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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  September 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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today at 5. scotland's seniorjudges rule that the suspension of parliament by borisjohnson is unlawful. the court of session, in edinburgh, said they believed mrjohnson had been motivated by the ‘improper purpose of stymieing parliament', the decision was welcomed by those who brought the case. it's very significant. i mean, this is probably the most significant constitutional law decision, of the last century, across the jurisdictions this is bbc news. of the united kingdom, and it will have major repercussions. at westminster, mps gathered the time is 5:30pm. to demand that parliament be the headlines: recalled, while others called mps demand the immediate for the prime minister to resign. recall of parliament after scotland‘s seniorjudges rule if it were to be the case the prime minister‘s decision to suspend it for five that the government had misled weeks was unlawful. in the last half hour — the queen, about the reasons for suspending parliament borisjohnson has defended his and the motives for it, decision to suspend parliament, that would be a very serious matter indeed. denying in a broadcast
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indeed, in my view, it would then be the moment on social media that his government for mrjohnson to resign. is ‘authoritarian‘. labour‘s deputy leader tom watson we'll have more on today's ruling. calls for the party to prioritise the final decision rests with the uk another eu referendum over a general election, supreme court next week. contradicting jeremy corbyn. the other main stories changes to immigration rules will allow overseas students on bbc news at 5. to remain in the uk for much longer labour's deputy leader, tom watson, after they graduate. calls for the party to prioritise as more migrants attempt to cross another eu referendum over a general election, contradicting his the english channel, leader, jeremy corbyn. it‘s claimed people smugglers use threats about brexit to pressure changes to immigration rules them to make the journey. will allow overseas students to remain in the uk, also coming up: for much longer after they graduate. what happens if you fall asleep in a self—driving car? as more migrants attempt to cross we sent our technology correspondent the english channel, it's claimed people smugglers use threats about brexit, to pressure them to make the journey. rory cellan—jones to find out. also coming up later, now the sports news olly foster. what happens if you fall asleep jason roy has been dropped in a self—driving car? we sent our man, rory for the final ashes test that starts at the oval tomorrow. cellan—jones, to find out. the england batsman opened for the first three tests before moving down the order last time out but he has averaged just 1a in the series.
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in other changes, ben stokes willjust play as a batsmen as they look to level the series. it's 5pm. our main story is the ruling of scotland's highest civil court, he has got a sore shoulder and that the prime minister's decision cannot bowl. to suspend the westminster parliament for 5 craig overton also misses out after just one test. chris woakes and sam curran weeks, was unlawful. come into the side. for roy though, it‘s not judges, at the court of session, the end of his test career, in edinburgh, overturned according to his captain. an earlier ruling and said he's had an opportunity to come they were unanimous in their belief in and play test cricket and it's that borisjohnson had been not quite gone how he would have motivated by the ‘improper purpose liked but i'm sure he will go away of stymieing parliament'. and work extremely hard and come back again and that's the case now goes to the uk what you expect of guys supreme court next week, when they get left out and i'm sure but some mps are calling he will have that attitude for parliament to be recalled immediately, and want to try and prove a point to discuss the situation. and get himself back in. downing street said have you spoken to him personally about it? yep. it was disappointed by the ruling, when you leave someone out, and that the prorogation you obviously have those of parliament had been conversations and he is very aware ‘legal and necessary‘. of where he is at and what he needs our scotland correspondent to do to get himself in the best lorna gordon has the latest. applause place to perform in test cricket. well, in contrast to parliament has been suspended joe root‘s thoughts on roy, cricket writer and broadcaster, for less than two days. simon hughes, believes flaws
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in the surrey batsman‘s style means the decision to shut it down he will never be a force proved controversial. in test cricket. now it has been ruled unlawful, he has the technique for test with all threejudges in a court in edinburgh ruling cricket at the moment —— i do not think he has the technique. that is that the suspension of parliament was motivated by, what they called, ‘the improper purpose of stymieing just not long enough to build a really big test match innings and i parliament.‘ chanting do not think he has got the shame on you! each opinion expresses technique for it at the minute, he the view that the advice given, by the government, has been bowled five times in ten to her majesty the queen, to pirogue parliament from 9th te st has been bowled five times in ten test innings, sol september to 14th october, has been bowled five times in ten test innings, so i don't think he is was unlawful and that therefore the right man to play test cricket the prorogation itself is unlawful. until he can attend to those slight to prorogue parliament from 9th september to 14th october, technical issues. was unlawful and that therefore the prorogation itself is unlawful. you can hear more the case was brought by more of simon hughes‘s thoughts on roy, england and the ashes series than 70 parliamentarians, on sportsday with me at 6.30pm. who had argued that suspending parliament was an attack the fa say that england forward, on democracy and an abuse of power. raheem sterling, was the target of racial abuse from a bulgaria fan they are now calling for parliament to be recalled. during saturday‘s euro qualifier at wembley. this is a unanimous decision, a steward ejected the man a unanimous decision by scotland's who was susequenlty arrested by the metropolitan police highest court, that the prorogation although he was released of parliament by boris johnson later with no further was unlawful and as tommy sheppard, action taken sterling, one of my co—petitioners has pointed who has suffered racial abuse playing for england out, now, for every moment and manchester city,
