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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines. the prime minister pledges billions of pounds over the next three years to england's schools. i think it will make an enormous difference. the devil will be in the detail, it will be interesting to see how much money we get next year, rather than how much in three years because costs rise. boris johnson warns that parliamentarians are reducing chances of a good deal by blocking exit. there has been a wave of arrests in hong kong ahead of a planned pro—democracy rally tomorrow. the protest has now been banned. there are fears for the great barrier reef, its outlook is downgraded to very poor as climate change causes mass bleaching of the coral. in a moment, it will be time
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for sportsday. from 7pm, reactions from teachers on the prime ministers pledge for extra funding for schools. the american soprano accusing some of body shaming the more curvaceous singers. and we will be looking at it tomorrow's front pages. that is all ahead on bbc news. hello and welcome to sportsday. england's record wicket taker out of the ashes. anderson's calf injury means he'll play no further part. sectarian shame ahead of the old firm, as rangers are ordered to close a part of their stadium, for a second time. and brit, johanna konta, has just gone on court in the third round of the us open,
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while dan evans takes on 20 time grand slam champion roger federer. it's a big ask, but british fighter luke campbell is convinced he can take down the three—weight world champion, vasyl lomachenko. hello and welcome to sportsday. what's next forjames anderson who's been ruled out for the rest of the ashes? england's leading test wicket taker suffered a calf injury in the first test. earlier, i spoke to former england all rounder ebony rainford—brent and asked her how she felt his omission would impact
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on england's attack. he initially hurt his calf back in thejuly during a county championship match with passed fit for the first ashes test. however he was only able to bowl four overs before being forced off at edgbaston. he was then emitted from the quad for the second test at lord's the quad for the second test at lords and the third at headingley. —— omitted. he played for lancashire seconds earlier this week in a bid to prove his fitness. but he was still feeling pain and, after a review by the medical board, anderson has been ruled out of not just the fourth test but the rest of the ashes. devastating personally for anderson, but earlier i spoke to. earlier, i spoke to former england all rounder ebony rainford—brent and asked her how she felt his omission would impact
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on england's attack. this one thing that is for sure is thatjofra archer alongside james anderson would be an unbelievable pair. it is really frustrating. but i will say that the emergence of jofra archer does give england that extra bowling option. but i imagine we may see a few changes going into the next test. fourjames anderson, he is 37 years old. could this be his last ashes? his dream scenario was to come and have a successful ashes and possibly bow out at the oval ina ashes and possibly bow out at the oval in a few weeks' time and i think that is what he would have been looking for. that would have been looking for. that would have been a great way to finish his career. but to have this injury niggle, your body doesn't start to recover as quickly at this age. he has done very well throughout his career to maintain his fitness but this is one that possibly timing could not prove any worse so he may be frustrated and it may be something that really kind of
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questions the end of his career for him. but let's hope from ending this perspective he has got a bit more left in the town. do you feel the selectors were thinking it was not worth the risk of selected because of what happened in the first test? it because of extreme in the first test after he finished four overs on other bowlers but ben stokes in particular has built a lot more overs than you would expect. so there is no doubt that... it is an issue, the sort of player that you cannot afford put someone like that in when you know they are a doubt, so in when you know they are a doubt, soi in when you know they are a doubt, so i don't think england want to ta ke so i don't think england want to take that risk at all. although they would have thought about it, he might have put itself forward, there is no doubt that in this ashes test, they need everyone fit and firing. point mackie has been giving up for this process, playing for his county, potentially playing at his home ground of old trafford as well for this test, how difficult will this beforehand psychologically to come back from? this is going to be tough, very tough. this is the worst
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it gets for an athlete. the one thing you want to do is play at your home ground. he has worked his whole career, the last ashes test down under he played was a pretty tough one and that is one where he stood out as a player, as the ultimate. so he's going to be feeling pain. i know he will be gutted. and it might actually give him a bit more still to come backjust actually give him a bit more still to come back just for a actually give him a bit more still to come backjust for a little ste nt, to come backjust for a little stent, just to remind himself what he has achieved so much in his career that this one blip is going to be frustrating but we all know what a bowler he is. so he is out but as ebony mentioned, jofra archer still available. his inclusion in the england side has undoubtedly changed the series, according to his head coach at sussex, jason gillespie. i like the look of the australian bowling line—up but i think england's bowling line—up with
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jofra archer coming in has added a new dimension to that attack. there is no doubt about that. we have been seeing it at sussex all along. i think he is buzzing, playing for his country like a kid ina candy playing for his country like a kid in a candy store. absolutely loving it. here at sussex we are fully supporting him. we love seeing him do well. as an all, i like seeing him do well but i would like to see so him do well but i would like to see so you do well as well. —— and all is a. two huge british derbies this weekend, first up is the old firm match between rangers and celtic, but once again, sectarian chanting has overshadowed build up to the fixture, with uefa charging rangers with racism for a second time. the club have been ordered to close a 3,000—seat section for their first europa league group game at ibrox, as punishment for sectarian chanting against legia warsaw last week. chris mclaughlen reports.
