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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 22, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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thank something right on the screen. thank you very much. now it's time for a look at the weather with sarah. good evening. we have a fair bit of rain arriving to the day on sunday but temperatures storage 27 degrees in the east. through this coming week, things are turning cooler and more unsettled, certainly of the next few days, got some wet and windy weather and low pressure moving in from the atlantic into the course of this evening and overnight, some rain moving across scotla nd overnight, some rain moving across scotland and some showers across northern ireland, northern england in north wales, clear spells but temperatures in the double figures and quite mild, some mr murky patches on monday morning. monday was its own wet and windy weather pushing to the south and for southern scotland, some sunshine to the day of the few showers across scotla nd the day of the few showers across scotland and temperatures cooler than recent days about 16 to 21 degrees, it can be quite heavy in southern england and parts of wells
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as well, some strong gusty winds especially to the english channel and a sunshine for the north and 15 to 20 degrees. goodbye. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: labour insists it can win a general election — as arguments rumble beneath the surface over the party's brexit stance. labour is at a crossroads now. i don't think it is sustainable for us to maintain a neutral position. meanwhile, the labour party conference has voted to integrate all private schools into the state sector, effectively abolishing them. thomas cook is holding emergency talks as it tries to agree a rescue deal to prevent it from going bust. now, on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm james pearce. the headlines this evening: ireland show why they're ranked first in the world, as they crush scotland in the rugby world cup. a bonus point win for england against tonga, but plenty of room for improvement. the perfect 6 out of 6 for liverpool. they win 2—1 at chelsea. also coming up in the programme... sebastian vettel wins his first grand prix for more than a year, but his team—mate isn't happy. and great britain have a won a bronze at the cycling road world championships in yorkshire.
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this was the day that the rugby world cup got under way for three of the home nations, with two of them facing each other. that was a contest between ireland and scotland that was settled overwhelmingly in ireland's favour. they scored 4 tries without reply for a bonus point win. 27 points to 3 was the score in yokohama, from where sports correspondent katie gornall reports. a sleepy sunday morning in yokohama — peaceful, tranquil and with no hint of what's to come. come on, scotland! in swept a celtic fusion of noise and colour. ireland and scotland had arrived — one not to miss. i'm supposed to be at work. according to the rankings, this ireland side are the world's best, but their form has been shaky and scotland had reason to hope. any doubts about ireland's strengths were put to rest within minutes as james ryan burrowed his way
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to the line with their first attack. before scotland could regroup, ireland hit them again. somewhere in the mass of bodies, ireland's captain rory best grounded the ball. the slightest gap was being exploited with ruthless efficiency. scotland had a mount fuji—sized challenge in front of them. worse was to come when their best forward hamish watson left injured, and there was more than brute force on display from ireland as andrew conway skipped through to put them out of reach after an hour. 27—3 it finished. ireland, it turned out, had nothing to worry about, on a sobering night for scotland. despite their ranking, ireland's form coming into this world cup had been a bit like the japanese weather, unpredictable, but they absolutely dominated a very disappointing scotland side here tonight. scotland now have eight days to regroup until they play their next game against samoa in kobe, and on this evidence they have plenty of work to do. katie gornall, bbc news, in yokohama.
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today was a great performance, in the first half of the lads took their chances really well in the 22. there was probably a couple opportunities in the first and second have a need to brush up on but it was a great performance all round. it is important we recover 110w. we didn't start with the energy, a ccu ra cy we didn't start with the energy, accuracy and aggression that is required to beat a team like ireland. ireland started very well and they took their chances when they got into our 22. and if you give them a 15—20 point start, it is going to be very difficult to come back. england also scored 4 tries in a comfortable win over tonga. 35—3 the final score there, but they should have scored more. our sports correspondent andy swiss was at the game. at the spectacular sapporo dome, england fans were hoping for a suitably impressive start.
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but in tonga, their team faced one of the more physical challenges in rugby, as they quickly discovered. after that bruising beginning though came the breakthrough, as manu tuilagi did a little bulldozing of his own to put england ahead. and what followed was their highlight of the night, a second for tuilagi as they showed briefly why they are one of the world cup favourites. but after the break, the errors mounted up. passes dropped, chances missed, before eventually jamie george rumbled over to extend their advantage. the fourth try and a valuable bonus point didn't come till the very end, courtesy of luke cowan—dickie. job done, but with the usa next up on thursday, room for improvement. an ultimately convincing victory, then, for england, if not always a convincing performance. but their world cup is off to a winning start. andy swiss, bbc news, sapporo.