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parliament remains prorogued, was unaware of the abuse at the time the british government are breaking and informed about the incident the law, so we, as politicians, are calling after the match which england won. for parliament to be recalled, so that we can get on with scrutinising what this government sterling‘s former club captain vincent kompany has his is up to in relation to brexit. that call, to allow mps back manchester city testimonial tonight. into parliament to sit, and, ironically, echoed by scotland‘s first minister, he‘s injured for it. he struggled with various problems who said that the prime minister‘s during his finalfew years at the etihad. behaviour had been outrageous and reckless. he said his hamstring that means, in my view, strain was typical. parliament should be he‘s now player manager recalled immediately. at his boyhood club anderlecht. and i would call on the prime minister to do the right thing, asked whether he would rate himself bring parliament back one of the best centre backs from its unlawful prorogation in premier league history, and allow that essential work the belgian says liverpool‘s virgil van dijk is his number one. of scrutiny to continue. labour too welcomed the judgment. the signs he showed in his last few this is an incredibly powerfuljudgment. normally, judges don't go into this years just make it so obvious that space, which is about the motivation if you would have been at the top of politicians for the decisions top level before that, that they make so i can only assume he would have been further as well. that the judges felt the evidence against borisjohnson from what i‘ve seen in terms was overwhelming and therefore they found that he acted unlawfully
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in shutting down parliament. of having an impact on the team the judges didn‘t hold back, and a summary of the judgment, lord brodie, said that and a defender is never about the prorogation was up egregious himself, its about his communication case of a clear failure to comply with other teams and how with generally accepted standards you make your team or solid of behaviour of public authorities. and the liverpool before him and after him, it is a completely different set up and i will give him lord drummond young said the government had failed to show that one because of that. a valid reason for the prorogation, there are nine british swimmers the only inference that through to tonight‘s finals could be drawn, he said, at the world para swimming championships in london. was that the uk government maisie summers—newton won her 200 and the prime minister wished metres individual medley heat, finishing nearly to restrict parliament. five seconds ahead if it were to be the case of ellie simmonds in third. that the government had misled both qualify. meanwhile, alice tai the queen about the reasons remains on course for suspending parliament for a third gold medal in as many and the motives for it, days, after winning her heat that would be a very in the 100 metre butterfly. serious matter indeed. indeed, in my view, it would then be the moment for mrjohnson to resign, and very swiftly. the government has said it is disappointed and will appeal. we will have one of those finals in so while, for now, parliament sits empty, the focus remains on the courts, sports day at 6:30pm. thank you, we will see you a bit with that appeal at the supreme later on. court due to start next tuesday. let‘s get some more now lorna gordon, bbc news, at the court on the day‘s brexit developments and take a closer look at one
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of session in edinburgh. of the key sticking points, the irish backstop, the mechanism our scotland editor, sarah smith, is at the court to avoid a hard border in ireland. of session in edinburgh for us. as things stand, the uk and ireland are both eu member states, so goods can cross first of all, what is the the border without the need significance of what has happened for checks. today? what these judges have said after brexit, the 310—mile border is that they have not explicitly between northern ireland come out and said in terms that they and the republic will be the only land border, between the uk and the eu. think borisjohnson come out and said in terms that they think boris johnson either lied a failure to reach a trade agreement come out and said in terms that they think borisjohnson either lied to the queen or try to mislead voters, would mean northern ireland but in essence, hidden in the would end up with different complex legaljargon, but in essence, hidden in the complex legal jargon, that but in essence, hidden in the complex legaljargon, that is exactly what they are saying. the rules and standards to the republic of ireland. premise has repeatedly told us that to avoid any checks, it is perfectly normal for a new government to prorogue parliament and he wasn‘t trying to undermine an insurance plan, agreed democracy by doing so. these three judges at scotland‘s highest civil court have essentially said they do between theresa may and eu leaders, which would keep the uk not believe him and they think he is in a close relationship with the eu trying to undermine parliamentary until a trade deal was agreed. scrutiny on the way, as the uk is some conservative mps fear the uk would be trapped indefinitely
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preparing to leave the eu. when they by such an arrangement. said he was motivated by improper purpose of stymeing parliament, they we re purpose of stymeing parliament, they were basically saying they don‘t believe the reason is that he has they have been very, very opposed to given for why he wanted to suspend parliament, and they think it may it. some have suggested recently that the deal could be amended have misled the queen when he so that the backstop only applies to northern ireland. advised her to pull parliament. we that idea could lead to a single regulatory zone north and south of the border heard from joanna cherry and indeed others who were involved in this for food and agriculture. case, how does this change the that would prove controversial too political landscape, given that it with a new border in effect created in the irish sea. is fairto remind political landscape, given that it is fair to remind viewers again that the final decision will rest with that is because of the way it is the final decision will rest with the uk‘s supreme court next week. constituted. sirjeffrey donaldson mp that‘s right. this will be appealed is the chief whip for by the government to the supreme the democratic unionist party, court who will make the final he joins us now from westminster. decision and, of course, there has thank you forjoining us. it is good been a different ruling in the court to see you. i want to talk to you for england and wales, and this the about the backstop, i am bound to supreme court who will need to work out who has got the law right here. our ski festival, given that you are although it is worth saying that the vetera n our ski festival, given that you are veteran at westminster, what you judges who made the decision you‘re make of the ruling by the court of in edinburgh today, this is an appeal court, so they do outrank the session in edinburgh today? clearly high court in london. number ten say
