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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  September 19, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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jane is that. lets get stuck in. let's begin with the independent. this looks at the story we mentioned earlier, the fact that the finish prime minister and the president of france —— the prime minister of fenland gave an ultimatum. and it is a tough one because they are saying that unless he comes up with a new deal proposal in ii that unless he comes up with a new deal proposal in 11 days the chances are that we could just crush out of the eu at the end of october. and that indicates that perhaps they do not wish to give the uk an extension if borisjohnson were to requested which the law in the uk specifies that he must. this is worrying but counter to some other reports we have seen in other newspapers. the financial times covers the dup who had a conference in dublin yesterday signalled that it is perhaps
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softening its stance. borisjohnson over the last few weeks has been talking about a deal which may cover the agricultural sector across the island of ireland. perhaps not significant enough to be a true new deal but certainly some signs of movement. and there are expected to bea movement. and there are expected to be a few talks between him and merkel at the sidelines of the un next week. we get positive and negative news about the prospects. that is the democratic unionist party that has been helping the conservative party hold the majority in parliament although that does not happen now because borisjohnson has lost his slim majority. it was interesting because many are talking about the fact that emmanuel macron, the president of france, could be the president of france, could be the spanner in the works when it comes to negotiating a new withdrawal agreement. prior, that is, to the summit coming up in the
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middle of october. is right. if you look at the rhetoric that has come from micron over the last few months, he seems to have perhaps lost patience with the uk, perhaps more than some of the other eu politicians to clearly if he does requested delay, as the uk law specifies, the eu must agree to it. so there is a slim chance that perhaps they will say no. simply put. sale of the. simply put, c'est la vie. but that assumption is not 100% bullet proof. what do you about the prospect of an extension? boris johnson ‘s what do you about the prospect of an extension? borisjohnson ‘s argument is that everybody is exasperated with this. they want a line drawn in the sand. whatever that might be, be ita no the sand. whatever that might be, be it a no deal or a different deal but we need something. if we kick the can down the road into january next
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year that just gives can down the road into january next year thatjust gives politicians in westminster more time to argue and achieve nothing. and this is the fear that many business people face. that we will keep kicking the can down the road. it is likely that in that time frame we will have a general election but that leaves the question will a general election actually change anything? will another referendum change anything? the poles are very close. so we do need something to really break this impasse that we are at. and for many people, you are right, it is exacerbated at this stage. what has the pound been doing? over the last ten days the pound as grain —— gained ground because the market was short on the market saw some movement in respect to a common agricultural plan in ireland and they think that maybe there is some movement here, perhaps we should not
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be quite as short as we were off sterling. so the pound gained value on the hope that there would be a deal? ok. moving on now to bbc online. if you go to the website today this is the top or you will see, it is focused on the former prime minister david cameron and his revelations coming out in his memoirs. it has all been publicised this week, this evening and a 2—part bbc documentary begins at nine o'clock this evening on bbc one, for those who can watch in the uk. this is interesting, the fact that he asked for help from the queen in the run—up to the scottish referendum. the referendum in scotland on independence in 2014. he did. according to the story he was at balmoral when an opinion poll came out that suggested scotland may vote for independence to he said this worried him so much that he spoke with the queen, specifically the queen secretary, about what, if anything, they could do. because the
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queen must stay neutral. this could put her in a difficult position. according to this report, the queen eventually urged people to think very carefully about the future. so not taking sides, per se, but arguably enough, perhaps, tojust put some support under the union vote. really interesting because when you think about that back in 2014, what has happened since then and how much, you know, the queen has, i would guess, and how much, you know, the queen has, iwould guess, been and how much, you know, the queen has, i would guess, been watching all these different developments u nfold all these different developments unfold and now it is in the uk supreme court and the legal battle going on as to whether the government was legally right to a rogue parliament a lot. and that was a decision the borisjohnson would have discussed with the queen. legally, only the queen can corrode the parliament. borisjohnson gave her advice and she acted. she made
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the decision to so the question is, was his advice lawful? again, with respect to brexit, again a bid is the question about scottish independence and the fear that there could be another referendum in scotla nd could be another referendum in scotland and perhaps scotland this time would vote to leave. will skip the financial times, we have spoken about the fed already but there is a story in the daily mail today that is quite interesting. 16 of the nhs budget is devoted to treating patients with diabetes. is huge. to be specific, it is one sixth of the hospital budget but this is a huge figure. a large part of that is to deal with the impact of diabetes. kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, stroke. there are so many other side—effects as well. attack, stroke. there are so many other side-effects as well. and the issue, one of the issues is that many of those issues i spoke about are preventable to so maybe the nhs