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in terms of football, rangers are moving on. true to the europa league group stages after a win over legia warsaw. this is a club that cannot escape the dark cloud of sectarianism. last week, it was ordered to leave 3000 seats free for last night's game against legia warsaw. a uefa charge of racist behaviour, notably sectarian singing. today, something similar. a charge of racist behaviour once again relating to the game against legia warsaw last week. once again, rangers will have to leave part of the stadium closed for the next european game here. if it happens again, there is the real possibility this place will be closed down for the next fixture. it was also a bittersweet night for city rivals, celtic. the school helped them progress, 4—1 away. but the victory
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and european progression has been overshadowed by this. stewards and police clashing with celtic fans who had earlier set off a number of players. today, the celtic manager wouldn't be drawn on what happened. i have no comment on that. i wasn't aware of it. the club if there is anything to deal with, the club will deal with it the best they can. the clu b deal with it the best they can. the club believed locals infiltrated their section of the ground and would only see this... —— see legia warsaw will be in trouble also for theirfan‘s legia warsaw will be in trouble also for their fan's use of layers inside ibrox last night. but if the sectarian fog on the south side of glasgow can't be lifted, it's rangers who have it all to lose.
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the europa league draw was made today and, arguably, out of the five british teams, rangers have the toughest group. they'll play feyenoord, young boys and portuguese side, porto, and it's at their first game that they'll have to close a section of ibrox, after being found guilty of a second charge of sectarian chanting. celtic, arsenal, manchester united and wolves were also involved in the draw, there are full details on the bbc sport website. there is another derby this weekend. arsenal host north london rivals tottenham. we'll be speaking to mauricio pochettino ahead of that match on sunday, but before that, there's a full premier league fixture list on saturday. looking ahead to all that is ben croutcher. thanks jane. the last chance for the teams to grab three points before the international break. here's saturday's fixtures. manchester city can go top briefly, if they beat brighton. liverpool can make it four wins from four, in the late game at burnley. the early kick off is at st mary's. southampton against
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manchester united. united 5th in the table, despite a draw at wolves and that shock defeat at home to crystal palace, last weekend. whilst the english transfer window is closed though, the european one is still open, with chris smalling expected to go on loan to roma, whilst alexis sanchez has this week ended a dire 18 months at the club byjoining inter milan. but with romelu lukaku also leaving this summer, does that leave united short on striking options, especially if injuries hit? ole gunnar solskjaer is backing his youngsters. it is time for our boys to feel that pressure and responsibility, be more robust. knowing that, "ok, i might have to play five games in a rowe and that is another responsibility." i trust the fitness staff, the medical staff, and what we have done
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in preseason. we are mentally and physically more ready. southampton down in 18th, we've also got second bottom playing bottom tomorrow. newcastle against watford. it's been a desperate start forjavi gracia's side. lost their last 6 league games, dating back to last year. first three of this campaign. it's been 85 years since they had a worse start to a season. they've conceded 41 goals in their last 18 matches too, without a clean sheet. and they lost at st james' park last season. newcastle a re buoyed by their win at spurs last sunday. although no side in the premier league has a worse possession record than them. just 3i%, jane. you mentioned spurs there, ben. a huge game on sunday for them. and more scrutiny on their manager. it's the north london derby on sunday. arsenal hosting tottenham. a venue spurs have won just once at in the league. their premier league record generally since february has been
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relegation form, really. 15 points from 15 games, without an away win in seven games and it's all making life a little uncomfortable for mauricio pochettino. one bookmaker yesterday stopped taking bets on him being the first managerial casualty of the season. that is stupidity. it is only... can happen through, like you say, no, some rumour and social media that creates a big big... problem, that is an excuse. i i'm not going to walk away. not after the london derby. i will be here monday, tuesday, you bet. it is close now? you lose your money. well, spurs might want to summon the spirit
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of ben stokes for the weekend. the england cricket hero admitted when he was younger that he had a spurs top. so what did spurs do? they sent him one. making him essentially a spurs fan. and it's made life interesting for him this afternoon for sure. i dare say some in the north east and those on the red side of north london disagreeing with his decision. hard work he says maybe as a cricketerjane, he was always going to prefer a team in white. bury are not taking their expulsion lying down. they are considering legal action against the efl. they sent a letter to the efl questioning their handling of the affair. our sports editor dan roan has exclusively spoken to bury fc‘s lawyer chris farnell and the club's