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they are going to appeal this and not do anything about bringing not has made a big impact at parliament back until that has been westminster and people are held by the supreme court because they say there the progression is considering —— clearly that has. the government have appealed this decision and so it could go to the supreme court as early as next week, legal and necessary. it was a surprise that the three judges at depending on the outcome of all of the supreme court found that the prime minister was acting that, it will determine whether unlawfully. i do not think anyone parliament resumes earlier than the government had anticipated. did you would want to take bets on what the supreme court will rule next week. have any reservations at all other fascinating. joining me now isjessica simor qc, prorogation of five weeks and the a barrister and specialist government‘s reason for that? in regulatory and eu law. prorogation of five weeks and the government's reason for that? we understood what the government was trying to do, and i think it is thanks for coming in. let me try and important they use those five weeks unpick this a little. first of all, to negotiate a deal with the what was your reaction when you heard this rolling? obviously i was european union that they can come back to parliament in october and very pleased that the court has that that bill to parliament. access to that and said that the clearly if parliament resumes again role of parliament is to scrutinise and we were due to have at least a three week recess anyway with the the government. and if the government closes down parliament to party conference season, and if you stop that scrutiny, it will declare add to that a period of prorogation that unlawful. because they where for a queen‘s speech in october, we
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overturning a previous ruling. so did that come as a surprise, given are talking as much as four or five the basis on which they did that or days difference between what we would have been doing anyway what not? it is a brave decision. it is a the government has proposed. i was explaining to viewers there, brave decision because it is a brave as he had, the framework and the thing to do but in a weight is not context around this backstop surprising because the power to prorogue as a power to suspend proposal and there are lots of suggestions, you would be more aware parliament a queen‘s speech for a than anyone else, that the prime new legislative programme, usually a minister might be looking at period of 45 days. what is happen to limiting the backstop arrangement to you is that the government has northern ireland with some big suspended parliament for five weeks. consequences. are you picking up any —— forfive suspended parliament for five weeks. —— for five days. having previously signals from number ten that that is what he is attending to do because threatened to do that to stop mackie is intending to replace the parliament scrutinising brexiter then saying in front of the court it wasn‘t doing that, it was for a backstop with alternative arrangements. the backstop is an insurance policy, is not the main queen‘s speech. the court basically did not buy that line. can help game in town. the main game in town viewers understand the difference your comic because there is the high will be the future relationship between the uk and ee and whether we court in england and wales which can get free trade agreement with made its own ruling in a separate the eu in the future, but as we case, and decided that this was not within the remit of the court. it leave the eu, the irish, were concerned that there should be was a political issue essentially. arrangements, transitional
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so what are viewers to make of the arrangements, transitional arrangements in place to avoid die—hard border. we want to avoid a fa ct so what are viewers to make of the fact that we have another court in ha rd die—hard border. we want to avoid a hard border, we do not want to see a the uk deciding it is very much within its remit to decide on this? ha rd hard border, we do not want to see a hard border, we do not want to see a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. we are in fact, at the high court level, in scotla nd in fact, at the high court level, in scotland and in england, the courts found this was not within the remit looking at practical ways to that, of the court. it is the appeal court in scotland that found differently. we are hoping the eu, including the that said, the english court had the irish comic, can agree to and three highestjudges that said, the english court had the crucially not only with that avoid a three highest judges in that said, the english court had the three highestjudges in the land in it sitting as a divisional court. so ha rd crucially not only with that avoid a hard border on the island of ireland, but we do know what a trade we have got an imbalance. that said, body in the irish sea, we do know when the supreme court comes to hear one terrace being imposed on goods this, it will be dealing with the exiled from northern ireland into great britain. —— we do not want finding a fact by the scottish appeal court, the highest court in tariffs. scotland, that the government misled we are saying that you are not the queen and prorogued on a false really in the position to save the premise is considering that, —— to basis. that is a finding of fact. in say. usual legal proceedings, the appeal the prime minister is considering courts don‘t look at findings of alternative arrangements to the fa ct, courts don‘t look at findings of fact, they are bound by the lower backstop and so to replace the court. so it has got a high court
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backstop and so to replace the backstop with new arrangements. this decision in england saying it is will not be a question of uk not, but a finding of fact in a backstop or in northern ireland only court in scotland saying that backstop, it will be replacing the actually the basis of prorogation backstop, it will be replacing the backstop with new arrangements that recognise the circumstances of was a misuse of power. so the northern ireland, having a land supreme court would effectively have border with the irish republic, trading across that border on a to say that whatever the abuse of daily basis, but do not separate us power, it cannot look at this kind from great britain, which is still of prorogation. and that would be a by far from great britain, which is still byfarour from great britain, which is still by far our biggest market. he had talks with the prime minister very dangerous precedent to set. last night. —— you had. are you why? it would mean, effectively, the convinced he wants a deal? we are government could go to the queen on any false basis, could not tell the absolutely convinced, it is notjust truth to the queen about why they we re truth to the queen about why they were prorogue in, good do it, for for dup who think that, the irish example, when legislation is going prime minister met with the prime through that they did not like. for minister on monday and afterwards, example, the legislation we had last he recognised that the uk government is serious about getting a deal and week. the government could go to the i think the language we are now queen and say we want to prorogue getting from dublin, on the for a new queen‘s speech. and the taoiseach and also from other court could not look at that. i'm leading politicians in dublin is assuming at lots of viewers will now more positive about finding be saying, 0k, are you trying to say alternative arrangements and their
