales it remains dry, but rain coming back to northern ireland and western scotland. not much rain for eastern scotland. we've all got south—westerly atlantic winds, so it should be warmer than last night. on friday, and at times in northern ireland and covering much of scotland. that turns heavier in south—west and western scotland. some rain for north—west england, threatening north wales. elsewhere, probably dry, and a lot warmer, with sunshine and south—westerly winds. still rain overnight and into saturday. that's still affecting scotla nd saturday. that's still affecting scotland for most of the day, but clearing away from northern ireland. the rain band pushing its way into england and wales. towards the south—east, it's still warm in the sunshine, mid 20s, but much cooler for the rest of the country.
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you are watching beyond 100 days. next week could be the only opportunity for british mps to challenge a no—deal brexit. the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament next month has forged alliances and focused minds. urging borisjohnson to do everything possible to get a deal with the european union, ruth davidson resigns as leader of the scottish conservatives. that list of democratic hopefuls in the united states narrows. now only ten democrats are eligible for a september's election event. also, that uk home secretary is in paris for talks on the migrant crisis as more people try to reach britain by boat. it isa
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britain by boat. it is a riskyjourney. also, it


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