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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 30, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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pull, so to speak. but for these guys, they want the tournament, the wood rather roger be going through that match than me. to football now. and two huge british derbys this weekend — first up is the old firm match, between rangers and celtic. but once again, sectarian chanting has overshadowed build up to the fixture. with uefa charging rangers with racism for a second time. the club have been ordered to close a 3,000—seat section — for theirfirst europa league group game at ibrox. as punishment for sectarian chanting against legia warsaw last week. chris mclaughlin reports. in terms of football, rangers are moving on. through to the europa league group stages after a win over legia warsaw. this is a club that cannot escape the dark cloud of sectarianism. last week, it was ordered to leave 3000 seats free for last night's game against legia warsaw.
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a uefa charge of racist behaviour, notably sectarian singing. today, something similar. a charge of racist behaviour once again relating to the game against legia warsaw last week. once again, rangers will have to leave part of the stadium closed for the next european game here. if it happens again, there is the real possibility this place will be closed down for the next fixture. it was also a bittersweet night for city rivals, celtic. the school helped them progress, 4—1 away. but the victory and european progression has been overshadowed by this. stewards and police clashing with celtic fans who had earlier set off a number of players. today, the celtic manager wouldn't be drawn on what happened. i have no comment on that. i wasn't aware of it. the club if there is anything to deal with, the club will deal
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with it the best they can. the club believed locals infiltrated their section of the ground and would only see legia warsaw will be in trouble also for their fan's use of layers inside ibrox last night. for their fan's use of flares inside ibrox last night. but if the sectarian fog on the south side of glasgow can't be lifted, it's rangers who have it all to lose. romelu lukaku has hit back at criticism from gary neville, by saying the pundit should "never say i am unprofessional". the belgium striker was also called "overweight" by the former manchester united defender on twitter. lukaku left the old trafford club this summer to join serie a side inter milan for 7h million pounds on a five—year deal.
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don't try to question my professionalism. i live for this game. i do not drink, i do not smoke, i'm at home on the time. i try to do everything to improve my game but last year wasjust a bad year and it can happen in football. but you just have to move on so, i'm not going to sit here and try to attack in the public eye. we are both grown men and i don't need to react in a negative way. he is a pundit, he gets paid to say certain kinds of stuff, i'm paid to play football. and ijust want to do my bestjob. ten—man fulham held cardiff city to a one all draw in tonight's game in the championship. it was cardiff who took the lead in the first half, josh murphy with an angled finish beyond the reach of marcus bettinelli, but fulham were level within minutes, alexandar mitrovic tapping in an ivan cavaliero cross. that's his fifth goal of the campaign. fulham were reduced to ten—men
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in the second half after harry artur received a second yellow card for simulation. that's how it finished, with fulham moving up to fourth while cardiffjump to tenth. bury are not taking their expulsion from the english football league lying down. they now say they're considering legal action against the efl. members of the club's executive met earlier today to discuss their options, having earlier sent the efl a letter, questioning its handling of the affair. our sports editor dan roan, has spoken exclusively to bury‘s lawyer chris farnell. earlier today, senior members of bury senior and executive coaching team met at these offices behind me in cheshire. the offices of chris farnell who has been helping them try and secure a last—gasp rescue deal with a number of bidders the weekend, that early on this week. they all came to late because if it believed on tuesday night decided to expel bury from the football league and yesterday they refused to reconsider that decision. so earlier i spoke to chris, and asked him what their
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next steps might be? we had a meeting this morning and we will try and take stock of the position. it would appear that bury have been expelled which is a huge upset to all of the fans. the club and the local community. and it is a community club. i think what we will have to try and do a sea where bury fits now i think what we will have to try and do a see where bury fits now within the pediment of football and to see whether they can come back in division two as opposed to being sent right down the leagues. and if you don't have any response or you don't get the response that you require, what options are open to you and the terms of legal action or forcing their hand? all actions are opened and it is never nice if you have to try and force somebody‘s hand, but all options remain on the table. what this amounts to of course as a last—ditch attempt by those who still work for bury football club, to try and force the football league to reconsider,
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through political pressure. it may well be that they go down the legal route. as well and it is important to stress the supporters trust, forever bury have also said that that is something they may well consider but this is a desperately sad week for notjust bury but also league football generally. serving as a warning, a wake—up call for club finances. even at a time of extraordinary wealth at the top of the sport, and it has highlighted and shone a light on the fact there is growing concern over whether a not clubs are stretching themselves concern over whether or not clubs are stretching themselves beyond their limits and whether they now need to be some kind of governance reform by the football league and perhaps the fa to instill more discipline when it comes to the running of these clubs. vasiliy lomachenko aims to add a third belt to his collection of world lightweight titles. the ukrainian, who is widely regarded as the best pound—for—pound fighter in the world, takes on britain's luke campbell in london tomorrow for the vacant wbc belt.
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he has a big amateur experience. he isa he has a big amateur experience. he is a smart boxer. he has a high boxing i0 and i think it will be a very interesting chess match. little by little, step—by—step, iam very interesting chess match. little by little, step—by—step, i am going up. but what about my next weight class. i don't know. maybe after a couple of years old go up to heavyweight. and i will teach a little bit of tyson fury. if you come down and start speaking about
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boxing in the future, you need to a lwa ys boxing in the future, you need to always remember my name and you need to always speak of it. do you remember this guy from the ukraine, it is lomachenko. this is my legacy. this is what i want. it's been ferrari's day in belgium, as formula one returned from it's summer break. charles leclerc set the quickest time in second practice for sunday's grand prix, with teammate sebastian vettel, second fastest. vettel had gone quickest in the first session. world champion lewis hamilton set the fourth fastest time. one more quick line — england 0di captain eoin morgan made 83 from 29 balls as middlesex chased a record breaking 227 with three overs to spare to beat somerset and reach the t20 blast quarterfinals. it's the highest successful run chase in domestic t20 history and the fourth highest of all time. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport throughout the weekend.
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hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the deputy editor of the daily express, michael booker, and the chief executive of demos think tank, polly mackenzie. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the financial times leads on what it says was an angry
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confrontation between the chancellor and the prime minister after one of sajid javid's closest aides the times has the same top story — 11 over the sacking ofjavid's media the mirror has the news that from next year same sex couples will be allowed to strut their stuff on strictly come dancing. daily mail says borisjohnson has had a boost in the polls parliament. the daily telegraph reports the eu might be ready to grant another extension of the brexit deadline to avoid no deal. the star has the story of an islamic state fighter who they say was paid £10,000 in housing benefit in the uk. at remainer rebels — he accuses them of playing into the hands of the eu. and as well as the row between the pm and his chancellor, tomorrow's guardian reports of alarm among eu citizens in the uk hoping to gain settled status before brexit.


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