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willingness to consider an alternative to the backstop. to us that the supreme court will go ultimately, if northern ireland ina certain to us that the supreme court will go in a certain direction next week and emerges from this with a framework not? no, i would in a certain direction next week and not? no, iwould not in a certain direction next week and not? no, i would not make any judgment. it seems to me the supreme where it is treated differently in some way to other parts of the uk, court is in a difficult situation. it will either have to say that the but is not something that you are going to be able to digest. highest court in sutton got the but is not something that you are going to be able to digestm depends on what those differences fa cts are. if they are practical highest court in sutton got the facts wrong. ie it is willing to consider the fact and they got them arrangements, for example, to deal wrong, which is a difficult thing with issues like animal health, we for them to do. or it will say they already have arrangements in place got the right but despite that it is across the border for that, already have arrangements in place across the borderfor that, or indeed looking at the issue of notjudicious bull. the stakes are standards between northern ireland and the republic of ireland, we will incredibly high. one final point is look at practical arrangements, what we will not do and what the uk the information which the supreme court will want to see as part of government will not do is created its considerations. we have heard boarding with —— is create a border lots of demands for communications within the uk. incidentally, that details for example. between advisers and others. in relation to advisers and others. in relation to a decision on proroguing parliament. would contravene the principles of the good friday agreement if tariffs well that automatically follow? will supreme court be able to order the we re
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the good friday agreement if tariffs were introduced within the uk. we believe there which undermined that delivery of that information are agreement. if we are to find an not? in public law proceedings, the government is under what is called a accommodation, it has to be one that duty of candour, to disclose all both sides in northern ireland can sign up to, including unionists and releva nt the irish, and the uk government can duty of candour, to disclose all relevant documents, telephone documents whatever. relevant to the sign up to as well. that is what we are working towards and we believe kit case, so they can make a decision. what is strange is there that our government on the premise was no sworn affidavit by the is serious about achieving that. can government or the government i ask you a question about lawyers, which is usually the case, influence, your party at westminster saying that this was the truth. so has been powerful in this there is not situation, and that led parliament, and now of course lots to dominic grieve bringing his of the mead music is around the fact that you are not still influential humble address on monday. saying, i think he used the word, there seems under this prime minister, what to bea would you say to people who suggest think he used the word, there seems to be a scandal, i think he used the word scandal, and he sought all that? i would dismiss that. we were documents, and that is a very in downing street yesterday, i will unusual situation and the question be in downing street this evening arises as to whether the government again, discussions are ongoing with will comply with that before the the uk government, the dup is supreme court hearing on tuesday. plugged into it and fully engage plenty for us to think about in the with our government on what alternative arrangements might look
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meantime. very good to talk to you like. it is notjust a matter of and thank you for shedding light on getting agreements with the eu, that this. thank you. we are very agreement will have to be brought back to parliament and those ten dup grateful for her votes in the house of parliament this. thank you. we are very gratefulfor her sharing her could be absolutely crucial in any expertise. our political correspondent jessica parker is in future fate that the prime minister westminster for us now. has to get his agreement over the what went on earlier in terms of the line. —— feature vote. for those who mps demanding the immediate recall of parliament? it one surprise you to hear that a cross—party group of say the dup‘s influence is not the mps upon hearing of this ruling this reality i am finding. we are plugged morning demanded that parliament be reopened. cast your mind back to the into what the government is doing and we are using that inference early hours of tuesday morning when should get a deal that works for parliament was prorogued. amid northern ireland and the uk as a scenes of chaos, when opposition parties made it pretty clear they whole. —— we are using that we re parties made it pretty clear they were deeply unhappy with the prorogation of parliament. some held influence. thank you very much. up prorogation of parliament. some held up signs seeing silence. trying to temporarily block the speakers chair the time is 5:45pm. in to block proceedings. a group of the headlines on bbc news: cross— party m ps in to block proceedings. a group of cross—party mps gathered just over some mps demand the immediate the road outside of parliament, to re—call of parliament after scotland‘s seniorjudges rule show their displeasure. let us the prime minister‘s listen to what they said. people out decision to suspend it for five weeks is unlawful. labour‘s deputy leader tom watson calls for the party