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should talk about how it will prevent these things. one of the inevitability is of this story comes up inevitability is of this story comes up with obesity because it is linked to type two. people can be born with type one but type two is often caused by obesity. and so the issue is should we be using that money more wisely to try and prevent these problems? because there is real concern, of course, about where we're headed as a nation, notjust in the uk but in many developed economies, the united states, it is a huge problem there as well. and the cost of treating people who suffer with type 2 diabetes is just mounting. and also the impact on them and their families from things like kidney failure. the labour market, so many issues. so it definitely needs to be looked at more closely. buzzfeed news has a story on instagram ‘s decision to ban users under the age of 18, it says they will soon be blocked from
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seeing posts that promote things like cosmetic surgery and die products we have this story online as well. i think this is a great idea. can ijust say hallelujah? as a parent, you spend so much time and energy talking to your children to promote physical and mental health and often, knowing that they see various things but not which specific ones, it is almost like you fight guerrilla warfare. just instagram and other programmes.- fight guerrilla warfare. just instagram and other programmes. as a pa rent instagram and other programmes. as a parent you cannot control that but know that these are coming through. but to have the reassurance that certain aspects will be blocked, i think it will be a relief. and do you think that other organisations will follow this move on the part of instagram? will follow this move on the part of instagram ? because will follow this move on the part of instagram? because of all the various social media apps or devices 01’ various social media apps or devices or whatever, instagram is by far one
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of the most used by this age group. and by girls in particular who are so and by girls in particular who are so influenced the whole image. this is it. it is to do with influences. and that has become big business where big companies can pay a certain young person or whoever it may be, an influencer because there are other teenagers follow what they do. thank you very much, jane. it is great to talk to you about the stories in the paper and across the media today. thank you as well for getting in touch with us. we heard from so many of you with your views on huawei. keep them coming to a place to watch the conversation is bbc the briefing. i will see you $0011.
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hello. thursday morning brings another rather chilly start. but actually, the emphasis over the next few days is for things to turn a little warmer and, with that, for the vast majority, it will be dry. high pressure firmly in charge at the moment, centred right on top of the british isles for thursday morning. one or two fog patches underneath this high, with light winds, and one frontal system bringing some extra cloud and the odd spot of rain in the far north of scotland. that's where we'll have the mildest weather through the first part of the morning. further south, one or two spots down around three or four degrees in the countryside. but across england and wales, we will see plenty of sunshine, once any early fog patches have cleared from the likes of north—west england. some early fog across parts of northern ireland, but again, some sunshine to come here. where we start off cloudy in scotland, that cloud should break to give some spells of sunshine. there could be some areas of cloud then lapping into east anglia and the south—east through the afternoon. but generally speaking, a dry day for most, and a slightly warmer one as well,
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with highs of 17—22 degrees. stays fine as we go through thursday night, the cloud continuing to peel away from scotland. the winds picking up, though, across western areas. so no realfog problems, i suspect, across the western side of the uk. certainly not much fog affecting northern ireland. slightly milder in the west, as well. but further east, some rather chilly weather to start friday morning, and the fog risk really pushing its way into south—east scotland and north—east england. but any of that fog will lift. we'll see some areas cloud drifting northwards through the day but, generally, it's another fine day with quite a lot of sunshine. and again, it'll be a little bit warmer, widely19—21 degrees. but, somewhere in north—east scotland, we could get all the way up to 24 degrees. and saturday looks warmer still. a feed of very warm air wafting up from the south. relatively humid air as well. and then, as we go through the weekend, we will turn our attention to the west, because these frontal systems will be trying to make some inroads. for the majority, on saturday, we get away with a dry day, with quite a lot of sunshine. it will be quite breezy, but there is just the hint there of a shower across
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the south—west of england. could see some of these into wales, northern ireland as well, late in the day. could be the odd thunderstorm, and some hefty downpours as well. but i think saturday the warmest day generally. 21 degrees in glasgow. 25 or 26 towards the south—east. some uncertainty about this, but on sunday it looks like we will see showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread. but there are some doubts aboutjust how far north and east they will push. some spells of sunshine as well, but it will start to turn cooler and fresher from the west.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast, with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. our headlines today: robberies on the rise. new figures show numbers are increasing in england and wales faster than in any other wealthy countries. borisjohnson is boris johnson is given borisjohnson is given until the end of the month to set out his brexit plans to the eu. canada's prime minister, justin trudeau, apologises after a photo is published showing him wearing brown makeup in 2001. it was something that i didn't think was racist at the time, but now i recognise it was something racist to do, and i am deeply sorry. a rate cut for the world's largest economy. america's central bank cuts interest
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rates for only the second time


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