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general manager scottjohnson. earlier today, senior members of bury senior and executive coaching tea m bury senior and executive coaching team met at these offices behind me in cheshire. the offices of chris farnell who has been helping them try and secure a last—gasp rescue deal with a number of bidders the weekend, that early on this week. they all came to late because if it believed on tuesday night decided to expel bury from the football league and yesterday they refused to reconsider that decision. so earlier i spoke to chris, and asked him what their next steps might be? we had a meeting this morning and we will try and take stock of the position. it would appear that bury have been expeued would appear that bury have been expelled which is a huge upset to all of the fans. the club and the local community. and it is a community club. i think what we will have to try and do a sea where bury fits now within the pediment of football and to see whether they can come back in division two as opposed
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to being sent right down the leagues. and if you don't have any response or you don't get the response or you don't get the response that you require, what options are open to you and the terms of legal action or forcing their hand? all actions are opened and it is never nice if you have to try and force somebody‘s hand, but all options remain on the table. what this amounts to of course as a last—ditch attempt by those who still work for bury football club, to try and force the football league to try and force the football league to reconsider, through political pressure. it may well be that they go down the legal route. as well and it is important to stress the supporters trust, forever bury have also said that that is something they may well consider but this is a desperately sad week for not just bury but also league football generally. serving as a warning, a wake—up call for club finances. even ata time wake—up call for club finances. even at a time of extraordinary wealth at the top of the sport, and it has highlighted and shone a light on the fa ct highlighted and shone a light on the fact there is growing concern over whether a not clubs are stretching
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themselves beyond their limits and whether they now need to be some kind of governance reform by the football league and perhaps the fa to instill more discipline when it comes to the running of these clubs. scotland women take on cyprus tonight in their first match since going out of the world cup in the group stages. head coach shelley kerr says they've put the summer behind them and they're raring to go. we are about to kick off our campaign. the players are really sharp. they have played with purpose this week at training and really excited at playing at easter road. can't wait to get the campaign kicked off playing cyprus. don't know too much about them. it has been hard to get details because they have not played a lot of competitive games but that is our focus. elsewhere northern ireland play norway in uefa qualification. the game will be played in belfast and it will be the new manager's first game in charge. can britain's luke campbell pull off
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a shock win against the double olympic gold medallist vasyl lomachenko this weekend? the ukrainian has an amateur record of 396 wins, a world title they met at the weigh in. campbell may be ahead taller but the ukrainian hasa campbell may be ahead taller but the ukrainian has a world title in only his third professional bout. so lomachenko is the clear favourite. he may not be our household name yet in britain but he is very well—known in the boxing world with mike tyson even saying he is his favourite boxer right now. our reporter spoke to lomachenko about his heroes, his ambitions, and what his legacy will be in the sport. iam i am vasyl lomachenko. two-time
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olympic gold medallist, three weight world champion. professional mastery. this is a technical genius. this is vasily lomachenko. mastery. this is a technical genius. this is vasily lomachenkolj mastery. this is a technical genius. this is vasily lomachenko. i have a goal, a dream, i want, this is vasily lomachenko. i have a goal, a dream, iwant, this this is vasily lomachenko. i have a goal, a dream, i want, this is my motivation, the suspicion. my first fight was in 1994 year, i was... six yea rs fight was in 1994 year, i was... six years old, i fought with a guy who was two years older than me. it was very fun. i was six years old, maybe seven, i asked very fun. i was six years old, maybe seven, iasked my very fun. i was six years old, maybe seven, i asked my father what was better, the olympic games are the world championship. and after that i said to him, ok now i want to be an olympic champion. i rememberthis
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moment very well. tyson said his favourite boxer right now is vasyl lomachenko. who was your favourite boxer going up? it is very interesting story because when i was a kid, mike tyson was my favourite fighter. and royjones junior. a kid, mike tyson was my favourite fighter. and royjonesjunior. nowi hear about mike tyson and royjones, they said about me, it is very... it is unbelievable. but his father in his corner, boxing becomes more than just a battle of bodies. very strong physically but not strong mentally. this is i think it is a big secret for other sports. my father still teaches me. of course it was hard. i had a lot of different hard exercises. physical, mental, heat ——
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he teaches me, he still teaches me, and he made me. it is my third, little by little, step—by—step, growing up. but what about my next weight classes? i don't know. maybe after a couple of years. i go up in heavyweight. and teach a little bit tyson fury. if you come to some pub or restaurant, and start speaking about boxing, in the future, you need to always remember my name and you need to always talk about my name. do you remember this guy from ukraine? it's lomachenko! this is my legacy. this is what i want. and it is here on saturday night where vasyl lomachenko will look to cement that legacy.