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to prioritise another eu referendum there are generally worried about over a general election, contradicting jeremy corbyn. what happens. the court decision has changes to immigration rules will allow overseas students said that that is unlawful, and the to remain in the uk for much longer strength of feeling across parties after they graduate. is powerful. this number of mps being here today and, supported by a total of 86 migrants were picked up by the border force so being here today and, supported by so many members of parliament across after crossing the english channel the country, as people's in small boats yesterday. it‘s believed to be representatives, wanting to make sure that we do ourjob, a record for a single day. calm conditions at sea, scrutinising the government, particularly when he is trying to and a threat by the french authorities to evict migrants force the country, the prime from their makeshift shelters, minister is trying to force the may have caused the increase. country, into a disastrous no—deal a further 21 migrants in two brexit. jo swinson there with other separate boats were stopped as they attempted to enter the uk today, according to the authorities mps. just a thought about what would as richard galpin reports. have been happening today. if this is just one of the six boats parliament was in session, we would which crossed the channel have prime minister‘s questions with from northern france borisjohnson here to the south—east coast have prime minister‘s questions with boris johnson answering questions. of england yesterday. he is offering some kind of question a record 86 people from countries including afghanistan, session, isn‘t he? but it is rather iraq and iran making
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different. in a move that may the journey in a single day. antagonise his critics over the road, it has emerged this afternoon what i saw was them just that boris johnson immediately get out of the boat road, it has emerged this afternoon that borisjohnson is holding what and run up the beach. downing street is terming a people‘s all of them ran up the beach. it is only about 50 yards from the sea to where prime minister‘s questions, where he we are standing now. ta kes and then run across and they ran prime minister‘s questions, where he takes questions by social media. some will argue it is a good thing across into the fields. he‘s taking questions from people the border force carrying across the country. however, it is a this boat away have, like the coast guard, wednesday. what happens on a had a busy summer and it‘s now wednesday. what happens on a wednesday when parliament is extending into the autumn. sitting? it is prime minister‘s questions. and over the road, he last month 336 people were stopped would have been taking questions not just from the leader of the by the border force at sea, opposition, notjust just from the leader of the opposition, not just from the just from the leader of the opposition, notjust from the leader that‘s more than in of the snp, notjust from the leader the whole of last year. and so far this year, of the snp, notjust from the leader of the snp, notjust from the leader of the liberal democrats, jo swinson, but also mps across the 1,191 people have been picked up. house. the irony may not be lost on under pressure from london, some his critics but he is doing up the police here on the northern a ministers questions, just not with french coast have ramped up their surveillance. mps. —— prime minister‘s questions. using drones to scour the beaches in search of migrants hoping to reach the uk and the smuggling i‘d like to go to another part of gangs organising the crossings. this operation partly funded
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westminster. by the british government. i‘m joined now the border force and by kirsty blackman, the national crime agency are the scottish national party‘s deputy working as best they can with our colleagues leader in westminster. in northern france to try who was one of those mps calling and disrupt these gangs and to for parliament to be recalled. stop the boats, but essentially, downing street are saying we have this is a hugely difficult task, not had the final decision from the because we are talking supreme court so now is not the time to recall parliament. what you say about international organised crime. to recall parliament. what you say to that? i would understand why they already today, the lifeboat would that but the reality is it and other rescue services have should never have been prorogued in intercepted two boats the first place. they should not have happened in the earlier was of tuesday morning. we should still be off the kent coast. setting. the problem is it parliament is provoked we cannot amongst the 21 migrants represent our constituents, we cannot stand up and ask on board, one man who‘d parliamentary questions of ministers, we can‘t ask any taken ill had to be parliamentary questions of elected to hospital. ministers. we can scrutinise the the others were taken either government on brexit. and i do not to dover or ramsgate. but while the numbers trying think it is right that given we are to reach britain may seem high, they are tiny compared to those reaching greece. facing this massive crisis, and in august alone, more than 3000 arrived on lesbos, nearly ten times more than those we‘re looking to potentially tip into a no—deal brexit, if the crossing the channel. premonition continues to the law, —— richard galpin, bbc news.
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prime minister, knows the time should stand up and reticent their constituents to avoid a no—deal brexit. you make the point of as we have been hearing, two boats, carrying 21 migrants, have been intercepted off the kent coast today. representing constituents, and let‘s cross now to ramsgate and speak dealing with important issues for to our correspondent there, the people that you represent, the simonjones. can you give us an update? case being made by government is that they need this time to prepare can you give us an update7m can you give us an update? it has been a really windy day here in a strong domestic agenda, as they put it. what are viewers to make of ramsgate, a really windy out there that? it is absolute nonsense. this in the channel. perhaps surprising that first thing this morning two is not the reason they have asked more boats decided to set off from for prorogation. they have done that the french coast. the first was to avoid scrutiny. not to create intercepted off dover, that had some brilliant agenda they will eight people on board, eight men who said they were from around, the bring in front of people. we had summer which they could have used in second bait got into difficulty around ten miles of france gate. it order to bring forward a new legislative timetable and new plans started sinking, there were men, for putting this forward and they could have had a very short women and three children on board. prorogation and then add the queen‘s when they were found by the live speech. but they are attempting to bait, they were said to be avoid scrutiny and they are frightened, they were wet and cold. attempting to create chaos and to cause a brexit which means we should —— the lifeboat. all of them were brought into ramsgate except one man be able to have the opportunity to question them on that. where does who was airlifted into hospital.