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we came here to get five points, we got five points, we got no injuries, we know we can play better. sometimes rugby is like that, the ball does not stick with the number of points out there but i am so pleased with the attitude of the players. that is to test any row we have not given away a try. it shows the attitude of the teams are really pleased. we know we can get better and that is the goal of the us game. in the early match italy beat namibia 47—22. a damian stevens early try hinted at a possible upset as namibia took the lead but italy eventually ran in a total of seven tries to ease to victory. they also picked up a bonus point so sit top of pool b above the all blacks after their opening games. canada have yet to play. beaten in europe in midweek, but liverpool can't stop winning in the premier league. it's six wins out of six now for last season's runners up
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after a 2—1win at chelsea. but they were made to work hard, and once again var played its part. adam wild reports. midweek champions league defeat for chelsea and liverpool had brought both these sides down to earth. now the premier league is back in focus, time to reset and rethink. the plan being formulated by liverpool executed to perfection by trent alexander—arnold. the reds ahead within 15 minutes. that was a goal easy on the eye, what chelsea believed was their equaliser it was rather less so, the ball eventually put in, only for var to rule it offside. chelsea's obvious frustration increasing just moments later when roberto firmino, another liverpool free kick going perfectly to plan. they could have been 3—0 up
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just after half—time had not been for a spectacular save in the chelsea goal. brilliant at one end, inspiring brilliance the other. n'golo kante finding a way through and a finish to put his side back in it. 18 red reinvigorated, chelsea had a chance to level it but all they got... six wins from six point liverpool, their plans back on course. we have to be ready that we can do what we are really good at and there is space for improvement, you start the game, it was a good game, at moments brilliant, but there are a lot of things we can improve and that is what we are trying to work on. there are small period between the games. west ham are up to fourth in the premier league after a well deserved 2—0 victory over manchester united. there was a goal towards the end of both halves for the hammers. manchester united remain without an away league win since february, and to make matters worse they lost marcus
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rashford through injury. eleanor roper watched the match. we all like to take it easy on a sunday but if manchester united want a top four spot this season, they will have to do better than this. as manchester city raced to the fastest premier league lead in history, this manchester side were working to a different pace. they were lethargic and lacking urgency. rashford's face said it all. but as united lacked pace, west ham sprang into action. after months of injury yarmolenko has had plenty of rest. he gave the game the quality it was lacking. 1—0 the score at half—time. for a moment united looked to have woken up but the second half gave more misery. rashford, not just tired but injured too. and it was notjust the pitch lacking, the bench looked thin too.
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lingard, the only option. another free kick for west ham saw the home side seal the victory in the london stadium. defeated and depleted. manchester united, a side that does notjust need waking up but beefing up as well. two other matches in the premier league today. ten—man wolves snatched a point at crystal palace with a 95th minute equaliser and ten—man arsenal came from behind to beat aston villa 3—2. in the scottish premiership, celtic are still top of the table by three points after maintaining their 100% record, they came from behind to beat kilmarnock 3—1 at home. second placed rangers beat stjohnstone 4—0 at mcdiarmid park. all the goals came in the second half. jermaine defoe came off the bench to score twice in the last couple of minutes. a big win for hearts in an edinburgh derby that had two great goals. hibs had taken the lead through a wonder strike by stevie mallan. but hearts equalised with 20 minutes remaining. and they secured the win a few minutes later with this strike from teenager aaron hickey.
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it's the first win of the season for hearts. hibs still haven't won a game. sebastian vettel has his first grand prix win for 13 months. he finished ahead of his ferrari team—mate charles leclerc in the singapore grand prix, but it was a contorversial win, with leclerc very unhappy with his team's pit stop strategy which cost him the lead. lewis hamilton was fourth. nick parrott reports. it is a celebration that confirms sebastian vettel is still ferrari's number one. this season he has been in the shadow of his 21—year—old team—mate charles leclerc. to win on the marina bay street circuit you need a good strategy but leclerc‘s went out the window when he was brought in for fresh tyres after sebastian vettel. by the time he got out, he lost out as his team—mate took the lead. mercedes kept lewis hamilton out longer to allow him to
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charge harder towards the end of the race but it didn't pay off thanks to a series of incidents that led to several slow laps behind a safety car. having started second, he ended up fourth. meanwhile leclerc was firmly put in his place. despite sebastian vettel‘s win, he still trails behind leclerc in the championship. he will be fizzing but relationships in the team could fall flat. idid not i did not expect sebastian to undercut me but at the end, it is pa rt undercut me but at the end, it is part of it. i think the decision has been made and if that is the explanation, and they shall meet this was the only reason for this decision, i will understand this was the only reason for this decision, iwill understand because it is for the good of the team but it is for the good of the team but it is for the good of the team but it is frustrating. lam i am pretty happy. obviously, lam pretty happy. obviously, it
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i am pretty happy. obviously, it is a long race, difficult to remember everything right now but certainly starting with the last lap, it was good crossing the line first. great britain claimed the bronze medal in the team time trial mixed relay at the cycling road world championships in yorkshire. the netherlands won, with germany second. jj chalmers is in harrogate for us. well, day one of the world championships here in yorkshire are truly under way with a new format, mixed relay time trail. i would say that was a success, would you? you would be right. i was like oh no. they are experimenting again at the world championships and the potential for it to go wrong, looking at the relay area, there was so much potential for disaster but flip that around, you are going to do something new for the first time, launch a brand on the biggest stage you have got. this is it and it worked. it was a great event, a great concept, there were ways it could improve.
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perhaps allowing the teams to deploy their troops however they want, male or female, that would be great. but it was a real crowd pleaser and it was exciting. and it came down to the wire, we got the bronze medal for great britain but italy pushed it all the way. the british team made the most of the opportunity. they did not have the biggest riders but they made the most of it and they rode it smartly as well as physically good. the italians made a mistake tactically and it cost them the medal. that showed this event is more than just about legs. the dutch come away with a gold medal, a very strong team, great start for the nation. they were what you would expect. consistent male and female, great teams, rode the way through and slowly went ahead all the way through but the rest of the race was simply exciting. thank you, well, the time trails continue tomorrow. they'll be on the red button from ten o'clock, kicking off with the juniors. england's danny willett has won the pga championship at wentworth. willett had a share of the lead with spain's jon rahm going into the final round but willett pulled clear,


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