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dan da n eva ns dan evans has been knocked out of the new york open by roger federer. the last time federer played dan evans, he said it was like playing a mirror. have we seen anything like that from dan evans today? konta had a very convincing second round match against the ru in all honesty it wasn't like that. federal was referring back to australia they played each other. they had to incredibly close sets. —— federer. stylewise, dan evans has a very similar style to roger federer. it is just that federal when he is clean well is on a com pletely when he is clean well is on a completely different level altogether. and that is what happened today. —— federer. he has looked a bit ropey today, lost both sets in his previous two matches but he was suddenly in the groove from the very off, i don't think that evidence played badly but he won five games in the whole match, and
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it was a schooling. roger federer showed why he has won 20 grand slam singles titles. and joanna counter had a very convincing second—round match against zhang shuai you, will it be just as easy for her? it has been a tough match, it could be very close, having saying that, konta is in good form. thank you for that. it was a terrible start back to f1 after the summer break for lewis hamilton. his mercedes suffered power failures and he had tyre problems. it left the field clear for ferrari's sebastian vettel to finish fastest. jennie gow was watching.
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we have come back from the summer breakfor the we have come back from the summer break for the second part of the formula 1 season and to the beautiful belgium and the circuit is one that everyone likes. pacifica, the drivers. is that because it is an old school circuit? absolutely. seven kilometres, lots of challenge. these cars are slightly easier on the corners but there are many more challenges around. overta ke opportunities. a huge crowd. it is one that everyone loves. the passion of this place is amazing. you come in and there are flares going. a lot of that is generated by max verstappen, fans just go crazy for him everywhere we go but here especially. it is a belgian grand prix but it is closest thing the dutch have two are from grand prix until next year. they love him. he
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has so much support everywhere, particularly in belgium. so he will be hoping he can pick up his recent form as well and can come with a note new team—mate. form as well and can come with a note new team-mate. quite a lot of movement over the summer. lewis hamilton, 62 points ahead of anybody else in the championship. that robot as estimate can pick confirmed for next year. —— bought as. is it uninspired to stick with him or is it what they need to do can to ensure lewis hamilton stays happy? both. because he hasn't provided the challenge his previous team—mate had lewis hamilton will be in again. they are not taking points off each other. so i can understand it. we are meant to be doing a preview, who do you think will win this weekend? i think ferrari will get off the mark. haven't won, but vettel won last year. it has been a year since
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his last win, i think he will do it. let's wait and see what happens. build—up across all bbc platforms. england defender lucy bronze has been giving us her reaction to being named uefa's women's player of the year. she said she was ecstatic and humbled to receive the honour, which came after an outstanding season for her country and club, lyon. she's the first english player to win the award, but she was on international duty last night and couldn't collect it in person. she spoke to us via skype this morning and told us her mum had ideas about taking her place in monaco. i texted her and told her about it and she said, "i'll go there and i'll pick the award up for you, i'll sit next door to ronaldo, so i can chat to ronaldo." isaid, "mum, i've already got the award." she said, "i'll go anyway." i would much rather be on the pitch than all dressed up speaking in front of 100 people that i don't
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know. i am not that great of a talker in front of strangers, so it is probably better that i was on the field. i think ithinki i think i would have liked to see her speaking to cristiano ronaldo. that's all from sports day, thanks for joining that's all from sports day, thanks forjoining us. more throughout the rest of the evening. warm in some parts of the uk. cloud for northern ireland and scotland, should turn dry across not wales and north—west england. the rain beginning to arrive over the irish each ward is the end of the night. ahead of it, quite breezy, generally warm. we should see the back of that rain in the morning
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across northern ireland, sunshine and showers developing. the rain continues for longer in scotland, especially in the north. sunshine chasing in england and will find that band of rain, arriving in south—east england and east anglia in the afternoon. not much rain by then. still 24 degrees or so. last of the warmth as a cooler elsewhere. a chilly start to the new month on sunday. sunshine and heavy showers especially for north wales, northwards a bit drier perhaps i would from the north—west on monday, not quite so chilly.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: the prime minister pledges billions of pounds to england's schools following warnings from leaders about a funding crisis. i think it will make an enormous difference. the devil will be in the detail. it will be interesting to see how much we get next year rather than three years because costs rise. borisjohnson warns than three years because costs rise. boris johnson warns mps than three years because costs rise. borisjohnson warns mps are trying to block a no—deal brexit that there will efforts will only make it more likely. new research suggests the increased risk of breast cancer from hrt lasts more than a decade after treatment stops. as close to 2000 fires continue to burnin as close to 2000 fires continue to burn in the amazon, we report from deepin burn in the amazon, we report from deep in the rainforest.
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