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there are various factors at play the political debate go now, here. one is potentially the french following today‘s ruling, we‘re authorities are warning migrants in still waiting for the final ruling from the supreme court, but what has northern france, some 1500, that changed today? notjust the ruling, they are going to start evictions of makeshift camps in the coming days. although it is incredibly important, andi although it is incredibly important, and i think the fact that all three of the found in favour and found and there is also the brexit factor, that boris johnson had one french politician told us he of the found in favour and found that borisjohnson had acted unlawfully, was very, very telling believes the people traffickers are and we will see what happens with saying to the migrants they need to get over the channel before the end the supreme court next week. the other things happening today is in of october because it could be hard relation to the documentation on after brexit. the home secretary met yellowhammer, for example. the prime minister needs to ensure that is her french counterpart at the end of last month, we were promised and published by iipm tonight and we will be ensuring that we try our best, despite not being in there, to enhanced action plan but we could not be given details today about hold them to account on that and make sure that those documents are when that will come into force. published so we can see the full thank you for the updater in ramsgate. simon jones, details of the yellowhammer chaos. thank you for the updater in ramsgate. simonjones, a today, we saw his spokesperson or correspondent. the search for those heard a spokesperson from downing killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas continues. street who said that the scottish this afternoon, officials revealed that 2,500 people have been courts where biased, and somehow registered as missing. impugned the reputation in that way andi international teams impugned the reputation in that way and i think if we are in a time when with specially trained number ten downing st thinks it‘s ok dogs are working to find the remains of those killed to make statements that impugn the by the storm. at least 50 people are so far known to have died.
5:20 pm
our correspondent, independence of the judiciary, then catherine karelli, has more details. we are genuinely in shocking, despicable times and we need boris searching the ruins for the remains johnson to promise and then to of those killed by hurricane dorian. follow through, on acting lawfully this is mud, a shanty town on following the rules that we have in the abaco islands destroyed by the storm. set and ensuring he asks for that life here replaced by extension to brexit. but the most the sickly smell of death. important thing is parliament needs a team from canada with dogs to be back. thank you very much for joining us, good to talk to you. specially trained to find bodies, scour through the rubble. we have not seen anything like a debris field like this, there are multiple areas labour‘s deputy leader, tom watson, has said the party‘s priority must be a new referendum on brexit, that are impassable. rather than a general election and said labour must campaign we have a difficult time because, unequivocally to remain. in a speech, he warned that a snap of course, we have to find — make sure that our dogs are ok. poll may not break the current there are multiple hazards here. it‘s from the air that the true deadlock at westminster. scale of the challenge becomes apparent. more than 90% of buildings have been his comments are in contrast damaged or destroyed. to those made yesterday some 70,000 residents by the leaderjeremy corbyn, across the bahamas are in urgent who said labour would offer a fresh need of food and shelter. referendum, after the next election, with a "leave" option on the ballot paper. working from house to house, here‘s our political
5:21 pm
correspondent, ben wright. rescue teams undertake the grim task this is labour‘s official brexit of removing the bodies of those spokesman, trying to keep a divided party speaking with one voice, who lost their lives two weeks ago, going in the same direction. killed by the most powerful storm sir keir starmer told the region has ever endured. the tuc conference officials have denied accusations from residents of covering up the only way forward was another referendum after the next election. the number of deaths. remain should, and will be, on the ballot paper, but the figure is likely along with a credible to rise as hundreds, option to leave. possibly thousands of people, we need to ask people a basic question. are still missing. after three years of failure by this government, catherine karelli, bbc news. do you want to leave on the terms on offer, or would you rather remain? sir keir starmer says labour should then campaign to remain in the eu, commemorations are under way in the united states — butjeremy corbyn for the 18th anniversary of the september 11 attacks hasn‘t been so clear. which claimed the lives contrast all that with the stance of nearly 3000 people — of the labour deputy leader tom and saw and the destruction watson, who prefers of the world trade center a referendum before any in new york city. general election and wants this was the scene in lower manhattan in new york city, just as the ceremonies began at the 9—11 memorial plaza. labour‘s commitment the names of the victims of the coordinated terror attacks at the polls to be clear. were being read aloud at the event
5:22 pm
we should unambiguously which also honoured those and unequivocally back remain. we should back remain not, for electoral or tactical reasons, who lost their lives during the 1993 but because it is the right thing to bombing of the world trade center. do for the country, at this time of the nearly 3000 deaths included greatest crisis, since new york firefighters and police the second world war. a political crisis that has put officers who responded jeremy corbyn‘s party in a to the attacks. bind, pulled between meanwhile, at the white house the many labour—held in washington president donald trump observed a moment of silence. voted to leave the european union, and a majority of labour party members who want to remain in. there‘s also a group of labour mps here, who oppose a second referendum, want to back a brexit deal today‘s events in the usa there. in parliament and get it done. with driverless cars moving closer to being the future of our travel, and today, there was this slap down of tom watson, from one of insurers are beginning to voice their concerns. they‘re warning that there‘s a risk jeremy corbyn‘s big trade union allies. of more road accidents now and again, tom pops up during the transition to automated vehicles. from where he has been hiding and the motor insurance research body, comes up with something instead thatcham research, says more of supportin his leader. it's normally to try regulation is needed to make and undermine him. journeys safer, as our technology and i don't know why he does it. correspondent, rory cellan—jones has been finding out. earlier this year, two parties with starkly different but imagine you fell asleep very clear messages on brexit came in an automated car and the system first and second in the european elections. brought it to a halt in the fast the lib dems now say if they formed the government they lane of the motorway. would cancel brexit
5:23 pm
and stay in the eu. what do we want? the insurers are warning brexit? when do we want it? that this kind of accident now! could become common unless there while the no—deal backing brexit party is targeting tory and labour voters. are new safety regulations. you‘ve got up to 5 million people the government says driverless out there who voted brexit, cars could be on uk who voted forjeremy corbyn‘s labour roads as early as 2021. party in 2017, who have been completely betrayed but the car insurers say at first by the labour they will be quite limited party, completely let down. in what they can do the manifesto pledge has been and they want new rules for how broken in every way. they should operate. soon, labour will meet we are in a highly automated vehicle where the car does most of the driving. for its annual conference, where the but for this to operate safely and legally on uk roads, divisions over brexit we are going to need may flare up again. new ground rules. with only 50 days until brexit and we are going to test that is set to happen and with a general election around the corner, out on a test track. there is little time to firm up its line. ben wright, bbc news, westminster. we will show you on this car well, the labour leader, how to make it safe, jeremy corbyn, has been in walsall how to keep people safe today and, when asked when they are automated driving. about the labour party position during automation, on brexit, said that he sees things it indicates green. and you can safely do other things. differently to the deputy leader tom press the stalk at the end, watson. the button on the end of the stalk. drive active. labour will do everything that‘s it, and you let go. to prevent a no deal exit from the european union. that is our first priority. what this car really needs is a driver monitoring system after that, we want a general to actually watch what i‘m up to.
5:24 pm
election, so that people in this the car has got to be able country can decide their future, to monitor whether you are paying attention and if you are not paying do they want a government that attention, the system must automatically try and wake you up. one rule would see motorists forced invests, that ends austerity, that deals with the grotesque levels to watch a safety video before of inequality and poverty in britain, and they will get using an automated the chance for a public vote, system the first time. under a labour government, between remain and a credible driver monitoring would be option, which we will negotiate an essential feature and at first, with the european union. automated cars will only be able to operate on motorways. but is tom watson wrong then, automated drive not available. should you be going for please take over. the referendum first? it is tom‘s view, i don‘t accept it but they will also need to be able and i don‘t agree with it, to deal with situations our priority is to get a general where the motorist cannot election, in order to give take over the wheel. the people a chance to elect so what has happened is i disobeyed a government that cares the car and didn‘t take over for them, not themselves. when there were roadworks and it came to a halt automatically and parked us in a lay—by. the foreign secretary, dominic raab, has held talks with iran‘s ambassador to the uk, but that has got to be mandated following reports that two women in the new autonomous systems, with dual british—australian nationality are being according to the motor industry‘s detained in tehran. insurance research body. vehicle manufacturers at the moment one of them is believed to be are advocating that it‘s fine staying on the same prison ward for the vehicle to stop in lane. as nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, we simply don‘t think that is safe. the british—iranian charity worker, we are saying vehicle manufacturers mustn‘t leave a vehicle who was jailed almost in the middle of the lane.
5:25 pm
three and a half year ago on spying charges. if the driver doesn‘t respond, pull the vehicle over, out of the running traffic. cars are getting ever smarter new research suggests that a record but the insurers warn that dangers lurk on the road number of chain stores have to the driverless future. disappeared from britain‘s high streets in the first half of this year. rory cellan—jones, bbc news. the report by the accountancy firm pwc and the local data company shows that, on average, 16 chain store branches shut down each day. a wave of restructurings and the shift to online shopping have been blamed. it is 5:55 p m. fiona is here with the news at six. time for a look at the weather, here‘s ben rich. the government is to allow international students, studying at uk universities, to stay a devastating storm in the bahamas, in the country for two years after graduating. the remnants of that, but for us the impacts were not that great, the area of low pressure has weakened. the announcement by the home office reverses a decision made we saw some rain and blustery winds, by theresa may as home secretary we got to see some sunshine. in 2012, which forced foreign students to leave liverpool was looking beautiful the country within four months earlier on. you can see this band of of completing their degree. figures from the uk council for international student affairs cloud that moved across the south the uk, bringing some patchy rain, show that last year, more some shower clouds behind. this is than 450,000 overseas students were studying here. china sends significantly more students to the uk
5:26 pm
also an ex tropical system, the than any other nation, re m na nts of with 106,000 students also an ex tropical system, the remnants of what was tropical storm from the country deciding gabrielle and that is to marry‘s weather maker. through this evening to study in this country. and according to the and tonight, lots of dry weather, body university uk, overseas students contribute clear spells, cloud will thicken in wales on the far bringing some £26 billion to our economy. our correspondent tom drizzle. overnight lows, eight to 1a symonds has more details. celsius. we get on into tomorrow, we have the remnants of gabrielle, does it‘s a universities u—turn. not look like much on our pressure after seven yea rs, during which foreign students, chart but it will bring some finishing their studies, outbreaks of rain, some brisk winds. faced a relatively quick exit from the uk — after four months. sandwiched between these two weather fronts, there is a wedge of humid but not any more. tropical air and we are going to it is important that they then have feel the effects of that at least time, in which to apply for roles, temporarily during tomorrow, to wait for a programme to start, particularly for england and wales. for example, if it is a graduate programme. so, i think it is a good balance now there will be some early sunshine, giving them two years. they cloud amounts will increase and, obviously, in the hope then pretty quick i suspect. by now, the that, at the end of that, if they are in roles which are important to the uk economy, they will be able to apply sky is bright and again. it will be through the appropriate work route another fairly windy day, perhaps to be able to stay on even longer not as windy as it was today, the and continue to contribute.
5:27 pm
but they had two years, until 2012. wind gust still gusting up to a0 mph when home secretary, or more in places. cooler and theresa may‘s obsession became fresher, down to the south—east, the cutting overall migration. with annual net migration still humid could get up to 2a celsius. the committee will be swept away on at 183,000, we have a way to go. friday, the remnants of a frontal we are being too generous system pushing achieving it to foreign students, she said. continent. behind it we see some boris johnson‘s announcement today sunshine but cooler, fresherfeel, is all about attracting foreign 20 celsius for cardiff. one or two scientists, no mention of getting immigration down. it‘s pleased his recently departed showers across the north—west of universities minister, who campaigned for this change. scotland. we had into the weekend, high pressure in charge for most of us. still frontal systems grazing a small improvement in the family the far north—west, is an active atmosphere, perhaps. weather fronts in northern scotland as for universities, well, they were delighted. we have been holding ourselves back during the day on saturday, some heavy bursts of rain and brisk winds by presenting a visa policy here. the south, lighter winds, that is not really competitive heavy bursts of rain and brisk winds here. the south, lighterwinds, more sunshine, extending into northern with the other major economies that ireland and southern scotland. for attract international graduates. so, ithink we have been the majority, saturday, largely sunny day and the temperature tripping over our own feet temperatures creeping up again. the and the announcement today really a nswer temperatures creeping up again. the answer was this south, it continues allows us to get out there and make sure those students who want into sunday. we will see more cloud an absolutely outstanding higher
5:28 pm
further north, some outbreaks of patchy rain at times. but is it from education also have the opportunity to gain a bit of work me for now, have a good evening. —— experience alongside that. but there is a concern that foreign students will not be spearheading scientific breakthroughs to benefit thatisit britain, but instead will be working me for now, have a good evening. —— that is it from me. here stacking shelves. they should be going back, many of these young students, back to the countries that have sent them here with a view to acquiring skills and education that is required in their countries, not to stay on here and do anyjob that happens to come along. but the government hopes to introduce the new policy for students starting their courses next year. tom symonds, bbc news. headlines and the day sport but here is ben with the weather. the weather today was put to us by the remnants of hurricane dorian.
5:29 pm
some rain but not a hurricane anymore. that area of low pressure clearing way so through the evening and night looking largely dry with some clear spells. the ordure in western scotland, drizzling murky conditions for wales the south—west and then rain pushing into northern ireland and scotland, , and then rain pushing into northern ireland and scotland,, the remnants of another ex tropical system, outbreaks of rain into northern ireland scotland, pushing south and east as the day wears on for most of east as the day wears on for most of east anglia and the south—east it will stay dry all day. more of the way of cloud spreading in. another fairly windy day. down towards the the highest scottish court south—east particularly a humid day, rules borisjohnson has suspended parliament illegally 24 to avoid scrutiny south—east particularly a humid day, 2a degrees in london, 15—18 for of his brexit plans. aberdeen and belfast. not looking to opposition mps demand the recall that for the weekend but there will of parliament as the judgment sends be some rain in the northern half of 00:29:54,660 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 the uk. shockwaves through westminster.
5:30 pm
the advice given by the government to her majesty the queen to prorogue parliament from 9th september to 1ath october was unlawful and that therefore, the prorogation itself is unlawful. shame on you, shame on you! the case was brought by a group of opposition mps in protest against monday‘s five week suspension of parliament. now, for every moment parliament remains prorogued, the british government are breaking the law, so we as politicians are calling for parliament to be recalled so we can get on with scrutinising what this government is up
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